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EXTRA : It appeared as though humanity
would be destroyed by the demons.
EXTRA : But a single mage saved them all. (0:00:14.93)
EXTRA : He was called the Wizard King,
and he became a legend.
EXTRA : Assembly at the Royal Capital (0:01:58.38)
Asta : What?! (0:02:09.06)
Asta : I was asleep for a week? (0:02:10.91)
Noelle Silva : Honestly, how many days were
you planning on sleeping?
Vanessa Enoteca : Noelle was so worried about you
that she kept checking on you.
Noelle Silva : I-I wasn't worried... (0:02:24.12)
Noelle Silva : I was just wondering what we were
going to do if he didn't wake up.
Finral Roulacase : Pretty sure that's called being worried. (0:02:30.86)
Asta : Thanks, Noelle. (0:02:34.09)
Gordon Agrippa : I was worried, too. But I'm glad
you all came back safely.
Magna Swing : Getting rest is important, too, (0:02:41.14)
Magna Swing : because that's how much energy you
used up conquering that dungeon.
Noelle Silva : But it was a week... (0:02:47.43)
Gauche Adlai : Stop with this nonsense. (0:02:50.03)
Gauche Adlai : Do you think that my goddess, (0:02:52.19)
Gauche Adlai : my sister Marie, would enjoy
listening to all this?
Gauche Adlai : Talk about something more interesting. (0:02:57.24)
Gauche Adlai : I only have 3,214 stories stocked up for her. (0:03:00.17)
Finral Roulacase : When exactly are you going
to tell her all those?
Luck Voltia : How are you feeling? Is the hole
in your stomach closed up yet?
Luck Voltia : Can you fight me now? Can you? (0:03:11.10)
Asta : It's not completely closed up yet.
In fact, my stomach's so empty, I'm starving...
Charmy Pappitson : Everyone! The Sheep Cooks made breakfast! (0:03:18.76)
Asta : Yum! So good! Delicious! (0:03:23.34)
Noelle Silva : Jeez, calm down. (0:03:27.77)
Asta : Thanks... (0:03:29.91)
Noelle Silva : You're such a pig. (0:03:35.58)
Vanessa Enoteca : Now, now. He needs his nutrients. (0:03:37.57)
Vanessa Enoteca : Want a taste? (0:03:40.66)
Noelle Silva : No, he can't! (0:03:41.97)
Asta : So good! (0:03:43.03)
Charmy Pappitson : Nice, nice! Your eating form is excellent! (0:03:45.61)
Charmy Pappitson : The Sheep Cooks are delighted, too. (0:03:49.10)
Yami Sukehiro : I think I'll have some
breakfast and go back to bed.
Charmy Pappitson : Captain! Good morning! (0:03:58.29)
Asta : Morning. (0:04:00.51)
Yami Sukehiro : You finally awake, kid?
I guess you didn't die.
Asta : I-I'm alive! (0:04:05.97)
Yami Sukehiro : Good work, even though you
always come back banged up.
Asta : Thanks! (0:04:14.73)
Yami Sukehiro : Oh, yeah. Apparently, Magic Knights
Headquarters wants a report on the dungeon,
Yami Sukehiro : so if you can walk, pay them a visit. (0:04:21.14)
Asta : Huh? (0:04:23.07)
Noelle Silva : A report? (0:04:24.24)
Luck Voltia : The Magic Knights Headquarters? (0:04:25.55)
Charmy Pappitson : La? (0:04:27.00)
Luck Voltia : Sounds like there'll be
lots of strong guys there!
Luck Voltia : I wonder if I can fight them. (0:04:29.86)
Yami Sukehiro : You'd probably cause trouble if you went,
so you're not going, Luck.
Luck Voltia : Aw... (0:04:35.46)
Yami Sukehiro : Instead, there's a fighting mission,
so go on that with Magna.
Luck Voltia : Fighting mission? (0:04:40.98)
Luck Voltia : Let's do our best, Magna! (0:04:42.59)
Magna Swing : Huh? Creepy! (0:04:44.93)
Magna Swing : Are you really Luck? Are you sure
you're not Grey in disguise?
Magna Swing : Oh, there he is. (0:04:52.06)
Charmy Pappitson : Ooh, pick me! I'll go instead! (0:04:53.41)
Charmy Pappitson : I wonder what yummy things
await me in the Noble Realm.
Yami Sukehiro : Uh, there's no way you can go.
All you do every day is eat.
Charmy Pappitson : La?! (0:05:06.70)
Charmy Pappitson : La... La! (0:05:08.13)
Gauche Adlai : Captain, I have to write a
letter to Marie, so I can't go.
Yami Sukehiro : Sure. No one asked you, anyway. (0:05:15.58)
Gordon Agrippa : Can I go— (0:05:19.57)
EXTRA : Clover Kingdom Royal Capital (0:05:20.75)
Asta : This is awesome! It's this huge up close? (0:05:28.86)
Noelle Silva : Oh, come on. (0:05:33.93)
Noelle Silva : Could you calm down? You're embarrassing me. (0:05:35.57)
Asta : So awesome! (0:05:37.79)
Noelle Silva : Hey! (0:05:39.89)
Noelle Silva : I'm alone with Asta. (0:05:42.97)
Asta : Wow! It's so huge! (0:05:47.05)
Noelle Silva : How long must you keep saying that? (0:05:49.87)
Noelle Silva : This is completely normal. (0:05:51.41)
Mimosa Vermillion : Oh? (0:05:54.26)
Asta : Well, hello! If it isn't the members
of the Golden Dawn!
Klaus Lunette : Ah, it's been a week, Asta. (0:05:59.20)
Klaus Lunette : Are you here to give a report, as well? (0:06:02.08)
Klaus Lunette : Have your wounds completely healed? (0:06:04.86)
Asta : Yeah! My stomach still hurts a little,
but I ate lots and slept lots, so I'm fine!
Yuno Grinberryall : What are you, a kid? (0:06:11.93)
Asta : Who are you calling a kid?! (0:06:12.90)
Yuno Grinberryall : You. (0:06:14.31)
Asta : You're the same age as me! (0:06:15.25)
Asta : I'm better because of your
magic, Mimosa. Thanks.
Asta : Why'd she run away? (0:06:25.65)
Yuno Grinberryall : When you raised your hand, your arm was
shorter than expected, and it startled her,
Yuno Grinberryall : maybe? (0:06:32.03)
Asta : What the hell?! Yuno, you jerk! (0:06:32.98)
Yuno Grinberryall : See? (0:06:35.33)
Asta : Damn it! (0:06:37.17)
Yuno Grinberryall : Unbelievable. (0:06:37.41)
Noelle Silva : What's wrong, Mimosa? (0:06:39.19)
Noelle Silva : Mimosa? (0:06:42.55)
Mimosa Vermillion : I don't know what to do, Noelle. (0:06:44.31)
Mimosa Vermillion : I, um... Whenever I see Asta,
my chest feels tight.
Mimosa Vermillion : Ever since that day,
all I can think about is Asta.
Mimosa Vermillion : What in the world is wrong with me? (0:06:56.94)
Noelle Silva : What?! (0:07:00.45)
Mimosa Vermillion : I wonder if he'll hate me
after I ran away like that.
Noelle Silva : Wh-Why him? He's a peasant,
he's stupid, short, loud...
Mimosa Vermillion : I find all those things endearing. (0:07:13.13)
Mimosa Vermillion : And the contrast between that and his body... (0:07:16.09)
Mimosa Vermillion : Could this be... (0:07:19.97)
Noelle Silva : No, no, no. That meathead is just... (0:07:22.53)
Noelle Silva : Wait. Why do I sound so desperate? (0:07:25.52)
Noelle Silva : No, no, no! (0:07:28.88)
Noelle Silva : I don't feel anything for that idiot! (0:07:29.92)
Klaus Lunette : What are they moaning about? (0:07:37.02)
Asta : Maybe they have a headache. (0:07:39.66)
Klaus Lunette : I believe headquarters is this way. (0:07:42.90)
Asta : I guess there are things even
you don't know, four-eyes.
Klaus Lunette : Indeed, there are. (0:07:48.98)
Yuno Grinberryall : He's apparently content with
being called "four-eyes" now.
Mimosa Vermillion : He's much nicer to Asta now. (0:07:55.01)
Klaus Lunette : We don't often get to come to headquarters. (0:07:57.78)
Klaus Lunette : Y-Your Majesty! (0:08:06.21)
Klaus Lunette : I never expected you to welcome us yourself. (0:08:08.98)
Asta : Who's that flashy old guy? (0:08:16.67)
Klaus Lunette : You fool! That's the current
Wizard King, Julius Novachrono!
Asta : What?! (0:08:25.19)
Yuno Grinberryall : This guy is the current... (0:08:29.83)
Asta : ...Wizard King?! (0:08:31.72)
Julius Novachrono : Well done acquiring this. (0:08:50.82)
Julius Novachrono : This magic was probably the most
important relic in that dungeon.
Yuno Grinberryall : You can read that? (0:08:57.69)
Julius Novachrono : Somewhat. (0:08:59.03)
Asta : The most important relic! So cool! (0:09:00.37)
Julius Novachrono : I see... (0:09:04.81)
Klaus Lunette : He's so excited... (0:09:08.14)
Klaus Lunette : I guess the rumors about the Wizard King
being a total magic nerd were true.
Julius Novachrono : Hey, would you try using this magic? (0:09:14.82)
Julius Novachrono : Please?! (0:09:18.43)
Yuno Grinberryall : I'm sorry. I think it activated
in the dungeon once, but...
Yuno Grinberryall : I haven't been able to use it since. (0:09:25.75)
Julius Novachrono : What? (0:09:28.21)
Julius Novachrono : I see... Aw, that's too bad. (0:09:29.68)
Julius Novachrono : Sylph, the Wind Spirit of
the Four Great Attributes...
Julius Novachrono : Apparently she's chosen him this era. (0:09:40.43)
Julius Novachrono : All I can say for now (0:09:44.62)
Julius Novachrono : is that this spell will grow with you and,
one day, become an extraordinary power.
Julius Novachrono : Take good care of it. (0:09:53.02)
Yuno Grinberryall : Yes, sir. (0:09:55.51)
Asta : Wizard King! My grimoire has
some weird scribbles in it, too!
Asta : Please look at it! (0:10:00.37)
Klaus Lunette : Hey, you're being rude. (0:10:02.27)
Julius Novachrono : This is... (0:10:05.47)
Asta : This is? (0:10:06.37)
Julius Novachrono : Something I can't read at all. (0:10:08.00)
Julius Novachrono : I've never even seen this
writing in any documents.
Asta : This thing pops out of it! Take a look! (0:10:16.99)
Julius Novachrono : Ah, a second anti-magic sword! (0:10:20.04)
Asta : I got mine to work. (0:10:25.71)
Julius Novachrono : A-Anti-magic... C-Can I touch that? (0:10:28.38)
Asta : Go right ahead! (0:10:32.95)
Julius Novachrono : Thank... you?! It's so heavy! (0:10:35.02)
Asta : Are you all right, Wizard King?! (0:10:37.22)
Julius Novachrono : I'm amazed that you can
actually swing this around.
Julius Novachrono : My magical power... is being absorbed. (0:10:43.91)
Julius Novachrono : I see. (0:10:49.63)
Julius Novachrono : Thank you. You can have this back now. (0:10:51.27)
Asta : Yes, sir. (0:10:53.29)
Julius Novachrono : This is beyond my abilities. (0:10:54.83)
Julius Novachrono : It appears you're able to wield it
because you have no magic.
Asta : How did you know I don't have any magic, sir?
And about my sword that cuts through magic?
Julius Novachrono : That's a very good question. (0:11:08.02)
Julius Novachrono : Well, anyway, you all did
splendidly. Good work.
Asta : U-U-Um, d-d-do you have a moment? (0:11:16.63)
Julius Novachrono : What is it? (0:11:22.63)
Asta : H-How... (0:11:23.88)
Asta : you become the Wizard King? (0:11:26.18)
Yuno Grinberryall : you become the Wizard King? (0:11:26.18)
Julius Novachrono : I see. So you both want
to become the Wizard King.
Julius Novachrono : Any Magic Knight should have that aspiration. (0:11:35.21)
Klaus Lunette : You two! It's rude to ask
the Wizard King that directly.
Klaus Lunette : Listen. The Wizard King must be proud
and have the trust of the people—
Julius Novachrono : No. (0:11:47.46)
Julius Novachrono : It's merit. (0:11:52.27)
Julius Novachrono : You can't protect others with pride,
and the trust of others comes with merit.
Julius Novachrono : There is only one thing people
want from the Wizard King...
Julius Novachrono : Merit that proves they are the best. (0:12:06.50)
Julius Novachrono : Gain merit. (0:12:10.82)
Julius Novachrono : Continuously gaining merit is everything. (0:12:12.77)
Julius Novachrono : Anyone who can't do that
can never stand at the top.
Asta : Bring it on! (0:12:22.82)
Yuno Grinberryall : Bring it on! (0:12:22.82)
Julius Novachrono : Your newbies have very determined eyes, (0:12:25.73)
Julius Novachrono : William, Yami. (0:12:28.29)
Julius Novachrono : Now, then... (0:12:33.64)
Julius Novachrono : We're actually holding a decoration
ceremony for the Magic Knights who've been
Julius Novachrono : awarded an outstanding number of stars today. (0:12:39.32)
Asta : Deco...? (0:12:41.49)
Julius Novachrono : Decoration ceremony. (0:12:43.07)
Julius Novachrono : It's a ceremony where we award those who
have done exceptionally well and honor them.
Asta : Wow... (0:12:49.96)
Julius Novachrono : I would love for all of you to join us. (0:12:51.54)
Asta : Huh? (0:12:54.71)
Yuno Grinberryall : Huh? (0:12:54.71)
Asta : I wonder what decoration ceremonies are like. (0:13:04.05)
Noelle Silva : I have a bad feeling about this. (0:13:08.30)
Klaus Lunette : I could never have imagined this happening. (0:13:11.30)
Julius Novachrono : Now, then... (0:13:18.18)
Julius Novachrono : Can you give me better results than them? (0:13:21.57)
Julius Novachrono : Now, then... let us begin
the decoration ceremony.
EXTRA : Wizard King
Grand Magic Knight
Senior Magic Knight, First~Fifth Class
Intermediate Magic Knight, First~Fifth Class
Junior Magic Knight, First Class
Junior Magic Knight, Second Class
Junior Magic Knight, Third Class
Junior Magic Knight, Fourth Class
Junior Magic Knight, Fifth Class
EXTRA : Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom are given
ranks to indicate their level of ability.
EXTRA : The ranks are further divided into sub-ranks,
with the Wizard King at the top.
EXTRA : If knights are awarded a prescribed number (0:13:57.61)
EXTRA : of stars in the time before the
annual decoration ceremony,
EXTRA : they are given a new rank by the Wizard King. (0:14:03.85)
Julius Novachrono : With seven stars earned,
Leopold Vermillion of the Crimson Lion Kings,
Julius Novachrono : I grant you the title of
Intermediate Magic Knight, Second Class.
Julius Novachrono : You use the same flame
magic as your older brother,
Julius Novachrono : the Captain of the Crimson Lion Kings.
Your power is overwhelming.
Julius Novachrono : Make sure you don't go overboard. (0:14:28.69)
EXTRA : Member of the Crimson Lion Kings
Leopold Vermillion
Leopold Vermillion : Evil needs no mercy. (0:14:32.99)
Julius Novachrono : With six stars earned, Sol Marron
of the Blue Rose Knights,
Julius Novachrono : I grant you the title of
Intermediate Magic Knight, Third Class.
Julius Novachrono : You're as dynamic as the men,
and your creative earth magic is amazing.
Julius Novachrono : But you might be a bit
too much of a free spirit.
Sol Marron : The only one who can tie me down is my sis, (0:14:54.87)
Sol Marron : the captain. (0:14:57.98)
Julius Novachrono : With six stars earned,
Solid Silva of the Silver Eagles,
Julius Novachrono : I grant you the title of
Intermediate Magic Knight, Third Class.
Julius Novachrono : The maneuverability of
your magic is amazing,
EXTRA : Member of the Silver Eagles
Solid Silva
Julius Novachrono : but I think you'd be even more amazing (0:15:12.20)
Julius Novachrono : if you stopped showing off your powers
and cooperated with others.
Solid Silva : I'll keep that in mind, sir. (0:15:17.21)
Julius Novachrono : With nine stars earned,
Nebra Silva of the Silver Eagles,
Julius Novachrono : I grant you the title of
Senior Magic Knight, Fifth Class.
Julius Novachrono : The skillful illusions you create
with your mist magic are splendid.
EXTRA : Member of the Silver Eagles
Nebra Silva
Julius Novachrono : Just make sure you don't play with
the enemy more than necessary,
Julius Novachrono : or you might get bitten. (0:15:37.56)
Nebra Silva : I thank you for the warning. (0:15:39.82)
Julius Novachrono : With seven stars earned,
Hamon Caseus of the Golden Dawn,
Julius Novachrono : I grant you the title of
Intermediate Magic Knight, Second Class.
Julius Novachrono : Just by looking at you, the enemy
would never expect your glass magic,
EXTRA : Member of the Golden Dawn
Hamon Caseus
Julius Novachrono : and I bet they're completely boggled. (0:15:55.42)
Hamon Caseus : I thank you, Your Majesty. (0:15:58.46)
Julius Novachrono : With eight stars earned,
Shiren Tium of the Golden Dawn,
Julius Novachrono : I grant you the title of
Intermediate Magic Knight, First Class.
Julius Novachrono : Unlike your eloquent magic,
you're a very quiet fellow,
EXTRA : Member of the Golden Dawn
Shiren Tium
Julius Novachrono : so you'd be better off if
you spoke your mind more.
Siren Tium : Understood. (0:16:20.42)
Julius Novachrono : With eleven stars earned,
Alecdora Sandler of the Golden Dawn,
Julius Novachrono : I grant you the title of
Senior Magic Knight, Second Class.
Julius Novachrono : You amaze me with your
diligence and flexible magic.
EXTRA : Member of the Golden Dawn
Alecdora Sandler
Julius Novachrono : You can probably relax a
little more once in a while.
Alecdora Sandler : I am honored, Your Majesty. (0:16:40.24)
Julius Novachrono : The Golden Dawn has earned
a total of 71 stars.
Julius Novachrono : They are the clear leaders. (0:16:46.49)
Julius Novachrono : I hope the rest of the squads do
their best to not fall behind.
Julius Novachrono : Well done, all of you. (0:16:52.90)
Julius Novachrono : Now then, there's a simple reception
set up for you, so go enjoy yourselves.
Julius Novachrono : Oh, I almost forgot. (0:17:00.04)
Julius Novachrono : I've invited some special guests today. (0:17:02.05)
Julius Novachrono : Make sure you get to know
each other very well.
Marx Francois : Wizard King, (0:17:09.12)
Marx Francois : regarding that matter... (0:17:10.88)
Julius Novachrono : Something came up, so I have to
excuse myself, but have fun!
Asta : Huh? (0:17:19.53)
Klaus Lunette : All those stares are beginning to hurt. (0:17:27.26)
Klaus Lunette : How are we supposed to enjoy this? (0:17:29.74)
Klaus Lunette : Why is the Wizard King
entertaining us like this?
Klaus Lunette : Not to mention the Wizard
King went off somewhere...
Asta : The heck is this?! (0:17:46.41)
Asta : I've never eaten anything like this! (0:17:48.27)
Asta : So good! (0:17:51.19)
Klaus Lunette : How can you be so bold? You're amazing, Asta. (0:17:52.83)
Yuno Grinberryall : No, he's just unrefined. (0:17:57.19)
Asta : So good! (0:17:58.96)
Mimosa Vermillion : U-Um, Asta... (0:17:59.76)
Mimosa Vermillion : May I join you? (0:18:03.21)
Asta : Oh, Mimosa, were you eyeing this meat, too? (0:18:05.18)
Mimosa Vermillion : Huh? Oh... Yes, it looks quite delicious. (0:18:09.15)
Alecdora Sandler : Vulgar peasant. (0:18:12.48)
Alecdora Sandler : Why did the Wizard King
invite such lowborn scum?
Nebra Silva : I can't sense any magic from him. (0:18:17.74)
Nebra Silva : Them capturing the dungeon
must've been sheer luck.
Hamon Caseus : The way he eats is disgusting. (0:18:24.12)
Solid Silva : It's unnatural for him to be here. Filthy rat. (0:18:27.87)
Asta : Man, listen to them tear into me.
Good thing I'm used to it.
Klaus Lunette : H-He's so forgiving! (0:18:40.77)
Leopold Vermillion : You also have a peasant in your squad. (0:18:43.58)
Leopold Vermillion : The peasant who's forgotten his place
since everyone fawns over him
Leopold Vermillion : because of the four-leaf grimoire he has. (0:18:51.69)
Leopold Vermillion : I could've handled capturing
that dungeon even better.
Alecdora Sandler : That's quite confident, crimson brat. (0:19:03.69)
Alecdora Sandler : It's not like we expect
anything from that peasant.
Alecdora Sandler : We are the ones who embody Lord Vangeance
and the Golden Dawn's ideals.
Klaus Lunette : W-With all due respect... (0:19:18.46)
Alecdora Sandler : That goes for you as well, Klaus. (0:19:20.15)
Alecdora Sandler : Aren't you ashamed, being here
with your lack of skill?
Klaus Lunette : I... (0:19:26.67)
Alecdora Sandler : And Mimosa! (0:19:27.81)
Alecdora Sandler : I heard that you were wounded early on
in the dungeon and left the front line.
Alecdora Sandler : To think that you're royalty of
the Vermillion line is laughable.
Mimosa Vermillion : I-I'm terribly sorry. (0:19:38.79)
Klaus Lunette : N-No, Mimosa was... (0:19:42.26)
Solid Silva : Now, now. The most useless fool here... (0:19:46.15)
Solid Silva : is you. (0:19:52.94)
Solid Silva : Wouldn't you agree, Noelle? (0:19:54.63)
Noelle Silva : Solid... (0:20:01.95)
Klaus Lunette : H-How could you? (0:20:04.51)
Solid Silva : You can't even control your magic.
You're such an embarrassment.
Nebra Silva : You've basically been exiled
from the Silva family.
Nebra Silva : I'm surprised you had the nerve
to return to the Noble Realm.
Noelle Silva : Nebra... (0:20:20.96)
Nozel Silva : You got a big head from one achievement. (0:20:24.57)
Nozel Silva : Did you come here intending to bring
shame upon the Silva name?
Noelle Silva : N-Nozel... (0:20:31.62)
Nozel Silva : You do not belong here. (0:20:34.65)
Nozel Silva : Begone, (0:20:37.38)
Nozel Silva : failure that killed our mother. (0:20:39.86)
Asta : There's no reason to run from these jerks. (0:20:51.37)
Noelle Silva : Asta? (0:20:54.23)
Asta : I thought you'd all be amazing
since you were called here,
Asta : but you're no different from the rest of them! (0:21:07.13)
Asta : Calling us peasants, rats,
embarrassments, failures...
Asta : Who cares if you think we're worthy or not?! (0:21:15.29)
Asta : Just you watch! I'm going to— (0:21:18.54)
Alecdora Sandler : That's enough, you scoundrel. (0:21:22.80)
Alecdora Sandler : You shouldn't even be allowed to talk! (0:21:25.42)
Alecdora Sandler : Silence! (0:21:28.15)
Asta : I won't shut up! (0:21:30.72)
Alecdora Sandler : He just... (0:21:32.52)
Asta : Listen up, you bastards! (0:21:34.45)
Asta : I'm going to pile up merit, (0:21:36.31)
Asta : become the Wizard King, (0:21:39.31)
Asta : and shut you all up! (0:21:42.57)
EXTRA : Peilver (0:23:17.83)
EXTRA : Petit Clover! (0:23:19.19)
EXTRA : My Magic (0:23:22.10)
Gordon Agrippa : My Magic. (0:23:23.07)
Gordon Agrippa : I'll show you my magic. It's hex magic. (0:23:26.73)
Gordon Agrippa : In the next ten minutes... (0:23:31.24)
Gordon Agrippa : you'll blink. (0:23:33.95)
Gordon Agrippa : Let's Go rdon! (0:23:35.49)
Klaus Lunette : Hey, Asta! (0:23:39.82)
Klaus Lunette : You're being rude to the senior
members of the Magic Knights!
Klaus Lunette : Apologize, right now! (0:23:43.65)
Klaus Lunette : I'll even apologize with you! (0:23:45.42)
Klaus Lunette : Black Clover , Page 21:
"Capital Riot."
EXTRA : Page 21

Capital Riot
Klaus Lunette : Making my glasses sparkle is my magic! (0:23:51.05)

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Black Clover

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