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Anna Kyoyama : Yoh. (0:00:00.76)
Anna Kyoyama : Starting today, (0:00:01.60)
Anna Kyoyama : you'll attend my special training course.{私のスペシャル修行コースを 実践してもらうわよ} (0:00:03.22)
Anna Kyoyama : So that I can become the first lady of the shaman world.{私をシャーマン界の ファーストレディーにするために} (0:00:06.98)
Morty Oyamada : The hell are you talking about?! (0:00:10.48)
Yoh Asakura : Anna, how did you know I was here? (0:00:12.57)
Anna Kyoyama : Of course I did! (0:00:15.82)
Anna Kyoyama : I'm the girl who was raised by your grandmother Asakura Kino.{私は 葉のばあさま
Anna Kyoyama : The itako Kyouyama Anna, 13 years old. (0:00:21.57)
Anna Kyoyama : My special technique is Kuchiyose.{Kuchi-yose, summoning "living" or "dead" spirits with the intention to talk to them. The person who does it is an Itako. Made up by kuchi, mouth, and yose, collecting or getting it together. The Netflix subs somehow write this in katakana, when there is kanji for it: 口寄せ} (0:00:24.26)
Anna Kyoyama : No matter where I am, even if the spirit has already passed on,{たとえ 私が どこにいたって
たとえ 霊が成仏してたって—}
Anna Kyoyama : I can call spirits from anywhere at anytime and speak to them.{いつでもどこでも 霊を呼べちゃう 話せちゃう} (0:00:30.46)
Anna Kyoyama : If I were to call every spirit from Funbari hill, (0:00:33.73)
Anna Kyoyama : I would be able to know everything about you. (0:00:35.80)
Anna Kyoyama : Am I right? (0:00:39.01)
Yoh Asakura : Indeed... (0:00:40.25)
Anna Kyoyama : Anyway, walking around Tokyo is tiring, isn't it?{(アンナ)それにしても東京って 歩くだけで疲れるのね} (0:00:41.68)
Anna Kyoyama : Hey you, get me some juice.{nee anta sounded like manta XD, glad to have the netflix jap subs} (0:00:45.65)
Morty Oyamada : What? Why me— (0:00:47.39)
Anna Kyoyama : You're pretty noisy. (0:00:50.56)
Anna Kyoyama : Whare are you to Yoh? (0:00:52.56)
Morty Oyamada : What you ask? We're friend... (0:00:54.44)
Anna Kyoyama : Is that so? (0:00:57.34)
Anna Kyoyama : Then you have no choice but to obey me.{でも そんなんじゃ
Morty Oyamada : Huh? (0:01:01.82)
Anna Kyoyama : Because the orders of the future Shaman King's wife are absolute.{だって 未来のシャーマンキングの
妻の命令は 絶対なのだもの}
Morty Oyamada : Yoh-kun! (0:02:45.14)
Morty Oyamada : Then you're from a family that have been shamans for generations,{ええ!? じゃあ葉君ちは
代々続く シャーマン一家で—}
Morty Oyamada : {\4c&HFFFFFF&\3c&HFFFFFF&\t(0, 300, \4c&H000000&\3c&H282846&)}and to keep strong the bloodline, (0:02:52.10)
Morty Oyamada : your parents combined a marriage with another shaman? (0:02:54.03)
Yoh Asakura : {\t(950, 1420, \4c&HFFFFFF&\c&HFFFFFF&\3c&HFFFFFF&)}Yeah. (0:02:57.15)
Yoh Asakura : She's going to do whatever it takes to make me the Shaman King.{あいつ 何がなんでも オイラを
Yoh Asakura : After all, the omnipotent and omnipresent Spirit King...{なんてったって 全知全能の究極の霊 精霊王は—} (0:03:03.15)
Yoh Asakura : It can give his master the power to change the world in whatever they want it to.{その持ち主の望みどおりの 世界を与えてくれるんだからな} (0:03:07.45)
Morty Oyamada : I get it. (0:03:11.77)
Morty Oyamada : So that's what she meant by "first lady".{ファーストレディーって そのことだったのか} (0:03:12.64)
Anna Kyoyama : You're late. (0:03:15.17)
Amidamaru : Yoh-dono! What is going on with this girl...{葉殿〜 一体なんなのでござるか
Yoh Asakura : There was no need to do that!
I already told you I wasn't going to run away!{あのな こんなことしなくったって
Anna Kyoyama : What now? What a big talk for such a small guy. (0:03:25.98)
Yoh Asakura : What did you... (0:03:28.80)
Yoh Asakura : I don't know what this special training course is,{スペシャル修行コースだか なんだか知らないが—} (0:03:30.11)
Yoh Asakura : but I have my own way of doing things, so... (0:03:32.66)
Anna Kyoyama : Do you want to die? (0:03:34.75)
Yoh Asakura : What are you talking about... (0:03:37.31)
Anna Kyoyama : If that Ren guy comes to fight you again,{あの 蓮(レン)てヤツが また襲ってきたら
Anna Kyoyama : the chances that you'll be able to get 100% merge again,{憑依(ひょうい)100パーセント状態に
Anna Kyoyama : are pretty low, you know?{i didn't translate literally because that would sound off to me, she says it the other way around} (0:03:45.46)
Yoh Asakura : H-How do you know about him? (0:03:47.20)
Anna Kyoyama : I told you I heard everything. (0:03:49.41)
Anna Kyoyama : Anyway, you're no match to him for now.{とにかく 今のあんたじゃ
Anna Kyoyama : Not to mention that shamans from all around the world are gathering.{ましてや 世界中から集まる—よりすぐりの シャーマンを前にしたんじゃ—} (0:03:55.58)
Anna Kyoyama : For you, becoming Shaman King, is only a dream.{シャーマンキングになるだなんて 夢物語だわ} (0:03:59.63)
Yoh Asakura : It... It can't be... (0:04:03.30)
Anna Kyoyama : It's true.
Because people are forgetting about spirits,
Anna Kyoyama : they're acting out of greed, and now the world's order has been disrupted.{己の欲のままに動き 世界の秩序が乱された 今—} (0:04:08.80)
Anna Kyoyama : The time has finally come. (0:04:13.24)
Corey : Seeking the Spirit King, shamans from all over the world, (0:04:16.23)
Anna Kyoyama : are gathering to fight to become the Shaman King, savior of the world.{この世界の救世主たるべく シャーマンキングの座を賭けて争う} (0:04:19.96)
Anna Kyoyama : Shaman Fight in Tokyo (0:04:25.22)
Anna Kyoyama : Shaman Fight takes place in the most chaotic place of its time.{シャーマンファイトは—その時代に 最も乱れた場所で行われる} (0:04:28.58)
Anna Kyoyama : Shamans from all over the world have already begun to gather here in Tokyo.{この東京には もう 世界各地から
Anna Kyoyama : Each with their own dear spirits and ideals. (0:04:38.52)
Anna Kyoyama : Yoh. (0:04:43.59)
Yoh Asakura : Yes! (0:04:44.23)
Anna Kyoyama : If you want to survive this battle, (0:04:45.26)
Anna Kyoyama : we'll have to get rid of that pathetic determination of yours.{その やわけた根性から
Anna Kyoyama : Because I aim to be the first lady of the shaman world.{なぜなら 私はシャーマン界の
Anna Kyoyama : And if you're going to be my husband, (0:04:55.27)
Anna Kyoyama : you'll become the Shaman King, no matter what.{意地でもシャーマンキングに なってもらうわよ} (0:04:57.47)
Anna Kyoyama : And don't give me a hard time. (0:05:00.44)
Morty Oyamada : Shaman Fight, Shaman Fight...{(まん太)シャーマンファイト シャーマンファイト...} (0:05:04.94)
Morty Oyamada : As I expected it's not here. (0:05:08.24)
Morty Oyamada : I wonder if there's really such a tournament. (0:05:10.57)
Yoh Asakura : There is. (0:05:13.38)
Morty Oyamada : Yoh-kun! Why all those injuries?! (0:05:15.29)
Yoh Asakura : Anna's special training course... (0:05:18.75)
Morty Oyamada : Yoh-kun! (0:05:21.58)
Yoh Asakura : When Shamans fight, they combine whit a spirit, right?{オイラの場合 自分の体に
Yoh Asakura : So in order to use 100% of a spirit's power,{だから 霊の力を100パーセント
Yoh Asakura : they have to be physically strong, (0:05:31.72)
Yoh Asakura : and have endurance for long fights. (0:05:33.32)
Yoh Asakura : I don't want to remember those hellish days! (0:05:37.31)
Yoh Asakura : It was a relief to get rid of it, (0:05:41.58)
Yoh Asakura : at least when I'm at school... (0:05:43.91)
Anna Kyoyama : Too soft! Today you'll do the light chair all day!{took from manga, literally sit on the air, didn't know this expression} (0:05:46.44)
Yoh Asakura : Yeah. It's always like this. (0:05:49.82)
Morty Oyamada : I see. So it's always like this? (0:05:52.38)
EXTRA : She came from Aomori.
Her name is Kyouyama Anna.{(教師)青森は下北(しもきた)からやってきた
Anna Kyoyama : Nice to meet you. (0:06:02.29)
EXTRA : Nice to meet you! (0:06:03.44)
Morty Oyamada : Poor Yoh-kun, you got no place to rest? (0:06:05.00)
Lee Pailong : You'll have to suffer my wrath! (0:06:14.80)
Yoh Asakura : He's so cool! (0:06:23.56)
Anna Kyoyama : You're being annoying! (0:06:25.60)
Morty Oyamada : After all Lee Pyron is the best. (0:06:28.57)
Morty Oyamada : What's cool about him is that his strength isn't fictional.{特にスゴいのは その強さが
Yoh Asakura : Whaat? Isn't he strong because it's a movie? (0:06:36.20)
Morty Oyamada : What are you saying?! (0:06:38.93)
Morty Oyamada : The kung-fu style he created is the ultimate martial art.{彼のカンフーは 自ら編み出した
Morty Oyamada : It's called Daodando. (0:06:43.37)
Amidamaru : Daodando? (0:06:45.38)
Morty Oyamada : Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate. (0:06:46.50)
Morty Oyamada : It's a mix of martial arts from around the world! It's a style that can kill in one hit!{世界中の格闘技をミックスした 一撃必殺の拳法だよ!} (0:06:49.38)
Morty Oyamada : "Daodando" means missile in Chinese, (0:06:54.05)
Morty Oyamada : and its power is just like it! (0:06:57.09)
Morty Oyamada : But he never got to master the technique, (0:07:00.68)
Morty Oyamada : as he died at the young age of 30 by an unknown death. (0:07:03.78)
Morty Oyamada : His cause of death is unknown to this day. (0:07:06.85)
Morty Oyamada : And the mystery continues with his body disappearing during the funeral.{しかも 葬儀中に
Morty Oyamada : Anyway, that mystery got popularity... and Lee Pyron became a legend.{でも その謎が謎を呼び
Anna Kyoyama : But it's still a bit odd. (0:07:20.12)
Anna Kyoyama : This old movie. (0:07:22.35)
Anna Kyoyama : Who knows why they sent us invitations.{なんで 私たちのところへ
Anna Kyoyama : It doesn't say who sent it. (0:07:27.87)
Jun Tao : He was very strong, right? (0:07:32.12)
Yoh Asakura : Who is it? (0:07:34.47)
Jun Tao : I'm the Taoist, Tao Jun. (0:07:35.87)
Jun Tao : I came here to ask you a favor. (0:07:38.01)
Jun Tao : For the sake of my beloved brother, Ren. (0:07:41.43)
Jun Tao : I was wondering if you could please give me your samurai... (0:07:43.43)
Yoh Asakura : Ren?! (0:07:46.23)
Jun Tao : I don't like trouble. (0:07:47.44)
Jun Tao : If you've seen the movie and know how strong he is, (0:07:49.98)
Jun Tao : we don't need to have unnecessary fights. (0:07:52.52)
Anna Kyoyama : Back off Yoh! That woman's a shaman!{あ... 下がりなさい 葉
その女 シャーマンよ!}
Jun Tao : We Taoist are type of ancient shamans originated in our great China.{道士とは 我が偉大なる中国に
Jun Tao : Our sorcery is possession by these talismans. (0:08:04.28)
Jun Tao : Come on out, my warrior, Lee Pyron! (0:08:07.00)
Morty Oyamada : Lee Pyron? (0:08:14.71)
Morty Oyamada : It's a real body... But how? (0:08:19.13)
Anna Kyoyama : That's a corpse. (0:08:21.47)
Anna Kyoyama : But it's being controlled by that woman via those talismans.{ただし あの女の符によって
Anna Kyoyama : It's a moving corpse doll, a Jiangshi. (0:08:27.16)
Jun Tao : We Taoists put a spirit into its original body, now corpse, to control it.{我ら道士は 自分の持霊(もちれい)を
Jun Tao : In other words, this Jiangshi is the same as the living Lee Pyron.{つまり このキョンシーは
生前の李白竜 そのもの}
Jun Tao : The best corpse weapon ever captured by the Tao clan. (0:08:39.49)
Yoh Asakura : You gotta be kidding me. (0:08:42.80)
Yoh Asakura : Captured? Weapon? (0:08:44.95)
Yoh Asakura : Do you think that way about spirits too? (0:08:47.08)
Morty Oyamada : Yoh-kun? (0:08:49.96)
Jun Tao : You don't need to care about that. Hurry up and give me your samurai spirit.{そんなことはどうでもいい 観念して 侍の霊を渡しなさい} (0:08:51.29)
Yoh Asakura : Shut up! (0:08:55.84)
Yoh Asakura : I'm not going to give him to anyone, and especially not to any of your family{liberately added of your family, as he's talking about Ren and Jun, you can remove it}!{どのみち渡す気はないが お前らには なおさら渡さん!} (0:08:57.20)
Jun Tao : Is that so? I guess there's no choice then. (0:09:02.17)
Jun Tao : Combat Talisman, attach (0:09:04.89)
Jun Tao : Pyron, punish that kid! (0:09:07.50)
Yoh Asakura : Let's do it! (0:09:10.27)
Yoh Asakura : Hyoui-Gattai! Amidamaru! (0:09:11.68)
Yoh Asakura : Wha— (0:09:19.40)
Jun Tao : You should know the power of the legendary Lee Pyron. (0:09:20.61)
Jun Tao : Do you understand? You don't even stand a chance against me.{分かった? あなたでは
Jun Tao : If you still don't want to give me your spirit, (0:09:33.04)
Jun Tao : I'll have to incapacitate you, and take it{also, little notice, as she "uses" spirits and sees them as things, I prefer to make Yoh refer to Amidamaru as "him" and any Jun as "it"}.{それでも霊を渡さないなら 行動不能にして奪うしかない} (0:09:35.28)
Jun Tao : In other words, kill you. (0:09:38.11)
Jun Tao : Come on, be nice and give me— (0:09:40.68)
Yoh Asakura : I said I won't give it to you. (0:09:43.11)
Jun Tao : Really? So you don't mind dying. (0:09:45.56)
Jun Tao : In that case, I'll do this! (0:09:49.96)
Jun Tao : Pyron, attack him until he dies! (0:09:52.77)
Lee Pailong : Daodando Fojan Kick! (0:09:59.69)
Lee Pailong : Zouji Daodan Kick!{(白竜)洲除導弾脚(ゾウジダオダンキャク)!
(葉)がは!}{ICBM Kick!, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Leg/Kick!, Continent Verge Missile Leg/Kick!}
Lee Pailong : Fuuchon Honjajii! (0:10:09.29)
Lee Pailong : Honja Kick! (0:10:11.70)
Yoh Asakura : He's incredibly strong... (0:10:13.60)
Morty Oyamada : Yoh-kun, are you okay?! Open your eyes! (0:10:17.14)
Morty Oyamada : Yoh-kun, unarmed, can't possibly fight Lee Pyron!{丸腰の葉君が李白竜なんかに 敵うわけないじゃないか!} (0:10:20.79)
Morty Oyamada : Lee Pyron was a hero on the side of justice, I admired him...{李白竜は 正義の味方で
Morty Oyamada : But why?! (0:10:29.60)
Anna Kyoyama : I told you, he's being manipulated. (0:10:31.39)
Jun Tao : Ok and? (0:10:34.31)
Jun Tao : Shaman are people who control spirits. (0:10:35.98)
Jun Tao : In my clan, in order to become a great shaman,{我が道家では 偉大なるシャーマンになるため—} (0:10:38.48)
Jun Tao : you are given your own spirit to control from a young age.{幼いころより自分の支配する 持霊を与えられる} (0:10:41.61)
Morty Oyamada : So that means... (0:10:45.61)
Jun Tao : That's right. For my birthday, my parents killed him {him because she's not talking about the spirit but the actual person, when he was alive}for me.{そう 両親が私の誕生日祝いに
Jun Tao : The strongest present ever. (0:10:51.35)
Morty Oyamada : This is too much... (0:10:53.52)
Morty Oyamada : The Pyron I always admired, was killed for such a thing,{僕の憧れの白竜が—そんなことのために 殺されただなんて} (0:10:58.30)
Morty Oyamada : it's too sad! (0:11:02.63)
Jun Tao : Puppets don't have emotions.{フッ 人形は感情など
Yoh Asakura : That's utter bullshit! There's no such thing as spirit without emotions. (0:11:09.08)
Morty Oyamada : You're finally awake! (0:11:12.98)
Yoh Asakura : Me and Amidamaru, (0:11:14.58)
Yoh Asakura : can't lose to someone with an indecisive heart. (0:11:16.56)
Jun Tao : Indecisive? (0:11:20.67)
Yoh Asakura : No matter how many talismans you use, you will never control his heart.{いくら お札で操られていようと
Yoh Asakura : Isn't that right? (0:11:28.18)
Morty Oyamada : Lee Pyron is crying. (0:11:30.43)
Jun Tao : Impossible. Jiangshi have no feelings. (0:11:34.65)
Jun Tao : So why is it... (0:11:37.43)
Jun Tao : Don't tell me... (0:11:39.29)
Jun Tao : This boy's arrival has awakened the dormant emotions of Lee Pyron?!{この少年の出現によって—今まで眠っていた白竜の感情が 呼び起こされたというの!?} (0:11:40.17)
Jun Tao : No, that can't be it. (0:11:46.93)
Jun Tao : What are you doing, Pyron! Hurry up and finish that boy!{何をしているの 白竜
早く トドメを刺すのよ!}
Yoh Asakura : Wait for me... (0:11:54.89)
Yoh Asakura : I'll rip off that talisman,{(白竜)うう... ふん!
Yoh Asakura : and free your soul! (0:11:59.98)
Morty Oyamada : Yoh-kun! (0:12:06.25)
Morty Oyamada : Hey, Anna-san. (0:12:07.70)
Morty Oyamada : Can't you help him somehow with your itako skills? (0:12:09.00)
Anna Kyoyama : I'm not going to help him at all. (0:12:11.43)
Anna Kyoyama : Because this is just one of the tests he'll have to pass to become Shaman King.{だって これは 葉が—シャーマンキングになるための 一つの試練} (0:12:15.36)
Anna Kyoyama : If he's going to get defeated by someone like her, he'll never become one.{この程度の相手に負けてるようじゃ そんなのなれやしない} (0:12:19.85)
Amidamaru : I'm sorry, Yoh-dono. If only I had a something shaped as a sword...{申し訳ない 葉殿
せめて 刀らしい刀があれば...}
Jun Tao : Blaming the weapon for your lack of skills.{(潤)自分の腕の未熟さを 刀のせいにするとは—} (0:12:29.01)
Jun Tao : It's really pathetic. (0:12:34.12)
Morty Oyamada : She's really going to kill him this time.{うう... あの人
Yoh Asakura : Manta. (0:12:43.13)
Morty Oyamada : Wait for me, Yoh-kun! (0:12:46.82)
Morty Oyamada : Something that looks like a sword... I'll find it somehow.{刀らしい刀 なんとか見つけ出してやるからね} (0:12:48.42)
Morty Oyamada : But... (0:12:52.30)
Morty Oyamada : A wooden sword! Finally found someting! (0:12:54.74)
Wooden Sword Rio : Hey, you! (0:12:57.75)
Wooden Sword Rio : What were you planning to do with my wooden sword?{俺の木刀を抱いて どうするつもりなんだ? ああ?} (0:12:59.64)
Morty Oyamada : Wooden Sword Ryuu. (0:13:03.84)
Morty Oyamada : Please lend me this wooden sword! (0:13:17.21)
Wooden Sword Rio : Don't fuck with me!{(竜之介)ざけんじゃねえぞ!
Magnet : There's no way Ryu-san is gonna lend you his wooden sword.{(マッスルパンチ)竜さんが自慢の木刀を 貸すわけねえだろうが} (0:13:24.54)
Morty Oyamada : If I were to run away now, Yoh-kun will be killed.{今 僕が ここで逃げたら
EXTRA : Youkan ? You want some?{(スペースショット)ようかん?
(アパッチ)食いてえのか こら!}
Morty Oyamada : Please, give me the wooden sword! (0:13:35.22)
EXTRA : Shut up! (0:13:37.99)
Morty Oyamada : Please, there isn't much time! (0:13:39.10)
Morty Oyamada : It's truly, a really real {tried to replicate the honto-ni-maji-de yabai, redundant phrasing}problem. (0:13:42.90)
Wooden Sword Rio : I told you to fuck off! (0:13:46.24)
Morty Oyamada : You stupid blockhead! (0:13:48.91)
Morty Oyamada : Time is money . (0:13:52.78)
Morty Oyamada : I'll crush idiots like you with the hammer of my knowledge!{
お前らのようなバカは—僕の知識のハンマーで 打ち砕いてやる〜!}
Jun Tao : What a troubled child, wanting so bad to be killed. (0:14:01.13)
Yoh Asakura : Shut up. Amidamaru would look pityful {not a literal translation, i don't know how to put it into english. "Stai zitta. (Metteri in cattiva luce)Sembrerebbe debole anche Amidamaru se ammettessi la sconfitta.}if I admitted defeat.{うるせえ 負けを認めたら
Jun Tao : It looks like you chose friendship over your life... (0:14:10.52)
Jun Tao : What's so useful about having friends? (0:14:13.82)
Morty Oyamada : For example, they can help getting rid of you.{例えば あんたを
Yoh Asakura : Manta, those injuries! (0:14:21.71)
Morty Oyamada : You saved me before, Yoh-kun. (0:14:24.04)
Morty Oyamada : You're my friend. I need you to do well with this. (0:14:27.46)
Yoh Asakura : What do you think, Amidamaru? (0:14:33.20)
Amidamaru : Manta-dono, your enthusiasm, (0:14:36.22)
Amidamaru : I will repay it with my strongest technique!{この阿弥陀丸 最大の奥義をもって
Jun Tao : Pyron, let's crush that boy and his wooden sword with your missiles!{白竜 お前のミサイルで—薄汚い木刀ごと 打ち砕いてしまえ!} (0:14:42.31)
Yoh Asakura : Let's go! (0:14:47.92)
Jun Tao : W-What?! (0:14:50.32)
Yoh Asakura : Amida-Ryuu: Shinkuu Budda Giri! (0:14:52.37)
Jun Tao : Why aren't them both moving?{Why are them both not moving? idk which sounds better, probably neither} (0:15:01.87)
Anna Kyoyama : It means the fight is over. (0:15:04.43)
Lee Pailong : I-I'm... (0:15:10.86)
Lee Pailong : What the... (0:15:15.79)
Morty Oyamada : Pyron is... (0:15:18.96)
Lee Pailong : Pyron? (0:15:21.79)
Lee Pailong : That's right. My name is Lee Pyron, a movie star. (0:15:23.53)
Lee Pailong : But what have you been doing... (0:15:29.09)
Lee Pailong : What's going on! (0:15:32.38)
Lee Pailong : Why don't I feel pain? (0:15:35.47)
Lee Pailong : Why don't I bleed? (0:15:38.31)
Lee Pailong : What's this chill all over my body? (0:15:40.51)
Lee Pailong : What's wrong with me? What happened? (0:15:43.12)
Jun Tao : It's don't get why you're so agitated. You're already dead!{取り乱すとは見苦しい お前は もう死んでいるのよ!} (0:15:45.52)
Jun Tao : And now you're my corpse doll. (0:15:50.63)
Jun Tao : So you should behave like a corpse, and obey to me, the Taoist, Tao Jun!{死体は死体らしく—この道士 道 潤に
Lee Pailong : The Taoist, Tao Jun... Taoist... (0:15:58.72)
Lee Pailong : Tao Clan! (0:16:06.25)
Lee Pailong : The one who took everything from me! (0:16:07.94)
Jun Tao : Just obey me! (0:16:13.07)
Jun Tao : Is it because of anger that his soul went out of control? (0:16:19.41)
Jun Tao : He's so fast... (0:16:23.79)
Lee Pailong : I'll end the Tao bloodline! (0:16:24.79)
Lee Pailong : What the hell are you doing? (0:16:30.53)
Jun Tao : Why did you... (0:16:35.41)
Yoh Asakura : I understand your anger. (0:16:37.66)
Yoh Asakura : But revenge won't change anything. (0:16:39.97)
Yoh Asakura : You can't change what you've now become. (0:16:42.47)
Yoh Asakura : Then, at least, we should try to find what would make you happy.{なら せめて どうしたら
Jun Tao : W-What a kid. (0:16:50.10)
Amidamaru : He's so angry now, he won't hear anything you say.{今のあいつは怒りのあまり 何も耳に入らないでござるよ} (0:16:58.45)
Yoh Asakura : But, at this rate... (0:17:03.06)
Yoh Asakura : Is there any way to stop him? (0:17:05.37)
Jun Tao : It's impossible. (0:17:08.60)
Yoh Asakura : Wha— (0:17:09.81)
Jun Tao : When you loose control over a Jiangshi, it becomes a soul that cannot be reasoned with.{(潤)制御を失ったキョンシーは 理性も働かない むき出しの魂} (0:17:10.50)
Jun Tao : The only way to stop its rage is to destroy its body.{その怒りの暴走は—肉体を破壊するしか 止める方法はない} (0:17:15.80)
Jun Tao : Nobody can stop Lee Pyron's rage. (0:17:20.98)
Jun Tao : There's nothing we can do. (0:17:24.54)
Anna Kyoyama : Are you giving up already? (0:17:29.21)
Anna Kyoyama : The way you have going about things... (0:17:32.30)
Anna Kyoyama : I don't blame your spirits for defying you. (0:17:34.32)
Jun Tao : My spirit... (0:17:37.71)
Anna Kyoyama : That's right.
So take responsibility and cooperate with us.
Anna Kyoyama : As long as me and Yoh are here, (0:17:45.39)
Anna Kyoyama : it's not all over yet. (0:17:47.62)
Jun Tao : Who the hell... (0:17:50.85)
Anna Kyoyama : There is really nobody here that can defeat Pyron?{あんた 白竜に勝てる
Jun Tao : I heard that Pyron had a master he couldn't match.{確か 白竜には 唯一
Morty Oyamada : The master who taught Pyron the Kung Fu, Shamon!{(まん太)白竜にカンフーを教えた師匠 沙問(シャモン)だよ!} (0:18:04.12)
Jun Tao : But he's already dead. (0:18:08.06)
Morty Oyamada : That's why you can summon him here. (0:18:09.89)
Anna Kyoyama : Well, Yoh did great in battle. (0:18:12.54)
Anna Kyoyama : I think it's time to help him. (0:18:16.35)
Anna Kyoyama : The first is for my father, (0:18:19.59)
Anna Kyoyama : the second is for my mother, (0:18:22.28)
Anna Kyoyama : the third is for my hometown. (0:18:25.12)
Anna Kyoyama : Brothers and sisters, I pray for you. (0:18:27.62)
Anna Kyoyama : If you hear this voice at the ends of the other world, then rise up!{あの世の果てで この声が聞こえたならば立ち上がれ} (0:18:31.23)
Anna Kyoyama : If you hear the sound of this rosary, come here! (0:18:35.03)
Jun Tao : The onibi is taking human form! (0:18:40.74)
Anna Kyoyama : Yoh, you understand the situation, right? (0:18:44.33)
Anna Kyoyama : I'll make you possess Pyron's master! (0:18:47.37)
Yoh Asakura : Amidamaru! Jo-Rei Mode! (0:18:50.10)
Anna Kyoyama : Brace yourself! (0:18:54.10)
Anna Kyoyama : Come, come, come, spirit of Shamon!{下(くだ)りてくれりゃ 下りてくれりゃ
Anna Kyoyama : Itako-Style Hyoui Technique! (0:18:59.28)
Anna Kyoyama : Kuchiyose! (0:19:01.86)
Anna Kyoyama : With this we were able to reverse the situation!{これで一気に形勢逆転よ 思いっきりやりなさい} (0:19:05.47)
Anna Kyoyama : Hyoui-Gattai: Master Shamon! (0:19:09.30)
Yoh Asakura : Eh? Wha'd you say? (0:19:13.46)
Amidamaru : W-What is it this decrepit old man?! (0:19:16.40)
Horo Horo : You didn't call him by mistake right? (0:19:19.31)
Jun Tao : Shamon was 96 years old. (0:19:22.13)
Jun Tao : Normally, spirits appear in the form at the time of their death. (0:19:24.80)
EXTRA : Oh, who do we have here. Aren't you Pyron? (0:19:39.67)
EXTRA : What such a pale face? (0:19:42.69)
EXTRA : Despite the fact that your body is dead, (0:19:50.52)
EXTRA : it seems your heart isn't. (0:19:53.29)
EXTRA : You can't see anything with a mind blinded by anger. (0:20:06.08)
EXTRA : Get rid of your anger, Pyron. (0:20:10.08)
Lee Pailong : My life was taken from me. I lost everything. (0:20:12.61)
Lee Pailong : Why... Why should I not be angry?{どうして... どうして これで
Lee Pailong : No one can stop this anger. (0:20:20.57)
EXTRA : Is it? Then why are you angry? (0:20:23.57)
EXTRA : To lose everything means to lose even your anger.{すべてを失うということは 怒る心さえも失うということ} (0:20:26.53)
EXTRA : Isn't there one thing that hasn't been taken from you?{お前には ただ一つ—奪われていないものが あるのではないか?} (0:20:31.94)
EXTRA : For example the dream of mastering Daodando. (0:20:36.83)
Lee Pailong : Shut up! (0:20:39.92)
EXTRA : A fist without heart can be deflected by anyone.{(葉・沙問)心がむき出しの拳は 誰にでもよけられる} (0:20:43.28)
EXTRA : To be a martial artist you must be willling to kill your heart. If you do, you'll see the right path.{だが 己を殺せば
EXTRA : Foolish Pyron that lost his way, (0:20:53.84)
EXTRA : if you can't kill your angered heart... (0:20:56.85)
EXTRA : I'll be the one to show you the way. (0:21:00.64)
EXTRA : Eijuuken-Ougi (0:21:05.01)
EXTRA : Soujuuken! (0:21:07.47)
Jun Tao : Pyron! (0:21:12.66)
Jun Tao : Pyron... My Pyron. (0:21:16.85)
Jun Tao : A Hitodama. (0:21:22.69)
Anna Kyoyama : The curse has been broken. (0:21:24.37)
Anna Kyoyama : Look, his spirit is returning to his original form.{ほら 白竜の霊魂が
Lee Pailong : Master. (0:21:32.83)
EXTRA : What a carefree face, you stupid pupil. (0:21:35.22)
EXTRA : Moreover, I'm glad you're back to normal. (0:21:39.31)
EXTRA : It's been a while, Pyron. (0:21:43.00)
Lee Pailong : I'm deeply sorry, Master. (0:21:45.88)
Lee Pailong : I'm deeply sorry for the trouble— (0:21:48.28)
EXTRA : If you want to thank someone, you'd better thank that boy. (0:21:51.78)
EXTRA : He was possessed by me to save you.{あの少年は お前を救うために
EXTRA : To protect your dream, and everyone's dreams. (0:21:59.04)
Lee Pailong : Dreams. (0:22:02.73)
EXTRA : Your daodando is not just for yourself, it's for saving everybody.{導弾道は 己のためではなく
EXTRA : That's why people all over the world love you and you became a hero.{だからこそ 世界中の人々に愛され
お前は ヒーローになった}
EXTRA : They too didn't want to see you like that.{彼らも お前の
EXTRA : That's why they worked so hard. (0:22:18.69)
EXTRA : Your daodando lives on in the hearts of all of us.{お前の導弾道は 皆の心の中に生き続けている} (0:22:21.23)
EXTRA : Aren't you grateful, Pyron? (0:22:26.32)
Lee Pailong : Yes. (0:22:29.59)
Anna Kyoyama : Where are you going? (0:22:32.76)
Jun Tao : Even though he was my own spirit, (0:22:35.22)
Jun Tao : I really didn't know anything about Pyron.{私は白竜のことなど 何も理解していなかった} (0:22:37.49)
Jun Tao : I still don't really know, but (0:22:41.38)
Jun Tao : I can tell you this. (0:22:44.38)
Jun Tao : I've completely lost. (0:22:46.67)
Jun Tao : He's quite impressive, that boy. (0:22:49.13)
Jun Tao : Asakura Yoh. (0:22:51.96)
Anna Kyoyama : Of course he is. (0:22:53.46)
Anna Kyoyama : Yoh's the man who's going to be my husband. (0:22:55.20)
Jun Tao : Husband? (0:22:58.35)
Jun Tao : Anyway I don't have the right to cage my spirit like that.{まあ どのみち私には
Jun Tao : Pyron, this is a goodbye. (0:23:04.96)
EXTRA : Well... (0:23:07.55)
EXTRA : Shall we go to the next world? (0:23:08.80)
Lee Pailong : No, I can't go to the next world yet. (0:23:11.88)
Lee Pailong : I'm pursuing my dream of mastering daodando. (0:23:16.00)
Lee Pailong : And I prefer my own body for that, (0:23:18.87)
Lee Pailong : and if i can use the immortal corpse of a Jiangshi,{しかも キョンシーという
Lee Pailong : I could achieve even higher goals. (0:23:24.37)
Lee Pailong : It's as that boy said. (0:23:26.95)
Lee Pailong : Tao Jun! (0:23:30.28)
Lee Pailong : From now on, I'll keep my eyes on the right path.{俺は これから
Jun Tao : Pyron. (0:23:38.54)
Jun Tao : Obviously without any talismans, right? (0:23:41.50)
Yoh Asakura : Next time, “Best Place” (0:23:46.58)

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