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EXTRA : Barcelona, Spain (0:00:00.00b)
EXTRA : The top six skaters we'll see today
have survived the brutal GP Series.
EXTRA : Here they come, on their way
to the number one spot.
EXTRA : Men's Singles Top 6 (0:00:06.46)
EXTRA : In sixth place, Katsuki Yuri
was the last qualifier.
EXTRA : GP Series, 6th Place
Katsuki Yuri (24)
EXTRA : Will he redeem himself in his second Final? (0:00:10.91)
EXTRA : Cup of China: 2nd Place
Rostelecom Cup: 4th Place
EXTRA : With Victor Nikiforov as his coach this season, (0:00:13.18)
EXTRA : he'll try to prove the power of love
by winning gold in the Final.
EXTRA : GP Series, 5th Place
Phichit Chulanont (20)
EXTRA : Phichit Chulanont finished fifth
in the Grand Prix Series.
EXTRA : He's on a roll after becoming the first Thai
skater to win gold at the Cup of China.
EXTRA : Skate America: 4th Place
Cup of China: Gold
EXTRA : In his first Final, he'll rewrite history
for Southeast Asian figure skating.
EXTRA : GP Series, 4th Place
Yuri Plisetsky (15)
EXTRA : Yuri Plisetsky finished fourth in the Series. (0:00:29.96)
EXTRA : Last year's junior champion,
this is his senior debut.
EXTRA : Skate Canada: 2nd Place
Rostelecom Cup: 2nd Place
EXTRA : He's been allowed to jump quads this season, (0:00:35.71)
EXTRA : and he's done brilliantly, placing second
in both qualifying events.
EXTRA : As the youngest skater at this Final, (0:00:40.29)
EXTRA : he seeks to defend Russia's prestige
by securing his first victory.
EXTRA : GP Series, 3rd Place
Christophe Giacometti (25)
EXTRA : Christophe Giacometti finished
third in the Series.
EXTRA : His mature skating and giant quadruple
Lutz have bewitched the entire world.
EXTRA : Cup of China: 3rd Place
Trophée de France: Gold
EXTRA : He'll aim for his first victory at the Final. (0:00:53.36)
EXTRA : GP Series, 2nd Place
Otabek Altin (18)
EXTRA : Otabek Altin finished second in the Series. (0:00:55.47)
EXTRA : Kazakhstan's hero won bronze
at the World Championship,
EXTRA : Skate America: 2nd Place
NHK Trophy: Gold
EXTRA : before his first GP victory in the NHK Trophy. (0:01:01.34)
EXTRA : His first Final qualification is another upset. (0:01:04.06)
EXTRA : GP Series, 1st Place
Jean-Jacques Leroy (19)
EXTRA : Finishing first in the Series is Jean-Jacques Leroy, (0:01:07.04b)
EXTRA : Skate Canada: Gold
Rostelecom Cup: Gold
EXTRA : the man of the hour and the only
qualifier to win both his events.
EXTRA : Short Program + Free Program
Six Quadruple Jumps
EXTRA : In both his short program and free
skate, he jumped six quads.
EXTRA : JJ sets the rules for the rest of the world! (0:01:16.05)
EXTRA : The final round is about to
begin here in Barcelona!
EXTRA : Grand Prix Final to Begin
Battle of the World's Top 6 Skaters
EXTRA : Barcelona

EXTRA : Eleventh Skate
Gotta Super-Supercharge It!!
Grand Prix Final Short Program
EXTRA : Gotta Super-Supercharge It!! (0:02:57.70)
EXTRA : Grand Prix Final Short Program. (0:02:59.50)
EXTRA : Grand Prix Final Skating Order
Katsuki Yuri
Phichit Chulanont
Yuri Plisetsky
Christophe Giacometti
Otabek Altin
Jean-Jacques Leroy
EXTRA : Barcelona, Spain
Official Warm-up Before the Event
EXTRA : And now, Katsuki Yuri is the last
skater remaining on the ice.
Victor Nikiforov : Yuri. (0:03:10.55)
Yuuri Katsuki : Yes? (0:03:11.38)
EXTRA : His coach is empowering their matching
rings in a prayer for victory.
EXTRA : Why matching rings? (0:03:20.29)
EXTRA : Yuri, good luck! (0:03:21.25)
Michele Crispino : Lucky... I wish I had one with Sala! (0:03:21.61)
Victor Nikiforov : Sure. I'll say something you won't
even have to think about.
Victor Nikiforov : Tomorrow, show me the skating that
you can honestly say you liked best.
Yuuri Katsuki : I'm off! (0:03:36.92)

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