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Shinra Kusakabe : Get out of me! (0:00:03.56)
Amaterasu : Guess I'm out of luck. That's all
the killer instinct you have, huh?
Amaterasu : Still, I enjoyed that more than I expected. (0:00:10.07)
Shinra Kusakabe : No, wait! You said you would
let me see my mother, right?
Shinra Kusakabe : Does that mean my mom still actually exists? (0:00:17.32)
Amaterasu : Heh-heh, that's a good question.
You rejected me, so I'm not telling.
Shinra Kusakabe : Wait! (0:00:29.59)
Amaterasu : Oh, one other thing. (0:00:31.34)
Amaterasu : Haumea, Sho, Shinra--and now it looks like
one more Pillar is about to be born.
Amaterasu : I'm going to go play with them now. (0:00:38.43)
Shinra Kusakabe : Pillar? You mean, a person
who has an Adolla Burst?
Amaterasu : The Evangelist has likely also realized
that a new Pillar is being born.
Amaterasu : The Fire Force or the Evangelist--
which one will obtain the Pillar?
Shinra Kusakabe : Who the hell are you...? (0:00:54.99)
Amaterasu : I've been watching this empire
for a very long time.
Asako Hague : Pupil response is normal. (0:01:05.91)
Asako Hague : Fully conscious, too. (0:01:08.33)
Asako Hague : There doesn't seem to be any problem. (0:01:10.29)
EXTRA : What happened to us? I
don't remember a thing.
Purt Co Pan : It looks like they were being
controlled by someone, all right.
Ogun Montgomery : The same as the one who
was controlling Shinra?
Arthur Boyle : No, someone different from Shinra. (0:01:23.27)
Arthur Boyle : These guys were
the work of that electricity girl.
Haumea : It looks like the First Pillar took off, (0:01:29.56)
Haumea : so I released the guys from the 4th. (0:01:32.78)
Haumea : I have to say, though, the First Pillar
did say something interesting.
Charon : Something interesting? (0:01:41.45)
Haumea : That the fifth person with
an Adolla Burst was about to be born.
Charon : Huh?! What do you mean,
Haumea?! Huh, Haumea?!
Charon : What's going on? What did you just say-- (0:01:50.54)
Haumea : Shut up! (0:01:52.00)
Charon : We're scrambling against
those Fire Force punks!
Souichirou Hague : Someone else with an Adolla Burst
is about to be born?
Souichirou Hague : And the Evangelist is aware of this, too? (0:03:36.44)
Shinra Kusakabe : Yes, sir. (0:03:40.13)
Shinra Kusakabe : It's not clear if it's true or not,
but from what they said,
Shinra Kusakabe : the Evangelist is gathering those
who possess Adolla Bursts,
Shinra Kusakabe : and is planning to trigger another
Great Cataclysm like the one 250 years ago.
Souichirou Hague : We can't exactly take anything
the enemy says at face value,
Souichirou Hague : but it's also true that
we can't just ignore this.
Shinra Kusakabe : I'm sorry to have given you
so much trouble today, sir.
Shinra Kusakabe : I will submit a written apology
in the next few days.
Souichirou Hague : Don't worry about it.
I can overlook something like this.
Souichirou Hague : It's because of you that I got
another glimpse of Adolla.
Shinra Kusakabe : Can I ask you one last thing? (0:04:13.94)
Shinra Kusakabe : Why do you think you saw Adolla, sir? (0:04:17.40)
Souichirou Hague : I came close to the truth
in that great fire. That's probably why.
Shinra Kusakabe : Thank you for everything you did today. (0:04:33.62)
Asako Hague : I'll be going now, then. (0:04:36.21)
Shinra Kusakabe : Sorry for all the trouble. (0:04:38.13)
Asako Hague : Not at all. It's been a while
since I've seen my grandfather.
Asako Hague : The 6th will continue to
work together with all of you.
Shinra Kusakabe : That crazy girl who connected
with me over an Adolla Link...
Shinra Kusakabe : ...and this new bearer of
an Adolla Burst she mentioned...
Shinra Kusakabe : If it turns out to be true, then we have to
protect them from the Evangelist.
Arthur Boyle : You really put me out. What would have
happened if I hadn't been around?
Shinra Kusakabe : Yeah. This time, at least, it was my bad. (0:05:13.33)
Arthur Boyle : There's no way Shinra
is as agreeable as that!
Shinra Kusakabe : Huh? I am so agreeable! To everyone
who isn't as awful as you, anyway!
Arthur Boyle : Hmph. (0:05:28.93)
Shinra Kusakabe : Thinking about what the truth is
won't help us find it.
Shinra Kusakabe : Even so, I'm going to save Sho and my mom. (0:05:36.89)
Shinra Kusakabe : I'm going to protect the fifth
Adolla Burst bearer, too.
Shinra Kusakabe : I'm a hero, after all! (0:05:45.19)
Oubi Akitaru : Now that we know what
the Evangelist's people are after,
Oubi Akitaru : we should bring all the companies
together and strike at them!
Fire Defense Agency Chief : Now, take it easy, Obi.
I've already spoken to each company.
Oubi Akitaru : We also had a report of a new
Adolla Burst bearer being born.
Fire Defense Agency Chief : They're not too quick to believe that. (0:06:09.80)
Fire Defense Agency Chief : Haijima in particular is being uncooperative. (0:06:12.72)
Oubi Akitaru : The fact remains, the
Evangelist is responsible
Oubi Akitaru : for bringing about man-made human combustion. (0:06:19.27)
Fire Defense Agency Chief : The Adolla Burst itself
is still plenty mysterious.
Fire Defense Agency Chief : It's not even clear if bringing
those who possess them together
Fire Defense Agency Chief : can cause another Great Cataclysm. (0:06:27.86)
Fire Defense Agency Chief : We can't get every company behind this
when there isn't any proof.
Oubi Akitaru : It will be too late once it happens. (0:06:34.16)
Fire Defense Agency Chief : Absolutely right. That's
why I gave you the 8th.
Fire Defense Agency Chief : You're free to act as you like at the 8th,
the same as you have been.
Fire Defense Agency Chief : I've got you covered. (0:06:45.09)
Oubi Akitaru : So we cannot bring the entire
Special Fire Force together for this.
Oubi Akitaru : Very well. The 8th will continue
to investigate alone, as always.
Oubi Akitaru : Please excuse me. (0:07:00.27)
Fire Defense Agency Chief : You've become a lot more reasonable. (0:07:01.85)
Fire Defense Agency Chief : You sure you haven't grown up a little? (0:07:04.77)
Oubi Akitaru : I'm only more quick to suppress my
dissatisfaction and give up than I was before.
Oubi Akitaru : I don't consider myself more mature. (0:07:12.28)
Fire Defense Agency Chief : Then what do you consider growing up? (0:07:14.16)
Oubi Akitaru : The depth and breadth of one's love. (0:07:18.87)
Oubi Akitaru : I will never give up on
keeping the world safe.
Oubi Akitaru : If you'll excuse me... (0:07:26.13)
Fire Defense Agency Chief : That's just like you, Obi. (0:07:29.88)
Fire Defense Agency Chief : You're right, we can't
have any more casualties.
Fire Defense Agency Chief : We have to snuff out this fire
at the source as soon as possible.
EXTRA : You know that senior that just moved in? (0:07:41.94)
EXTRA : Yeah, sure. (0:07:44.10)
EXTRA : He is so cool, isn't he? (0:07:45.15)
EXTRA : Your taste in guys is as weird as ever. (0:07:47.86)
EXTRA : Huh? That's not true. (0:07:49.68)
EXTRA : Oh yes it is. (0:07:51.15)
EXTRA : I'm telling you, he's cool. (0:07:52.78)
EXTRA : Tell me, don't you think so? (0:07:55.24)
EXTRA : Inca, what's up? (0:07:57.83)
Inca Kasugatani : Sorry, I forgot something. (0:07:59.95)
Inca Kasugatani : --Again?
--Go on without me!
Inca Kasugatani : Such a fragrant aroma... (0:08:08.67)
Inca Kasugatani : No doubt about it. (0:08:16.89)
Panda : Is it coming, Boss Inca? (0:08:18.93)
Sancho : That's welcome news. (0:08:21.56)
Inca Kasugatani : You're late, Panda and Sancho! (0:08:23.27)
Panda : Sorry about that, Boss. (0:08:26.40)
Sancho : It's because you're such a dawdler, Panda. (0:08:27.90)
Inca Kasugatani : The smell is getting stronger. (0:08:31.82)
Inca Kasugatani : We're on! Get ready! (0:08:33.90)
Inca Kasugatani : I sure hope it's a rich guy's house
that catches fire this time!
Inca Kasugatani : This is the house. Should
be easy to get inside.
Inca Kasugatani : Okay, the fire is about to start. (0:08:53.76)
Sancho : Let's get this underway. (0:08:56.26)
Panda : Yeah. (0:08:57.89)
Inca Kasugatani : Time to make some money. (0:09:01.02)
EXTRA : Hmm? What's that smell? (0:09:18.07)
EXTRA : F-Fire! There's a fire downstairs! (0:09:23.25)
Inca Kasugatani : Having a bit of trouble? It looks like
it's already pretty well burning.
EXTRA : Th-Thank goodness you're here! Help me! (0:09:30.54)
Inca Kasugatani : I'll get you out of here,
if that's what you want.
Inca Kasugatani : However, you have to
give me your valuables first.
EXTRA : What are you talking
about?! Th-There's a fire!
Inca Kasugatani : Yeah, so there's no time
to agonize over this.
Inca Kasugatani : If you want me to help you,
hand over everything you have.
EXTRA : Th-There's a pen tray at the bottom
of the drawer in that room.
EXTRA : The money is under that! (0:09:54.82)
EXTRA : I'm disabled. Take whatever you want,
just hurry up and save me!
Inca Kasugatani : Nice! (0:10:03.16)
Panda : Whew, you're heavy, you old geezer. (0:10:06.37)
EXTRA : I-I'm saved... (0:10:09.46)
Inca Kasugatani : Good. We're out of here, you two. (0:10:12.09)
Inca Kasugatani : We divide it 20-20-60. (0:10:15.96)
Panda : That's no fair. (0:10:18.84)
Inca Kasugatani : Sure it is. It's all because of me. (0:10:20.38)
Sancho : Well, fair point. You're the only one
who knows where the fires break out.
Panda : That's what's strange,
though. How can you tell?
Panda : I've never heard of a generation
that can predict outbreaks before.
Inca Kasugatani : First generations become Infernals
through human combustion.
Inca Kasugatani : Second generations can
manipulate and control flames.
Inca Kasugatani : Third generations can ignite their own flames,
and alter their force and shape.
Inca Kasugatani : But I can't control or produce flames. (0:10:48.37)
Inca Kasugatani : I just might be something of an
unprecedented fourth generation!
Panda : --A fourth generation?
--A fourth generation?
Sancho : --A fourth generation?
--A fourth generation?
Inca Kasugatani : It was that great fire two years ago. (0:10:59.34)
Inca Kasugatani : Many lives and many items
were lost in that fire.
Inca Kasugatani : At the time, I didn't even
know why I had been born.
Inca Kasugatani : I'd just as soon have
spontaneously combusted,
Inca Kasugatani : wishing that I could go
out in a blaze of glory.
Inca Kasugatani : As the flames kept coming
into being, more lives were lost.
Inca Kasugatani : As I found myself in the middle
of that desperate situation,
Inca Kasugatani : I had a thought for the first time ever-- (0:11:27.08)
Inca Kasugatani : "Live!" (0:11:30.58)
Inca Kasugatani : Life. As I was surrounded by
the heat and terror of the flames...
Inca Kasugatani : ...I experienced a sense of elation
I'd never felt before.
Inca Kasugatani : I don't want to die. Gotta get out of here. (0:11:47.77)
Inca Kasugatani : Oh, over there... (0:11:53.56)
Inca Kasugatani : Huh? Again? (0:11:57.48)
Inca Kasugatani : How come? (0:12:01.15)
Inca Kasugatani : I can tell... where the flames
are going to spread.
Inca Kasugatani : The scent becomes a line... and I can see it! (0:12:07.33)
Inca Kasugatani : I get it. Where the lines of light
are stronger and thicker
Inca Kasugatani : is where the burning will come. (0:12:18.34)
Inca Kasugatani : This is a piece of cake, then!
I can get out of here!
Inca Kasugatani : At the time, I had lost an awful lot,
but in return, I had gained this power.
Sancho : But what you're doing
is fireground thievery, so...
Sancho : Or is it fireground mugging? (0:12:35.73)
Inca Kasugatani : Nothing is more precious than life!
I save their lives;
Inca Kasugatani : getting some valuables from them
seems like a small price to pay.
Panda : But you don't feel like you're alive (0:12:43.65)
Panda : unless you're exposing yourself
to danger, like fire scenes.
Panda : You risk your life, saying you feel
a terrific rush in that momentary thrill--
Panda : what you might call an
adrenaline junkie, right?
Inca Kasugatani : Hmm... (0:12:58.17)
Inca Kasugatani : I do enjoy danger, to be sure. The more
thrilling something is, the more I like it.
Amaterasu : born... (0:13:06.97)
Amaterasu : ...danger... like... be born... (0:13:09.85)
Amaterasu : The danger you like so
much is about to be born.
Panda : Something wrong? You suddenly... (0:13:21.23)
Inca Kasugatani : What was that? That woman just now
seemed incredibly dangerous.
Inca Kasugatani : Danger is about to be born? (0:13:28.62)
Inca Kasugatani : Nice! (0:13:34.96)
Amaterasu : It's almost time. (0:13:41.67)
Amaterasu : ...Fifth... llar is about... be born... (0:13:43.88)
Amaterasu : Scramble. (0:13:46.38)
Shinra Kusakabe : Not you again! (0:13:48.43)
Panda : Okay, we're heading back. (0:13:50.22)
Sancho : Find us some more work sometime. (0:13:52.06)
Inca Kasugatani : Hold on. (0:13:53.47)
Panda : What is it? (0:13:54.68)
Inca Kasugatani : It's bad! (0:13:58.27)
Inca Kasugatani : It's bad, it's bad, it's so bad! (0:13:59.23)
Inca Kasugatani : How come... (0:14:04.86)
Inca Kasugatani : How come so many fires are breaking out? (0:14:06.90)
Panda : Another fire? (0:14:09.78)
Sancho : What? What do you see? (0:14:10.85)
Inca Kasugatani : People are gonna die.
Time to make some money!
Inca Kasugatani : This whole area is about to
become a sea of flame!
Shinra Kusakabe : The Fireground Thief schoolgirl? (0:14:23.67)
Oubi Akitaru : She's famous in the empire. (0:14:25.96)
Oubi Akitaru : Apparently, she always gets to a scene
before the Fire Soldiers do.
Oubi Akitaru : She's been suspected of
setting the fires herself,
Oubi Akitaru : but the victims have all testified
that that's not the case.
Maki Oze : But how does she know
where the fires are going to be?
Inca Kasugatani : Ah, over there. (0:14:40.98)
Inca Kasugatani : The next one will be there. (0:14:43.52)
Oubi Akitaru : I just got a report of someone
who was rescued by a mysterious girl.
Oubi Akitaru : This girl is at the scene of the fire
we're now heading to.
Inca Kasugatani : Hey, does anyone have a conductor's baton? (0:15:00.04)
Oubi Akitaru : Given her unusual ability, there's a
good chance that she's the Fifth Pillar.
Shinra Kusakabe : She helps people and
takes their valuables from them?
Shinra Kusakabe : I'm not sure if what she's
doing is good or bad.
Amaterasu : The Fire Force or the Evangelist--
which one will obtain the Pillar?
Shinra Kusakabe : If that girl really is the fifth, (0:15:20.23)
Shinra Kusakabe : I have to make sure that the Evangelist's
men don't take her away, like Sho.
Shinra Kusakabe : I have to secure her, no matter what. (0:15:28.53)
Takehisa Hinawa : We'll arrive at the scene in a moment. (0:15:34.24)
Vulcan Joseph : Everybody, check your equipment.
Maki-san , let's use your Owl Eye.
Maki Oze : Acknowledged. (0:15:41.00)
Maki Oze : Owl Eye online. (0:15:47.84)
Vulcan Joseph : I installed an ultra-telephoto
camera into her Tekkyo.
Vulcan Joseph : Can you see the site? (0:15:54.93)
Shinra Kusakabe : Oh, that's perfect! (0:15:56.81)
Oubi Akitaru : Multiple outbreaks of fires on this scale... (0:15:58.93)
Oubi Akitaru : Those Insects may be the cause of this. (0:16:02.35)
Viktor Licht : Additionally, we'll need to deal with
the Evangelist's people.
Viktor Licht : We don't have enough people on our own. (0:16:08.61)
Oubi Akitaru : Putting the Infernals to rest
and saving lives is our top priority.
Oubi Akitaru : Maki, watch the area from above
and give us detailed reports.
Maki Oze : Yes, sir. (0:16:20.54)
Vulcan Joseph : I'm counting at least eight
Infernals at the scene.
Maki Oze : One of them is approaching
from three o'clock!
Oubi Akitaru : Mm-hmm. (0:16:27.38)
Oubi Akitaru : I have a separate mission for you two. (0:16:28.55)
Oubi Akitaru : Shinra, you search for the schoolgirl
and the White-Clad.
Shinra Kusakabe : Roger! (0:16:34.05)
Oubi Akitaru : Arthur, if the plasma-user
shows up, deal with her.
Oubi Akitaru : Is everyone ready? (0:16:39.22)
Oubi Akitaru : Company 8, let's go! (0:16:43.02)
Maki Oze : --Yeah!
Sancho : So much fire, all at once... (0:16:50.03)
Inca Kasugatani : We're gonna earn like crazy! (0:16:51.40)
Panda : We should hurry and evacuate. (0:16:52.78)
Inca Kasugatani : What are you talking about?
This is our chance to make a fortune!
Panda : What are you talking about?
It's too dangerous.
Sancho : You may have the ability to
read where the flames are going,
Sancho : but we're just ordinary people. (0:17:03.21)
Inca Kasugatani : Oh, right. (0:17:06.21)
Inca Kasugatani : Well, I'll just go by myself then. (0:17:07.33)
Panda : Don't do it! There are
Fire Soldiers there, too!
Inca Kasugatani : I'm gonna have it all to myself. (0:17:12.26)
Panda : Hold on! (0:17:13.76)
Inca Kasugatani : How can I not dive into a thrill like this? (0:17:15.59)
Haumea : Antenna perked up. Thoughts a-popping. (0:17:19.72)
Haumea : Here come the whole town's
thoughts flowing in!
Haumea : "Mwa-ha-ha" (0:17:26.06)
Haumea : "Find you." (0:17:26.77)
Haumea : "This is a little too much water." (0:17:27.90)
Haumea : "Spread some more water and bam!" (0:17:29.69)
Haumea : Found you! (0:17:31.65)
Haumea : Here goes! Guerilla Radio! Radio Head! (0:17:34.11)
Haumea : Incoming signals, Charon! Thoughts! (0:17:37.78)
Charon : The girl is at the park on top of the hill.
Copy that! Moving to secure!
EXTRA : --Yeah!
Panda : This is seriously dangerous! (0:17:48.58)
Inca Kasugatani : Let me go! I lived through
that huge fire before.
Panda : That doesn't mean you'll
survive this one, though.
Charon : You're the Fifth Pillar, right? (0:18:00.72)
Charon : --Wha--?
--Huh? You're Inca, right?
Sancho : --Wha--?
--Huh? You're Inca, right?
Charon : No? Wrong? You're the Fifth Pillar, right? (0:18:08.10)
Charon : Tell me, you are, aren't you? Answer me! (0:18:10.31)
Charon : I know she's supposed to be
here somewhere. This is it, right?
Sancho : Hey, what do you want?! (0:18:16.36)
Panda : B-B-Bro! (0:18:24.70)
Inca Kasugatani : My breath... My breathing... My chest... (0:18:28.25)
Charon : What's the matter, Inca? (0:18:32.38)
Charon : Oh, this? You'll get used to this right away. (0:18:34.09)
Inca Kasugatani : Get used to it? (0:18:38.18)
Shinra Kusakabe : Where is the Fifth Pillar? (0:18:41.97)
Charon : Come along. The Evangelist is waiting. (0:18:44.72)
Inca Kasugatani : Get used to what? The sea of flames?
The smell of freshly-spilled blood?
Inca Kasugatani : The quest for even greater danger? (0:18:53.07)
Charon : Come with us. We need you. (0:18:55.90)
Inca Kasugatani : You... need me...? (0:19:00.91)
Inca Kasugatani : Who are you people? Why do you need me? (0:19:05.08)
Charon : To achieve the goal of the Evangelist.
We're gathering the Pillars
Charon : to once again trigger the Great Cataclysm
from 250 years ago.
Inca Kasugatani : What is that? It's not like the others. (0:19:20.59)
Inca Kasugatani : "Start"? (0:19:24.01)
Inca Kasugatani : Again... (0:19:31.52)
Charon : What? (0:19:32.56)
Charon : She's found her fire-ignition ability! (0:19:37.48)
Inca Kasugatani : Panda, get out of here!
I'm the one he's after!
Charon : You're not getting away! (0:19:46.08)
Inca Kasugatani : Evangelist? Great Cataclysm?
Fifth Pillar? What does he mean?
Inca Kasugatani : This is a weaker line than
the others up to now, but...
Charon : Huh? (0:19:57.84)
Charon : You can predict even faint
heat? That's awesome.
Charon : You have nowhere to run. Give up. (0:20:11.31)
EXTRA : Charon-sama ... (0:20:14.52)
Charon : Seize her. (0:20:15.36)
Charon : What is it? Do you still see something? (0:20:17.32)
Charon : Huh? Do you see something else? (0:20:21.65)
Charon : What? Now what is it? (0:20:23.66)
Charon : Huh? Do you really see anything? (0:20:27.41)
Shinra Kusakabe : The hero has arrived! (0:20:29.58)
Shinra Kusakabe : Are you all right? (0:20:33.71)
Inca Kasugatani : The Special Fire Force?! (0:20:34.63)
Shinra Kusakabe : Do you happen to be the Fifth Pillar?
I'm taking you into custody.
Inca Kasugatani : Fifth Pillar?! Why is the
Special Fire Force after me, too?!
Inca Kasugatani : Custody, you say? You can forget that. (0:20:45.09)
Shinra Kusakabe : Just take it easy and
let me handle this, please.
Charon : You're Shinra Kusakabe, huh?
The Fourth Pillar and the Fifth Pillar--
Charon : if I catch you both,
it'll be two Pillars with one stone.
Charon : --One!
--Charge him!
Charon : --Two!
--Charge him!
Charon : --Three!
--Charge him!
Charon : Four! (0:21:07.03)
Charon : --One!
--Overpower him!
Charon : --Two!
--Overpower him!
Charon : --Three!
--Overpower him!
Charon : Four! (0:21:13.79)
Charon : You're fast, all right. But... (0:21:25.01)
Charon : I'd heard you went up against Sho, (0:21:39.69)
Charon : but unless you're receiving
the Evangelist's Grace,
Charon : you're just a nimble little fire-rat. (0:21:44.95)
Charon : Walk! (0:21:47.78)
Haumea : Charon's gone and gotten started. (0:21:58.00)
Haumea : Okay, Mister Hero,
go ahead and protect Inca-chan .
Haumea : Because if you don't,
we're gonna take her from you.
Charon : Come on, fire-rat, run away with
those fast feet you're so proud of.
Shinra Kusakabe : Screw that. There's no way I'm
running from you, you bombshell gorilla.

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