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EXTRA : "Kill the enemies of humanity.
Save 10 million lives."
EXTRA : "Talentless Nana" (0:00:17.83)
Nanao Nakajima : My name is Nanao Nakajima. (0:00:24.20)
Nanao Nakajima : It's been six months since I left
the city to live on this desert island.
Nanao Nakajima : It's been six months since I left
the city to live on this desert island.
Nanao Nakajima : But... (0:00:32.04)
Kaori Takanashi : Heya. (0:00:34.75)
Kirara Habu : --'Sup?
--Good morning.
Michiru Inukai : --'Sup?
--Good morning.
Nanao Nakajima : But... I'm still not fitting in. (0:00:38.25)
Nanao Nakajima : This is an elite academy exclusive to kids
from around the world with paranormal talents.
Moguo Iijima : 'Sup, Normie? (0:00:47.04)
Moguo Iijima : Ooh, "super-kids have epic battles" manga! (0:00:49.04)
Moguo Iijima : If kids this talented really existed,
they'd be superheroes.
Nanao Nakajima : I did your homework, Moguo. (0:00:56.83)
Moguo Iijima : Nanao. (0:01:01.66)
Moguo Iijima : I thought I told you...
to call me, "Prince of Flames"!
Nanao Nakajima : M-My bad... "Prince of Flames." (0:01:07.62)
Seiya Kori : Bullying doesn't suit you. (0:01:10.70)
Seiya Kori : Nanao is a chosen one, just like us... (0:01:12.45)
Seiya Kori : ...even if he is talentless... right? (0:01:17.04)
EXTRA : Your Majesty! (0:01:20.04)
Moguo Iijima : You wanna settle this outside?! (0:01:21.16)
Seiya Kori : Not now. (0:01:23.29)
Seiya Kori : However, as an ice wielder, (0:01:25.20)
Seiya Kori : the day will come when I shall
have to fight you for supremacy.
Nanao Nakajima : That's right. (0:01:32.50)
Nanao Nakajima : I don't have any paranormal abilities of worth. (0:01:33.70)
Homeroom Teacher : As you all know, (0:01:38.25)
Homeroom Teacher : you have been brought here to this
remote island to undergo special training.
Homeroom Teacher : Everything you learn (0:01:44.37)
Homeroom Teacher : will help you destroy the enemies of humanity! (0:01:46.00)
Homeroom Teacher : This enemy, who appeared before us 50 years ago, (0:01:48.50)
Homeroom Teacher : has hidden among us and is
a continuous threat to the human race!
Nanao Nakajima : There must be a reason our
teacher sounds so impassioned.
Homeroom Teacher : If we are to stand a chance against this
powerful enemy, your talents are needed!
Homeroom Teacher : Nay, they are essential! (0:02:04.20)
Moguo Iijima : Yeah, how many times have we heard that one? (0:02:06.95)
Moguo Iijima : Come on, just bring in the newbie. (0:02:09.50)
Homeroom Teacher : Come on in. (0:02:13.70)
Kyouya Onodera : I'm Kyoya Onodera. (0:02:20.70)
Moguo Iijima : Hey, pal, is that all you've got? (0:02:24.87)
Moguo Iijima : This is an elite class of superheroes! (0:02:27.41)
Moguo Iijima : What's your talent? (0:02:30.83)
Kyouya Onodera : Is there some rule that says (0:02:33.70)
Kyouya Onodera : I have to tell you? (0:02:36.50)
Homeroom Teacher : His talent is still private.
Even I don't know what it is.
Moguo Iijima : What is this guy's deal?
100 bucks says he killed a man.
Nanao Nakajima : The bigger a Talented's power,
the more likely he is to hide it.
Nanao Nakajima : So he must be crazy-powerful. (0:02:55.33)
Homeroom Teacher : We have another transfer, but-- (0:02:58.16)
Nana Hiiragi : Sorry I'm late! (0:03:00.04)
Nana Hiiragi : I ran... all the way. (0:03:02.12)
Nana Hiiragi : Nice to meet you all! (0:03:09.66)
Nana Hiiragi : I'm Nana Hiiragi! (0:03:11.08)
Nana Hiiragi : You all have question marks on your faces,
so let's just get this out of the way.
Nana Hiiragi : I can read minds. (0:03:20.20)
Nana Hiiragi : However, (0:03:25.16)
Nana Hiiragi : I kinda suck at reading a room. (0:03:26.04)
Nana Hiiragi : Honored to join the class! (0:03:28.04)
Homeroom Teacher : Hiiragi, I'll have you sit... (0:03:32.04)
Nanao Nakajima : Sitting next to a cute girl like this...
makes me nervous I'll do something stupid.
Nana Hiiragi : Hey, Nakajima? (0:03:47.50)
Nana Hiiragi : Do the other kids bully you? (0:03:50.08)
Nana Hiiragi : Sorry about that!
I kinda heard you thinking that.
Nana Hiiragi : If I'm annoying you, feel free
to shove something in my mouth.
Nanao Nakajima : R-Right. You can read minds. (0:04:02.62)
Nanao Nakajima : --But they don't bully-- (0:04:06.66)
Moguo Iijima : --Hey, Nana.
--But they don't bully--
Moguo Iijima : Nanao is an enemy of humanity. (0:04:09.62)
Moguo Iijima : He's a Talentless.
At this school, isn't that fishy?
Moguo Iijima : This school's supposed
to be for the Talented only.
Nana Hiiragi : But... I thought enemies of
humanity would look more like this.
Nanao Nakajima : That's the standard type. (0:04:24.79)
Nanao Nakajima : You'll probably learn about the ones
that are giant or look like people.
Moguo Iijima : I rest my case! You're clearly
talking about yourself!
Moguo Iijima : Show us your true form,
self-appointed leader-boy!
Moguo Iijima : You're being awfully cocky
for a wimp, don't ya think?
Nana Hiiragi : Cut it out! You're hurting his feelings. (0:04:44.08)
Nana Hiiragi : Besides... (0:04:48.25)
Nana Hiiragi :'re just using Nakajima as an excuse
to come over here and ask me out!
Nana Hiiragi : Well, the answer is no! (0:04:54.91)
Moguo Iijima : Where'd ya get that idea? (0:04:57.91)
Nana Hiiragi : I heard you think it! (0:04:59.29)
Moguo Iijima : B-B-But I wasn't thinking about asking you out! (0:05:01.54)
Moguo Iijima : As friends, maybe... (0:05:05.58)
Nana Hiiragi : By the way, why did you call him,
"self-appointed leader boy?"
Nana Hiiragi : I see you've been doing your
research on enemies of humanity.
Nana Hiiragi : And I know what a nice boy you are! (0:05:21.08)
Nanao Nakajima : Nice? Why? (0:05:25.58)
Nana Hiiragi : I heard you. (0:05:27.08)
Nana Hiiragi : You have a pet cat. (0:05:28.66)
Nanao Nakajima : Yeah. (0:05:30.29)
Nanao Nakajima : I can't bring her to the dorms,
but there's a cute kitty on my commute.
Nana Hiiragi : Would you like to be friends? (0:05:35.66)
Nana Hiiragi : Also, what's the
"self-appointed leader boy" mean?
Homeroom Teacher : You two! (0:05:41.33)
Nana Hiiragi : Sorry, sir! I couldn't stop chatting. (0:05:42.62)
Homeroom Teacher : Listen, Hiiragi, (0:05:44.95)
Homeroom Teacher : didn't you learn proper classroom
conduct at your last school?
Homeroom Teacher : --Also, your voice was way too loud for chat-- (0:05:51.91)
Nana Hiiragi : --Sorry, sir!
--Also, your voice was way too loud for chat--
Nana Hiiragi : You wanted to talk to us
about selecting our class rep?
Homeroom Teacher : Reading minds sure comes in handy. (0:05:58.45)
Homeroom Teacher : Just don't use it during midterms. (0:06:01.70)
Nana Hiiragi : A class rep is sort of "leader," right? (0:06:03.66)
Homeroom Teacher : Now, are there any volunteers? (0:06:07.54)
Nana Hiiragi : That's elites for you!
Everyone is so wonderfully assertive.
Moguo Iijima : Hands down, losers. We're battling
the enemies of humanity, you know?
Moguo Iijima : Of course the most powerful person
in the class has to be it!
Seiya Kori : I concur. (0:06:25.83)
Seiya Kori : It's what you call, "Nobelesse Oblige." (0:06:27.66)
EXTRA : Eee! Class Rep! (0:06:30.75)
Nana Hiiragi : Sir! (0:06:32.54)
Nana Hiiragi : I nominate Nanao Nakajima! (0:06:33.45)
Nana Hiiragi : He's a very smart and studious boy. (0:06:35.87)
Nana Hiiragi : And, more importantly, he's nice! (0:06:38.75)
Moguo Iijima : Sit down, Normie. (0:06:41.50)
Seiya Kori : It's not Nanao's fault he's boring. (0:06:43.79)
Nana Hiiragi : Fine. You tell me, what kind of
person is worthy to be class rep?
Nana Hiiragi : I mean, have any of you actually
seen an enemy of humanity,
Nana Hiiragi : let alone fought one? (0:06:54.41)
Nana Hiiragi : No one has. Right, sir? (0:06:58.25)
Homeroom Teacher : Correct. Even I haven't seen the real thing. (0:07:00.37)
Nana Hiiragi : See? You deserve it, Nakajima. (0:07:03.66)
Nanao Nakajima : I deserve what, now? (0:07:05.25)
Nanao Nakajima : I don't even want it. (0:07:07.45)
Nanao Nakajima : Hiiragi, read the-- (0:07:10.29)
Nana Hiiragi : You can call me Nana. (0:07:12.12)
Kyouya Onodera : Okay, then. (0:07:14.25)
Kyouya Onodera : Fatty, Bishie, and Nakajima... (0:07:15.29)
Kyouya Onodera : three can duke it out. (0:07:18.75)
Homeroom Teacher : What colorful language. (0:07:21.87)
Kyouya Onodera : I'm surrounded by idiots. (0:07:24.83)
Moguo Iijima : Sounds like fun! (0:07:29.12)
Seiya Kori : If I must, I must. (0:07:31.12)
Nanao Nakajima : Bu-- I didn't... (0:07:35.45)
Moguo Iijima : Nanao, we don't have to
give you a handicap, right?
Nanao Nakajima : Since birth, my upbringing was
different from everyone else's.
Nanao Nakajima : But it wasn't all roses. (0:07:53.54)
Nanao Nakajima : I never learned how to make
friends or bring people together.
EXTRA : Aim for the top. (0:08:02.75)
EXTRA : For someone like you, the dullest in our family, (0:08:05.37)
EXTRA : this is your chance to shine for once. (0:08:08.87)
Nanao Nakajima : I will, Father! (0:08:12.79)
EXTRA : Listen well. My first
piece of advice is crucial.
EXTRA : No matter where you go, always
make others see you as a leader.
Nanao Nakajima : I've come to defeat the enemies of humanity. (0:08:22.04)
Nanao Nakajima : I'll become your leader and keep you all safe! (0:08:24.79)
Nana Hiiragi : Good luck tomorrow. (0:08:32.95)
Nanao Nakajima : I'm not fighting. (0:08:37.45)
Nanao Nakajima : I could never beat them anyway. (0:08:40.54)
Nana Hiiragi : But you're their self-appointed leader-- (0:08:42.75)
Nanao Nakajima : Look, I don't know what
you read in my mind, but stop.
Nana Hiiragi : This island is so vibrant with natural wonders. (0:08:53.62)
Nanao Nakajima : Why're you following me? (0:08:56.79)
Nana Hiiragi : Would you please give me a tour of the island?
Everything is still so unfamiliar to me.
Nanao Nakajima : Seriously... what's her deal? (0:09:06.91)
Nana Hiiragi : Ohh, I didn't know this place was also free. (0:09:11.33)
Nanao Nakajima : Yeah. (0:09:14.54)
Nanao Nakajima : Our tuition, the dorm water, and utilities-- (0:09:16.00)
Nanao Nakajima : everything's covered by the state. (0:09:19.50)
Nanao Nakajima : We get a stipend, too. (0:09:22.25)
Nana Hiiragi : "Why do you keep following me?" (0:09:25.79)
Nana Hiiragi : Is that what you're thinking? (0:09:29.16)
Nanao Nakajima : Yeah. Well... mostly. (0:09:32.08)
Nanao Nakajima : You're really... weird, you know? (0:09:35.33)
Nana Hiiragi : I'd better be weird to be chosen
to come to an island like this!
Nanao Nakajima : Are you ever insecure? (0:09:43.79)
Nanao Nakajima : Your life suddenly changed that day... (0:09:46.41)
Nanao Nakajima : ...when you got that red paper. (0:09:48.83)
Nana Hiiragi : You got one, too? (0:09:50.87)
Nanao Nakajima : Half a year ago, yeah. (0:09:53.91)
Nanao Nakajima : Before I could even process my
feelings, they brought me here.
Nanao Nakajima : What does your talent feel like? (0:10:01.62)
Nana Hiiragi : I just hear people's thoughts in their voices. (0:10:05.62)
Nana Hiiragi : I can hear their fleeting thoughts, (0:10:08.91)
Nana Hiiragi : and if I focus, I can dig up
their innermost thoughts, too.
Nanao Nakajima : Wow, that's amazing. (0:10:15.50)
Nana Hiiragi : I don't think it's amazing. (0:10:17.62)
Nana Hiiragi : I used to commute to school on a packed train. (0:10:19.75)
Nana Hiiragi : It always sounded like
everyone was on the phone.
Nanao Nakajima : What do you mean? (0:10:28.62)
Nana Hiiragi : I could hear them. (0:10:30.29)
Nana Hiiragi : All those one-sided conversations. (0:10:32.00)
Nana Hiiragi : It was so distracting, it drove me crazy. (0:10:34.33)
Nana Hiiragi : I wasn't able to make a single friend. (0:10:37.95)
Nana Hiiragi : I wanna go to the seaside! (0:10:43.66)
Nanao Nakajima : Watch out, Nana! That rope is pretty old. (0:10:49.70)
Nana Hiiragi : Nakajima, I know you're not talentless. (0:10:54.25)
Nana Hiiragi : If you really were talentless, they
wouldn't have brought you to this island.
Nanao Nakajima : My talent is nothing noteworthy. (0:11:04.04)
Nana Hiiragi : Why don't you reveal it to the class? (0:11:06.87)
Nanao Nakajima : A lot of us don't... (0:11:09.45)
Nanao Nakajima : a precaution. (0:11:11.62)
Nana Hiiragi : A precaution? (0:11:13.45)
Nanao Nakajima : The only ones who can beat the
enemies of humanity are gathered here.
Nanao Nakajima : This is a training ground for war. (0:11:19.66)
Nanao Nakajima : So the enemies of humanity
have already infiltrated this island.
Nanao Nakajima : It's just a rumor, though. (0:11:27.75)
Nana Hiiragi : You think it's bad if the
enemies know our powers?
Nanao Nakajima : Well, they are intelligent. (0:11:34.25)
Nanao Nakajima : That's why I think your
powers can be quite useful.
Nana Hiiragi : You think the enemy is already here
to kill the heroes before they mature?
Nanao Nakajima : Yeah, but it's just a rumor. (0:11:45.41)
Nana Hiiragi : But that's impossible-- (0:11:47.20)
Nanao Nakajima : Nana! (0:11:54.04)
Homeroom Teacher : What are you doing? (0:11:59.00)
Kyouya Onodera : I'm investigating... (0:12:01.79)
Kyouya Onodera : I'm investigating... (0:12:03.50)
Nana Hiiragi : Th-Thank you. (0:12:10.87)
Nanao Nakajima : What happened? (0:12:13.75)
Nana Hiiragi : It felt like a gust of wind was pushing me. (0:12:15.54)
Nana Hiiragi : It happened so fast. (0:12:20.58)
Nana Hiiragi : It freaked me out. (0:12:22.62)
Nanao Nakajima : Oh, God... Do you think it was the enemy? (0:12:24.16)
Nana Hiiragi : Well... (0:12:27.87)
Nanao Nakajima : Sorry! (0:12:30.29)
Nanao Nakajima : L-Let's go back? (0:12:32.20)
Nana Hiiragi : Hey, Nakajima, I think you
should be the class rep.
Nanao Nakajima : Seriously, why do you keep pushing me? (0:12:40.16)
Nana Hiiragi : Because your mind is the purest in the class! (0:12:42.91)
Nana Hiiragi : I sensed arrogance from the others--
probably because they're Talented.
Nana Hiiragi : But you're special! (0:12:52.12)
Nana Hiiragi : And in your heart of hearts,
don't you want to be their leader?
Nana Hiiragi : That's why you're here! To hone your
powers and defeat the enemies.
Nanao Nakajima : Stop calling me a leader. (0:13:02.33)
Nanao Nakajima : You're not my father. (0:13:05.37)
Nanao Nakajima : Sorry. Forget I said that. (0:13:08.66)
Nana Hiiragi : I came here to fight the enemies of humanity. (0:13:11.29)
Nana Hiiragi : I'll train hard so that someday
I can save humanity and the world.
Nanao Nakajima : And I think that works for you. (0:13:18.62)
Nana Hiiragi : In your heart of hearts, you
idolize your father, don't you?
Nanao Nakajima : Seriously amazing. (0:13:26.66)
Nanao Nakajima : You really can read my mind,
whether I want you to or not.
Nana Hiiragi : I'm sorry. (0:13:33.58)
Nana Hiiragi : I can just hear it. I can hear your sadness. (0:13:35.45)
Nanao Nakajima : But you don't understand me. (0:13:39.08)
Nanao Nakajima : Wait... Actually, you kind of totally do. (0:13:41.29)
Nanao Nakajima : I feel violated. (0:13:44.20)
Nana Hiiragi : You feel... violated? (0:13:45.91)
Nanao Nakajima : My father forced me to come here. (0:13:50.95)
Nanao Nakajima : So I came, desperate for his approval. (0:13:54.41)
Nanao Nakajima : I'm not leader material. (0:13:56.62)
Nanao Nakajima : That's why Moguo and the others make fun of me. (0:13:59.66)
Nana Hiiragi : But back at the cliff, you saved my life, (0:14:02.83)
Nana Hiiragi : and it wasn't for your father's approval. (0:14:08.08)
Nana Hiiragi : You did it without thinking... right? (0:14:10.79)
Nanao Nakajima : You don't know when to quit. Just go away! (0:14:16.16)
Nanao Nakajima : Why'd she have to storm in and ruin everything? (0:14:28.29)
EXTRA : Father! (0:14:33.25)
EXTRA : One of the kids at school
forgot his lunch today.
EXTRA : And I'm sure you were a good class rep
and shared your lunch with him.
EXTRA : Yeah! Of course I did, Father. (0:14:46.58)
EXTRA : Good boy, Nanao. (0:14:49.54)
EXTRA : That's right. For your birthday this year... (0:14:51.29)
Nanao Nakajima : Huh? (0:14:54.16)
Nanao Nakajima : Here to annoy me after hours? (0:14:59.08)
Nanao Nakajima : This is the boys' dorm, you know? (0:15:01.87)
Nana Hiiragi : You left this in the cafeteria. (0:15:04.66)
Nana Hiiragi : I noticed on the way back. (0:15:07.16)
Nana Hiiragi : Sorry I keep bugging you. (0:15:10.58)
Nana Hiiragi : Good night. (0:15:12.66)
Nanao Nakajima : It's almost bedtime. (0:15:15.29)
Nanao Nakajima : Did she go out looking for this just for me? (0:15:17.75)
Moguo Iijima : So, Nakajima's out of the running, eh? (0:15:23.29)
Seiya Kori : It would seem so. (0:15:26.16)
Homeroom Teacher : I want a clean fight, boys.
Don't overdo it.
Seiya Kori : If we indeed fought all-out,
this fight would be to the death.
Moguo Iijima : Just the way I like it! (0:15:34.91)
Homeroom Teacher : How about we make this
an old fashioned punch-out?
Homeroom Teacher : The first to fall down loses. (0:15:40.95)
Homeroom Teacher : Get to it, boys! (0:15:43.54)
EXTRA : --Kick his ass!
--You've got this!
Moguo Iijima : Oh, now you've done it. (0:15:57.58)
Homeroom Teacher : E-Easy, boys! Don't use your powers! (0:15:59.29)
Moguo Iijima : Final... Fire! (0:16:02.70)
Nanao Nakajima : "Leader"? What a waste of time. (0:16:07.87)
Nanao Nakajima : This is all a joke. (0:16:10.29)
Moguo Iijima : Dang it! (0:16:19.83)
Nana Hiiragi : Congratulations on being elected leader. (0:16:24.87)
Moguo Iijima : Son of a--! (0:16:27.75)
EXTRA : Okay, calm down. (0:16:29.58)
Nana Hiiragi : I guess Nana didn't care who our leader was. (0:16:33.00)
Moguo Iijima : Look. I'm one of the true Talented ones. (0:16:37.58)
Moguo Iijima : And you subject me to weak
slapping matches like this?
Moguo Iijima : Don't frickin' insult me! (0:16:44.70)
Moguo Iijima : Yikes. I got carried away! (0:16:49.20)
Nana Hiiragi : I wasn't able to make a single friend. (0:16:54.45)
EXTRA : Aim for the top. (0:16:57.95)
EXTRA : You will be a leader! (0:17:00.95)
Nanao Nakajima : Become a leader? (0:17:03.62)
Nanao Nakajima : I couldn't care less! (0:17:06.20)
Nanao Nakajima : Sorry... The watch... I should've thanked you. (0:17:13.83)
Nana Hiiragi : Nakajima... How...? (0:17:19.66)
Nanao Nakajima : I... (0:17:22.75)
Nanao Nakajima : I have the power to neutralize
other people's powers.
Nanao Nakajima : That's all I've got. (0:17:28.58)
Nanao Nakajima : So... (0:17:31.58)
Nana Hiiragi : Th-That's an amazing talent! (0:17:32.91)
Nana Hiiragi : --You saved us, Nanao!
--Thanks, for real!
Nana Hiiragi : I knew I was right. You're the only
one who can bring the class together.
Nanao Nakajima : I'm the leader... I still can't believe it. (0:17:48.91)
Nana Hiiragi : You were born to lead. I think a leader
needs to be more than a good fighter.
Nanao Nakajima : I really owe you one, Nana. (0:17:58.41)
Nanao Nakajima : I was lying to myself. (0:18:00.50)
Nanao Nakajima : I'm scared of my father. (0:18:03.50)
Nanao Nakajima : But you're right. I do idolize him. (0:18:06.33)
Nana Hiiragi : I know you can grow up to be like him, Nakajima. (0:18:09.37)
Nanao Nakajima : Call me Nanao. We're friends, Nana. (0:18:12.41)
Nana Hiiragi : By the way, just to clarify, (0:18:19.33)
Nana Hiiragi : you have the ability to neutralize any
power that's directed at you, correct?
Nanao Nakajima : That's the gist of it. (0:18:26.83)
Nanao Nakajima : I don't think my talent extends
to the psyche like yours does.
Nana Hiiragi : Is that really all you can do? (0:18:32.08)
Nanao Nakajima : Well, yeah. I was pretty useless at home. (0:18:36.54)
Nana Hiiragi : It's not unusual for the Talented to not
realize the potential of their own talents.
Nana Hiiragi : Especially with you. You should really start to
bloom, now that you're around your own kind.
Nanao Nakajima : I'm going to have to harness my talents
to serve humanity in the coming battle.
Nana Hiiragi : Can you neutralize things
that touch your body, too?
Nanao Nakajima : You may be right! (0:19:02.58)
Nanao Nakajima : So, if I don't want you reading
my mind, should I just touch you?
Nanao Nakajima : Sorry! I wasn't coming on to you!
I meant, like, holding hands!
Nana Hiiragi : For the first time ever...
I can't hear your voice.
Nana Hiiragi : It's so surreal! (0:19:25.66)
Nana Hiiragi : I don't have to eavesdrop on your
inner-voice or talk back to it either.
Nanao Nakajima : She's probably had a tough time, too. (0:19:33.50)
Nanao Nakajima : Say, Nana. (0:19:37.79)
Nanao Nakajima : Try to guess what I'm thinking right now. (0:19:40.95)
Nana Hiiragi : Without using my talent? (0:19:44.58)
Nanao Nakajima : Can you guess? (0:19:47.75)
Nana Hiiragi : Oh, I know. (0:19:50.12)
Nanao Nakajima : I'm so glad we're friends, Nana. (0:19:51.87)
Nana Hiiragi : "Why...?" (0:20:06.04)
Nana Hiiragi : "Why do I have to be killed by her right now?" (0:20:08.58)
Nana Hiiragi : Was I right? (0:20:13.20)
Nana Hiiragi : Want to know how I "sensed" you
were an outcast the first day we met?
Nana Hiiragi : You were pretending to read a book.
You weren't even turning the pages.
Nana Hiiragi : It was clear you cared how
the class perceived you.
Nanao Nakajima : Wh-What is she saying? (0:20:32.12)
Nana Hiiragi : I "sensed" that you were kind
because of the cat scratch on your neck.
Nana Hiiragi : An oversized, expensive watch
on your wrist: obviously a gift.
Nana Hiiragi : Even though you keep it immaculate,
you forgot it in the cafeteria.
Nana Hiiragi : You clearly had mixed feelings about it. (0:20:49.87)
Nana Hiiragi : There was a rift between you and the
gift-giver. I deduced it was your father.
Nana Hiiragi : You yelled at me for reading your mind...
just like I wanted you to.
Nanao Nakajima : What... the hell? (0:21:03.20)
Nanao Nakajima : I-I thought you could read minds... (0:21:05.08)
Nanao Nakajima : It was a lie? (0:21:07.91)
Nana Hiiragi : A talentless human mixed in a school full
of the Talented... suspicious, right?
Nanao Nakajima : B-But why'd you go to such extreme...? (0:21:17.16)
Nanao Nakajima : Oh, God... You're an enemy of humanity. (0:21:20.04)
Nana Hiiragi : No. It is you who are the
true enemies of humanity.
Nana Hiiragi : Especially you. You were on track
to becoming the enemy commander.
Nana Hiiragi : It was nothing personal.
I didn't mean to trigger your past trauma.
Nana Hiiragi : I just needed to know how far your talent goes. (0:21:38.50)
Nana Hiiragi : Some of your kind can shoot
fireballs, teleport instantly--
Nana Hiiragi : you're monsters with limitless possibilities...
but would you die if pushed off a cliff?
Nana Hiiragi : This is the question that consumed my mind. (0:21:51.16)
Nana Hiiragi : For the sake of humanity, (0:21:56.12)
Nana Hiiragi : I ask that you please die. (0:21:58.87)
EXTRA : "Nanao Nakajima
Potential kill count:
1 million+"
EXTRA : "Next episode: 'Time Traveler'" (0:23:41.04)

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Talentless Nana

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