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Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : We meet at last, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. (0:01:57.91)
Ludis Mergas : So that's... (0:02:07.16)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : What will you do to them? (0:02:08.95)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Is that not obvious? (0:02:12.85)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Any who sympathize with
a high criminal such as yourself
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : cannot be permitted to live. (0:02:18.06)
Gejutel K. Landegre : Raizel-sama... (0:02:20.87)
Gejutel K. Landegre : I deeply apologize for allowing
all this to happen.
Gejutel K. Landegre : Though it pains me to burden you
with an old man's dying wish,
Gejutel K. Landegre : I humbly ask that you take care of them now. (0:02:31.99)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : I will not let you kill them. (0:02:37.79)
Kaye : Vile traitor! (0:02:44.89)
Kaye : I, Kei Ru, will not allow you
to approach our lord!
Kaye : Roar, Garant! (0:02:51.52)
Gejutel K. Landegre : Stop! (0:02:53.52)
Ludis Mergas : Kei-sama's attack didn't work?! (0:03:09.91)
Rozaria : I suppose we should expect
no less of the Noblesse.
Rozaria : I am Rozaria Elenor. (0:03:34.98)
Rozaria : Come play with me, as well... (0:03:37.02)
Rozaria : Mr. Handsome. (0:03:40.06)
Ludis Mergas : Come, Izarok! (0:03:57.80)
Ludis Mergas : Rozaria-sama! (0:04:01.95)
Ludis Mergas : You shall now face Ludis Mergas! (0:04:04.01)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Mergas... The clan
that administers protection?
Ludis Mergas : Not only that. (0:04:13.79)
Ludis Mergas : Perish! (0:04:15.40)
Ludis Mergas : The power of Izarok
is not restricted to defense.
Ludis Mergas : Now, disappear! (0:04:19.11)
Ludis Mergas : It can't be... (0:04:30.66)
Ludis Mergas : Kei-sama... Rozaria-sama... (0:04:33.85)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : It is futile. (0:04:35.92)
Kaye : M-My whole body is... (0:04:38.67)
Rozaria : Could... this be... (0:04:40.80)
Ludis Mergas : Mind control! (0:04:42.88)
Seira J. Loyard : I thought only the lord could control
the minds of clan leaders?
Gejutel K. Landegre : The lord is the ranks above
and leads the nobles,
Gejutel K. Landegre : but the Noblesse is a being
of even greater power,
Gejutel K. Landegre : who can protect the lord
as well as punish them.
Gejutel K. Landegre : His power surpasses even that of the lord. (0:05:01.78)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Stand down. (0:05:08.65)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Even all together,
you lot are no match for him.
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Only I... (0:05:14.71)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : shall defeat him! (0:05:16.93)
Karias Blerster : This aura... (0:05:23.15)
Karias Blerster : The lord?! (0:05:24.26)
Rael Kertia : Brother! Something's
happening at the castle!
Frankenstein : Master... (0:05:32.04)
M-21 : What's going on? (0:05:34.23)
Rozaria : This is... (0:05:37.39)
Ludis Mergas : The lord's power! (0:05:39.50)
Ludis Mergas : Lord! (0:06:04.63)
Rozaria : Lord! (0:06:04.63)
Kaye : Lord! (0:06:04.63)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Stay back! (0:06:06.33)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : I can finally put an end to him... (0:06:08.82)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : To the loathsome man who
caused me so much suffering.
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : I will not accept help from anyone. (0:06:15.67)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : I will do this myself... (0:06:18.06)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Because I am the lord! (0:06:20.02)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : What are you afraid of? (0:06:25.72)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : You should possess the same power I do. (0:06:28.36)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Why do you not use it in earnest? (0:06:32.37)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : I don't need to use my full strength
to destroy one cowardly traitor!
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : That is your reason? (0:06:40.81)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Is it not that you are
concerned you may lose?
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : If not, then fight me
with all your strength.
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Very well. I'll show you! (0:06:51.97)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : This is for you! (0:07:01.06)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Blood Field! (0:07:03.13)
Rozaria : Impossible! (0:07:13.38)
Rozaria : The Blood Field was... (0:07:14.62)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : So... I must lose to you again? (0:07:23.88)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Just like that time... (0:07:28.05)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : The only person whose acknowledgment
I ever desired didn't choose me!
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : I am alone. (0:07:38.35)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : I was then, and I still am! (0:07:41.01)
Kaye : Please stand. (0:07:43.63)
Kaye : I know the flame that burns within you
has not been extinguished yet.
Rozaria : Our lord is not someone so weak
that she would yield to a traitor!
Ludis Mergas : I have stood by your side all this time. (0:07:57.08)
Ludis Mergas : I know how strong you are! (0:07:59.42)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : All of you... (0:08:02.35)
Kaye : It violates a clan leader's pride
to gang up on an opponent...
Ludis Mergas : But such insolence against
someone so precious to us...
Rozaria : ...leaves us with no choice
but to do what it takes.
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : You waste your time. (0:08:15.28)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Until she masters the proper use of
the power granted only to lords,
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : she cannot inflict a single wound upon me. (0:08:22.35)
Ludis Mergas : Insolence! (0:08:26.10)
Ludis Mergas : Rozaria-sama! (0:08:39.36)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Why... (0:08:50.23)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Until she masters the proper use of
the power granted only to lords...
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : It is finished. (0:09:24.83)
Rozaria : It's... (0:09:37.22)
Kaye : A Blood Field! (0:09:38.39)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Blood Field! (0:09:49.06)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Yes... you are not alone. (0:10:16.76)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : The power a lord possesses is
stronger than any other...
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : So long as you have them... (0:10:26.54)
Frankenstein : You've certainly gone overboard this time. (0:10:33.67)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : It's all right. I prepared myself
for this long ago.
Gejutel K. Landegre : That's... (0:11:13.56)
Rael Kertia : B-Brother... (0:11:15.07)
Rajak Kertia : I don't believe it... (0:11:16.96)
Rajak Kertia : There's another Ragnarok! (0:11:18.46)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : F-Father? (0:11:47.61)
The Previous Lord : Raskreia... (0:11:59.40)
The Previous Lord : I wonder, can you see me? (0:12:02.72)
The Previous Lord : This is a residual thought
that I left within Ragnarok,
The Previous Lord : which means I am no longer in this world. (0:12:10.01)
The Previous Lord : I'm sure my decision has
caused considerable chaos.
The Previous Lord : I will now explain to you... (0:12:17.50)
The Previous Lord : the events leading up to my eternal sleep, (0:12:21.59)
The Previous Lord : and the reason I chose to end my own life. (0:12:24.43)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : What? (0:12:29.91)
The Previous Lord : As you know, we nobles
can live semi-permanently.
The Previous Lord : In accordance with ancient laws,
we can opt to live long lives,
The Previous Lord : and remain unchanged
in order to lead our clans.
The Previous Lord : And how do the humans compare? (0:12:47.44)
The Previous Lord : As they live out their very short lives, (0:12:50.23)
The Previous Lord : they are so very weak and fleeting, (0:12:53.50)
The Previous Lord : but at times greedy, and even beautiful. (0:12:57.47)
The Previous Lord : They try their hardest to live even
one more day, to become stronger,
The Previous Lord : and to change. (0:13:07.55)
The Previous Lord : We call this "evolution." (0:13:10.43)
The Previous Lord : A certain smart-ass human once said, (0:13:15.50)
The Previous Lord : "If there's a rule you don't
like, get rid of it."
The Previous Lord : What a surprise that was. (0:13:23.32)
The Previous Lord : Such a simple notion,
and it had never occurred to me.
The Previous Lord : No matter how much power
we had, we were not free.
The Previous Lord : Then I thought that, perhaps,
we nobles should evolve, as well.
The Previous Lord : I shared my plan with the senior
clan leaders I trusted most.
The Previous Lord : I told them that in order to entrust
Lukedonia's future to the new generation,
The Previous Lord : I wanted to enter eternal sleep voluntarily. (0:13:49.49)
The Previous Lord : A few of them agreed (0:13:53.49)
The Previous Lord : and offered to enter
eternal sleep along with me.
The Previous Lord : But I ordered Gejutel to stay
and keep watch over our future.
Rozaria : Does that mean... (0:14:08.99)
Kaye : You knew about this, Gejutel-sama? (0:14:10.74)
Frankenstein : That's why you wanted us to return
to Lukedonia and prove our innocence.
Ludis Mergas : B-But it doesn't make sense! (0:14:20.50)
Ludis Mergas : Why did you not tell us the truth?! (0:14:22.74)
Gejutel K. Landegre : When the previous lord and
senior clan leaders died
Gejutel K. Landegre : and their young successors were abruptly
thrust into the role of clan leader,
Gejutel K. Landegre : the confusion it created among them
was greater than I expected.
Gejutel K. Landegre : And Raskreia-sama, who was to lead them all, (0:14:38.72)
Gejutel K. Landegre : was shaken to her core, as well. (0:14:41.98)
Gejutel K. Landegre : Some who wished to take advantage
of the young lord spread a cruel rumor,
Gejutel K. Landegre : and before we knew it, Raizel-sama
was regarded as a traitor.
Gejutel K. Landegre : Raskreia-sama was invigorated by
her hatred for a nonexistent enemy,
Gejutel K. Landegre : and the clan leaders were unified
in their agreement with her.
Gejutel K. Landegre : I succeeded in disproving the rumor, (0:15:06.62)
Gejutel K. Landegre : but still I held my tongue. (0:15:09.36)
Gejutel K. Landegre : I distorted the truth by telling myself
that this was in Lukedonia's best interests.
Gejutel K. Landegre : I am prepared to offer my life in atonement. (0:15:20.44)
Rozaria : You mean... that was your
intention from the start?
Ludis Mergas : That's why you said that to us in the end... (0:15:28.42)
Ludis Mergas : so that our hearts would remain united
in all things, even after your death?
Gejutel K. Landegre : Now, Lord... (0:15:45.72)
Gejutel K. Landegre : Please deal me your punishment. (0:15:47.71)
Karias Blerster : Wait just a minute! (0:15:55.00)
Regis K. Landegre : I, Regis K. Landegre,
offer a proposal to the lord!
Regis K. Landegre : The sin of a clan leader
falls upon the entire clan.
Regis K. Landegre : If he must be executed now,
please execute me along with him!
Gejutel K. Landegre : Regis... (0:16:11.36)
Karias Blerster : As you can see, the Landegre
men are quite stubborn.
Karias Blerster : He's not going to yield even one step. (0:16:18.88)
Rozaria : That's why you let him talk you
into bringing him here?
Ludis Mergas : Unbelievable. (0:16:25.19)
Karias Blerster : Yeah, maybe. (0:16:26.85)
Karias Blerster : Lord! (0:16:30.18)
Karias Blerster : Frankly, I think Regis is more
of a noble than any of us.
Karias Blerster : If you were to kill such a promising
future clan leader here,
Karias Blerster : you would sully the name of the lord. (0:16:42.19)
Regis K. Landegre : Karias-sama... (0:16:44.17)
Rajak Kertia : I offer the same proposal. (0:16:46.71)
Rajak Kertia : Regis is meant to become a clan leader (0:16:49.32)
Rajak Kertia : and one of the pillars
that support Lukedonia.
Rajak Kertia : Just like my foolish brother Rael... (0:16:55.31)
Rajak Kertia : and Seira, as well. (0:16:57.57)
Rajak Kertia : They are precious pillars that support
noble society and the lord.
Rajak Kertia : You must not kill them. (0:17:04.81)
Rajak Kertia : I hope you will see fit to spare
Gejutel-sama, as well.
Rajak Kertia : Won't you please hear
the wishes of the clan leaders
Rajak Kertia : who revere you from
the bottom of their hearts?
Gejutel K. Landegre : Raskreia-sama... (0:17:39.78)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : When I was lonely, you were by my side. (0:17:42.48)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : You loved me. (0:17:48.27)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : I could... never kill you. (0:17:51.17)
Gejutel K. Landegre : I will serve you until the day I die, Lord. (0:17:58.43)
The Previous Lord : Raskreia... (0:18:16.09)
The Previous Lord : I'm sure Raizel, Gejutel, and all the others (0:18:18.51)
The Previous Lord : are now doing for you what I never could. (0:18:22.79)
The Previous Lord : They all love you dearly... (0:18:29.53)
The Previous Lord : just as I did. (0:18:33.38)
The Previous Lord : Please forgive me for dying
without telling you.
The Previous Lord : If I saw you crying, I'm afraid
it would shake my resolve.
The Previous Lord : Goodbye, Raskreia. Be well. (0:18:45.43)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : That belongs to you, Lord. (0:19:00.88)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Father... (0:19:08.83)
Regis K. Landegre : Have your wounds healed, Number 4? (0:19:21.77)
M-21 : What about you, Number 3? (0:19:24.85)
Regis K. Landegre : I was bored out of my mind waiting
for you guys to heal.
M-21 : Well, thanks for that. (0:19:31.95)
Regis K. Landegre : You have nothing to thank me for! (0:19:33.83)
M-21 : You waited for me, didn't you? (0:19:35.86)
Regis K. Landegre : That's not what I meant! (0:19:37.73)
M-21 : Don't be bashful. (0:19:39.40)
Regis K. Landegre : I'll kill you! (0:19:40.50)
M-21 : Try it. (0:19:41.28)
Regis K. Landegre : I will! (0:19:42.00)
M-21 : Liar. (0:19:43.12)
Takeo : Just proves they're feeling better. (0:19:43.14)
Regis K. Landegre : I can! (0:19:43.98)
M-21 : Can you? (0:19:45.04)
Frankenstein : I'm glad you seem to have recovered. (0:19:46.82)
Tao : Boss! Seira-chan! (0:19:49.27)
Takeo : As you can see, we can move around now. (0:19:51.75)
M-21 : So, what do we do now? (0:19:54.37)
Frankenstein : Preparations to return
to Japan are complete.
Frankenstein : Regis and Seira have received permission
to return with us, as well.
Tao : Really? (0:20:03.55)
Regis K. Landegre : Yes, as a study period to learn about
the world until we reach adulthood.
Takeo : What about him? (0:20:09.87)
Frankenstein : That is something the master
must decide for himself.
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Raizel. (0:20:18.18)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : May I join you? (0:20:20.03)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Of course. (0:20:22.33)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : Will you tell me something? (0:20:29.24)
Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia : What was my father like, in your opinion? (0:20:31.84)
The Previous Lord : Tell me, Raizel... (0:20:39.72)
The Previous Lord : Have you any interest in becoming the lord? (0:20:41.55)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : What brings this on? (0:20:45.32)
The Previous Lord : I just mean if I decide to retire. (0:20:47.58)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : What of Raskreia-sama? (0:20:50.51)
The Previous Lord : Hmm... (0:20:53.23)
The Previous Lord : She's still only a child, though. (0:20:54.56)
The Previous Lord : I'd like you to be a model for her
to follow until she's a little older.
The Previous Lord : Just so you know, being the lord
is harder than you think.
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : It does not appear that way. (0:21:07.70)
The Previous Lord : This isn't such a bad offer
for you, you know.
The Previous Lord : If you're the lord, you'll have
many servants to do your bidding.
The Previous Lord : Someone will always be with you. (0:21:17.38)
The Previous Lord : It must be somewhat better
than being the Noblesse, right?
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : I refuse. (0:21:26.55)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : I will continue to assist you
as the Noblesse.
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Just as I always have. (0:21:35.02)
The Previous Lord : Honestly... You never do
as you're told, do you?
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Your father was nothing
but a proud, doting parent.
Frankenstein : Are you sure about this? (0:22:12.39)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Yes. (0:22:15.23)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : There may come a day when
the power of the Noblesse
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : will no longer be needed in Lukedonia, (0:22:21.33)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : in the new noble society
that the previous lord wished for.
Frankenstein : So long as the great lord is surrounded
by reliable clan leaders, you mean?
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : Franken... (0:22:46.68)
Frankenstein : Yes? (0:22:47.95)
Cadis Etrama di Raizel : When we get home, I want some ramen. (0:22:49.59)
EXTRA : Yes, Master. (0:22:55.99)

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