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EXTRA : There it is! (0:00:16.20)
EXTRA : "Hotel Mythos" (0:00:21.08)
Uchujin : Ow, ow! (0:00:57.33)
Uchujin : Ah, I'm fine. Please don't be frightened. (0:00:59.83)
Uchujin : Thank you. (0:01:04.08)
Uchujin : You're the one who found this coin, aren't you? (0:01:05.95)
EXTRA : "Academic Advisor" (0:02:55.91)
EXTRA : "The AC is broken" (0:02:58.41)
EXTRA : You're sure you're okay with that, Kagaya? (0:03:02.45)
Shuichi Kagaya : Huh? (0:03:05.58)
EXTRA : Don't you think turning it
down is a bit of a waste?
EXTRA : Your grades are certainly good enough for... (0:03:11.37)
Shuichi Kagaya : I think you might be giving me too much credit. (0:03:14.08)
EXTRA : Sorry about that, Kagaya. Well, hmm. (0:03:21.12)
EXTRA : It'd be a long trip every day, from this town-- (0:03:23.66)
EXTRA : You'd have to find a dorm or something
near the college, and you'd be living alone.
EXTRA : But don't worry about that.
We can help you work it out.
Shuichi Kagaya : Thank you. (0:03:34.41)
Shuichi Kagaya : But I'd like to think things over a bit more. (0:03:37.20)
EXTRA : Oh, okay. (0:03:41.45)
EXTRA : "Gaio University" "Kuroyama Gakuin University"
"Nanyou University" "Nimoku University"
"Oseda University"
EXTRA : Kagaya, did you find
something you want to pursue?
Shuichi Kagaya : Yeah, I guess. (0:03:52.37)
Shuichi Kagaya : That's a lie. (0:03:54.45)
Shuichi Kagaya : But that's normal, right? (0:03:57.20)
EXTRA : Well, Kaga? Did you get a recommendation? (0:04:02.87)
Shuichi Kagaya : I guess I shouldn't set my sights so high. (0:04:07.33)
EXTRA : Oh. Well, don't worry about it. (0:04:09.79)
EXTRA : Professor Kagaya!
Can you show me your work?
Shuichi Kagaya : Sure. There you go. (0:04:17.16)
EXTRA : Thank you! (0:04:18.91)
EXTRA : Ooh! (0:04:20.37)
EXTRA : --What is it, Nana?
--You know his recommendation
was just denied, right?
Nana Mifune : --Hmm? Oh, nothing.
--You know his recommendation
was just denied, right?
EXTRA : --Who wants to go to college anyway? (0:04:26.87)
Shuichi Kagaya : --Normal is best.
--Who wants to go to college anyway?
Shuichi Kagaya : --Being the same as everyone
else makes me feel calm.
--Let's get temp jobs! That's where the fun is!
Shuichi Kagaya : --I don't need to "be myself."
--You can polish lenses in factories!
EXTRA : Ugh, I'm way too tired for gym class. (0:04:37.37)
EXTRA : We're running a marathon today. (0:04:40.62)
EXTRA : Seriously? It's hot as hell, are they crazy? (0:04:42.04)
EXTRA : What's up? (0:04:53.75)
Shuichi Kagaya : Nothing. (0:04:55.45)
Shuichi Kagaya : Just pretend not to see it. (0:04:59.62)
Shuichi Kagaya : No need to stick your neck out. (0:05:01.87)
Shuichi Kagaya : After all, I'm... (0:05:04.79)
EXTRA : The number you are trying
to reach is no longer in service.
EXTRA : Please confirm the number and dial again. (0:05:14.66)
Nana Mifune : Okay, be back in a bit! (0:05:26.45)
EXTRA : Okay! (0:05:28.50)
EXTRA : Good luck, Nana! (0:05:29.62)
Shuichi Kagaya : I wonder if it got hit by a car
or something. Stupid tanuki .
EXTRA : Hey, Izumi! (0:05:37.58)
EXTRA : Your underwear... (0:05:39.83)
EXTRA : Ugh! (0:05:40.66)
EXTRA : Kaga, you're looking right at it! (0:05:42.79)
EXTRA : Try to be more subtle, man! (0:05:44.79)
Shuichi Kagaya : Huh?! (0:05:46.83)
EXTRA : Kagaya, you creep! (0:05:47.66)
Shuichi Kagaya : Her wrist snap on that throw was so sharp... (0:06:01.12)
Nana Mifune : Hi there! (0:06:04.08)
Shuichi Kagaya : Mifune! (0:06:05.83)
Nana Mifune : Hey, did you hear?
I got a college recommendation!
Shuichi Kagaya : Oh, congrats-- (0:06:12.45)
Nana Mifune : To be honest, I didn't think
my chances were great.
Nana Mifune : Look what my mom said when I told her! (0:06:17.29)
EXTRA : "Congratulations!" (0:06:20.08)
Shuichi Kagaya : Really? That's great. (0:06:22.41)
Shuichi Kagaya : Sorry, I'm going to get back to cleaning. (0:06:25.04)
Nana Mifune : It was supposed to be you, wasn't it? (0:06:29.08)
Nana Mifune : The one to get the recommendation. (0:06:32.29)
Nana Mifune : Why? (0:06:36.16)
Shuichi Kagaya : It was your skill that got the recommendation. (0:06:39.41)
Nana Mifune : Thank you. (0:06:45.37)
Nana Mifune : Oh! (0:06:49.54)
Nana Mifune : You've got mud on your pants.
What happened?
Shuichi Kagaya : Oh, nothing. (0:06:54.91)
Shuichi Kagaya : The truth is, I no longer have
any problems with my vision.
Shuichi Kagaya : My eyes just seemed
to get better out of nowhere.
Shuichi Kagaya : That's right. My body,
for some reason... At some point...
Shuichi Kagaya : A fire? (0:07:38.70)
Shuichi Kagaya : And it's close! (0:07:40.00)
Shuichi Kagaya : I've got to call 119! (0:07:52.45)
Shuichi Kagaya : That smell... (0:07:56.33)
Shuichi Kagaya : Is someone... inside? (0:07:59.58)
Shuichi Kagaya : No. Don't stick your neck out. (0:08:07.33)
Shuichi Kagaya : But... There's a beast inside me! (0:08:14.70)
Shuichi Kagaya : I don't know how I got this power. (0:08:22.25)
Shuichi Kagaya : Why do I have this sense of smell? (0:08:27.79)
Shuichi Kagaya : And... (0:08:31.91)
Shuichi Kagaya : This strange, monstrous form! (0:08:34.29)
Shuichi Kagaya : I just don't understand! (0:08:57.12)
Shuichi Kagaya : And of all the things I could
transform into, why a stuffed animal?
Shuichi Kagaya : Why a dog? (0:09:04.54)
Shuichi Kagaya : It's all so crazy... (0:09:06.41)
Shuichi Kagaya : Enough. Stay focused, save this person. (0:09:10.04)
Shuichi Kagaya : It's hard to move,
and my field of vision is bad.
Shuichi Kagaya : No time to mess around. (0:09:22.25)
Shuichi Kagaya : Got to hurry. (0:09:26.16)
Shuichi Kagaya : What the hell have I become? (0:09:41.95)
Shuichi Kagaya : Whatever it is, it allowed me to rescue her. (0:09:47.62)
Shuichi Kagaya : "The beast has saved the day!"
Or something like that.
Shuichi Kagaya : More like, "the cute mascot has saved the day!" (0:09:55.20)
Shuichi Kagaya : Well, it was useful this time.
I guess that's okay.
Shuichi Kagaya : And nobody saw me. (0:10:02.41)
Shuichi Kagaya : What is this? Her smell... (0:10:22.37)
Shuichi Kagaya : What am I doing?! (0:10:42.75)
EXTRA : Our next story-- (0:11:09.83)
EXTRA : This morning, before dawn,
a possible arsonist fire broke out
EXTRA : at a small industrial garage
in the logging district.
EXTRA : "Fire at logging building
in the mountains-- Arson?"
at a small industrial garage
in the logging district.
EXTRA : "Fire at logging building
in the mountains-- Arson?"
There do not appear to be
any related deaths or injuries.
EXTRA : "Fire at logging building
in the mountains-- Arson?"
According to the fire department,
EXTRA : --Oh wow, that's pretty close. How scary.
--evidence at the scene indicated
kerosene had been spread around,
EXTRA : --Oh wow, that's pretty close. How scary.
--and authorities have begun
investigating a potential arson.
Shuichi Kagaya : Why is my phone gone?! (0:11:31.08)
Shuichi Kagaya : No way. Did I leave it there? (0:11:36.25)
Shuichi Kagaya : What should I do? (0:11:43.50)
Shuichi Kagaya : --If the cops investigate me,
and my secret gets out...
Shuichi Kagaya : --Oh, hi!
--If the cops investigate me,
and my secret gets out...
Shuichi Kagaya : That smell... (0:11:54.75)
Clair Aoki : Shuichi Kagaya. (0:11:58.20)
Clair Aoki : This is your phone, isn't it? (0:12:01.95)
Clair Aoki : I knew you were out there. (0:12:06.95)
Clair Aoki : Nobody believed me. I thought I might be crazy. (0:12:09.70)
Clair Aoki : I can't believe you were hiding right here. (0:12:16.41)
Clair Aoki : Mind if I ask you some questions? (0:12:21.50)
Clair Aoki : I can't help but be curious... (0:12:23.54)
Clair Aoki : ...about a monster like you. (0:12:26.25)
Shuichi Kagaya : Her smell... (0:12:49.70)
Shuichi Kagaya : No, stay focused! (0:12:59.58)
Shuichi Kagaya : I've got to get my phone back! (0:13:02.66)
Shuichi Kagaya : It's not here. (0:13:12.12)
Clair Aoki : There you are, monster. (0:13:39.50)
Clair Aoki : I was hoping that if everyone
found out who you really are,
Clair Aoki : you might go on a rampage here at school. (0:13:48.37)
Clair Aoki : I'm a little disappointed. (0:13:50.70)
Shuichi Kagaya : Thank you for picking up my phone. (0:13:53.08)
Clair Aoki : Huh. You sound so sincere. (0:13:56.20)
Shuichi Kagaya : But what exactly do you mean by "monster"? (0:13:58.08)
Shuichi Kagaya : Even if she saw me in my transformed state, (0:14:04.95)
Shuichi Kagaya : there's no proof that that was me. (0:14:08.58)
Shuichi Kagaya : And think about the state she was in.
She probably wasn't fully conscious.
Shuichi Kagaya : Maybe if I pretend she was hallucinating... (0:14:19.91)
Shuichi Kagaya : Like I asked this morning,
did you see something?
Clair Aoki : Oh! I guess I've made a mistake.
Here's your phone.
Clair Aoki : Still, it's strange. (0:14:40.95)
Clair Aoki : I could have sworn I saw it. (0:14:43.12)
Clair Aoki : A monster that almost violated me. (0:14:46.12)
Clair Aoki : Smile for the camera! (0:15:12.66)
Clair Aoki : That's a good one. (0:15:18.37)
Clair Aoki : Hmm. You're more handsome in this form. (0:15:26.75)
Clair Aoki : You don't mind standing out here in plain sight? (0:15:33.16)
EXTRA : What happened, Nana? (0:15:39.79)
Nana Mifune : Did I just imagine that? (0:15:43.16)
Clair Aoki : Is this a real gun? (0:15:50.45)
Shuichi Kagaya : I don't know! I think it's a toy. (0:15:52.50)
Shuichi Kagaya : That's enough! If someone sees me... (0:15:57.20)
Clair Aoki : Sorry. Not until you tell me about this form. (0:15:59.83)
Clair Aoki : If you don't, I'll tell
everyone that you're a monster.
Clair Aoki : Wouldn't that be fun? (0:16:14.16)
Clair Aoki : How will people react if
they find out monsters are real?
Clair Aoki : You might be famous, get to be on TV. (0:16:22.50)
Clair Aoki : Or you might get sliced up like a lab rat. (0:16:26.70)
Clair Aoki : Probably that one. (0:16:35.41)
Clair Aoki : You'll be left alive,
swarmed over like some kind of toy.
Shuichi Kagaya : I don't know anything! Really. Nothing! (0:16:42.79)
Shuichi Kagaya : It just started out of nowhere.
The transforming.
Shuichi Kagaya : I have no idea what it is! (0:16:52.54)
Clair Aoki : Fine then. But if you're lying,
I'll be very upset.
Shuichi Kagaya : Why did this happen? (0:17:13.79)
Clair Aoki : Oh, I just realized I haven't introduced myself. (0:17:19.04)
Clair Aoki : My name is Clair Aoki. (0:17:25.41)
Shuichi Kagaya : What a trashy-- I mean, what a fancy name. (0:17:28.91)
Clair Aoki : I'm a first year. (0:17:32.95)
Shuichi Kagaya : She's younger than me? And by two years! (0:17:34.62)
Clair Aoki : What's with that face? (0:17:37.04)
Shuichi Kagaya : Oh, nothing! (0:17:38.62)
Clair Aoki : By the way, Shuichi... (0:17:40.37)
Shuichi Kagaya : Isn't it a little soon to use my first name?! (0:17:41.70)
Clair Aoki : Do you know what this is? (0:17:43.29)
Shuichi Kagaya : No, I've never seen it. Is it a coin? (0:17:45.70)
Clair Aoki : It seems to be related
to you monsters somehow...
Shuichi Kagaya : "You monsters"? (0:17:54.41)
Clair Aoki : If you don't know, that's fine. (0:17:55.66)
Shuichi Kagaya : Hang on a sec! (0:17:58.58)
Clair Aoki : Don't just stand there. Let's go. (0:18:03.20)
Clair Aoki : Come on in. This is my place. (0:18:11.95)
Clair Aoki : Make yourself at home.
I'm the only one who lives here.
Clair Aoki : Ah, it was so hot out there. I hate summer. (0:18:19.12)
Clair Aoki : All the bugs... And if you're
not careful, you get sunburned.
Shuichi Kagaya : This is my first time in a girl's room.
Or, I mean, home!
Shuichi Kagaya : Hold on, what are you doing? (0:18:40.00)
Clair Aoki : Changing, obviously. (0:18:41.70)
Shuichi Kagaya : Changing...? (0:18:44.70)
Clair Aoki : All that stress made me sweat. (0:18:45.87)
Shuichi Kagaya : Is she one of those nudists?! (0:18:48.33)
Shuichi Kagaya : No, she still has her underwear on... (0:18:51.75)
Shuichi Kagaya : Nevermind! (0:18:56.41)
Shuichi Kagaya : It's nothing to be embarrassed about. (0:19:02.79)
Shuichi Kagaya : Completely unavoidable in a situation like this. (0:19:04.62)
Shuichi Kagaya : A perfectly natural biological
reaction for a mature male.
Clair Aoki : Be a good boy and wait there. (0:19:13.20)
Clair Aoki : If you move, I'll kill you. (0:19:16.58)
Clair Aoki : Don't forget, you've got to do as I say now. (0:19:19.95)
Shuichi Kagaya : I saved you, remember? (0:19:25.25)
Shuichi Kagaya : If it wasn't for me, you'd have died! (0:19:28.08)
Shuichi Kagaya : I'm your-- (0:19:31.37)
Clair Aoki : That's right. (0:19:32.08)
Clair Aoki : You completely ruined my suicide. (0:19:34.41)
Clair Aoki : Like I said, nobody believed me
when I told them monsters are real.
Clair Aoki : But I finally found one. (0:19:47.37)
Shuichi Kagaya : Clair, what are you...? (0:19:50.00)
Clair Aoki : You'll help me, won't you, Shuichi? (0:19:53.33)
Shuichi Kagaya : Do you know them? (0:20:00.54)
Clair Aoki : Nope. (0:20:02.37)
Clair Aoki : Shuichi, they're an enemy! (0:20:07.54)
Shuichi Kagaya : Enemy? (0:20:09.54)
Clair Aoki : Who the hell are you? Barging in like that-- (0:20:18.79)
Hikawa : Give me the coin. (0:20:23.04)
Clair Aoki : Coin... You mean this? (0:20:25.29)
Clair Aoki : I see. You want it, so you must know what it is. (0:20:29.83)
Hikawa : Psh. (0:20:35.58)
Clair Aoki : Maybe you'd like to share.
What the hell is this thing?
Hikawa : The coin... (0:20:42.37)
Hikawa : In exchange for power, you lose everything. (0:20:49.79)
Hikawa : Give me the coin. (0:20:56.95)
Clair Aoki : Don't kill her now, Shuichi.
I've got some questions for her.
Shuichi Kagaya : Of course I'm not going to kill her!
Why would I do that?!
Shuichi Kagaya : Hold still! (0:21:10.70)
Clair Aoki : Let's take a step back here.
Why don't you introduce yourself?
Clair Aoki : Come on, out with it. What's your name? (0:21:21.54)
Hikawa : Oh, I get it. You guys are gatherers, too. (0:21:27.12)
Hikawa : I guess I don't need this, then. (0:21:33.62)
Hikawa : I don't care who comes for me... (0:21:37.62)
Hikawa : Or how many of you there are... (0:21:42.16)
Hikawa : I'll rip you apart! (0:21:45.87)
Shuichi Kagaya : You're... like me... (0:21:56.66)
Clair Aoki : A monster. (0:22:02.00)
Hikawa : Pathetic! (0:22:05.25)
EXTRA : "Episode 2: What It Means to Be Empty" (0:23:44.58)

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