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Bisca T. Balmus : You've put on quite the
amusing farce, but enough.
Bisca T. Balmus : For the false Spear Hero (0:00:12.40)
Bisca T. Balmus : and for the Devil of the Shield, (0:00:14.45)
Bisca T. Balmus : clinging so desperately
to life, like a cockroach,
Bisca T. Balmus : the purification of Holy Judgment. (0:00:19.78)
Bisca T. Balmus : And... (0:00:23.25)
Bisca T. Balmus : For this country, righteous order! (0:00:25.00)
Princess Melty : Watch out, Naofumi! (0:00:32.21)
Princess Melty : That sword is... (0:00:33.97)
Naofumi Iwatani : What power! (0:00:51.73)
Naofumi Iwatani : The impact's making my arms go numb! (0:00:53.19)
Bisca T. Balmus : For a devil, you are pretty tough. (0:01:00.41)
Bisca T. Balmus : That'll be enough trial shots. (0:01:08.13)
Bisca T. Balmus : Now face the real thing. (0:01:10.63)
Malty Melromarc : Wh-What? (0:01:21.56)
Princess Melty : I-Is that... (0:01:23.77)
EXTRA : The Rising of the Shield Hero (0:01:45.29)
EXTRA : The Four Cardinal Heroes (0:02:59.19)
Spear Hero : H-Hey! That sword turned into a spear! (0:03:06.79)
Princess Melty : There's no mistaking it. (0:03:11.17)
Princess Melty : That's a replica of the Cardinal Weapons! (0:03:12.67)
Raphtalia : A... replica? (0:03:16.42)
Princess Melty : In the past, (0:03:20.26)
Princess Melty : an attempt was made to duplicate the
four weapons of the legendary heroes.
Princess Melty : To make the ultimate weapon, (0:03:27.68)
Princess Melty : which could change forms and
use each weapon's skills.
Princess Melty : I was taught that it was
lost many centuries ago.
Spear Hero : That's not fair! (0:03:39.23)
Spear Hero : Say, Myne. Is it true? (0:03:41.86)
Malty Melromarc : H-How would I know? (0:03:44.24)
Princess Melty : It's so famous,
anyone dabbling in Melromarc's
Princess Melty : and the Church's history would know of it. (0:03:51.00)
Princess Melty : Finding it should've been huge news. (0:03:53.83)
Naofumi Iwatani : But the Three Heroes Church kept it hidden. (0:03:56.46)
Princess Melty : Maybe its loss was a lie
made up by the Church, too.
Naofumi Iwatani : Why'd you summon the heroes if
you had a weapon like that?
Princess Melty : That weapon is mighty, but it
consumes a massive amount of mana.
Princess Melty : Just that one swing earlier must've drained
dozens of magicians of their mana.
Bisca T. Balmus : No wonder you're first in line
for the throne, Melty-sama.
Bisca T. Balmus : You have educated yourself well. (0:04:27.16)
Bisca T. Balmus : Completely unlike your sister,
who was too busy conspiring to study.
Bisca T. Balmus : The mana this legendary weapon requires (0:04:37.79)
Bisca T. Balmus : will be provided by all the believers here. (0:04:41.46)
Bisca T. Balmus : My brethren, this is a battle between
our lord and the Devil of the Shield.
Bisca T. Balmus : It is a holy crusade in the name of God. (0:04:52.39)
Bisca T. Balmus : Offer your prayers to the legendary
weapon imbued with divine power.
Bisca T. Balmus : And we shall purge this world of the fake
Spear Hero and the Devil of the Shield.
Naofumi Iwatani : That'll be a pain to fight. (0:05:11.08)
Naofumi Iwatani : Melty! Can't you take those
believers out of the equation?
Naofumi Iwatani : Put them to sleep or something! (0:05:17.00)
Princess Melty : I haven't learned any magics
that affect the mind.
Princess Melty : And also... (0:05:21.71)
Princess Melty : Such a large mana pool will also
give them high resistance.
Princess Melty : Putting them all to sleep
will be impossible.
Naofumi Iwatani : There has to be something we can do. (0:05:31.31)
Spear Hero : I shan't stand for this! (0:05:34.68)
Spear Hero : You manipulate us for
your own selfish goals,
Spear Hero : and want to get rid of us
as soon as you're done?
Spear Hero : That's evil, through and through! (0:05:41.27)
Spear Hero : As a hero, I cannot overlook it! (0:05:43.90)
Raphtalia : Everything he says is hollow. (0:05:46.15)
Filo : Spear guy's annoying. (0:05:48.49)
Spear Hero : Pope, I will defeat you (0:05:50.92)
Spear Hero : and avenge Itsuki and Ren! (0:05:53.83)
Spear Hero : Lightning Spear! (0:05:58.25)
Spear Hero : What? A barrier? (0:06:10.39)
Filo : No fair! (0:06:12.81)
Princess Melty : We can't even scratch the pope unless
we break through that force field.
Naofumi Iwatani : Melty's right. (0:06:20.65)
Naofumi Iwatani : We need to cut off the mana supply first. (0:06:22.56)
Spear Hero : If I can't do it alone... (0:06:25.36)
Spear Hero : Naofumi! (0:06:27.15)
Naofumi Iwatani : Huh? (0:06:27.99)
Spear Hero : Now is the time for us to work together. (0:06:29.28)
Spear Hero : Let's go! (0:06:32.41)
Malty Melromarc : You will pay for the sin of turning
against the next queen with your life.
EXTRA : As source of thy power, I order thee. (0:06:37.62)
Malty Melromarc : As source of thy power and the
next queen, I order thee.
Malty Melromarc : Decipher the laws of nature
and burn my target down!
Princess Melty : Sister... (0:06:44.75)
Filo : Both spear guy and his party are annoying. (0:06:46.09)
Malty Melromarc : Zweit Fire! (0:06:48.01)
Naofumi Iwatani : A combo skill? (0:06:51.51)
Spear Hero : This is the end! (0:06:53.76)
Spear Hero : Burst... (0:06:56.77)
Spear Hero : Flare Lance! (0:06:58.93)
Spear Hero : Did we get him? (0:07:04.57)
Naofumi Iwatani : Nah. (0:07:11.24)
Bisca T. Balmus : How deplorable. (0:07:14.95)
Bisca T. Balmus : Instead of gracefully accepting God's mercy, (0:07:17.24)
Bisca T. Balmus : you pointlessly continue to resist. (0:07:20.37)
Bisca T. Balmus : But, of course, there will
be no mercy for a devil.
Spear Hero : We'll see how pointless it is! (0:07:28.21)
Spear Hero : Meteor Thrust! (0:07:33.47)
Spear Hero : Even Meteor Thrust didn't work? (0:07:42.19)
Bisca T. Balmus : This magical barrier is impregnable. (0:07:44.72)
Bisca T. Balmus : It is no devil's shield, that is for sure. (0:07:47.44)
Naofumi Iwatani : Is that the believers' power, too? (0:07:50.86)
Princess Melty : They're using the massive pool of mana
to construct a powerful magical barrier.
Bisca T. Balmus : It is my turn to attack now. (0:07:58.54)
Bisca T. Balmus : What do you say? (0:08:09.25)
Bisca T. Balmus : All this power, with a simple wave of my hand! (0:08:10.67)
Spear Hero : Using that weapon is cheating! (0:08:13.30)
Spear Hero : Fight us fair and square! (0:08:16.01)
Bisca T. Balmus : This power can even annihilate a devil. (0:08:18.22)
Naofumi Iwatani : I don't know if I can block a
full-power attack from that thing.
Naofumi Iwatani : Not to mention, they have
an almost limitless pool of mana.
Naofumi Iwatani : If he unleashes a volley of
attacks, we're finished.
Naofumi Iwatani : What can we do? (0:08:32.57)
Bisca T. Balmus : The time has come to bestow
God's mercy on our foes!
Sword Hero : Hundred Swords! (0:08:38.41)
Bow Hero : Meteor Shot! (0:08:38.91)
EXTRA : Pope! (0:08:51.09)
Bisca T. Balmus : Those skills... (0:08:53.72)
Bow Hero : Looks like we made it in the nick of time. (0:09:01.31)
Malty Melromarc : Itsuki-sama! (0:09:16.61)
Malty Melromarc : Ren-sama! (0:09:18.07)
Spear Hero : You came back to life? (0:09:19.37)
Sword Hero : Don't just assume we're dead. (0:09:21.74)
Sword Hero : Hundred Swords! (0:09:26.83)
Bisca T. Balmus : Have half our magicians focus
on generating the barrier.
EXTRA : Are you sure? (0:09:40.22)
EXTRA : It'll cause a long delay in the
mana supply to the weapon.
Bisca T. Balmus : They'll need time, too. (0:09:46.89)
Bisca T. Balmus : Time to understand their sins (0:09:49.65)
Bisca T. Balmus : and realize they must pray
for the mercy of God.
EXTRA : As you say, Your Excellency. (0:09:55.78)
Bow Hero : That's annoying. (0:10:03.79)
Spear Hero : H-Hey, how are you guys here? (0:10:05.79)
Sword Hero : We did nearly get killed. (0:10:09.50)
Sword Hero : But their attempt failed. (0:10:11.54)
Sword Hero : That's all. (0:10:13.50)
Spear Hero : "That's all"? (0:10:14.84)
Sword Hero : Itsuki and I didn't trust the Three Heroes Church. (0:10:17.09)
Sword Hero : so we began investigating them in secret. (0:10:20.18)
Sword Hero : One of our party members found a secret
file in the Cathedral's archive.
Bow Hero : It mentioned the existence of a
replica of the Cardinal Weapons,
Bow Hero : so we decided to check out the
place where it was hidden.
Bow Hero : They must have not taken kindly to that. (0:10:36.02)
Bow Hero : The Three Heroes Church
lured us to a fake shrine
Bow Hero : and tried to assassinate us. (0:10:43.24)
Bow Hero : We barely escaped with our lives (0:10:49.29)
Bow Hero : thanks to a squad that called themselves
"Shadows" and said they served the Queen.
Naofumi Iwatani : Those women were also keeping
tabs on Itsuki and Ren?
Bow Hero : I think the Three Heroes Church
were the ones who stole my reward.
Bow Hero : You were framed, Naofumi-san. (0:11:09.10)
Naofumi Iwatani : "Framed"? (0:11:13.94)
Naofumi Iwatani : You're the one who misunderstood
and came at me!
Spear Hero : You were framed, huh? (0:11:19.90)
Spear Hero : You really have zero luck. (0:11:21.36)
Naofumi Iwatani : You were trying to kill me on a
false charge a moment ago, too!
Bow Hero : Let's do this, Ren-san. (0:11:30.79)
Sword Hero : Yeah. (0:11:32.88)
Bow Hero : Meteor Shot! (0:11:39.51)
Sword Hero : Meteor Slash! (0:11:46.56)
Bisca T. Balmus : That consumed too much mana! (0:11:56.19)
EXTRA : The pope's weapon! (0:11:58.45)
EXTRA : Will he be all right? (0:12:00.40)
Sword Hero : The queen's punitive
force will be here soon.
Naofumi Iwatani : The queen? (0:12:06.12)
Princess Melty : Mother's coming here?! (0:12:07.53)
Bow Hero : Yes. A Shadow tipped us off. (0:12:09.51)
Bow Hero : Surrender at once, and I'm sure
the queen will have mercy on you!
Sword Hero : Drop your weapons and surrender! (0:12:17.80)
EXTRA : Did he just say "punitive force"? (0:12:20.07)
EXTRA : What's happening? (0:12:21.80)
Bisca T. Balmus : Fret not! (0:12:23.80)
Bisca T. Balmus : As I said earlier, this is a battle
between God and the Devil.
Bisca T. Balmus : Of course it will be difficult. (0:12:29.93)
Bisca T. Balmus : However, our victory is guaranteed. (0:12:32.39)
Bisca T. Balmus : After all, we are the ones
blessed by God.
Bisca T. Balmus : The queen's punitive force
is nothing to fear.
Bisca T. Balmus : And it matters not how
many false heroes gather.
Bisca T. Balmus : They are no match for us, (0:12:47.95)
Bisca T. Balmus : with our legendary weapon
and our faith in God!
EXTRA : Pope! (0:12:53.57)
EXTRA : We'll follow God and you to the end! (0:12:55.17)
Spear Hero : What's wrong with them? (0:13:03.55)
Spear Hero : We're the legendary heroes. (0:13:05.30)
Bow Hero : Looks like they need to be taught a lesson. (0:13:07.43)
Sword Hero : If words won't get through to them,
we'll have to fight.
Spear Hero : Yeah. As much as I hate it,
this is an emergency.
Spear Hero : I'll even take your help. (0:13:17.23)
Sword Hero : Shall we, the four heroes... (0:13:20.48)
Bow Hero : ...present a united front? (0:13:22.57)
Naofumi Iwatani : Melty, you provide magic support. (0:13:26.11)
Princess Melty : Got it. (0:13:28.03)
Sword Hero : Naofumi, what are you doing? (0:13:29.28)
Naofumi Iwatani : I'm not gonna play along with you idiots. (0:13:31.58)
Spear Hero : Hey, don't be selfish! (0:13:33.62)
Naofumi Iwatani : I don't wanna hear that from the guy who
tried to kill me when I refused to fight.
Bow Hero : But don't you think (0:13:40.42)
Bow Hero : it's far too selfish to fight
alone in this situation?
Sword Hero : Yeah, we can't win if we
don't fight together.
Naofumi Iwatani : We can survive without your help. (0:13:50.64)
Spear Hero : No, you'll die for sure! (0:13:53.52)
Spear Hero : And you'll die framed for
a crime you didn't commit!
Spear Hero : Are you okay with that? (0:13:58.81)
Raphtalia : You, of all people,
have no right to say that.
Filo : Spear guy's so annoying. (0:14:05.15)
Naofumi Iwatani : You're the ones who let the
Three Heroes Church throw their weight around!
Naofumi Iwatani : Myne, who fell for the Church's schemes (0:14:12.99)
Naofumi Iwatani : and did whatever the hell she wanted,
is most at fault.
Naofumi Iwatani : But Motoyasu, you're just as guilty
for letting her take you for a ride.
Malty Melromarc : Wait a second! Me, deceive Motoyasu-sama? (0:14:24.09)
Malty Melromarc : Quit making baseless accusations! (0:14:27.80)
Princess Melty : But it seems the Spear Hero had no idea (0:14:29.80)
Princess Melty : what you were trying to do, Sister. (0:14:32.97)
Spear Hero : Y-Yeah! All I did was trust
in a member of my party!
Spear Hero : I didn't do anything wro... (0:14:41.23)
Naofumi Iwatani : Accepting everything someone says blindly
without thinking for yourself
Naofumi Iwatani : is completely different from trusting them. (0:14:47.03)
Naofumi Iwatani : If you'd used your brain even a little, (0:14:49.11)
Naofumi Iwatani : things wouldn't have come to this. (0:14:51.74)
Sword Hero : Naofumi's right. (0:14:54.45)
Bow Hero : There, there.
Motoyasu-san feels bad about it, too.
Bow Hero : Give him a break for me. (0:15:00.29)
Naofumi Iwatani : You two are no different. (0:15:02.71)
Naofumi Iwatani : As I mentioned before,
after you killed that dragon,
Naofumi Iwatani : its rotten flesh poisoned the air and
nearly wiped out an entire village.
Sword Hero : That's... (0:15:13.60)
Naofumi Iwatani : Sure, in video games,
monsters you kill just disappear.
Naofumi Iwatani : Their corpses don't remain and rot away. (0:15:18.31)
Naofumi Iwatani : But this is reality. (0:15:20.52)
Naofumi Iwatani : You should've faced up to that fact. (0:15:22.73)
Naofumi Iwatani : And Itsuki, your little
secret vigilante adventure
Naofumi Iwatani : forced people to become refugees
and live in abject poverty.
Bow Hero : But if I hadn't taught that lord a lesson,
the people would've suffered forever!
Naofumi Iwatani : Hero powers won't solve everything. (0:15:37.08)
Naofumi Iwatani : You could've used your standing as a hero
to pressure the people in charge.
Bow Hero : Wha... (0:15:44.75)
Naofumi Iwatani : You should've spared a moment to think
about how best to use your powers.
Princess Melty : Decipher the laws of nature and
grant my target water's protection.
Princess Melty : Aqua Shield. (0:15:55.68)
Naofumi Iwatani : Give Raphtalia and Filo shields, too. (0:16:00.23)
Naofumi Iwatani : Your thoughtless actions (0:16:02.98)
Naofumi Iwatani : are what let the Church think they could get away with this. (0:16:05.73)
Bow Hero : Wh-What were you doing, then? (0:16:08.65)
Raphtalia : Sorting out your messes. (0:16:12.03)
Filo : Master was always mad,
saying he had to clean up after you.
Sword Hero : Cleaning up after us? (0:16:18.20)
Spear Hero : Y-Yeah! It's your fault! (0:16:20.00)
Bow Hero : You're one to talk! (0:16:22.87)
Bow Hero : I wish you would understand your
current position a little.
Sword Hero : Instead of fighting, you just wrapped
yourself around your girl's fingers.
Spear Hero : Leave the girls out of this! (0:16:36.05)
Spear Hero : We're talking about all the trouble
you caused Naofumi right now!
Naofumi Iwatani : If you wanna talk about trouble... (0:16:44.90)
Naofumi Iwatani : How about the time you thoughtlessly
passed out a sealed seed
Naofumi Iwatani : and let an entire area be overrun by vines?
You caused the most trouble!
Spear Hero : I-I only did that because the
villagers asked for help.
Naofumi Iwatani : Sure, they had a legend saying
the seed was dangerous,
Naofumi Iwatani : so the villagers are at fault for taking
it just because a hero gave it to them, too.
Spear Hero : Right? (0:17:06.21)
Naofumi Iwatani : It just goes to show how immense the
people's trust in the heroes is.
Naofumi Iwatani : You should've been more aware of that. (0:17:11.46)
Naofumi Iwatani : You three let your hero's
welcome go to your heads
Naofumi Iwatani : and didn't spare a thought for anybody else. (0:17:17.85)
Naofumi Iwatani : As a result, (0:17:19.81)
Naofumi Iwatani : instead of teaming up to fight the Wave,
you just embarrassed yourselves.
Naofumi Iwatani : Maybe you couldn't have taken that Glass woman, (0:17:27.52)
Naofumi Iwatani : but you could've easily defeated the
Soul Eater if you'd worked together.
Naofumi Iwatani : As the Pope says, (0:17:36.45)
Naofumi Iwatani : it wouldn't be surprising if the
people got sick of heroes like you.
Filo : I don't really get it, but I do
know it's the spear guy's fault.
Spear Hero : F... Filo-chan! (0:17:44.33)
Spear Hero : Don't say that! I was doing my best! (0:17:46.42)
Filo : Huh? Master was working harder, though. (0:17:49.59)
Bisca T. Balmus : Dear me. I can hardly bear to watch. (0:17:54.76)
Bisca T. Balmus : You're fighting among
yourselves in this situation?
Bisca T. Balmus : Our so-called heroes are an utter disgrace. (0:18:02.56)
Bisca T. Balmus : You really should be cleansed at once. (0:18:07.94)
Bisca T. Balmus : Fortunately, you gave us time
to generate enough mana.
Bisca T. Balmus : Farewell, fake heroes!
And goodbye, Devil of the Shield!
Princess Melty : I knew he'd use a magic attack! (0:18:23.41)
Raphtalia : Naofumi-sama, (0:18:24.95)
Raphtalia : here it comes. (0:18:25.83)
Bisca T. Balmus : Brionac! (0:18:27.96)
Naofumi Iwatani : You're the same. (0:18:40.80)
Naofumi Iwatani : In my eyes, you and that
pope are no different.
Naofumi Iwatani : You use and abuse people
for your own benefit.
Naofumi Iwatani : You brandish your powers for "justice," (0:18:51.52)
Naofumi Iwatani : without caring about the consequences. (0:18:53.52)
Naofumi Iwatani : You see nothing wrong with that! (0:18:56.03)
Naofumi Iwatani : And more than anything... (0:18:58.45)
Naofumi Iwatani : You try to take the things
I hold dear from me.
Naofumi Iwatani : You people are scum. (0:19:04.16)
Fitoria : It is unacceptable for
heroes to be fighting.
Naofumi Iwatani : I'll give it my best shot,
but don't get your hopes up.
Fitoria : Shield Hero, please... (0:19:33.77)
Naofumi Iwatani : But... (0:19:38.49)
Naofumi Iwatani : I'll work with you until we take
him out and get out of here alive.
Sword Hero : Naofumi... (0:19:44.16)
Naofumi Iwatani : Don't get the wrong idea. (0:19:45.33)
Naofumi Iwatani : I haven't forgiven you. (0:19:46.87)
Naofumi Iwatani : But... (0:19:48.33)
Naofumi Iwatani : I did make Fitoria a promise. (0:19:50.04)
Bow Hero : The four heroes finally stand together now. (0:19:54.75)
Sword Hero : Yeah. (0:19:58.17)
Spear Hero : Don't hold me back, you guys. (0:19:59.21)
Sword Hero : Right back at you. (0:20:01.97)
Naofumi Iwatani : It's only until this battle is over. (0:20:05.89)
Raphtalia : Sure. I think that's for the best. (0:20:08.22)
Princess Melty : We need to do something about the
Pope and live to meet Mother.
Filo : I'll do my best! (0:20:15.31)
Spear Hero : Lend me your strength, girls. (0:20:20.28)
EXTRA : Right! (0:20:22.91)
Sword Hero : Let's do this. (0:20:25.32)
Bow Hero : Let's show them what we heroes are made of. (0:20:26.74)
Naofumi Iwatani : Raphtalia, Filo, Melty! Let's go! (0:20:30.04)
Raphtalia : Right! (0:20:32.92)
Filo : Right! (0:20:32.92)
Princess Melty : Right! (0:20:32.92)
Bisca T. Balmus : Fighting together with
the Devil of the Shield?
Bisca T. Balmus : A foolish act befitting the fake heroes. (0:20:41.30)
Bisca T. Balmus : You leave me no choice but to purge you. (0:20:44.43)
Bisca T. Balmus : Not a trace of you must remain. (0:20:47.76)
EXTRA : We pray to our God, the source of all power. (0:20:50.41)
EXTRA : Decipher the laws of nature, (0:20:54.44)
EXTRA : bring about a miracle,
and protect the blessed ones!
Bisca T. Balmus : High-Level Multi-Caster Defense Magic: (0:21:01.11)
Bisca T. Balmus : Cathedral! (0:21:04.66)
Bisca T. Balmus : Welcome to my Cathedral! (0:21:39.84)
Bisca T. Balmus : This is your final destination! (0:21:43.65)
Spear Hero : F-Final destination? (0:21:49.79)
EXTRA : Battle of Good and Evil (0:23:36.31)

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

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