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EXTRA : October 21, 380 HE (0:00:01.85)
Selka : Sister! (0:00:34.76)
Selka : Good morning, Sister! (0:00:38.05)
Alice Zuberg : Selka. (0:00:40.47)
Alice Zuberg : Welcome, Selka. (0:00:44.27)
Alice Zuberg : What brings you here today? (0:00:46.44)
Selka : Since it's so nice out,
I wanted to go to the eastern hill.
Selka : And Kirito can come too, right? (0:00:52.57)
Alice Zuberg : It's such a lovely day. (0:01:00.91)
Alice Zuberg : It'd be a shame for him to spend it inside. (0:01:02.91)
Alice Zuberg : Shall we go, Kirito? (0:01:07.37)
EXTRA : In the Far North (0:02:43.01)
Alice Zuberg : All right. (0:02:53.27)
Alice Zuberg : Let's get going. (0:02:54.48)
Alice Zuberg : I'm sorry. I'll get them for you right away. (0:03:03.87)
Alice Zuberg : Hold on tight so you don't drop them, all right? (0:03:34.31)
Alice Zuberg : You don't think he'll be cold? (0:03:43.78)
Selka : Really. You're such a worrywart. (0:03:46.12)
Selka : You've piled enough clothes on him
to make him sweat.
Selka : Right, Kirito? (0:03:52.87)
Selka : Eugeo, you think so, too, right? (0:03:59.38)
Alice Zuberg : It's beautiful. (0:04:19.02)
Alice Zuberg : Far more beautiful than any painting
on the Cathedral's walls.
Alice Zuberg : It’s the world you saved, Kirito. (0:04:25.45)
EXTRA : This is bad, Mr. Kiku! (0:04:30.87)
EXTRA : If they sever the main power line,
it'll cause a surge!
EXTRA : The Lightcube Cluster is protected, but... (0:04:36.25)
EXTRA : the surge will hit Kirigaya's STL in Subcon! (0:04:38.88)
EXTRA : His Fluctlight will get fried! (0:04:42.17)
EXTRA : I'll handle the lockdown procedure! (0:04:45.93)
EXTRA : Higa, you take Dr. Kojiro and Asuna
and evacuate to the Upper Shaft.
EXTRA : Keep Kirito safe. (0:04:52.39)
Kirito : Asuna? (0:04:53.93)
Alice Zuberg : Kirito. (0:04:55.10)
EXTRA : It's no good, they're cutting the power!
The screw propellers are going to stop!
Alice Zuberg : Kirito! (0:05:13.58)
Alice Zuberg : Kirito! (0:05:16.08)
Alice Zuberg : Kirito! (0:05:17.58)
Alice Zuberg : You've saved my life,
so now you must see things through!
Alice Zuberg : Kirito! (0:05:22.34)
Alice Zuberg : Kirito. (0:05:27.05)
Bercouli : Little one. (0:05:30.55)
Alice Zuberg : Uncle. (0:05:32.56)
Bercouli : What happened? (0:05:35.23)
Bercouli : This is the gravest emergency
since the Axiom Church was founded.
Bercouli : The pontifex was defeated by two elite disciples
and has left the Human Empire.
Fanatio : What did you say? (0:05:47.28)
Eldrie : How... How is that possible? (0:05:48.95)
Bercouli : And that's not all. (0:05:51.70)
Bercouli : Prime Senator Chudelkin has also been killed,
and the Senate has ceased to function.
Eldrie : Why did those disciples tempt the wrath of the gods
by doing such a thing?
Bercouli : Because the pontifex was pursuing a horrific plan
to convert half of the population
Bercouli : into monstrous, sword-shaped weapons. (0:06:09.30)
Eldrie : Her Eminence the pontifex
had such a heinous scheme in motion?
Deusolbert Synthesis Seven : Unbelievable. (0:06:17.06)
Eldrie : Sir Bercouli, where are the two
who murdered Her Eminence?
Eldrie : They must be captured and interrogated! (0:06:23.36)
Bercouli : There's no time to deal with them right now. (0:06:26.19)
Bercouli : What do you think will happen
when the Dark Territory finds out the pontifex is gone?
Bercouli : Not to mention, the earlier battles
with those swordsmen and the Dark Territory
Bercouli : have halved the Integrity Knights' ranks. (0:06:38.62)
Bercouli : If we were to be attacked
by the Dark Territory in this state,
Bercouli : we couldn't defend against them on our own. (0:06:44.59)
Fanatio : Then what should we do? (0:06:47.05)
Bercouli : First, we're going to restore the decimated
Order of the Integrity Knights.
Bercouli : Next, we'll rebuild the Imperial Knights
of the four empires.
Bercouli : They'll need to be retrained.
Since there's not nearly enough Integrity Knights.
Bercouli : I'm sure some of you are unhappy about this, (0:07:03.52)
Bercouli : but right now,
saving the people is our top priority.
Bercouli : I ask that you lend me your strength. (0:07:08.74)
EXTRA : Sir! (0:07:11.61)
EXTRA : June 9, 380 HE (0:07:16.08)
Alice Zuberg : Kirito... I wonder if he's hungry. (0:07:36.85)
EXTRA : Hey, is it true
that the rebel swordsman is still alive?
EXTRA : Yeah. But I hear he's in a coma. (0:07:45.02)
EXTRA : It's important that we prepare
for the Dark Territory's invasion,
EXTRA : but shouldn't we execute the rebel
who defied the Axiom Church?
EXTRA : What is Knight Commander Bercouli thinking? (0:07:56.78)
Alice Zuberg : It's not safe for Kirito here. (0:08:02.12)
Alice Zuberg : Let's go to Rulid Village. (0:08:23.81)
Alice Zuberg : Since it's where Eugeo and I were born, (0:08:26.15)
Alice Zuberg : they might accept us there. (0:08:28.86)
Zink : Hold on! (0:08:48.38)
Zink : Strangers aren't allowed to enter our village! (0:08:49.84)
Zink : This is... (0:08:59.14)
Zink : You... You can't be... (0:09:02.81)
Alice Zuberg : I am Alice. I'd like you to summon
the village elder, Gasuft Zuberg.
Gasuft Zuberg : Alice. (0:09:28.00)
Gasuft Zuberg : Is that you? (0:09:30.25)
Alice Zuberg : Yes. (0:09:33.09)
Gasuft Zuberg : Why are you here? (0:09:34.26)
Gasuft Zuberg : Have you been absolved of your crime? (0:09:36.72)
Alice Zuberg : As punishment for my crime, (0:09:38.93)
Alice Zuberg : I've lost all memory
of having lived in this village.
Alice Zuberg : Whether or not that means
my crime has been absolved, I can't say.
Alice Zuberg : But at this time,
I have nowhere else to go but this village.
Gasuft Zuberg : Begone. (0:09:59.91)
Gasuft Zuberg : We can't allow a criminal to live here. (0:10:01.41)
Selka : Sister? (0:10:14.09)
Alice Zuberg : It's nothing. Shall we head back? (0:10:19.64)
Selka : Okay. (0:10:24.56)
Alice Zuberg : What's the matter, Selka? (0:10:40.53)
Alice Zuberg : Is something troubling you? (0:10:42.70)
Selka : Well, you see, Mr. Barbossa wants to ask you (0:10:45.54)
Selka : to help remove another tree from that clearing. (0:10:50.12)
Alice Zuberg : What, is that all? (0:10:53.34)
Alice Zuberg : You don't have to be worried about that. (0:10:56.30)
Selka : But... (0:10:58.80)
Selka : those people are so selfish! (0:10:59.63)
Selka : Mr. Barbossa and Mr. Ridack
won't even let you live in the village,
Selka : but they don't hesitate to ask for your help
when they're in trouble.
Alice Zuberg : It's all right, Selka. (0:11:13.98)
Alice Zuberg : I'm just grateful that they're allowing us
to live near the village.
Selka : Sister, I'll complete my training period next year, (0:11:20.36)
Selka : and though it won't be much,
I'll start earning a wage.
Selka : When that happens,
you won't have to help those people anymore, okay?
Selka : You and Kirito... I'll... I'll always... (0:11:32.37)
Alice Zuberg : Thank you. (0:11:38.84)
Alice Zuberg : But just having you close by
is enough to make me happy...
Alice Zuberg : Selka. (0:11:46.85)
Neigl Barbossa : Why is this taking so long? (0:12:00.07)
Neigl Barbossa : While you've been wasting time here,
Ridack's men
Neigl Barbossa : - have expanded his land 20 mels in all directions!
- Hello, Mr. Barbossa.
Alice Zuberg : - have expanded his land 20 mels in all directions!
- Hello, Mr. Barbossa.
Neigl Barbossa : Alice, so good of you to come! (0:12:12.79)
Alice Zuberg : I heard that you wished to see me. (0:12:15.63)
Neigl Barbossa : Look. You can see it, can't you? (0:12:19.05)
Neigl Barbossa : We've been toiling over that pesky platinum oak
since yesterday morning.
Neigl Barbossa : Even with ten grown men hacking at it,
they've hardly made a dent in it.
Neigl Barbossa : And so... (0:12:31.39)
Neigl Barbossa : I know we have a once-a-month arrangement, (0:12:32.73)
Neigl Barbossa : but I wonder if you could
do me a favor just this once, Alice?
Alice Zuberg : Very well, Mr. Barbossa. (0:12:41.99)
Alice Zuberg : If it's just this once. (0:12:44.74)
Neigl Barbossa : I really owe you, Alice! (0:12:47.91)
Alice Zuberg : I'm sorry, Kirito. (0:13:11.14)
Alice Zuberg : I'd like to borrow your sword for a little bit. (0:13:12.77)
Alice Zuberg : Thank you. (0:13:30.37)
EXTRA : Hey now! You really think you can cut down
a platinum oak with that flimsy sword?
EXTRA : That sword's going to snap in two! (0:13:41.63)
EXTRA : What's that? Did she miss? (0:13:57.35)
Alice Zuberg : It's going to fall that direction. (0:14:02.98)
EXTRA : What are you— (0:14:05.99)
Neigl Barbossa : Mag... (0:14:29.09)
Neigl Barbossa : Magnif... (0:14:30.30)
Neigl Barbossa : Magnificent! (0:14:31.51)
Neigl Barbossa : What splendid skills you have!
That was simply divine!
Neigl Barbossa : What do you say, Alice? (0:14:37.35)
Neigl Barbossa : I'll double your fee,
so instead of once a month,
Neigl Barbossa : could you help out once a week—
no, make that once a day?
Alice Zuberg : No. (0:14:46.82)
Alice Zuberg : The amount you're paying me now is sufficient. (0:14:48.03)
Alice Zuberg : My payment. (0:14:56.75)
Neigl Barbossa : That's right, that's right! (0:14:59.79)
Alice Zuberg : Thank you very much. (0:15:05.38)
Alice Zuberg : Kirito! (0:15:08.51)
EXTRA : - What's this? It's really heavy!
- No wonder even a woman like that
EXTRA : can fell a platinum oak with one blow, right? (0:15:17.73)
EXTRA : Let me. (0:15:20.56)
Alice Zuberg : That sword belongs to Kirito. (0:15:32.28)
Alice Zuberg : Give it back to him at once. (0:15:34.49)
EXTRA : Look, we did ask that guy to lend us his sword! (0:15:37.49)
EXTRA : And he was generous enough to agree. (0:15:43.00)
EXTRA : Going, "Ah. Ah." You know? (0:15:46.13)
EXTRA : Fine then! No need to look so angry. (0:15:54.97)
Alice Zuberg : What in the world did we fight for,
suffering such unbearable pain?
Alice Zuberg : Eugeo lost his life. (0:16:29.21)
Alice Zuberg : Kirito lost the ability to speak and his emotions. (0:16:32.09)
Alice Zuberg : What did we go so far to protect? (0:16:35.22)
Alice Zuberg : Amayori. (0:17:02.91)
Alice Zuberg : You've gained a bit of weight. (0:17:04.08)
Alice Zuberg : You've been gorging on too many fish
at the lake.
Alice Zuberg : Good night, Amayori. (0:17:17.18)
Alice Zuberg : Here. (0:17:35.36)
Alice Zuberg : Take your time eating, all right? (0:17:43.75)
Alice Zuberg : Is that...? (0:17:58.01)
Alice Zuberg : Amayori's elder brother, Takiguri. (0:18:08.98)
Alice Zuberg : Which means... (0:18:12.15)
Alice Zuberg : I'm impressed you found this place.
What do you want...
Alice Zuberg : Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One? (0:18:22.12)
Eldrie : It's been quite a while... (0:18:25.75)
Eldrie : my mentor, Lady Alice. (0:18:28.17)
Alice Zuberg : So how did you find this place? (0:18:33.96)
Alice Zuberg : I'm sure the Order can't afford to send dragons all over
just to track me down.
Eldrie : I followed the bond between our souls,
or so I'd like to say.
Eldrie : But unfortunately, it was a complete coincidence. (0:18:51.31)
Eldrie : Recently, we've learned that goblins and orcs
have been mobilizing in the north.
Eldrie : On the Knight Commander's orders,
we've collapsed the caves to the north, south and west,
Eldrie : but I've come to make sure
they don't try to dig them out again.
Alice Zuberg : So were you able to determine
the forces of darkness' actions?
Eldrie : I spent a full day
patrolling the perimeters of the cave,
Eldrie : but I didn't spot a single goblin or orc. (0:19:20.47)
Eldrie : The interior of the cave was filled
with rocks to the ceiling.
Eldrie : Afterward, when I mounted to return to the capital,
Takiguri began acting strangely.
Eldrie : When I allowed him to go where he wished,
this is where we ended up landing.
Eldrie : Now that I've been reunited with you, (0:19:39.11)
Eldrie : it is my obligation to say to you... (0:19:43.16)
Eldrie : Lady Alice, please return to the Knights! (0:19:46.62)
Eldrie : We need your sword more than we need
an army of thousands!
Alice Zuberg : I can't. (0:19:55.75)
Eldrie : But why not? (0:19:56.67)
Eldrie : Is it because of that man? (0:20:00.38)
Eldrie : The man who broke out of the Cathedral prison
and raised his treacherous blade
Eldrie : against so many knights and senators,
not to mention the pontifex herself?
Eldrie : So he's still leading your heart astray? (0:20:11.10)
Eldrie : If so, then I shall eliminate
the source of that confusion
Eldrie : right here, this very instant! (0:20:18.36)
Alice Zuberg : Stop it. (0:20:21.03)
Alice Zuberg : He, too, fought out of a sense of personal justice. (0:20:23.24)
Alice Zuberg : Otherwise, how could we,
the mighty Integrity Knights,
Alice Zuberg : even the Knight Commander himself,
have all been defeated, one after another?
Alice Zuberg : You fought him yourself,
so surely you sensed the weight of his sword!
Eldrie : If that's true, then why won't this man
take up his sword in battle now?
Eldrie : Why would he allow himself
to be reduced to such a pathetic state,
Eldrie : and shackle you, Lady Alice,
to these hinterlands?
Eldrie : If it's true that he killed Administrator
for the sake of the people,
Eldrie : then isn't it his duty
to go to the Eastern Gate this moment?
Alice Zuberg : Forgive me, Eldrie. (0:21:02.24)
Alice Zuberg : I simply cannot go with you. (0:21:05.49)
Alice Zuberg : It has nothing to do with Kirito's condition. (0:21:09.29)
Alice Zuberg : I can no longer wield my sword. (0:21:11.70)
Alice Zuberg : That's all there is to it. (0:21:14.33)
Alice Zuberg : If I were to cross swords with you now, (0:21:16.25)
Alice Zuberg : I most likely wouldn't last three strikes. (0:21:18.71)
Alice Zuberg : I most likely wouldn't last three strikes. (0:21:18.71)
Eldrie : Is that so? (0:21:21.63)
Eldrie : Then I won't press you further. (0:21:23.13)
Eldrie : I bid you farewell, my mentor. (0:21:32.89)
Eldrie : I, Eldrie, shall never forget as long as I live
the secret sword skills and techniques you taught me.
Alice Zuberg : Take care. I pray that you'll be safe. (0:21:42.23)
Alice Zuberg : I'm sorry. You must be tired. (0:22:10.18)
Alice Zuberg : Then let's go to bed, shall we? (0:22:13.10)
Alice Zuberg : Tell me, Kirito. (0:22:38.92)
Alice Zuberg : What should I do? (0:22:42.75)
Alice Zuberg : What should I...? (0:22:46.84)
Alice Zuberg : Kirito? (0:23:00.69)
Alice Zuberg : What's wrong, Kirito? (0:23:05.28)
Alice Zuberg : Is it an attack by the Dark Territory? (0:23:26.17)
Alice Zuberg : Selka! (0:23:31.39)
Alice Zuberg : Next time: Raids. (0:23:36.39)

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