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Miu Takigawa : I have no interest in world peace. (0:00:22.00)
Miu Takigawa : And in doing so, my world is peaceful. (0:00:25.37)
EXTRA : --This was the way that Marco Polo
was introduced to Japan.
EXTRA : --People lie...
--This was the way that Marco Polo
was introduced to Japan.
Miu Takigawa : --People lie...
--This was the way that Marco Polo
was introduced to Japan.
Miu Takigawa : --People lie...
--Be sure to remember this, guys.
It's important.
EXTRA : --People lie...
--Be sure to remember this, guys.
It's important.
Miu Takigawa : At school, at work... (0:00:34.91)
Miu Takigawa : To an unbelievable degree,
people live to lie.
EXTRA : It's so cold today. (0:00:47.45)
Miu Takigawa : That will be 520 yen, please. (0:00:55.91)
Miu Takigawa : Thanks so much. (0:01:02.54)
Shop Clerk : You'd look so much cuter
if you put your bangs back.
Miu Takigawa : I-I'm sorry! (0:01:18.54)
Shop Clerk 2 : Just stop it, okay? (0:01:21.29)
Shop Clerk 2 : Apparently she has a little crush. (0:01:23.33)
EXTRA : Stop. (0:01:27.08)
EXTRA : That's right. (0:01:28.45)
EXTRA : Stop teasing her! (0:01:29.41)
Miu Takigawa : I just can't do it. (0:01:41.12)
Miu Takigawa : Speaking so naturally about things... (0:01:43.79)
Miu Takigawa : ...exaggerating themselves... (0:01:47.04)
Miu Takigawa : ...with no sense of unease at all... (0:01:49.20)
Miu Takigawa : ...flirting and laughing with each other. (0:01:52.87)
Miu Takigawa : At that time, I still hadn't known. (0:02:00.12)
Miu Takigawa : I hadn't known that after December 24, 2016, (0:02:01.83)
Miu Takigawa : my world would be chilled in bright light,
dazzled by darkness,
Miu Takigawa : and heated by warmth
that I thought would drive me mad.
Miu Takigawa : I didn't know it would scorch me. (0:02:18.33)
Miu Takigawa : P-Production GIP? (0:04:08.12)
Miu Takigawa : "Hello. Please forgive this sudden letter. (0:04:13.75)
Miu Takigawa : I am from Production GIP. (0:04:17.58)
Miu Takigawa : We have chosen you, Takigawa Miu,
to be a member in our new project."
Miu Takigawa : What is this? (0:04:28.33)
Haru Takigawa : Big Sister! Welcome back! (0:04:31.12)
Miu Takigawa : Hey, Haru. I'm home. (0:04:33.87)
Miu Takigawa : Where's Mom? (0:04:37.12)
Haru Takigawa : In bed! (0:04:38.41)
Sayuki Takigawa : Welcome back, Miu. You sure worked hard. (0:04:40.00)
Miu Takigawa : How're you feeling? (0:04:43.41)
Sayuki Takigawa : Hmm. About the same as usual. (0:04:44.66)
Miu Takigawa : Okay. I'll go get dinner started. (0:04:47.41)
Sayuki Takigawa : Thanks. (0:04:50.45)
Haru Takigawa : Yay! Dinner! Dinner! (0:04:51.66)
Miu Takigawa : Going into show biz... (0:05:16.70)
Miu Takigawa : This letter is mocking me. (0:05:19.58)
Miu Takigawa : Where would I find the time
to do any of that?
Miu Takigawa : I came anyway.
What the heck am I doing here?
Sakura Fujima : Hey, are you possibly... (0:05:46.91)
Sakura Fujima : I thought so! (0:05:50.95)
Sakura Fujima : "Sakura Fujima"
I was thinking that it
wasn't just me that got picked!
Sakura Fujima : "Sakura Fujima"
My name's Fujima Sakura.
Nice to meet you!
Miu Takigawa : I-I'm Takigawa Miu. (0:05:59.83)
Sakura Fujima : Miu! Your name is so cute! (0:06:02.04)
Sakura Fujima : It's my first time coming to this zoo,
and I'm totally lost.
Sakura Fujima : Why are we meeting
in front of the gorillas?
Sakura Fujima : It's a total mystery! (0:06:10.79)
Miu Takigawa : Ah, yeah, um... (0:06:12.25)
Sakura Fujima : And speaking of mysteries,
let's talk about GIP!
Sakura Fujima : Rumor is they've been going around, sending letters
to all the cute girls in Japan for this new project!
Miu Takigawa : To have them audition? (0:06:22.37)
Sakura Fujima : Yeah! So all the girls around here today
must be here for GIP!
Miu Takigawa : I knew I shouldn't have come. (0:06:30.87)
Sakura Fujima : And that includes you, Miu! (0:06:32.91)
Sakura Fujima : Your skin is so smooth and pale, (0:06:35.16)
Sakura Fujima : and your legs are so svelte and skinny. (0:06:37.54)
Miu Takigawa : No... (0:06:39.91)
Sakura Fujima : I'm glad that there's someone
I can get along with here.
Jun Toda : "Toda Jun"
Th-The gorilla's looking at me!
Jun Toda : I'm so scared!
I'm gonna turn into gorilla food!
Jun Toda : I don't want to get eaten! (0:07:01.83)
Sakura Fujima : I don't think gorillas eat humans. (0:07:05.20)
Jun Toda : No, that's a lie! (0:07:07.50)
Jun Toda : That one was looking at me like,
"She must be delicious!"
Jun Toda : He's probably deciding
to use ketchup or sauce on me!
Reika Satou : Hey, you. (0:07:17.33)
Reika Satou : I'm waiting for someone to meet me
for some very important business.
Reika Satou : "Reika Sato"
If you're going to cause such a scene,
would you mind doing it elsewhere?
Jun Toda : Ah! It's a lady gorilla! (0:07:25.83)
Reika Satou : Huh?! Where? (0:07:27.50)
Reika Satou : Wait. I don't see any of those anywhere! (0:07:30.83)
Sakura Fujima : Um, does your very important business
have to do with this?
Reika Satou : You got one, too? (0:07:39.25)
Jun Toda : I did, too! (0:07:40.29)
Reika Satou : Y-You, too? (0:07:42.25)
Jun Toda : I'm Toda Jun. Nice to meet you! (0:07:45.37)
Sakura Fujima : Hey! Where are you going? (0:07:50.12)
Reika Satou : I regret coming here in the first place! (0:07:52.00)
Reika Satou : If they chose children like you,
they must be pulling a fast one on me!
Jun Toda : Hey, that's awfully mean of you! (0:07:58.08)
Akane Maruyama : Pardon me.
Are all of you also waiting to audition?
Reika Satou : Audition? (0:08:03.41)
Akane Maruyama : "Maruyama Akane"
I couldn't help overhearing, and you're
all quite pretty, so I thought...
Reika Satou : What's with the surprise attack?
Praising me is going to be useless!
Akane Maruyama : I did not intend to attack you. (0:08:14.95)
Akane Maruyama : I was merely speaking the truth. (0:08:17.29)
Reika Satou : T-Truth?! (0:08:18.91)
Ayaka Tachikawa : Hey, excuse me. (0:08:20.08)
Ayaka Tachikawa : "Tachikawa Ayaka"
Seems like this is the meeting place.
Sakura Fujima : Yeah, that's right! (0:08:26.66)
Akane Maruyama : How did you know
we were project candidates?
Ayaka Tachikawa : Because you're all really cute? (0:08:30.95)
Reika Satou : You probably were listening to us! (0:08:32.66)
Sakura Fujima : Oh, your legs are so nice!
Aren't you cold?
Ayaka Tachikawa : I'm fine. After all, this is an audition, right? (0:08:37.79)
Ayaka Tachikawa : I'm gonna have to use
every trick in the book to charm the judges.
Reika Satou : Charm them? How vulgar! (0:08:45.70)
Jun Toda : Sexy! (0:08:47.95)
Ayaka Tachikawa : See? Thanks! (0:08:50.08)
Jun Toda : Where'd you buy those clothes? (0:08:52.12)
Ayaka Tachikawa : --Omotesando, I think. (0:08:54.12)
Sakura Fujima : --It's nice having everyone here
and talking like this.
--Omotesando, I think.
Ayaka Tachikawa : --It's nice having everyone here
and talking like this.
--Omotesando, I think.
Jun Toda : --Y-You think?
--That's a weird name for a store!
Miu Takigawa : --Y-You think?
--That's a weird name for a store!
Nicole Saitou : Hey, all of you over there,
you're being loud.
Nicole Saitou : I'm trying to read. (0:09:04.00)
Nicole Saitou : Seems like the quality of Japan's
entertainment industry has plummeted.
Reika Satou : Huh? (0:09:10.83)
Sakura Fujima : Oh, so you, too? (0:09:12.33)
Nicole Saitou : Well, I wonder. (0:09:13.75)
Nicole Saitou : "Nicole Saito"
If all of you other candidates
are this unpleasant,
Nicole Saitou : "Nicole Saito"
I might just head home in five minutes.
Miyako Kouno : Ah, I made it! (0:09:25.29)
Miyako Kouno : Man, Tokyo's subways
are a real devil to navigate!
Miyako Kouno : It was like some maze experiment. (0:09:30.20)
Miyako Kouno : I'm not a guinea pig!
They multiply at the drop of a hat!
Miyako Kouno : Looks like I'm in the right place!
You all appear to have letters, too.
Miyako Kouno : And we're all on time.
That's productive members of society for you.
Miu Takigawa : --She's not entirely all there, is she?
--Still, Ueno Station is a busy place!
Look at all these people!
Miyako Kouno : --She's not entirely all there, is she?
--Still, Ueno Station is a busy place!
Look at all these people!
Miyako Kouno : "Kono Miyako"
I'm Miyako!
Miyako Kouno : "Kono Miyako"
Where there's nothing, there's me-yako!
Miyako Kouno : "Kono Miyako"
I'm Osaka's favorite
big-mouthed girl, Miyako Kono!
Miyako Kouno : I thought of that on the train. How was it? (0:09:56.04)
Miyako Kouno : Give me a reaction! (0:09:59.58)
Reika Satou : I mean, even if you ask me
to tell you how it was...
Sakura Fujima : Baby! (0:10:04.00)
Jun Toda : That was great! Let me do one, too! (0:10:05.75)
Miyako Kouno : --It's the same as a kabuki prologue,
but it's for idols!
Miu Takigawa : --That makes eight of us now.
--It's the same as a kabuki prologue,
but it's for idols!
Miyako Kouno : --That makes eight of us now.
--It's the same as a kabuki prologue,
but it's for idols!
Miyako Kouno : You see, you gotta be unique! (0:10:11.83)
Jun Toda : G-Gorilla! (0:10:18.16)
Miyako Kouno : A-A gorilla?! (0:10:20.58)
Jun Toda : He must've escaped his cage! (0:10:22.08)
Jun Toda : Save me, Mom! (0:10:23.75)
Aoi Gouda : Thank you all for gathering. (0:10:26.50)
Aoi Gouda : My name is Goda, and I'm with GIP. (0:10:30.04)
Miyako Kouno : GIP, like from the letter? (0:10:36.25)
Aoi Gouda : I would like the eight of you to make
your major-label debut as an idol group with us.
Jun Toda : Major-label debut? (0:10:45.00)
Sakura Fujima : You mean we don't need to audition? (0:10:46.66)
Aoi Gouda : There will be no auditions. (0:10:49.25)
Sakura Fujima : What? (0:10:50.95)
Aoi Gouda : The selection process has already ended. (0:10:52.04)
Aoi Gouda : You eight did not come here by chance.
You have been chosen.
Miu Takigawa : We were chosen... (0:10:59.25)
Miyako Kouno : B-But why? (0:11:00.66)
Miyako Kouno : I played a tree in a play
for our school culture festival,
Miyako Kouno : and I barely passed music. (0:11:05.00)
Aoi Gouda : And I'm telling you that's fine. (0:11:06.87)
Aoi Gouda : We're looking for new idols. (0:11:09.79)
Aoi Gouda : If you could please come with me,
it would be faster to just show you.
Reika Satou : Hold on! Are you really going to believe
such a fishy story?
Miu Takigawa : What... (0:12:21.95)
Miyako Kouno : Wh-What the heck is this place?! (0:12:24.04)
Jun Toda : Wow, it's so big! (0:12:26.62)
Reika Satou : This place... we're under-- (0:12:30.83)
Akane Maruyama : Underneath the zoo. (0:12:33.04)
EXTRA : Please take one. (0:12:35.79)
Miyako Kouno : Many, many thanks! (0:12:36.62)
Aoi Gouda : So what do you think? (0:13:04.45)
Aoi Gouda : This entire facility was built
for what we're starting here today.
Aoi Gouda : You could say it's an embodiment
of our hopes for you.
Aoi Gouda : Do you think it is an agreeable place
for you to work in?
Aoi Gouda : As the last part of our tour,
let me show you to our most important room.
Aoi Gouda : This is your room. (0:13:28.91)
Aoi Gouda : While in the office,
you'll be on standby here in this room.
Reika Satou : What is this? (0:13:53.25)
Aoi Gouda : The Wall. (0:13:55.41)
Nicole Saitou : The Wall? (0:13:57.75)
Aoi Gouda : We don't know some of the finer details
about it quite yet.
Aoi Gouda : We just know that it spits out orders
at indeterminate intervals.
Miyako Kouno : It spits them out?
How can it when it's not alive?
Aoi Gouda : When it issues orders, we must obey and deliver
what it asks of us without exception.
Reika Satou : Obey? What does that mean? (0:14:15.50)
Sakura Fujima : Orders? (0:14:17.75)
Aoi Gouda : I cannot say. All I do know is that
it hasn't issued any orders as of yet.
Reika Satou : So we don't even know why we were chosen? (0:14:26.12)
Reika Satou : We have to blindly obey something
when we don't know its goals?
Aoi Gouda : Correct. (0:14:33.75)
Ayaka Tachikawa : Wow, what an idol! (0:14:35.25)
Aoi Gouda : Unfortunately, the Wall
is this project's absolute source.
Reika Satou : I don't get any of this. (0:14:47.54)
Jun Toda : This Wall is super weird!
And scary, too!
Akane Maruyama : There are too many unknown factors here. (0:14:54.50)
Sakura Fujima : B-But the facility we saw upstairs
was well-built, right?
Miyako Kouno : Yeah, they definitely pumped
lots of money into building it.
Miyako Kouno : I don't think they used all that money
for a big grift, you know?
Ayaka Tachikawa : It doesn't seem like some rich person
made this to occupy themselves.
Reika Satou : What do you mean by "rich person"? (0:15:10.58)
Ayaka Tachikawa : You tell me, modern girl. (0:15:12.41)
Reika Satou : What did you say?! (0:15:14.58)
Nicole Saitou : Are you all stupid? (0:15:15.95)
Nicole Saitou : It doesn't matter who we're working for.
This is a chance we've been given.
Sakura Fujima : A chance? (0:15:22.04)
Nicole Saitou : If we've been given the path to become stars,
then we should certainly use it.
Sakura Fujima : A chance, huh? (0:15:28.25)
Sakura Fujima : Miu, what do you-- (0:15:30.50)
Sakura Fujima : Huh? (0:15:32.62)
Sakura Fujima : Miu? (0:15:34.33)
Miu Takigawa : It's as if I'm in another world,
and not in my own.
Aoi Gouda : Where are you going? (0:15:45.95)
Miu Takigawa : I'm going home. (0:15:48.50)
Miu Takigawa : I didn't sign up for this. (0:15:50.33)
Aoi Gouda : You have until December 24th,
a week from now.
Aoi Gouda : The eight of you will officially begin
your formation on that date.
Aoi Gouda : This is a foregone conclusion. (0:15:59.70)
Aoi Gouda : You will return. (0:16:01.70)
Miu Takigawa : This is not something
that has started recently.
Miu Takigawa : Adults are creatures
who have always said selfish things.
Miu Takigawa : Did they think by telling us we were chosen
that we would be happy?
Miu Takigawa : It just means someone else
wasn't chosen when I was.
Miu Takigawa : There are those who live their lives
without being chosen.
Miu Takigawa : There are also those
who care nothing for other's feelings.
Miu Takigawa : Irresponsibly, mercilessly,
they segregate things.
Miu Takigawa : The world is made up of adults like those. (0:16:38.20)
Miu Takigawa : Idols are fools. (0:16:43.16)
Haru Takigawa : Heave-ho. Heave-ho. (0:16:46.66)
Haru Takigawa : Big Sister! (0:16:50.04)
Miu Takigawa : This is where I should be. (0:16:52.41)
Miu Takigawa : These two are... (0:16:57.54)
Miu Takigawa : entire world. (0:17:00.08)
Shop Clerk 2 : What the heck? That's hilarious! (0:17:08.54)
Manager : Takigawa, a word, please. (0:17:12.45)
Miu Takigawa : What do you mean
I don't need to come in anymore?
Miu Takigawa : No, please don't! I need this job! (0:17:23.87)
Manager : The other girls say they're afraid of you
and you make their job harder.
Manager : That puts us in a bind, you see.
We prize teamwork here above all else.
Manager : You may not be cut out for customer service. (0:17:37.33)
Manager : Customers have complained in the past
that you're not friendly enough.
Manager : They also say that they've never
seen you smile.
Miu Takigawa : I-I'm not very good at smiling
in front of people.
Manager : Not good at it, huh? (0:17:51.75)
Manager : Listen, work is like shoveling snow. (0:18:01.20)
Manager : Of course you'd shovel snow
for your own house, right?
Manager : And if you shovel snow for others,
you can receive money.
Manager : You do things you don't want to,
that's why they call it work.
Haru Takigawa : Big Sister... (0:18:26.41)
Haru Takigawa : have you been writing songs lately? (0:18:27.54)
Haru Takigawa : I haven't heard you playing your piano. (0:18:30.50)
Haru Takigawa : I want to hear it again sometime! (0:18:35.62)
Haru Takigawa : Going to one of Big Sister's concerts
is a dream of mine!
Miu Takigawa : Don't say that. (0:18:41.75)
Haru Takigawa : Big Sister? (0:18:46.83)
Miu Takigawa : Please don't ever say that again! (0:18:52.25)
Sayuki Takigawa : Miu? (0:18:56.62)
Sayuki Takigawa : Did something happen? (0:18:58.25)
Sayuki Takigawa : If something's happened, you need to tell me. (0:19:02.00)
Miu Takigawa : No, nothing. (0:19:08.04)
Miu Takigawa : Just rest, okay, Mom? (0:19:11.04)
Sayuki Takigawa : Miu... (0:19:15.00)
EXTRA : I can give you 1,400 yen for it. (0:19:32.54)
Miu Takigawa : Can't you give me a bit more? (0:19:35.83)
EXTRA : It's a pretty old model.
You'll get similar offers elsewhere.
Miu Takigawa : People lie... (0:19:59.58)
Miu Takigawa : friends, lovers,
even their parents sometimes.
Miu Takigawa : They say lies they don't want to say
as often as possible.
Nicole Saitou : It's time. Please begin. (0:20:41.54)
Sakura Fujima : B-But Miu isn't... (0:20:43.95)
Nicole Saitou : She ran off last time, didn't she? (0:20:46.62)
Nicole Saitou : I don't want to team up
with people who don't want to do this.
Miyako Kouno : H-Hey, you don't have to go that far,
and she might've had a reason to--
Nicole Saitou : The crossroads of life. (0:20:56.00)
Nicole Saitou : That's why everyone came here, right? (0:20:58.33)
Nicole Saitou : If she did have a reason,
then that's her answer.
Sakura Fujima : Um, do you think you might be able
to wait a bit longer for her?
Sakura Fujima : I think she's going to come. (0:21:11.29)
Sakura Fujima : Miu will surely come. (0:21:14.45)
Nicole Saitou : And on what basis-- (0:21:17.62)
Aoi Gouda : We've been waiting for you. (0:21:26.16)
Miu Takigawa : I didn't come here for you! (0:21:28.91)
Miu Takigawa : I hate adults. (0:21:33.33)
Miu Takigawa : They segregate, command,
direct and force.
Miu Takigawa : They do those selfish things,
and I hate it!
Miu Takigawa : Idols are no better. (0:21:41.29)
Miu Takigawa : They laugh at stupid things, wear frilly outfits,
and shake their butts for their customers.
Miu Takigawa : It's foolish! (0:21:47.79)
Aoi Gouda : If that is the case, then why are you here? (0:21:50.29)
Miu Takigawa : I have come here
to do the job I want to do the least.
Miu Takigawa : And if I want to become an adult,
I need to become good at it.
Miu Takigawa : If I must do it to protect
the ones most precious to me...
Miu Takigawa : I'll become the world's top idol. (0:22:04.75)
Miu Takigawa : I'll do anything! (0:22:06.95)
Miu Takigawa : We still didn't know. (0:22:18.58)
Miu Takigawa : We didn't know the real reason
why the eight of us were assembled...
Miu Takigawa : ...nor the grand fate awaiting us
within that maelstrom.
Miu Takigawa : Nor did we know the meaning
of the being that was named 22/7.
Miu Takigawa : "WELCOME TO 22/7"
Nor did we know the meaning
of the being that was named 22/7.

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22/7 (Nanabun no Nijyuuni)

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