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Oliver Schtrom : Well, I guess consider the experiment
a success and call it good.
Oliver Schtrom : But more importantly... (0:00:12.74)
August von Earlshide : What's wrong? (0:00:19.54)
August von Earlshide : Worn out from being held up
as a hero all of a sudden?
Shin Wolford : That's true, too, but there's
something else bothering me.
Shin Wolford : Is it really that easy to become a demonoid? (0:00:33.59)
August von Earlshide : You're right about that. (0:00:36.76)
Alice Corner : Huh? Huh? What do you mean? (0:00:38.26)
Thor von Flegel : Before, it was a high-level magician
who became a demonoid.
Thor von Flegel : It's said that he messed up while casting
advanced magic and demonized.
August von Earlshide : Rietsburg had just barely enrolled
in the magic academy.
August von Earlshide : Even if he did mess up controlling his
magic power, he'd only over-throttle.
August von Earlshide : For him to go full demonoid is... (0:00:57.70)
Maria von Messina : But he did, in fact, turn demonoid. (0:01:00.24)
Shin Wolford : Is it unthinkable that this
was artificially induced?
Lyn Hughes : You mean, someone created a demonoid? (0:01:07.75)
Shin Wolford : My grandpa told me that demonoids
lose all sense of reason
Shin Wolford : and are only able to howl. (0:01:13.96)
Shin Wolford : But when Kurt turned demonoid,
he could still speak.
Shin Wolford : Plus, when I actually fought him,
he was surprisingly weak.
EXTRA : A demonoid was weak ? (0:01:26.60)
Shin Wolford : When I take those two things together... (0:01:30.19)
Shin Wolford : I wonder if Kurt was used in
some kind of human experimentation.
EXTRA : "Wise Man's Grandchild" (0:01:51.17)
EXTRA : "Wise Man's Grandchild" (0:01:55.59)
Shin Wolford : Huh? Uncle Dis? (0:03:16.67)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Oh, you're home just in time. (0:03:18.51)
EXTRA : Majesty. (0:03:23.56)
EXTRA : Shin Wolford, in this kingdom's time
of need, the appearance of a demonoid,
EXTRA : with no concern for the danger to yourself,
you successfully put it down.
EXTRA : Therefore, you are to be awarded the
First Order of Merit by King Earlsheid.
Shin Wolford : Th-The First Order of Merit?
You mean, you're giving me a medal?
Merlin Walford : Diseum, didn't you say you weren't
going to use Shin for political purposes?
Merida Bowen : What is the meaning of this? (0:03:52.95)
Diseum von Earlsheid : When a demonoid appeared once before, (0:03:55.79)
Diseum von Earlsheid : the kingdom of Earlsheid was
in danger of being exterminated.
Diseum von Earlsheid : That threat has appeared once again. (0:04:03.93)
Diseum von Earlsheid : This news has already reached
much of the population.
Diseum von Earlsheid : As has the news that it was
suppressed in short order.
Diseum von Earlsheid : As far as the kingdom goes,
both of these matters must be made public.
Merlin Walford : I understand that much. What is the
meaning of this award, though?
Diseum von Earlsheid : It is because he has accomplished
the same feat that you two have,
Diseum von Earlsheid : and we can't very well withhold
granting him his award.
Merida Bowen : You do make a good point. (0:04:30.24)
Diseum von Earlsheid : There are those who would
exploit him, of course,
Diseum von Earlsheid : but I will do everything
in my power to prevent that.
Diseum von Earlsheid : So I implore you to allow this to happen. (0:04:39.00)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Not for my sake, but for the people. (0:04:42.21)
Merlin Walford : Very well, Diseum.
I will take you at your word.
Merlin Walford : But if you break your word,
we will leave the kingdom.
Merlin Walford : Is that clear? (0:04:56.60)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Very well. I will take that to heart. (0:04:58.23)
Merlin Walford : Also, a nation's king should not
bow to someone else so readily.
Merida Bowen : I must say, you go from
one spot of trouble to another.
Shin Wolford : Er, wait, this is my fault? (0:05:10.78)
EXTRA : "The next morning" (0:05:14.58)
EXTRA : Hey, look, look! It's Shin! (0:05:17.67)
EXTRA : That's the new hero who defeated
a demonoid all by himself?
EXTRA : Oh, he's so cool. (0:05:24.01)
Shin Wolford : Uncle Dis said he issued a gag order,
but word has still spread like crazy.
Maria von Messina : What are you talking about?
His Majesty said we couldn't keep the fact
Maria von Messina : that you defeated a demonoid
a secret, didn't he?
Sicily von Claude : Then again, he said not to reveal
any further details to anyone, remember?
EXTRA : I wonder who that is with him. (0:05:44.03)
EXTRA : I'm sure when someone is as great as Shin,
he's already been spoken for.
EXTRA : Then maybe one of them is his fiancée? (0:05:51.74)
Shin Wolford : Sizilien... (0:05:57.54)
Shin Wolford : I'm sorry about this. (0:05:59.46)
Sicily von Claude : Oh, no, please don't worry about it. (0:06:01.42)
Shin Wolford : But... (0:06:03.59)
Sicily von Claude : I'm here with you by my own initiative. (0:06:04.55)
Sicily von Claude : So please don't deny my initiative, okay? (0:06:07.84)
Shin Wolford : I wanted to help you by my own initiative. (0:06:11.47)
Shin Wolford : So don't deny my initiative, okay? (0:06:15.06)
EXTRA : We're begging you! (0:06:22.86)
EXTRA : We want to master our magic
with the wise man's grandson!
Alfred Marcus : This is a fix. I can't exactly let
all of them into the study group.
Alfred Marcus : Is there anyone here who can use
other-dimensional storage space?
Alfred Marcus : That's the minimum standard.
Anyone who can use it can stay here.
Alfred Marcus : I'll conduct an entrance exam. (0:06:43.67)
Dominic Gastor : What did you say? (0:06:47.17)
Dominic Gastor : There's a possibility the demonoid
was artificially created?
Diseum von Earlsheid : Mm-hmm. Shin fought him personally,
and that's what he said.
Dominic Gastor : Then maybe the sudden recent
increase in demons is also...
EXTRA : "Dennis Willard - Security Bureau Chief" (0:07:02.56)
Dennis Willard : This could be a very serious situation. (0:07:02.81)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Dominic, Dennis, (0:07:06.40)
Diseum von Earlsheid : work together and
thoroughly investigate this matter.
Diseum von Earlsheid : Do not overlook anything. (0:07:13.37)
Dominic Gastor : --As you command!
--As you command!
Dennis Willard : --As you command!
--As you command!
EXTRA : "Academy study room" (0:07:17.41)
Mark Bean : Please excuse me. (0:07:20.75)
Shin Wolford : Um, are you the students who
Mr. Marcus admitted into the group?
Mark Bean : Y-Yes! I am Mark Bean!
My family runs Bean Works, a smithy.
EXTRA : "Mark Bean" (0:07:29.05)
Tony Freide : Oh, yeah? Bean Works is a pretty
well-known outfit, you know.
Shin Wolford : You know of it, Tony? (0:07:37.60)
Tony Freide : Bean Works' weapons are nice and sharp.
I've always wanted one.
Shin Wolford : Oh, yeah? And who are you? (0:07:44.40)
Olivia Stone : R-Right, I'm Olivia Stone. (0:07:46.27)
EXTRA : "Olivia Stone" (0:07:47.78)
Olivia Stone : Mark and I have known each other
since we were kids,
Olivia Stone : and my family runs a dining hall
called the Brick Oven.
Alice Corner : The Brick Oven?! That's an
ultra-famous restaurant!
Alice Corner : The brick oven gratin they
serve there is the best!
Maria von Messina : I celebrated passing my academy
entrance exams at the Brick Oven.
Maria von Messina : It was amazingly good! (0:08:04.21)
Tony Freide : Now I'm kind of jealous.
We couldn't get reservations.
Olivia Stone : U-Um, if you'd like, all of you
can come by. I'll serve you.
Alice Corner : You mean it?! All right, Shin!
These are some incredible new additions!
Shin Wolford : That's no way to compliment them! (0:08:20.52)
Shin Wolford : Mark, you're the son of a blacksmith,
so can you make anything?
Mark Bean : Huh? Sort of... (0:08:26.52)
Mark Bean : But I'm the very bottom of the barrel, (0:08:29.48)
Mark Bean : and I've just barely
become able to forge knives.
Shin Wolford : Oh. If you could make things, I'd have
liked to have gotten a new weapon.
Mark Bean : Oh, no! Wolford, your sword is one
that was able to slay a Demonoid!
Mark Bean : You'd be hard pressed to find
something to replace that.
Shin Wolford : Nah, I was using a regular
sword when I did that.
Mark Bean : Huh? (0:08:51.09)
Shin Wolford : It's enchanted with magic to make
the blade vibrate at ultrasonic speed.
Shin Wolford : Doing so lets me cut through
most objects without using force.
Shin Wolford : I prefer the blade itself
to be on the thin side,
Shin Wolford : but as a result, they also break easily. (0:09:03.10)
Shin Wolford : So I was hoping to make some improvements. (0:09:05.23)
Mark Bean : In that case, I can forge one. (0:09:08.40)
Mark Bean : I'd just have to confer
with you while I did so.
Shin Wolford : Really? I could never get the finer
details just right. Thanks a lot!
August von Earlshide : Imagine, coming up with
something like this, too.
Yuri Carlton : It's incredible. I thought I was
pretty handy at enchanting, myself,
Yuri Carlton : but now I'm not so sure. (0:09:27.71)
Shin Wolford : Yuri, you'll be able to do
this soon enough, too.
Shin Wolford : If you want, I could ask
Granny to show you how.
Yuri Carlton : Huh? You mean it?! (0:09:36.05)
Yuri Carlton : Oh, I'd be thrilled! (0:09:37.63)
EXTRA : "Rietsburg Estate, entry hall" (0:09:43.97)
Carlos Bale : Kurt was visited by a middle-school
teacher the day he demonized.
Ault Lieckermann : It sounds worth looking into. (0:09:52.52)
EXTRA : "Middle school, Schtrom's room" (0:09:56.15)
EXTRA : "Security Bureau Investigator
Ault Lieckermann"
Ault Lieckermann : I'm Security Bureau Investigator
Ault Lieckermann.
EXTRA : "Security Bureau Investigator
Carlos Bale"
Carlos Bale : And I'm Investigator Carlos Bale. (0:10:01.87)
EXTRA : "Oliver Schtrom" (0:10:04.20)
Oliver Schtrom : Oliver Schtrom. (0:10:04.83)
Ault Lieckermann : Is that sensory magic? (0:10:08.58)
Ault Lieckermann : I mean, you have a patch
over both of your eyes,
Ault Lieckermann : but your movements are sure and true, (0:10:15.42)
Ault Lieckermann : so I thought you might be using
magic to replace your sight.
Oliver Schtrom : Well, something like that. (0:10:20.84)
Ault Lieckermann : If you'll pardon me asking,
what happened to your eyes?
Oliver Schtrom : I was born into a noble family in the empire. (0:10:28.69)
Oliver Schtrom : However, I was beaten out in a
power struggle over family leadership
Oliver Schtrom : and exiled to the kingdom. (0:10:36.15)
Oliver Schtrom : I lost my eyes when one of
my family members attacked
Oliver Schtrom : in an attempt to do away with me,
and I was injured.
Ault Lieckermann : Is that right? Forgive me if
my question was inconsiderate.
Oliver Schtrom : Oh, no, I get asked about it quite a lot. (0:10:49.75)
Oliver Schtrom : Anyhow, what brings you here today? (0:10:52.85)
Oliver Schtrom : I'm sure you didn't come here
just to ask me about my eyes.
Ault Lieckermann : No. Mr. Schtrom, we understand that
you have students with magical aptitude
Ault Lieckermann : participate in a study group
here at the school
Ault Lieckermann : and have fostered some
exceptionally talented magicians.
Oliver Schtrom : Yes. What about it? (0:11:10.56)
Ault Lieckermann : We've heard that you are quite fervent (0:11:13.16)
Ault Lieckermann : and have invited many students
to join the study group.
Oliver Schtrom : I am a one-time noble
from the empire, after all.
Oliver Schtrom : I face more than my share
of opposition in the kingdom.
Oliver Schtrom : I needed to show tangible results
to establish myself at this school.
Ault Lieckermann : I see. That's why. (0:11:31.50)
Oliver Schtrom : All of the children that were
part of my study group
Oliver Schtrom : improved their magic abilities. (0:11:36.75)
Oliver Schtrom : As a result, they seem to have
acknowledged me somewhat lately.
Ault Lieckermann : Which would make this incident
an unfortunate one for you.
Oliver Schtrom : Indeed. I never imagined something
like this would happen to Kurt.
Ault Lieckermann : Mr. Schtrom, would it be all right
if I asked you a favor?
Oliver Schtrom : What is it? (0:11:57.65)
Ault Lieckermann : As it happens, we are currently
assembling specialists
Ault Lieckermann : to try to examine what happened
to his demonized body,
Ault Lieckermann : and we would like you to join them. (0:12:04.82)
Oliver Schtrom : Who, me? (0:12:07.08)
Ault Lieckermann : Mr. Schtrom, from what I have heard,
you are a fairly high-level magician.
Ault Lieckermann : We would appreciate having
you weigh in, as well.
Oliver Schtrom : Very well. I will have a look. (0:12:17.09)
EXTRA : "School cafeteria" (0:12:26.47)
Sicily von Claude : Shin, is something on your mind? (0:12:30.43)
Shin Wolford : Huh? Ah... sorry. I was thinking
about how to improve my sword.
Mark Bean : What kind of sword do you want, Wolford? (0:12:38.11)
Shin Wolford : Having a thin blade is the
most important thing...
Shin Wolford : The problem is, that's going
to make it easier to break.
Mark Bean : A sword that combines both a thin blade
and increased durability, then?
Mark Bean : That sounds hard to pull off. (0:12:51.83)
Alice Corner : Then, once the sword breaks,
can't you just replace it with a new one?
Alice Corner : Shin, you're the wise man's grandson, (0:12:57.84)
Alice Corner : so you can afford to buy any
number of swords, right?
Shin Wolford : That's not going to work.
I don't get that much of an allowance.
Thor von Flegel : Huh? You don't? (0:13:06.55)
Shin Wolford : Granny told Grandpa not to give me too much (0:13:08.18)
Shin Wolford : so that I can gain a reasonable sense
of the value of money for myself.
Julius von Littenheim : That's the guru for you. (0:13:14.89)
Julius von Littenheim : There's nothing wrong with equipping
oneself with either moderation or armor.
Shin Wolford : That may be true, but... (0:13:20.32)
Tony Freide : If that's the case, (0:13:22.99)
Tony Freide : maybe it would be a good idea
to make the blades easily replaceable.
Shin Wolford : --Huh?
Mark Bean : --Huh?
Tony Freide : Doing that would let you
use the hilt over and over,
Tony Freide : which will at least make
that part cheaper, right?
Tony Freide : Normally, not having the hilt and
the blade firmly attached would be bad,
Tony Freide : but with your sword,
you don't have to force the blade,
Tony Freide : so you don't need to be
as mindful about that.
Mark Bean : Wolford, can you come over
to our workshop right now?
Mark Bean : I want to go try that idea out. (0:13:47.89)
Tony Freide : Could I come with you, too? (0:13:50.39)
August von Earlshide : I think I'll tag along, too. (0:13:52.31)
Shin Wolford : Sizilien, Maria, is it okay if we stop
by Mark's place on the way home?
Sicily von Claude : Sure it is. (0:13:58.27)
Maria von Messina : But then, in that case, while you all
are over at the workshop,
Maria von Messina : would it be okay if we went over to Olivia's? (0:14:03.69)
Maria von Messina : I'd still like to ask
you all sorts of things.
Maria von Messina : Like about some new menu items,
and about some other new menu items.
Olivia Stone : --As long as you agree to go easy on me.
--Like a dish with a non-cheesy gratin!
Maria von Messina : --As long as you agree to go easy on me.
--Like a dish with a non-cheesy gratin!
EXTRA : "Security force parade grounds" (0:14:17.21)
Oliver Schtrom : If I may ask, why is the examination
taking place on the parade grounds?
Ault Lieckermann : We've had our own circumstances to deal with. (0:14:37.64)
Oliver Schtrom : So then, where is Kurt's body? (0:14:43.02)
Oliver Schtrom : This doesn't much seem like
we're going to examine a body.
Ault Lieckermann : We will be examining one-- (0:14:52.37)
Ault Lieckermann : yours . (0:14:54.22)
Oliver Schtrom : Mine? (0:14:55.75)
Ault Lieckermann : Mr. Schtrom, you made one error. (0:14:57.71)
Ault Lieckermann : Right after this incident happened,
His Majesty issued a gag order.
Ault Lieckermann : He told us not to make the
demonized person's name public.
Ault Lieckermann : It was done to keep the demonized
person's family name out of it
Ault Lieckermann : so that they would not
receive unjust treatment.
Ault Lieckermann : And yet you knew that it was
Kurt who had demonized.
Ault Lieckermann : How do you explain that? (0:15:21.15)
Oliver Schtrom : I was not expecting Kurt's name
to have been undisclosed.
Oliver Schtrom : The whole kingdom was in an uproar, (0:15:34.62)
Oliver Schtrom : so I was sure that everyone knew
who had become a demonoid.
Ault Lieckermann : Was this incident your doing?
What exactly was your objective?!
Oliver Schtrom : An experiment. (0:15:46.84)
Ault Lieckermann : What? Are you saying you conducted
an experiment on a person?!
Oliver Schtrom : Now then, (0:15:52.26)
Oliver Schtrom : I've completed all of
my experiments here in the capital,
Oliver Schtrom : so I think it's time I excused myself. (0:15:57.32)
Ault Lieckermann : Seize him! Do not let him get away! (0:16:00.35)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:16:03.10)
Maria von Messina : Huh? You and Mark are dating? (0:16:08.82)
Olivia Stone : I've known Mark since we were little,
so it just kind of happened.
Sicily von Claude : You have to tell us all about it! (0:16:14.45)
Olivia Stone : All about it? (0:16:16.45)
Maria von Messina : --Yeah, what's the scoop?
--Which one of you made the first move?
Sicily von Claude : --Yeah, what's the scoop?
--Which one of you made the first move?
August von Earlshide : What was that? (0:16:20.83)
Shin Wolford : A patch over both his eyes? Aug, is that...? (0:16:28.67)
August von Earlshide : Yeah. (0:16:32.77)
August von Earlshide : Our middle school teacher, Oliver Schtrom. (0:16:34.01)
Oliver Schtrom : My, (0:16:37.55)
Oliver Schtrom : if it isn't Prince August
and the hero Shin Wolford.
Ault Lieckermann : Please run away, Prince August! (0:16:44.48)
Ault Lieckermann : This is the culprit behind
the demonoid incident!
August von Earlshide : What?! (0:16:49.36)
Shin Wolford : You're the one who demonized Kurt? (0:16:50.32)
Oliver Schtrom : Yes. He danced to my tune
so well, it was fascinating.
Shin Wolford : Is that right...? (0:16:58.28)
Shin Wolford : He's the one behind everything! (0:17:01.20)
Oliver Schtrom : Your sword is magic, right? (0:17:13.72)
Shin Wolford : Could be. (0:17:16.89)
Oliver Schtrom : You really are dangerous, aren't you? (0:17:21.60)
Shin Wolford : If that's how you want it, try this! (0:17:26.77)
Shin Wolford : You can't avoid this from that position! (0:17:31.15)
Shin Wolford : Wha--?! (0:17:34.24)
Shin Wolford : I think hovering in midair
goes against the rules.
Oliver Schtrom : So not even the great wise man's
grandson can use floating magic?
Shin Wolford : No. (0:17:44.91)
Shin Wolford : But even so... (0:17:46.69)
Shin Wolford : I can still fly for a moment at a time! (0:17:48.25)
Shin Wolford : And another! (0:17:53.80)
Oliver Schtrom : Don't press... (0:17:58.01)
Oliver Schtrom : ...your luck! (0:18:00.89)
Shin Wolford : Red... eyes? (0:18:13.36)
Oliver Schtrom : Now you've done it, Wolford. (0:18:15.49)
Oliver Schtrom : I would have liked to leave
with my true identity hidden.
Shin Wolford : You're a demonoid with your sense
of reason perfectly... intact?
Oliver Schtrom : Reason, you say? (0:18:27.87)
Oliver Schtrom : If we assume reason to be that
which makes a person a person,
Oliver Schtrom : then that may be something
a bit different in my case.
Shin Wolford : What does that mean? (0:18:38.51)
Oliver Schtrom : Now that I've become like this, (0:18:40.09)
Oliver Schtrom : humans have been reduced to
creatures that mean nothing to me!
Oliver Schtrom : Whether I exploit them or kill them
makes no difference anymore!
Shin Wolford : Why, you... (0:18:52.86)
Shin Wolford : It'll be bad for everyone... (0:18:54.98)
Shin Wolford : ...if I don't stop him now! (0:18:57.28)
Oliver Schtrom : What's the matter?
Did your fear make you clumsy?
Oliver Schtrom : This is why I can't abide humans. (0:19:09.12)
Shin Wolford : Just stay where you are a little longer... (0:19:10.96)
Shin Wolford : Another moment... another moment
and my magic will...
Oliver Schtrom : You may be the wise man's
grandson, but really...
Shin Wolford : You're too late! (0:19:23.35)
August von Earlshide : Did you get him?! (0:19:52.00)
Shin Wolford : Don't jinx it like that! (0:19:53.13)
Thor von Flegel : The high temperature has
turned the ground to glass.
Thor von Flegel : How in the world did he create
that intense of a heat ray?
Shin Wolford : I don't detect anything on my search magic. (0:20:05.14)
Shin Wolford : Does that mean I really did get him? (0:20:07.81)
Rupert Olgran : Why the long face? (0:20:10.35)
Rupert Olgran : Are you feeling down because you
killed someone, demonoid though he was?
Shin Wolford : No, it's not that. (0:20:17.52)
Rupert Olgran : Then hold your head high.
You're the reason the rest of us survived.
Rupert Olgran : Thank you, Wolford. (0:20:24.88)
Shin Wolford : Oh, no, that's all right. (0:20:27.20)
Dominic Gastor : Still, we heard of another demonoid
appearing, and when we dashed over,
Dominic Gastor : we find that he's already been taken down. (0:20:33.50)
Dominic Gastor : I'm Dominic Gastor, Michel's successor
as knight commander of the order.
Rupert Olgran : Oh, come to think of it, I haven't
introduced myself yet, have I?
EXTRA : "Rupert Olgran" (0:20:47.39)
Rupert Olgran : I'm Rupert Olgran, captain
of the court magic division.
Dominic Gastor : I've heard all about you from Michel. (0:20:52.10)
Dominic Gastor : He said there was a young man
he enjoyed training.
Rupert Olgran : Wolford, (0:21:00.03)
Rupert Olgran : I'd like to ask you,
just for my own information,
Rupert Olgran : what is it you did, and how did you do it? (0:21:04.24)
Shin Wolford : How did I do it? (0:21:06.37)
Shin Wolford : I just converged
the light from the sun
Shin Wolford : and blasted it down as a heat ray. (0:21:10.25)
Dominic Gastor : From the sun? And you got
that much force out of it?
Shin Wolford : There's more than just one kind of sunlight. (0:21:16.63)
Shin Wolford : I visualized collecting the
kind of light out of all of them
Shin Wolford : that we feel heat from, and... (0:21:23.05)
Shin Wolford : Oh, they aren't getting it. (0:21:26.22)
Shin Wolford : Still, did a heat ray really
create that kind of explosion?
Oliver Schtrom : You've really done a number on me, Wolford. (0:23:10.99)
Oliver Schtrom : I was lucky to release explosive magic
so quickly and flee the area...
Oliver Schtrom : ...but if I had taken any more of that magic, (0:23:20.71)
Oliver Schtrom : I would have been at risk of annihilation. (0:23:24.13)
Oliver Schtrom : He really is a dangerous person. (0:23:27.26)
Oliver Schtrom : I'll have to take every measure to ensure
that he can't interfere with me.

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