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Aqua : Achoo! (0:00:01.36)
Kazuma Satou : My, oh my, are you catching
a cold? Take care, now.
Aqua : You're sounding pretty nasal
yourself, Kazuma-san.
Aqua : I'll hurry and fix this tracksuit for you. (0:00:08.68)
Kazuma Satou : You're the one who threw it
in the fireplace, though.
Kazuma Satou : My, oh my, feeling hungry? (0:00:17.67)
Aqua : Actually, I guess I haven't
eaten breakfast yet.
Kazuma Satou : You're the one who got carried away and
spent all our money on booze, though.
Aqua : But... everyone was having
so much fun partying!
Aqua : That looks like the fancy bubbly
I had hidden under my bed...
Kazuma Satou : I wonder if the pawn shop's open... (0:00:41.85)
Megumin : Come here, Chomusuke. (0:00:43.99)
Aqua : Give it back! That's my last bottle! (0:00:45.63)
Aqua : It's my last hope! (0:00:48.95)
Kazuma Satou : I'm gonna go trade it for cash right now! (0:00:50.33)
Kazuma Satou : And if I can't, I'll just
drink it all right here!
Kazuma Satou : Maybe that would warm me up a little! (0:00:54.19)
Aqua : Don't! I can't fall asleep if
I'm not holding that bottle!
Kazuma Satou : You're making demands like that
after burning my tracksuit?!
Kazuma Satou : You ought to go sell that raiment, too! (0:01:03.71)
Aqua : What are you saying?! (0:01:06.23)
Aqua : This raiment is part of my
identity as a goddess!
Aqua : There's no way I can sell it! (0:01:10.50)
Aqua : Are you stupid? Why are you being so stupid?! (0:01:12.13)
Kazuma Satou : Steal! (0:01:15.23)
Aqua : Kazuma-sama! (0:01:19.26)
Aqua : I'm sorry for getting carried
away, so please stop!
Kazuma Satou : Shut up! (0:01:23.97)
Kazuma Satou : We haven't repaid any of our debt
and Darkness still isn't back!
Kazuma Satou : You should be more concerned about that! (0:01:28.15)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Trouble, Kazuma! Major trouble! (0:01:30.77)
Aqua : Who are you? (0:01:37.98)
Megumin : Who are you? (0:01:37.98)
Kazuma Satou : Who are you? (0:01:37.98)
God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! 2
EXTRA : Episode 4 A Betrothed for This Noble Daughter! (0:03:10.50)
Kazuma Satou : Who are you? (0:03:13.37)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? She's... glad? (0:03:15.46)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Kazuma! Can't you save this
kind of play for later?!
Kazuma Satou : Yes? (0:03:17.76)
Kazuma Satou : Wait... Is that you, Darkness? (0:03:20.39)
Kazuma Satou : We were so worried! (0:03:22.31)
Aqua : Darkness! (0:03:24.05)
Aqua : Kazuma... Kazuma, he... (0:03:26.00)
Aqua : He stripped me against my will (0:03:28.35)
Aqua : and wants to sell my most intimate possession! (0:03:29.65)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wha?! (0:03:32.77)
Kazuma Satou : Hey! Word choice! (0:03:33.55)
Megumin : Welcome back, Darkness. (0:03:34.88)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Oh, Megumin. It's good to be back. (0:03:36.80)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : That cat... (0:03:39.20)
Megumin : I won't ask what happened. (0:03:40.46)
Megumin : First, take a nice, long bath... (0:03:42.33)
Megumin : and let your body and soul recover... (0:03:45.14)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Uh, what are you talking about? (0:03:48.32)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'm more curious about
what Aqua was describing...
Aqua : No doubt about it.
This is an expensive dress.
Kazuma Satou : You must've been through so much... (0:04:00.36)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Where are you getting your weird ideas?! (0:04:02.36)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Do you think the lord had his
way with me or something?
Kazuma Satou : We're just glad you're back. (0:04:07.93)
Kazuma Satou : Go on, take that warm bath
and cry your heart out.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You're wrong! He didn't have the
guts to demand that much from me!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Look at this! This is the problem! (0:04:18.14)
Kazuma Satou : What is it? (0:04:19.90)
Kazuma Satou : Wow, what a handsome guy! (0:04:21.32)
Kazuma Satou : Pisses me off. (0:04:23.72)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What are you doing?! (0:04:24.44)
Kazuma Satou : My hands moved on their own... (0:04:26.78)
Kazuma Satou : So the hot guy is the lord's son, huh? (0:04:31.20)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : In exchange for the lenience
you received, he demanded
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : an arranged marriage meeting with his son. (0:04:37.22)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : The reason I was away for so long (0:04:39.82)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : is because I was trying to
figure out a way to prevent it.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : My father doesn't hold Aldarp in high regard, (0:04:45.94)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : but he thinks highly of his son. (0:04:48.69)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : He's the one most excited about the idea. (0:04:51.76)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Please! Come with me, (0:04:54.40)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : and help me convince my father! (0:04:56.37)
Aqua : Here you go. (0:04:59.65)
Aqua : How about it? Good as new, right? (0:05:01.10)
Kazuma Satou : How is it that you're so versatile
when it comes to stuff like this?
Kazuma Satou : It's true... (0:05:07.25)
Kazuma Satou : If we don't do something, our valuable
crusader is going to be married off.
Kazuma Satou : Our valued... (0:05:12.60)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Thank you, Aqua. (0:05:14.76)
Kazuma Satou : She'll be... married? (0:05:16.17)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : It's getting to the point where
I'm having trouble refusing.
Kazuma Satou : Which means our crusader who can't
land any hits will be leaving our party?
Aqua : Oh, it's fine! Something like this
is a piece of cake for a goddess!
Aqua : No one would be able to
tell it's not the original!
Kazuma Satou : It's not that I'm trying to subtly
kick her out of the party...
Aqua : Literally godly skills!
You can praise me some more—
Megumin : Kazuma? (0:05:29.99)
Kazuma Satou : That's it! (0:05:33.49)
Kazuma Satou : I'm Kazuma. (0:05:38.46)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What do you mean, I should
accept the arranged marriage?!
Megumin : Don't you care if Darkness can't
adventure with us anymore?!
Kazuma Satou : Look, refusing the arrangement (0:05:47.34)
Kazuma Satou : is just going to make that
lord guy even less reasonable!
Megumin : That's true... (0:05:53.26)
Kazuma Satou : In that case, you have to accept
the arrangement, but then ruin it!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Ru— (0:05:56.83)
Kazuma Satou : And do it without hurting your family's name. (0:05:57.69)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : That's it! Let's do that! (0:06:00.37)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : If it works, I won't have to slap my father silly (0:06:02.36)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : every time he brings up
the subject of marriage!
Kazuma Satou : I feel bad for your old man... (0:06:08.23)
Sena : Satou Kazuma! (0:06:10.51)
Sena : Is Satou Kazuma here?! (0:06:12.10)
Kazuma Satou : Wh-What is it this time?! (0:06:16.06)
Sena : There are strange monsters
surrounding the town.
Sena : Do you know anything about that? (0:06:21.12)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:06:22.98)
Sena : You will accompany us at once. (0:06:23.79)
Megumin : We have to refuse. (0:06:26.01)
Megumin : One of our most precious comrades
is facing a grave crisis!
Megumin : We cannot afford to ignore it! (0:06:31.65)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Megumin... (0:06:35.24)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, calm down! (0:06:36.29)
Kazuma Satou : Hang on... (0:06:38.26)
Kazuma Satou : Aqua I can manage, (0:06:40.02)
Kazuma Satou : but Megumin is weirdly smart
about certain things.
Kazuma Satou : Better to get her out of the way. (0:06:44.48)
Kazuma Satou : Megumin... (0:06:47.10)
Kazuma Satou : Please, go. (0:06:49.04)
Kazuma Satou : If there's a large number of monsters, (0:06:51.51)
Kazuma Satou : that's a job for your explosion magic. (0:06:53.51)
Kazuma Satou : It's okay. You can leave
Darkness to Aqua and me.
Megumin : But... (0:06:59.83)
Kazuma Satou : You're the only one who can do this. (0:07:02.59)
Megumin : I'm the only one?! (0:07:06.22)
Kazuma Satou : We're counting on you,
ultimate arch wizard!
Megumin : I will demonstrate my power! (0:07:11.96)
Megumin : KONOSUBA! (0:07:17.60)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Y-You're certain, then, Lalatina? (0:07:21.06)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I am, Father. (0:07:24.61)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I, Lalatina, have decided to attend the
meeting for this arranged marriage.
Mr. Dustiness Ford : And these two are...? (0:07:31.36)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : My adventuring friends. (0:07:32.74)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : They will accompany me at the meeting
as a temporary butler and maid.
EXTRA : How does it fit? (0:07:43.89)
Kazuma Satou : I think it's okay. (0:07:45.99)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, that looks good on you. (0:07:53.16)
Kazuma Satou : You look like a proper servant! (0:07:55.15)
Aqua : I think the "wannabe-butler who's trying
too hard" look suits you too, Kazuma.
Kazuma Satou : Oh, that was so funny. (0:08:01.99)
Kazuma Satou : If we weren't in a noble's mansion, (0:08:04.82)
Kazuma Satou : I would've had to let you have it. (0:08:06.59)
Kazuma Satou : Right, Miss Lalatina? (0:08:09.08)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : D-Don't call me "Miss Lalatina"! (0:08:10.86)
Kazuma Satou : Her father ended up asking me for help. (0:08:14.39)
Kazuma Satou : He requested I ensure his daughter
wouldn't cause an incident.
Kazuma Satou : And if the meeting goes
well, he'll reward me!
Kazuma Satou : I can't help but feel motivated. (0:08:28.77)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You know what to do, right?
I'm counting on you.
Mr. Dustiness Ford : I'm glad you decided to attend the meeting. (0:08:38.91)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : I want you to find happiness, Lalatina. (0:08:42.90)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Please, Father. (0:08:45.78)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I simply said that I'd consider
the arranged marriage.
Mr. Dustiness Ford : What? (0:08:51.22)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : And after considering it, (0:08:53.46)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I've decided that it's still too
soon for me to get married.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : It's too late now! (0:08:58.97)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I agreed to meet with him,
but I never said I would marry him!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll destroy it... (0:09:04.45)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll destroy this stupid meeting! (0:09:05.98)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : L-Lalatina! (0:09:09.48)
Kazuma Satou : Please refrain from using such vulgar language. (0:09:11.84)
Kazuma Satou : You'll give your partner a bad impression. (0:09:15.21)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You rat! Are you betraying me?! (0:09:17.26)
Kazuma Satou : I am currently serving as a temporary
butler for the Dustiness family.
Kazuma Satou : My wish is for your happiness, milady. (0:09:22.44)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : K-Kazuma-kun! (0:09:25.73)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Damn you, Kazuma! (0:09:27.23)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Sir Walther! (0:09:37.33)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : So you've come... (0:09:39.46)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You're the one they intend for me to marry? (0:09:40.95)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I am Dustiness Ford Lalatina! (0:09:43.30)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You can call me Mistress Dus— (0:09:45.56)
Kazuma Satou : Milady! Please watch your step! (0:09:47.09)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I thought you were going to help me! (0:09:50.17)
Kazuma Satou : Did you forget the part about not
besmirching your family's name?
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : If I have a bad reputation,
fewer people will consider marrying me,
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : and I can continue to focus on adventuring! (0:09:59.34)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'm even prepared to be disinherited! (0:10:02.17)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Even then, I will survive as best I can (0:10:04.22)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : and continue accepting
quests I'm unqualified for,
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : until I am overwhelmed and captured
by the Devil King's army,
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : held down by them... (0:10:11.30)
Kazuma Satou : That doesn't sound like the
Devil King. Sounds like a perv.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : That's the kind of life I want! (0:10:13.16)
Kazuma Satou : You finally came out and admitted it... (0:10:15.91)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Besides, he's far from my type of man. (0:10:18.49)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : First, he seems to be of
absolutely decent character.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : He never angers toward anyone. (0:10:24.99)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : He works hard (0:10:26.56)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : and was strong enough to achieve
knighthood at the earliest age on record.
Aqua : That sounds pretty good to me. (0:10:30.93)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : How?! (0:10:32.80)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : If you're a noble, you should act like one, (0:10:33.66)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : with a vulgar grin on your face at all times! (0:10:35.22)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What exactly is that pure,
focused gaze of his?!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I want something more... (0:10:41.40)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Like what Kazuma always does, (0:10:42.95)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : when he looks at me as if he's
licking me all over with his gaze!
Kazuma Satou : I-I-I do not look at you that way! (0:10:47.21)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : He never angers?! (0:10:49.76)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What a moron! (0:10:51.47)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Using a maid's mistakes to subject
her to all kinds of punishment
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : is what nobles are supposed to do! (0:10:55.25)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Besides, the type I like is (0:10:57.59)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : the polar opposite of such a competent man! (0:10:59.73)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : He's not particularly attractive and
can be either scrawny or fat.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : He needs to be weak-willed enough
that, despite my love for him,
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : he's easily strung along by
another woman's affection.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Someone who's in rut all year round—
the more perverse, the better!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : A failure at life, who tries to
take the easiest route possible!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : And if he's in debt, that'd be even better! (0:11:19.56)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Then he could drink all day and never work, (0:11:21.41)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : and complain that it's
society's fault he's a loser!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : He'd throw an empty bottle
at me while saying...
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : "Hey, Darkness. (0:11:29.86)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Why don't you use that nasty body
of yours to earn us some cash?"
Kazuma Satou : Damn it all! This girl is completely hopeless! (0:11:37.57)
Alexei Barnes Walther : Well, let me introduce myself. (0:11:42.15)
Alexei Barnes Walther : I am Alexei Barnes Walther. (0:11:44.74)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I am Dustiness Ford Lalatina. (0:11:47.33)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll spare you the specific
details of my family.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Telling them to an upstart noble's son (0:11:53.70)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : wouldn't do any— (0:11:55.95)
Alexei Barnes Walther : Is something wrong? (0:11:57.79)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : N-Nothing. It's just, seeing
your face made me feel si—
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Eee! (0:12:03.27)
Kazuma Satou : It seems meeting you has made milady
a bit over-excited, Walther-sama.
Alexei Barnes Walther : Actually, she does seem quite flushed... (0:12:12.10)
Alexei Barnes Walther : I must say, I'm embarrassed. (0:12:14.83)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, milady. (0:12:17.44)
Kazuma Satou : Mouth off any more and you're
gonna get it even colder, got it?
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I-I consider it a reward. (0:12:22.16)
Kazuma Satou : The daughter of this household
never breaks character.
Mr. Dustiness Ford : I suppose I might be in the way here. (0:12:29.18)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Why don't you two go for a walk in the garden? (0:12:31.88)
Kazuma Satou : What was that?! Awesome!
I should have her teach me later!
Alexei Barnes Walther : Do you have any hobbies? (0:12:48.16)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I enjoy a bit of goblin hunting— (0:12:49.72)
Alexei Barnes Walther : You certainly seem to get along well. (0:12:53.52)
Kazuma Satou : Did I overdo it? (0:12:56.07)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Hee-hee. (0:12:58.07)
Kazuma Satou : Hee-hee? (0:12:58.55)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Yes, this butler accompanies me at all times. (0:12:59.23)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : We take our meals and baths together... (0:13:03.64)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : A-And of course, in bed at night... (0:13:05.98)
Kazuma Satou : Where exactly is this
pervert's shame threshold?
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Enough! I can't put up
with this any longer!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Now, Walther, was it? (0:13:20.90)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You'll accompany me to
the training hall, now!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll test your mettle there! (0:13:25.93)
Kazuma Satou : Hey! Darkness... (0:13:28.59)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : See?! (0:13:31.38)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : If you're a noble, (0:13:32.15)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : you should learn to maintain a
lascivious gaze, like Kazuma here!
Alexei Barnes Walther : Miss Lalatina, I am a knight. (0:13:37.46)
Alexei Barnes Walther : I could never raise my sword to a woman. (0:13:40.51)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You spineless wretch... (0:13:42.79)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Well, Kazuma over here claims to
be an advocate of gender equality,
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : and then boasts about his
willingness to dropkick women!
Alexei Barnes Walther : To be honest, I came here to
turn down the arranged marriage.
Alexei Barnes Walther : But after seeing you,
I've changed my mind.
Alexei Barnes Walther : You speak frankly, but you
still have a charming side.
Alexei Barnes Walther : It's refreshing how you don't mince words, (0:14:06.06)
Alexei Barnes Walther : and the way you treat your
servant as an equal...
Alexei Barnes Walther : I've taken an interest in you. (0:14:13.12)
Alexei Barnes Walther : Isn't this enough?! Why won't you give up?! (0:14:15.86)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What's wrong?! (0:14:22.65)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Don't hold back! Keep it coming! (0:14:25.17)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Show me the strength of your resolve! (0:14:28.14)
Kazuma Satou : This entire time, Darkness's
sword hasn't hit anything,
Kazuma Satou : with Walther having the clear
advantage... and yet...
Alexei Barnes Walther : I concede. (0:14:40.26)
Alexei Barnes Walther : I may have greater skill, but your
strength of will was greater.
Alexei Barnes Walther : I cannot strike you any more. (0:14:46.90)
Alexei Barnes Walther : You are a truly strong person. (0:14:50.26)
Kazuma Satou : It feels like he's given in (0:14:53.14)
Kazuma Satou : after Darkness demonstrated
how firm her resolve is...
Kazuma Satou : But knowing how her head works,
I just can't be impressed.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You spineless fool! (0:15:01.04)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Fine, come on, Kazuma! (0:15:02.70)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Demonstrate your ruthlessness
and depth of depravity to Walther!
Kazuma Satou : What the heck is she saying? (0:15:07.49)
Alexei Barnes Walther : I'd actually like to see (0:15:10.27)
Alexei Barnes Walther : the kind of fighting a man who's earned
Miss Lalatina's trust would display.
Kazuma Satou : And here's Walther, making things worse. (0:15:16.04)
Kazuma Satou : Well, the arranged marriage is off anyway... (0:15:19.35)
Kazuma Satou : Besides, I doubt you'd spread any
bad rumors about milady here.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Yes! That's it, Kazuma! (0:15:26.08)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I've actually been waiting
to face off against you!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Now, give me everything you have— (0:15:30.44)
Kazuma Satou : Create Water! (0:15:31.16)
Kazuma Satou : Is something wrong? (0:15:37.12)
Alexei Barnes Walther : I didn't expect you to use
magic in a duel of swords...
Kazuma Satou : Is that how it works? (0:15:41.85)
Aqua : What a creep. (0:15:46.60)
Aqua : It's clear Kazuma-san is unrivaled
at the art of sexual harassment.
Aqua : Such a creep. (0:15:51.07)
Kazuma Satou : I wasn't trying to— (0:15:52.68)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : See, Walther?! (0:15:53.67)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You need to pay close attention
to how he does this sort of thing!
Kazuma Satou : Oh, damn it! (0:15:57.34)
Kazuma Satou : You want everything I have?!
Then here it comes!
Kazuma Satou : Freeze! (0:16:02.37)
Alexei Barnes Walther : H-He's a demon! (0:16:05.33)
Alexei Barnes Walther : Not only does he douse her
with water in winter,
Alexei Barnes Walther : but then he uses ice magic?! (0:16:08.87)
Aqua : Well, he earned names like "Crapuma"
and "Kazutrash" for a reason.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : This total lack of mercy! (0:16:17.83)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Th-This... is so good! (0:16:19.54)
Kazuma Satou : Whoa, whoa, whoa! (0:16:24.52)
Aqua : That's it, Darkness! (0:16:26.59)
Aqua : Puny Kazuma has no chance
against you in a grappling match!
Kazuma Satou : I am so gonna sell off
that raiment of hers later!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You think you can overpower
me?! How insulting!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : The difference in strength between a crusader
like me and an adventurer like you is—
Kazuma Satou : You should know I wouldn't fight fair! (0:16:44.92)
Kazuma Satou : We've known each other long
enough! Figure it out!
Kazuma Satou : Ow! (0:16:49.44)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : D-Drain Touch, eh? (0:16:54.66)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : But before you can drain my stamina, (0:16:56.74)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll break your arms! (0:16:59.63)
Kazuma Satou : G-Go ahead and try— Ow, ow, ow, ow! (0:17:02.73)
Kazuma Satou : This is bad... I keep draining, but
this workhorse isn't slowing down!
Kazuma Satou : H-Hey... How about a little wager? (0:17:10.67)
Kazuma Satou : The loser has to do any
one thing the winner says.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Very well! When I win,
I'll have you kneel before me!
Kazuma Satou : Here's my chance! (0:17:22.02)
Kazuma Satou : All right, then, it's a promise. (0:17:23.65)
Kazuma Satou : And when I win, you can cry and
beg, but I'm not gonna stop!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wh-What are you going to do? (0:17:28.79)
Kazuma Satou : Something that'll have you crying
and begging for forgiveness!
Kazuma Satou : I can already picture you desperately
begging me for mercy...
Kazuma Satou : I'll make you say, "Please stop!
Please forgive me!"
Kazuma Satou : Oh, don't get ahead of me, you greedy girl! (0:17:41.66)
Kazuma Satou : Because what I have in mind is way
crazier than whatever you're thinking!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wha— S-Stop it! (0:17:48.91)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I-I want to resist, but the Drain
Touch is sapping my strength...
Kazuma Satou : I'm pretty sure she's
just loosening her grip.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : At this rate, I will lose... (0:18:02.09)
Alexei Barnes Walther : Amazing... (0:18:02.92)
Kazuma Satou : I'm gonna drain your stamina
until you pass out!
Kazuma Satou : I've got something crazy
for you when you wake up!
Kazuma Satou : Look forward to it! (0:18:11.38)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : No matter how you humiliate
me, my heart will nev—
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Crazy? (0:18:19.13)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Something crazy... (0:18:21.18)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : S-Something... crazy... (0:18:23.03)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Something crazy?! (0:18:26.45)
Kazuma Satou : Go on, take that warm bath
and cry your heart out.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : K-K-K-Kazuma! (0:18:35.25)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wh-What were you planning to do
with my leftover bathwater?!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Sh... Sho... (0:18:41.24)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Shomefing cwazy! (0:18:43.67)
Kazuma Satou : I-I win! (0:18:50.85)
Alexei Barnes Walther : I see why they call you "Kazutrash"! (0:18:53.12)
Kazuma Satou : How rude! (0:18:55.10)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : I just came by with something to... drink... (0:18:56.93)
Aqua : They did it. (0:19:14.44)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Okay, execute them. (0:19:16.14)
Kazuma Satou : No! You've got it all wrong! (0:19:17.13)
Alexei Barnes Walther : No! You've got it all wrong! (0:19:17.13)
Kazuma Satou : KONOSUBA. (0:19:19.70)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : My daughter has always been a
bit awkward around people...
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Even after becoming a crusader,
she was still alone.
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Every day, she'd drop by Eris-sama's church, (0:19:28.26)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : praying for friends to adventure with... (0:19:30.74)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : And then, one day, she finally had one. (0:19:34.04)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : She was so happy when she returned and
told me about the thief girl she had met.
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Her mother died when she was young,
so I may have spoiled her a bit...
Mr. Dustiness Ford : But I also tried to let her have her freedom. (0:19:44.91)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Maybe that wasn't for the best... (0:19:47.97)
Kazuma Satou : Nah, I think that's her, not you. (0:19:50.67)
Alexei Barnes Walther : Miss Lalatina is a wonderful woman. (0:19:53.15)
Alexei Barnes Walther : If it weren't for Kazuma-kun,
I'd sincerely want to marry her myself.
Kazuma Satou : Sorry, but I'm not sure
what you're trying to say.
Alexei Barnes Walther : I think you can make Miss Lalatina
happier than I could.
Kazuma Satou : Hey, you wanna step outside? (0:20:07.17)
Kazuma Satou : I don't care if you're a lord's son! (0:20:08.63)
Aqua : Kazuma-san, cut it out!
You're gonna get me executed, too!
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Kazuma-kun, please continue
to look after my daughter.
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Make sure she doesn't
do anything too foolish.
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Please. (0:20:27.45)
Kazuma Satou : Uh... Well... Sure. (0:20:28.56)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : Oh, you're awake. (0:20:35.71)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : These clothes... Is it already over? (0:20:40.45)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Did you do something foul to me
while I was unconscious?!
Kazuma Satou : I did not! I haven't done anything yet! (0:20:45.84)
Kazuma Satou : While you were asleep,
things got kinda serious!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Hee-hee. (0:20:54.90)
Kazuma Satou : Hee-hee? (0:20:55.40)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Father, Walther-sama... (0:20:57.45)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Please, forget about this
arranged marriage meeting.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I've been keeping it a secret, but... (0:21:03.56)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Kazuma's child is growing inside me... (0:21:05.79)
Kazuma Satou : Hey! How the hell can you say
that about a virgin like me?!
Alexei Barnes Walther : I see. You're having
Kazuma-kun's child, then?
Alexei Barnes Walther : I'll tell my father that I decided
to refuse the arrangement.
Alexei Barnes Walther : That'll probably be more convenient. (0:21:19.85)
Kazuma Satou : Uh... Yeah... (0:21:21.97)
Kazuma Satou : He's a really nice guy... (0:21:27.54)
Kazuma Satou : C'mon, man, take Darkness off my hands! (0:21:29.38)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Hee-hee. (0:21:32.10)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : A grandchild... My first grandchild... (0:21:34.38)
Mr. Dustiness Ford : F-F-F-Finally, I'll have a
darling grandchild...
Aqua : I didn't realize the two
of you were like that...
Aqua : G-Gotta tell someone...
Gotta tell the guys in town!
Aqua : That Kazutrash and Darkness are— (0:21:50.92)
Kazuma Satou : Why did you believe her, too?! (0:21:51.74)
Sena : Satou Kazuma! Is Satou Kazuma here?! (0:21:56.29)
EXTRA : Episode 5 (0:23:31.01)
EXTRA : Servifor This Knight! (0:23:31.01b)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Beloved Father. (0:23:32.22)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I no longer wish to strike a member
of my family whom I care for.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Are you aware that "tough love"
is often harder on the one giving—

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