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Tanjirou Kamado : The blood of the Twelve Kizuki (0:00:03.69)
Tanjirou Kamado : should have a high degree
of Kibutsuji's blood.
Tanjirou Kamado : If I can extract it, (0:00:08.52)
Tanjirou Kamado : the medicine that will turn Nezuko
back into a human can be completed sooner!
Tanjirou Kamado : Hold on! Inosuke! (0:00:15.49)
Inosuke Hashibira : So, did you defeat it? (0:00:21.41)
Tanjirou Kamado : Are you all right, Inosuke? (0:00:23.96)
Inosuke Hashibira : I asked you whether you defeated
that thing or not!
Tanjirou Kamado : Uh, yeah, I did! (0:00:28.71)
Tanjirou Kamado : But anyway, Inosuke,
how are you feeling?
Inosuke Hashibira : Don't go showering me
with your sensitivity and kindness!
Inosuke Hashibira : You hear me? Got that? (0:00:36.14)
Inosuke Hashibira : After all, anything you can do,
I can do, too!
Inosuke Hashibira : Before you know it, (0:00:41.89)
Inosuke Hashibira : my head will be harder than yours! (0:00:43.56)
Inosuke Hashibira : Not to mention... Not to mention... (0:00:47.02)
Inosuke Hashibira : Um... (0:00:49.94)
Tanjirou Kamado : He's wounded severely. (0:00:51.90)
Tanjirou Kamado : I couldn't save our other friends, either. (0:00:53.99)
Tanjirou Kamado : That person gave off
the scent of terror and suffering.
Tanjirou Kamado : Enough to make her yearn for death. (0:01:03.70)
Tanjirou Kamado : What's the deal
with this mountain anyway?
Tanjirou Kamado : With one of the Twelve Kizuki present... (0:01:14.88)
Inosuke Hashibira : Cut that out! I don't need that! (0:01:16.76)
Tanjirou Kamado : ...and a demon family living here... (0:01:17.18)
Inosuke Hashibira : I'm totally fine! (0:01:18.80)
Tanjirou Kamado : But... (0:01:20.80)
Tanjirou Kamado : I thought demons never herded together! (0:01:22.14)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Ouch! (0:01:31.61)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Something just pricked me! (0:01:33.86)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : What the hell? This is so annoying! (0:01:36.07)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I can't find Tanjiro and Inosuke
anywhere! This sucks!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Where did they go? (0:01:42.33)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Which way? (0:01:44.62)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : And it stinks around here, too! Stinks! (0:01:45.91)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I think I'm gonna cry! (0:01:49.42)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : And this sound of spiders
rustling around is so creepy!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I'm sure these spiders are doing their best
to survive, too, but still!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Dammit! Shut up! Just stay still! (0:02:01.05)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Is this even possible? (0:02:06.64)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : That's a spider with a human face! (0:03:49.83)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : What's up with that? What's up with that? (0:03:52.71)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Please be a dream! Please be a dream!
Please be a dream!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : If this can just be a dream,
I promise to do my best!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : If I wake up to find myself
resting my head on Nezuko's lap,
Zenitsu Agatsuma : then I promise to give it all I have! (0:04:04.76)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I'll even plow fields! (0:04:06.76)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I'll be glad to plow a whole acre,
no, even two acres!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : So, please! (0:04:11.52)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Let me wake up from this nightmare! (0:04:13.48)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : What the heck is that? (0:04:31.45)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Are those humans
who got turned into spiders?
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Is that house floating? (0:04:38.75)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I can see a glimpse of something,
but are those threads?
Zenitsu Agatsuma : And it really stinks! (0:04:43.72)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Talk about pungent! (0:04:45.38)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : This would kill Tanjiro
with his keen sense of smell!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : This smell is making my throat ache! (0:04:50.64)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I'm tearing up! (0:04:52.85)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : My eyes hurt, too! (0:04:54.69)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : It's huge! (0:05:08.91)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : It's huge! It's huge! (0:05:10.78)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : It's so huge! (0:05:13.33)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : That thing is too huge! (0:05:14.66)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : You know what! I refuse to speak
with anyone like you!
Spider Demon : It's no use running away. (0:05:31.81)
Spider Demon : You're already losing. (0:05:33.93)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : What are you muttering about? (0:05:35.68)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I don't wanna hear it,
so stop talking to me!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I don't like guys like you, all right? (0:05:39.61)
Spider Demon : You already know
how dire your situation is, don't you?
Zenitsu Agatsuma : What are you talking about? (0:05:46.45)
Spider Demon : Take a look at your hands. (0:05:47.74)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : My hands? (0:05:49.78)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : What's wrong with my hands— (0:05:52.41)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : What's this? (0:05:56.58)
Spider Demon : It's poison. (0:05:58.46)
Spider Demon : You got bitten by a spider, right? (0:05:59.92)
Spider Demon : That poison will turn you into a spider, too. (0:06:02.38)
Spider Demon : In another 30 minutes, (0:06:08.38)
Spider Demon : you'll be my slave, crawling all over the ground! (0:06:09.80)
Spider Demon : Look at this. It's a clock. (0:06:15.43)
Spider Demon : Do you understand? (0:06:17.56)
Spider Demon : By the time this long hand
goes around once,
Spider Demon : you'll have become
a member of the spider clan!
Spider Demon : When the needle arrives here, you'll start
to feel tingling and pain in your limbs.
Spider Demon : When it's here,
you'll also feel dizzy and nauseous!
Spider Demon : Here, you'll experience intense pain, (0:06:34.41)
Spider Demon : your body will start to shrink,
and you'll black out!
Spider Demon : And by the time you wake up... (0:06:39.75)
Spider Demon : Running away... (0:07:18.54)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : ...is futile! Right, right, right! (0:07:19.50)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I know that, all right? I know that! (0:07:21.17)
Spider Demon : What do you think you're doing? (0:07:28.21)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Shut up! Just shut up! (0:07:29.67)
Spider Demon : There's no need to be afraid. (0:07:32.47)
Spider Demon : Once the poison makes its rounds and you turn
into a spider, you'll lose all intelligence, too!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : No! That's just what I don't like about this! (0:07:38.60)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Why can't you understand that, huh? (0:07:41.89)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I have no friends or girlfriend,
all right? No one will like me!
Spider Demon : Huh! I can see that you want an extra dose
of poison to turn into a spider faster.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : No! No! I don't want to turn into that! (0:07:56.62)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Get a hold of yourself! (0:08:02.16)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Stop crying! Stop running away! (0:08:04.04)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Doing that won't get you anywhere! (0:08:06.00)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Zenitsu! (0:08:08.55)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Come down from there!
We're going to continue training!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Oh no! I'm sure I'll die
if I do any more training!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I'm sure that I'll die, so... (0:08:17.56)
Jigoro Kuwajima : You won't die!
Not from this level of training!
Jigoro Kuwajima : Come down from there, you little moron! (0:08:23.06)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Gramps! (0:08:25.23)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Call me "Master"! (0:08:26.27)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But I love you, Gramps! (0:08:28.48)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : When the girl I loved made me raise money
so she could run off with another guy,
Zenitsu Agatsuma : you did rescue me
from my mountain of debt!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Well, maybe all you wanted
was to train a swordsman!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I want to live up to your expectations, too! (0:08:44.83)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But it's totally beyond me! (0:08:47.96)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I do feel terrible
about the fact that I'm like this!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Just so you know, I've been training
on my own in secret, too!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I haven't been getting any sleep! (0:08:55.97)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But I have absolutely nothing
to show for it!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : What does this mean?
I mean, really, what does this mean?
Jigoro Kuwajima : Calm down, Zenitsu!
You do have the ability to...
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I've had enough! (0:09:08.15)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Zenitsu! (0:09:13.15)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : How tragic is my life anyway? (0:09:17.49)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I got hit by lightning. (0:09:19.70)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : My hair color changed. (0:09:23.25)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I was thankful just to be alive, but... (0:09:27.71)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I... (0:09:33.21)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I hate myself more than anyone else. (0:09:34.80)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I always think
I have to get my act together,
Zenitsu Agatsuma : but I end up cowering,
running away, sniveling.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I want to change.
I want to be a competent person.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Even still! (0:09:53.11)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I'm doing everything I can, all right? (0:09:54.61)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : So, why do I have to end up going bald
and turning into a monster?
Zenitsu Agatsuma : It can't be true, right? It so can't be true! (0:10:00.49)
Spider Demon : What's up with this guy? (0:10:05.83)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Oh, crap! Don't climb up here! (0:10:11.46)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Just leave me alone for a minute! (0:10:13.75)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Just for a minute, all right? (0:10:16.17)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : My hair's falling out already? (0:10:25.77)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : My hair is falling out. (0:10:29.19)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Hey, he never mentioned that part to me! (0:10:31.06)
Spider Demon : Who is this guy? (0:10:44.20)
Spider Demon : Isn't he a demon hunter
who came here to kill our family?
Spider Demon : Did he just faint? (0:10:50.71)
Spider Demon : I can't believe how spineless he is. (0:10:52.38)
Spider Demon : He's gonna fall onto his head and die. (0:10:56.51)
Spider Demon : What the hell? (0:10:59.26)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Thunder Breathing, First Form. (0:11:08.43)
Spider Demon : Poison Sputum! (0:11:19.74)
Spider Demon : Did he just twist his body
in midair to dodge that?
Spider Demon : Such quick reflexes!
It's like he's a totally different person!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Thunder Breathing, First Form. (0:11:37.42)
Spider Demon : Hey, you guys! Pounce on him! (0:11:40.51)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Thunder Breathing, First Form. (0:11:46.47)
Spider Demon : He's been assuming
the same stance over and over.
Spider Demon : No question about it. This guy... (0:11:59.57)
Spider Demon : is only capable of that one attack! (0:12:03.49)
Jigoro Kuwajima : That's all right, Zenitsu. (0:12:08.33)
Jigoro Kuwajima : That's good enough for you. (0:12:10.33)
Jigoro Kuwajima : If you can master one,
that's cause for celebration!
Jigoro Kuwajima : If you can only do one thing,
hone it to perfection.
Jigoro Kuwajima : Hone it to the utmost limit! (0:12:24.76)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Hey, but Gramps... (0:12:29.81)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Just a little while ago,
you were hopping mad.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Because Thunder Breathing has three forms,
and all I can manage to do is one.
Jigoro Kuwajima : Do you know how to forge a sword? (0:12:41.57)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I have no idea. (0:12:47.24)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Will you keep hitting me? I think I'll cry. (0:12:48.66)
Jigoro Kuwajima : The thing about swords... (0:12:52.96)
Jigoro Kuwajima : You strike and strike and strike (0:12:54.54)
Jigoro Kuwajima : to get rid of impurities
and anything you don't need,
Jigoro Kuwajima : and to increase the purity of the blade,
so a durable sword can be forged.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : So that's why you keep
clobbering me day in, day out?
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But I'm not made of steel, am I? (0:13:10.26)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I'm living flesh, you know. (0:13:13.27)
Spider Demon : You're not much of a threat, are you? (0:13:16.90)
Spider Demon : You call yourself a demon hunter? (0:13:19.48)
Spider Demon : Any minute now, you'll be rendered
immobile by that poison.
Jigoro Kuwajima : Zenitsu, perfect it! (0:13:26.78)
Jigoro Kuwajima : It's all right to cry. (0:13:29.49)
Jigoro Kuwajima : It's all right to run away! (0:13:31.08)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Just don't ever give up! (0:13:33.54)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Just believe. (0:13:36.75)
Jigoro Kuwajima : You endured all that hellish training! (0:13:39.00)
Jigoro Kuwajima : You'll be rewarded for that without fail! (0:13:42.51)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Hone it to the utmost limit! (0:13:45.26)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Become the most durable blade of all! (0:13:47.51)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Hone that one thing to perfection! (0:13:51.85)
EXTRA : Get out of my sight. (0:14:01.52)
EXTRA : Don't make me repeat myself.
Get out of my sight.
EXTRA : You know what I'm talking about. (0:14:12.87)
EXTRA : Aren't you ashamed
of crying like a baby all day long?
EXTRA : You laggard... (0:14:22.55)
EXTRA : Any time spent on you is wasted. (0:14:23.92)
EXTRA : Sensei is an extraordinary man. (0:14:28.05)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But Gramps said— (0:14:31.05)
EXTRA : "Gramps"? Don't speak of him
in that familiar way!
EXTRA : Sensei is a former Hashira! (0:14:37.69)
EXTRA : Someone who earned the highest title
in the Demon Slayer Corps!
EXTRA : Almost no one ever gets the chance
to be trained by a former Hashira!
EXTRA : The time Sensei spends training you
is all for nothing!
EXTRA : You're an eyesore, okay?
Get out of my sight!
EXTRA : Why are you here? (0:14:55.87)
EXTRA : Why do you insist on clinging here? (0:14:57.87)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I have no parents,
so no one has any hopes for me.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : There's no one who dreams that I'll grasp
or accomplish something one day.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : That I'll prove myself useful to somebody. (0:15:23.77)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : That I'll manage to protect somebody (0:15:25.73)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : and make that person happy,
just once in my life.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Not even a simple future like that. (0:15:30.49)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : There's no one who hopes that I'll have one. (0:15:33.53)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : If you fail, cry and run away even once, (0:15:36.33)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : they say, "Oh, this guy's no good,"
and they walk away.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But not Gramps! (0:15:45.42)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Time and time again,
he steadfastly reprimanded me.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : All those times I kept running away... (0:15:56.81)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Time and time again... (0:16:00.81)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : He'd drag me right back. (0:16:03.60)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Clearly, he did smack me around
a bit too much.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But he never abandoned me! (0:16:12.70)
Spider Demon : Pierce him!
Inject him with more poison!
Spider Demon : That should do it for him! (0:16:32.68)
Spider Demon : What's this? (0:16:40.14)
Spider Demon : The air is vibrating. (0:16:41.73)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Thunder Breathing, First Form... (0:16:46.19)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Thunderclap and Flash! (0:16:49.69)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Sixfold! (0:16:54.15)
Spider Demon : He vanished? (0:17:01.29)
Spider Demon : Did I get slashed? (0:17:23.23)
Spider Demon : Me? (0:17:24.77)
Spider Demon : Slashed? (0:17:26.06)
Spider Demon : By him? (0:17:28.11)
Spider Demon : By a guy like him? (0:17:30.44)
Spider Demon : But that's absurd! (0:17:38.95)
Spider Demon : By a guy who can barely move
his arms and legs?
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Dream... (0:17:53.92)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : It's a happy dream. (0:17:57.05)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I'm powerful. (0:17:59.60)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : More powerful than anyone. (0:18:01.39)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I can help the weak and anyone in trouble. (0:18:03.39)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Anytime. (0:18:07.94)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Everything that Gramps taught me, (0:18:10.31)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : all the time he spent on me... (0:18:12.94)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : It wasn't for nothing! (0:18:15.03)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : A dream that, thanks to Gramps, (0:18:17.74)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I became powerful
and helped out a lot of people.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But now, it's all over! (0:18:27.04)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Chuntaro... (0:18:35.88)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I'm so sorry. (0:18:39.80)
Jigoro Kuwajima : Don't ever give up! (0:18:53.27)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Don't ever give up. (0:19:04.91)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Use the breathing technique to slow down
the poison as much as you can.
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Even if it's painful, even if it's agonizing, (0:19:12.25)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : don't try to take the easy way out... (0:19:15.55)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : or Gramps is gonna let you have it! (0:19:17.92)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Right. (0:19:21.34)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : And Tanjiro's gonna yell at you, too. (0:19:23.18)
Tanjirou Kamado : What was that sound? (0:19:29.89)
Tanjirou Kamado : Did lightning just strike? (0:19:31.77)
Inosuke Hashibira : How should I know? (0:19:33.44)
Tanjirou Kamado : But I'm not smelling any thunderclouds. (0:19:35.44)
Tanjirou Kamado : The acrid odor in the air
is stronger now, so I can't tell.
Tanjirou Kamado : Inosuke! (0:19:42.28)
Tanjirou Kamado : I think I'll go that way. (0:19:45.33)
Inosuke Hashibira : Go ahead and do whatever you want! (0:19:48.50)
Tanjirou Kamado : Are you descending, Inosuke? (0:19:51.71)
Tanjirou Kamado : Are you going down the mountain? (0:19:56.46)
Inosuke Hashibira : Why would I? Just beat it! (0:19:58.13)
Tanjirou Kamado : No, no, because you're severely wounded. (0:20:00.67)
Inosuke Hashibira : I am not wounded at all! (0:20:03.47)
Tanjirou Kamado : N-N-No, Inosuke! Your injuries...
Anyone can see that...
Tanjirou Kamado : A demon! (0:20:19.78)
Tanjirou Kamado : Because of the odor wafting
all over this mountain,
Tanjirou Kamado : I couldn't pick it up at all! (0:20:23.91)
Inosuke Hashibira : I'm gonna tear you to shreds,
you damn demon!
Inosuke Hashibira : Come back here, dammit! (0:20:32.21)
Tanjirou Kamado : Inosuke! (0:20:33.50)
Ane Kumo : Father! (0:20:36.67)
Inosuke Hashibira : Who are you calling "father"? (0:20:37.84)
Tanjirou Kamado : Inosuke! (0:20:41.55)
EXTRA : Don't come near my family! (0:20:54.77)
EXTRA : Stay away! (0:20:57.57)
Ane Kumo : I'm leaving the rest to you, Father. (0:21:03.28)
Tanjirou Kamado : Water Breathing, Second Form! (0:21:10.70)
Tanjirou Kamado : Water Wheel! (0:21:13.12)
Tanjirou Kamado : Combined Junior and Senior High School! (0:23:01.56)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Tales of a Demon Slayer Academy! (0:23:02.73)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : A prefect's day starts
early in the morning!
EXTRA : ONE MORNING (0:23:05.94)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Honestly, I'd like to quit! (0:23:06.61)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But there's one thing
stopping me from ever quitting!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : And by that, I mean "dress code check"! (0:23:09.49)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : I can ogle the girls all I want
and not get yelled at!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Nezuko! (0:23:14.37)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Makomo's looking cute today, too! (0:23:19.25)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : And that senpai's gorgeous, as well! (0:23:21.21)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Mr. Tomioka! (0:23:24.09)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : It's not what it looks like!
That was just a dress code check!
Giyuu Tomioka : Before you start finding fault
with other people's clothing, fix your hair!
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Even though it's my natural color? (0:23:31.68)
Giyuu Tomioka : Next, Episode 18, "A Forged Bond." (0:23:33.14)
Zenitsu Agatsuma : But it's my natural color. (0:23:37.35)

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