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Morty Oyamada : Good morning. (0:00:00.94)
Morty Oyamada : It smells good! (0:00:02.36)
Anna Kyoyama : You woke up late.{there's no TLC here, just check every line this time, lots of TL was questionable for this episode, lots of lines were marked} (0:00:04.53)
Morty Oyamada : What? Anna-san is cooking breakfast?! (0:00:06.11)
Morty Oyamada : What are you trying to say? Also, this guy made it. (0:00:09.53)
Wooden Sword Rio : Good morning, Lord Yoh.{(竜之介(りゅうのすけ))おはようございます 葉の旦那} (0:00:12.95)
Amidamaru : W-Wooden Sword Ryuu!{(まん太)ぼ...(阿弥陀丸(あみだまる))木刀の竜!} (0:00:15.54)
Yoh Asakura : Why are you— (0:00:17.50)
Wooden Sword Rio : Lady Anna informed me of what happened. (0:00:19.42)
Wooden Sword Rio : I was possessed by a spirit and fainted, and you saved me Lord.{霊に取り憑(つ)かれ 気絶した俺を葉の旦那が止めてくれたとか} (0:00:22.54)
Yoh Asakura : Moreover, how are you so energetic?{ていうか なんで お前そんなにピンピンしてんだよ} (0:00:26.67)
Yoh Asakura : A normal person shouldn't be able to move for a week from possession exhaustion.{普通の人間なら憑依(ひょうい)疲れで1週間は動けないはずなのに} (0:00:30.22)
Anna Kyoyama : It seems that he awakened his powers after the incident with Tokageroh.{こいつ あろうことか蜥蜴郎(とかげろう)の一件で—力に目覚めちゃったみたい} (0:00:34.72)
Yoh Asakura : Don't tell me... (0:00:39.27)
Anna Kyoyama : It's the shaman power. (0:00:40.98)
Morty Oyamada : What?! (0:00:42.56)
Amidamaru : Then, that means you can see me? (0:00:43.65)
Wooden Sword Rio : Of course! (0:00:46.11)
Wooden Sword Rio : Ever since I was born into this world, (0:00:47.61)
Wooden Sword Rio : I've been searching for my fated place. (0:00:50.49)
Wooden Sword Rio : But for the first time, I feel like I've finally found a place where I belong.{でも 今 初めて自分の居場所を—見つけたような 気がしたんすよ} (0:00:52.99)
Wooden Sword Rio : Lord, Lady. Please allow me
to work here as an innkeeper!{旦那 女将 是非 この俺を—この民宿の板前として 働かせてください!}{Original sentence: Lord Lady, please allow me to work here as an innkeeper! Lord lady? wth lol}
Amidamaru : What? Hmm... (0:01:04.17)
Anna Kyoyama : Being a beautiful landlady doesn't sound too bad.{lmfao yes i wanted to meme, the subs stay in her "immagination bubble" when they dezoom, also clipped yoh's face } (0:01:09.01)
Anna Kyoyama : You really don't remember. (0:02:50.57)
Anna Kyoyama : I summoned Mosuke with
my itako technique,{イタコの術で 喪助(もすけ)の霊を呼び出して—}
Anna Kyoyama : and forced him to possess
you to fix the sword again.
Mosuke : Amidamaru, how dare you break one of my swords again?{(喪助)阿弥陀丸 てめえ よくもまた俺の刀を折ってくれたな} (0:02:58.24)
Mosuke : You stupid bastard! (0:03:03.87)
Amidamaru : What? You're the one who kept me waiting for 600 years!{なにを! てめえこそ600年も俺を待たせやがって!} (0:03:05.58)
Amidamaru : You lazy bastard! (0:03:09.13)
Mosuke : I missed you, Amidamaru. (0:03:14.84)
Amidamaru : It's been a long time, Mosuke. (0:03:17.84)
Yoh Asakura : Hyoui-Gattai! (0:03:22.01)
Amidamaru : Log Cutting! (0:03:26.31)
Anna Kyoyama : It took you 0.3 seconds to merge, not bad. (0:03:29.40)
Wooden Sword Rio : All right, keep your eyes focused on the promising rookie shaman who'll be next.{(竜之介)よ〜し 次は期待のルーキーシャーマンの俺さまがやってみせる} (0:03:32.61)
Wooden Sword Rio : Here we go! Hyoui-Gattai, Master Amidamaru! (0:03:37.15)
Anna Kyoyama : You're an idiot. There's a difference between merging and being possessed. (0:03:42.37)
Anna Kyoyama : You're hindering training, hurry and get out of here. (0:03:45.75)
Wooden Sword Rio : I was hoping I could do something
to help the Lord and Master.{(竜之介)俺は せめて 何か旦那と師匠のお役に立てればと...}{is it lord or master, he's using both. Is he referring to Yoh and Anna? Like Lady and Lord?}
Morty Oyamada : You can't do that all of a sudden. (0:03:54.05)
Wooden Sword Rio : What happened? (0:03:58.88)
Morty Oyamada : Now that I think about it, Yoh-kun always kept looking at the stars.{そういえば 葉君いつも星を見てたなと思って} (0:03:59.97)
Wooden Sword Rio : Stars? Well yeah, you can see a lot of stars today. (0:04:04.27)
Morty Oyamada : You know they say you can determine people's destiny from them,{(まん太)星ってさ よく人の運命を示すっていうけど—} (0:04:08.48)
Morty Oyamada : so Maybe Yoh-kun also saw some sign from the stars,{もしかしたら 葉君は星からのメッセージを聞くことで—} (0:04:12.57)
Morty Oyamada : and received some kind of special power. (0:04:16.53)
Wooden Sword Rio : Oh I see, there's still this option left! (0:04:20.24)
Wooden Sword Rio : Oh Stars! Please, give me strength!{Oh Stars! Please, grant me the power!≻Oh Stars! Please, give me strength!} (0:04:25.41)
Morty Oyamada : As if that would happen! (0:04:28.50)
Yoh Asakura : That's the legendary star
we were waiting for Ragoh.{あれが オイラたちが待ち続けた伝説の星 ラゴウ}
Anna Kyoyama : It's a mysterious star that symbolizes doom in esotericism.{(アンナ)密教の伝承にある 破滅の象徴とされる謎の星} (0:04:39.22)
Anna Kyoyama : It's said to come once every 500 years along with her twin Keito, (0:04:43.22)
Anna Kyoyama : bringing disaster with it. (0:04:46.89)
Yoh Asakura : But each time there has been a savior who turned the Great Destruction into the Great Rebirth.{だが そのたびに大いなる破壊を大いなる再生へと変える 救世主が現れる} (0:04:49.48)
Anna Kyoyama : And that savior is... (0:04:55.69)
Yoh Asakura : The Shaman King. (0:04:58.07)
Morty Oyamada : These two stars will circle the Earth. (0:05:00.20)
Morty Oyamada : Telling shaman all over the world that the time has come. (0:05:02.91)
Morty Oyamada : It is now the time for the Great Rebirth. (0:05:06.29)
Jun Tao : A frightening star. (0:05:09.25)
Jun Tao : It's almost time for the battle to determine the Shaman King.{やはり 来てしまったシャーマンの王を決める戦い—} (0:05:11.75)
Jun Tao : The star that signals the official start of the Shaman Fight. (0:05:16.59)
Ren Tao : What are you so afraid of? (0:05:20.67)
Ren Tao : It's as if their dazzling light
is giving me their blessing{まばゆい光 まるで祝福しているようではないか}
Ren Tao : to acknowledge me as the Shaman King. (0:05:28.06)
Jun Tao : Yes. (0:05:31.94)
Goldva : {\t(5500,6170,\1a&HFF&\3a&HFF&\4a&HFF&)}When the two stars meet, our king will rise again.{(ゴルドバ)大地に久しく 2つの星が出会うとき我らが王は蘇(よみがえ)る} (0:05:35.11)
Goldva : To guide us on the right path. (0:05:41.28)
Goldva : To keep us from straying
from the circle of all matters.{circle of all things? kinda vague, I think this is right TL, just double checking here}
Goldva : The circle that connects the stars, the Earth, and mankind has accepted the time of regeneration.{星と大地と我らを結ぶサークルは 今 新たなる再生の時を迎えた} (0:05:47.28)
Goldva : And it is our destiny as the Patch Tribe to keep watch and make sure all goes well. (0:05:54.04)
Goldva : Silva. (0:05:58.38)
Yoh Asakura : Shit. (0:06:04.93)
Yoh Asakura : Who cares if that comet signals the beginning of the Shaman Fight?{シャーマンファイトの 開幕を告げる星だからってよ} (0:06:06.22)
Yoh Asakura : She didn't have to triple my training. (0:06:10.31)
Morty Oyamada : By the way, when and where does the Shaman Fight start?{ところでさ シャーマンファイトっていつ どこで始まるの?} (0:06:13.73)
Yoh Asakura : I don't know anything, except that it's somewhere in Tokyo.{それが 東京でやるってこと以外分かんねえんだよ} (0:06:17.86)
Morty Oyamada : Oh, I get it. (0:06:21.74)
Silva : Is something troubling you, young boy?{(シルバ)ハッハッハ 何か悩みがあるのか? 少年} (0:06:25.32)
Silva : That means you're confused{about the path you should take, ie you've lost track of the right path to follow}. (0:06:27.32)
Silva : At times like this, you should empty your mind and listen to the stars and Earth.{そんなときは心を空(から)にして星と大地の声に耳を傾ければいい} (0:06:30.58)
Silva : Only then will your spirit find the road you should follow.{さすれば お前の魂は進むべき道を見つけられるであろう} (0:06:35.79)
Amidamaru : Who is this guy? (0:06:40.92)
Silva : Now, (0:06:42.51)
Silva : there is a nice Native American ornament to help you with that.{それを手助けしてくれるのがこのナイスな ネイティブアクセサリー} (0:06:45.34)
Silva : It's discounted for now! (0:06:49.10)
Yoh Asakura : A street vendor? (0:06:50.64)
Morty Oyamada : Only that? Let's go, Yoh-kun. (0:06:52.02)
Yoh Asakura : Oh. (0:06:54.94)
Silva : I've met someone interesting already.{いきなり おもしろいヤツに会っちまったもんだな} (0:06:59.23)
Silva : Silver Wing. (0:07:02.32)
EXTRA : Not that interesting though. (0:07:05.49)
EXTRA : He's only got a mere human spirit with him, nothing more. (0:07:07.70)
Yoh Asakura : After all, this is the best place to relax. (0:07:14.54)
Yoh Asakura : What's wrong? You seem worried.{sorry, from this point on i might have been drunk, wish me luck. sorry Mysteria.} (0:07:18.92)
Amidamaru : No, (0:07:21.38)
Amidamaru : it's just that I'm worried about the Shaman Fight.{いや 拙者 そのシャーマンファイトとやらのことが気になって} (0:07:22.55)
Yoh Asakura : Oh, why are you even worried? (0:07:25.97)
Amidamaru : Yoh-dono has become really strong. (0:07:28.68)
Amidamaru : Your merging is not only faster, (0:07:31.39)
Amidamaru : but you become even stronger afterwards. (0:07:34.06)
Amidamaru : But as a spirit I can't become stronger.{だが 霊である拙者はこれ以上強くなることはない} (0:07:37.39)
Amidamaru : I don't know if I can help you win the Shaman Fight.{シャーマンファイトを 勝ち抜いていけるかどうか} (0:07:41.02)
Amidamaru : That's why I'm so nervous. (0:07:43.98)
Yoh Asakura : What? It's just that? (0:07:46.24)
Amidamaru : How can you say that?! (0:07:47.99)
Yoh Asakura : But it doesn't matter if
I worry about it now, right?{だって そんなの今 心配したってしょうがねえだろ}
Amidamaru : Yo—Yoh-dono, aren't
you being a little too naïve?{よ... 葉殿は 少々考えが甘いのではござらんか?}
Yoh Asakura : "It'll be fine if we walk the right path." (0:07:58.29)
Yoh Asakura : Yes, I might indeed be very easygoing, (0:08:00.79)
Yoh Asakura : but rather than fearing about what happens in the future,{でも 何が起こるか分かんねえ先のことに怯(おび)えるよりも—} (0:08:04.13)
Yoh Asakura : I think grasping the present
is much more important.{今 何が大事かってことのほうがよっぽど重要な気がする}
Yoh Asakura : That's how I feel right now. (0:08:13.72)
Amidamaru : Yoh-dono... (0:08:17.06)
Yoh Asakura : Don't worry. (0:08:18.06)
Yoh Asakura : Amidamaru, you're strong.
I'm sure it'll all work out.{お前は強いよ 阿弥陀丸きっと なんとかなるって}
Amidamaru : "It'll all work out." (0:08:23.90)
Amidamaru : You're right, there's no point in worrying about the future.{確かに 先のことばかり恐れていても仕方がない} (0:08:26.07)
Amidamaru : In fact, it's those who worry about the future, that are weaker and more fragile when the time comes.{むしろ あれこれ詮索して生きる者ほどいざというとき 弱く脆(もろ)いものだ} (0:08:29.45)
Amidamaru : Perhaps it's this flexible mind of yours, Yoh-dono... (0:08:34.41)
Silva : I see. (0:08:39.79)
Silva : So this is where you found your spirit.{それが 君の見つけた魂のありかたというわけだ} (0:08:40.87)
Silva : Very nice. (0:08:45.17)
Yoh Asakura : You're the street vendor from this morning! (0:08:46.59)
Silva : Yo! (0:08:49.13)
Yoh Asakura : What are you doing here? (0:08:50.55)
Silva : I'm sorry, but I've been following you two. (0:08:52.76)
Silva : I'm Silva of the Patch Tribe. (0:08:58.18)
Silva : An official of the Shaman Fight. (0:09:00.81)
Yoh Asakura : Those spirits... (0:09:03.48)
Yoh Asakura : They seem to be animal spirits,
but there's something wrong.
Silva : They are spirits who have evolved by refining their souls for 500 years. (0:09:08.32)
Silva : They will help me test your eligibility for the Shaman Fight.{君のシャーマンファイト 参加資格をテストしてくれる—} (0:09:12.82)
Silva : These are my best spirits. (0:09:16.12)
Yoh Asakura : T-Test you say? (0:09:18.79)
Silva : Yes. Since immemorial time, we Patch tribe (0:09:20.37)
Silva : have presided over the Shaman Fights.{シャーマンファイトを 取り仕切ってきた一族} (0:09:24.00)
Silva : The rules are simple. (0:09:26.80)
Silva : All you have to do is deliver
one damaging blow to me.{君は このシルバにただ一撃 ダメージを与えればいい}
Silva : If you do that Asakura Yoh,{Then, Asakura Yoh? This really makes no sense regret doing this so late} (0:09:33.22)
Silva : you'll be eligible to participate in the Shaman Fight.{君は シャーマンファイト参加の資格を得られるであろう} (0:09:34.97)
Yoh Asakura : I've never heard of such a thing! (0:09:38.56)
Yoh Asakura : And how do you know about me? (0:09:40.73)
Silva : The Great Spirit knows everything.{グレートスピリッツは 何もかも知っておいでだ} (0:09:43.52)
Yoh Asakura : Great Spirit? (0:09:46.86)
Silva : Woah there. You don't have the right to know any more than this yet.{おっと これ以上のことはまだ知る権利はない} (0:09:48.32)
Silva : Only those who pass this test are allowed to.{知っていいのは このテストに合格した者のみだ} (0:09:52.28)
Yoh Asakura : What? (0:09:54.95)
Silva : The time limit is 10 minutes.
You only have one chance.
Silva : If you miss it, it'll be another 500 years
before your next chance, young boy.
Yoh Asakura : Interesting. I'll be taking this test of yours. (0:10:05.21)
Yoh Asakura : Amidamaru, Hitodama Mode! (0:10:08.25)
Yoh Asakura : Let's show them what we're made of.{Why is subbing drunk so much better? I did TS while being sober and I could've done a much better job drunk now but it's late}{オイラたちの力を 見せつけてやろうじゃないか}{Mysteria: Dude, no. So much shit is wrong. This is like episode 2, HOLY SHIT! All the sentences are reversed. This is hell to edit. God save my soul from editing damnation.} (0:10:12.93)
Yoh Asakura : Amidamaru. (0:10:16.14)
Amidamaru : As you wish! (0:10:17.26)
Yoh Asakura : For the record, this is a real sword.{I'm being serious but kocchi hmm i think he's referring to his sword. also, as a side note, i'm having an headache for being drunk. fuuuuuck me of the past, expecially you from line 158} (0:10:18.18)
Yoh Asakura : Don't cry if you get hurt. (0:10:20.68)
Silva : You cannot hurt me. (0:10:22.52)
Yoh Asakura : You're very confident. (0:10:25.56)
Yoh Asakura : But don't say that until you've seen what Amidamaru can do!{でも そんなセリフはな阿弥陀丸の実力を見てから言え!} (0:10:27.36)
Yoh Asakura : Shinkuu Buddha Giri!{Vacuum budda style opr some shit like that i don't remember anymore maybe mysteria is right} (0:10:32.57)
Yoh Asakura : That didn't seem to work. Then what about— (0:10:39.58)
Silva : You can't defeat me with
a possessive combination.
Yoh Asakura : T-This is... (0:10:47.58)
Yoh Asakura : He's using the turtle from before as a shield! (0:10:50.09)
Silva : That's right. I'm using the Turtle Sacred Soul, Silver Shield.{そのとおり 彼はカメの精霊シルバーシールド} (0:10:53.17)
Silva : Let me introduce you to the other spirits that will protect me.{for no reason at all. also, google Limoncello, shit's great, idk if you have that in USA}{さらに 私を守ってくれる精霊たちを紹介しよう} (0:10:58.80)
Silva : Silver Horn. (0:11:03.60)
Silva : Silver Tail, go. (0:11:07.86)
Silva : Silver Rod, help him. (0:11:11.11)
Yoh Asakura : W-What's going on? (0:11:19.16)
Yoh Asakura : How can a spirit block swords, run, grab, and interact with the real world?!{なんで 霊が刀を防いだり走ったり つかんだり物に触ることができんだ!} (0:11:21.33)
Silva : It's because I'm using my power
to solidify the Sacred Souls{it's not exactly what he's saying but they're explaining this so shittly i might as well do it myself}.
Silva : That's the true power of a shaman...{(シルバ)それをなす力こそ シャーマンの能力値—} (0:11:32.92)
Yoh Asakura : Furyoku? (0:11:37.63)
Yoh Asakura : Furyoku? (0:11:50.65)
Silva : I'm using furyoku to give form to these Sacred Souls within these rings.{私は その巫力を用い—この5つのリングに 封じた精霊たちを—} (0:11:52.44)
Silva : I'm just giving them shape. (0:11:58.74)
EXTRA : What do you think?
Are you surprised, kiddo?
EXTRA : As long as we're here, you ain't even gonna think about touching Silva.{俺たちがいる限り シルバには指一本触れさせねえぜ} (0:12:03.37)
EXTRA : Now give it up, go home, take a dump, and get some sleep. (0:12:07.08)
Yoh Asakura : That bird is talking! (0:12:09.92)
Silva : I'm not here to test your samurai abilities, (0:12:11.88)
Silva : I'm here to test your power as a shaman. (0:12:14.76)
Yoh Asakura : My power as a shaman... (0:12:17.67)
Silva : Born from furyoku, they are immune to all physical attacks.{(シルバ)巫力で生まれた彼らに あらゆる物理的攻撃は通用しない} (0:12:20.80)
Silva : The only thing that can defeat them is your furyoku. (0:12:25.93)
Silva : Use your intelligence, young boy. (0:12:30.31)
Yoh Asakura : Intelligence? (0:12:32.23)
Silva : All right, now all you have left to do is (0:12:33.69)
Silva : use your wits and find another way to use your furyoku.{唯一 知恵を絞り巫力の別の使いかたを見つけること} (0:12:36.99)
Yoh Asakura : But this is the first time I've heard of furyoku before. (0:12:42.07)
Silva : If you know the answer, I'd call it knowledge, not intelligence.{答えを知ってるなら それは知識であって 知恵ではない} (0:12:45.70)
Silva : Wisdom is the power to create something out of nothing. (0:12:49.71)
Silva : In other words, the light to see new possibilities in this world. (0:12:54.13)
Silva : The power that the Shaman King needs most,{シャーマンキングにとって 最も必要な力こそが—} (0:12:58.09)
Silva : is intelligence, you know? (0:13:01.43)
Amidamaru : What are you going to do, Yoh-dono? (0:13:03.26)
Yoh Asakura : Physical attacks are futile against Sacred Souls. (0:13:05.72)
Yoh Asakura : Because they're not objects, but spirits. (0:13:09.43)
Amidamaru : Oh, so you have a plan, don't you? (0:13:12.02)
Yoh Asakura : In other words, it means we should just hit him with spirits too.{てことは こっちもヤツに霊をぶつければいいってわけだ} (0:13:15.73)
Amidamaru : Eh? (0:13:20.36)
Yoh Asakura : Hitodama Fastball!{as it's just a meme and not a real attack, i will translate these attacks in these occasions} (0:13:21.74)
Yoh Asakura : What?! He went right through him?! (0:13:25.74)
Silva : Of course, he's only a spirit. (0:13:28.41)
Yoh Asakura : Ah, I get it. (0:13:30.33)
Amidamaru : "I get it" what?! (0:13:31.46)
Amidamaru : Throwing me at him out of the blue is too much! (0:13:33.17)
Yoh Asakura : All right. (0:13:35.38)
Yoh Asakura : I am God and Law, flawlessly born and kept, leader of men, savior of worlds!{じきえぶつ とうがんしゅじょうたいげだいどう ほつむじょうい} (0:13:36.75)
Amidamaru : T-This is... (0:13:40.76)
Yoh Asakura : This is a prayer attack taught
by nothing less than Anna!
Silva : What's this muttering you're calling a spell? (0:13:46.64)
Amidamaru : Yoh-kun save me... (0:13:48.81)
Yoh Asakura : That spell is sending Amidamaru
to the heavens instead!
Silva : You're a trippy guy. (0:13:56.27)
Silva : What are you going to do next? (0:13:57.77)
Yoh Asakura : Shit. What the hell am I supposed to do? (0:14:00.24)
EXTRA : I knew this guy was a no-go. (0:14:03.53)
EXTRA : Let's get the hell out of here. (0:14:05.78)
EXTRA : Since we're here, let's see what happens. (0:14:08.33)
EXTRA : I don't have time to waste on losers like him.{(テイル)いや こんな雑魚に付き合ってる暇はねえ} (0:14:10.91)
EXTRA : I... I... (0:14:13.79)
Yoh Asakura : Damn it. How the hell does Silva materialize them?{クソ シルバは一体どうやってこいつらを具現化してるんだ} (0:14:16.50)
Yoh Asakura : That bird. If you look closely, you can see it's connected to a feather on Silva's head.{あ... あの鳥 よく見るとシルバの頭の羽根から...} (0:14:22.13)
Yoh Asakura : And it's not just the bird. (0:14:26.35)
Yoh Asakura : They're all on Silva's dress. (0:14:28.39)
Yoh Asakura : They're connected with a part of the animal. (0:14:31.31)
Yoh Asakura : No way. That's how you materialize spirits.. (0:14:34.44)
Silva : Is it over yet, young boy? (0:14:38.48)
Yoh Asakura : No, I have something up my sleeve. (0:14:40.78)
Yoh Asakura : I don't know exactly, but I have to try.{よく分んねえけどな でも やってみるしかねえだろ} (0:14:43.45)
Amidamaru : I'll give it a try. (0:14:47.82)
Yoh Asakura : I thought about it after I saw Silva. (0:14:49.20)
Yoh Asakura : After all, a shaman is only as good as his spirits.{やっぱり シャーマンは霊と共にあってこその存在だってな} (0:14:51.83)
Yoh Asakura : Can you help me again, Amidamaru? (0:14:56.92)
Amidamaru : Yoh-dono, of course I will! (0:15:00.71)
Yoh Asakura : All right then, here we go! Hyoui-Gattai! (0:15:04.26)
EXTRA : I told you merging doesn't work with me! (0:15:08.76)
Silva : It seems he's noticed. (0:15:11.85)
EXTRA : What? Ah, that is— (0:15:13.85)
Yoh Asakura : Hyoui-Gattai! Amidamaru in Harusame! (0:15:17.85)
EXTRA : This light... (0:15:22.28)
Silva : You're right, Asakura Yoh. (0:15:23.86)
Silva : My spirits use these five items as a medium,{私の精霊たちは 5つのアイテムを媒介として—} (0:15:26.36)
Silva : to have them materialize in this world. (0:15:29.87)
Silva : For the eagle, it's the feather for flight. (0:15:31.74)
Silva : For the turtle, it's the shell that protects it from enemies. (0:15:33.87)
Silva : The anchor must be a
symbol of the spirit's ability.{媒介は その霊の能力のシンボルでなければならない}
Silva : So for the samurai, the symbol was... (0:15:40.92)
Silva : His sword. (0:15:43.88)
Silva : Behold, Silver Wing. (0:15:46.30)
Silva : That's Asakura Yoh's new battle style. (0:15:48.18)
Silva : The Over Soul. (0:15:54.81)
Silva : Realistically, it's impossible to combine a soul and an object. (0:15:59.90)
Silva : But if you try to force it, the spirit will overflow from the object,{それを無理にやろうとすれば 霊は その物体からあふれ出す} (0:16:03.53)
Silva : and that overflowing soul (0:16:07.65)
Silva : will become the Over Soul, solidified by furyoku.{オーバーソウルを具現化するのが 巫力なのだよ} (0:16:09.20)
Silva : That was true wisdom, Asakura Yoh. (0:16:13.08)
Silva : Now we're finally on equal footing. (0:16:16.87)
Yoh Asakura : Now it's time to get down to business, Silva. (0:16:19.75)
Anna Kyoyama : You're late. Damn it, Yoh. (0:16:23.92)
Anna Kyoyama : I wonder where he's wandering around at this hour, not having cooked dinner!{こんな時間まで晩ご飯も作らず どこ ほっつき歩いてんのかしら!} (0:16:26.84)
Morty Oyamada : But that doesn't mean you have to call me! (0:16:30.43)
Morty Oyamada : You know, after all that hard training, (0:16:33.26)
Morty Oyamada : wouldn't you want to run away too? (0:16:36.27)
Anna Kyoyama : Yoh won't run away. (0:16:39.56)
Anna Kyoyama : Because I... (0:16:41.61)
Anna Kyoyama : I believe that Yoh will become the Shaman King. (0:16:43.94)
Yoh Asakura : Let's do it quickly. (0:16:49.95)
Silva : Don't be so hasty. (0:16:51.66)
Silva : I told you the test would be
decided with just one blow.
Yoh Asakura : What? (0:16:57.58)
Silva : Here we go, Seirei-Gattai! (0:16:59.37)
Silva : Complete! Totem Pole Cannon! (0:17:07.67)
Yoh Asakura : T-Totem Pole Cannon? (0:17:10.93)
Silva : It combines the power of
the five Sacred Souls into one.
Silva : It's another form of Over Soul.{エネルギー弾を打ち出す オーバーソウルの別形態である} (0:17:17.22)
Silva : If your furyoku
actually surpasses mine,
Silva : you will be able to kill all my spirits in one blow.{一度に 私の精霊たちを打ち破ることができるだろう} (0:17:23.73)
Silva : But on the other hand, if your furyoku
is too low, you'll get a direct hit.{だが 逆に合格に値しない巫力ならば直撃を受け—}
Silva : And you will die. (0:17:32.78)
Silva : This is the actual meaning behind its name.{(シルバ)まさに トーテムポールの意味どおり—} (0:17:36.37)
Silva : This will be your tombstone. (0:17:39.08)
Silva : Life or death. (0:17:41.71)
Silva : If you still want to be the
Shaman King, then go for it.{それでもシャーマンキングに なりたいというなら挑むがいい}
Silva : There's nothing else left for you to do. (0:17:47.71)
Yoh Asakura : If you win, you pass. If you lose, you die. (0:17:50.76)
Morty Oyamada : Anna-san, you say you believe in Yoh but—{(まん太)でもさ アンナさんは信じてるっていうけど—} (0:17:55.01)
Morty Oyamada : Do you really want him to be the Shaman King?{葉君 本気でシャーマンキングになるつもりあるのかな} (0:17:58.01)
Anna Kyoyama : Why not? (0:18:02.02)
Morty Oyamada : Because he's always so
laid back and easygoing, right?{だって 葉君て いつものんびりしてて ゆるいでしょ?}
Morty Oyamada : I don't think he's cut
out for tough stuff like that.{どうも そういうハードなことは向いてないと思うんだけどな}
Anna Kyoyama : You don't understand anything.{(まん太)フッ あんたはなんにも分かっちゃいないのよ} (0:18:11.07)
Morty Oyamada : You're the one who doesn't understand anything! (0:18:14.91)
Morty Oyamada : You're just forcing Yoh-kun to do it.{君は 葉君を無理矢理そうさせているだけなんだ} (0:18:17.16)
Morty Oyamada : Besides, once Yoh-kun has
become the Shaman King,
Morty Oyamada : what should he do? (0:18:22.25)
Anna Kyoyama : Well, he said he doesn't
want to work and just relax.{(アンナ)本人は なんの苦労もしない楽な生活がしたいって言ってたわ}
Morty Oyamada : That's no good! (0:18:27.84)
Morty Oyamada : It's not okay for such an unmotivated
guy to be the savior of the world!{そんな やる気のないヤツが世界の救世主でいいのか〜!}
Anna Kyoyama : That's why it's okay. (0:18:33.01)
Morty Oyamada : What? (0:18:34.26)
Anna Kyoyama : Of course I don't trust anyone who says they'll save the world.{私は 俺が世界を救うなんてヤツはもちろん信用しないし—} (0:18:36.05)
Anna Kyoyama : I hate hot-blooded guys
who are determined to do it!{やってやるぜって ガツガツした熱血マンが大嫌い}
Anna Kyoyama : They're the only ones
who bare their own desires.{だって そんなやつらに限って己の欲望むき出しなくせに—}
Anna Kyoyama : They talk a lot, but when the time comes, they get weak easily. (0:18:48.86)
Anna Kyoyama : Do you know why? (0:18:52.36)
Morty Oyamada : Why? (0:18:53.65)
Anna Kyoyama : After all they— (0:18:54.57)
Anna Kyoyama : They only do things for
their selfish desires and greed.{自意識と 己の欲でしか目的を持たないからよ}
Anna Kyoyama : But Yoh is different. (0:19:00.70)
Anna Kyoyama : He doesn't have any goal
other than to be happy.{葉は 楽でいたい以外の目的なんか持ち合わせちゃいないもの}
Anna Kyoyama : That's why he's always smiling. (0:19:07.00)
Anna Kyoyama : He doesn't let his goal
dictate his freedom nor liberty.{目的に縛られて 自由とゆとりを失うこともない}
Anna Kyoyama : In other words... (0:19:13.63)
Anna Kyoyama : He's always free to do whatever he wants.{いつでも自由な発想で なんでもできるってこと} (0:19:15.22)
Anna Kyoyama : The moment a person's desires
are satisfied, they disappear.
Anna Kyoyama : If one is Shaman King, and was born with greed,{欲のために生まれた目的が シャーマンキングなら—} (0:19:24.73)
Anna Kyoyama : I wonder what they'll do
for us once they're done.{それを果たしたあと その人は何をしてくれるのかしら}
Anna Kyoyama : No matter what, Yoh will always be Yoh. (0:19:33.32)
Anna Kyoyama : That's why I love him. (0:19:36.57)
Morty Oyamada : Love... (0:19:39.24)
Anna Kyoyama : That's why I'm sure he'll definitely
become the Shaman King.{(アンナ)だから 私は葉は 必ずシャーマンキングになれるって—}
Anna Kyoyama : I truly believe it. (0:19:45.75)
Silva : Hmm? What's wrong? (0:19:48.54)
Silva : You came to the conclusion it's easier to give up? (0:19:51.00)
Yoh Asakura : Who said I'm going to give up? (0:19:53.71)
Yoh Asakura : I'm going to take on that totem thing.{オイラは そのトーテムなんとかを受けてやるっつってんだ} (0:19:55.76)
Silva : Why? Aren't you afraid of death? (0:19:59.43)
Yoh Asakura : I'm not afraid of dying.
Amidamaru is dead too after all.{(葉)死ぬのなんか怖くねえ 阿弥陀丸だって死んでんだからな}
Yoh Asakura : If giving up is so easy, then
dying has to be even easier.{ただ 諦めて楽になるくらいなら—死んで楽になったほうが マシってだけだ}
Yoh Asakura : If I give up now, I'll never be able to live the easy life I want.{今 諦めて楽になっちまったら一生 楽じゃいられなくなる} (0:20:13.86)
Silva : I see. (0:20:19.66)
Silva : So that's the way your soul is. (0:20:21.74)
Silva : Very well. (0:20:25.62)
Silva : Then you can take this test with all your might.{ならば このテスト全身を持って受けるがいい} (0:20:27.37)
Silva : Take this, Totemic Soul Blast! (0:20:31.50)
Yoh Asakura : Here we go, Amidamaru! (0:20:39.88)
Yoh Asakura : This is the technique I learned through your Hyoui-Gattai Buddha Giri! (0:20:41.34)
Yoh Asakura : D-Did it work? (0:21:07.66)
Yoh Asakura : It didn't work. (0:21:19.30)
Amidamaru : Yoh-dono. (0:21:21.93)
Yoh Asakura : Amidamaru. You did well...{(葉)阿弥陀丸 おめえは よくやってくれたし—} (0:21:23.47)
Yoh Asakura : I tried my best too. (0:21:27.06)
Yoh Asakura : Besides, I discovered the
greatness of furyoku.
Yoh Asakura : And most importantly, I didn't die. (0:21:32.48)
Yoh Asakura : I guess that's enough... (0:21:35.32)
Amidamaru : Yoh-dono! You... (0:21:38.49)
Silva : Don't worry. (0:21:41.24)
Silva : He's merely tired from using
up all his furyoku.
Silva : After all, his power was enough to reach me.{なにせ 私に届くほどの巫力だったのだからな} (0:21:47.04)
Amidamaru : I didn't think it would reach you... (0:21:50.33)
Silva : Yeah. (0:21:52.58)
Silva : He passed. (0:21:55.25)
Silva : You've more than successfully passed the test. (0:22:01.26)
Silva : Now, I'd like you to take this. (0:22:04.01)
Silva : It's the indication of a Shaman Fight participant, the Oracle Bell.{シャーマンファイト 参戦者用パス オラクルベルだ} (0:22:07.47)
Silva : All orders regarding the Shaman Fight will be issued through this Bell.{シャーマンファイトに関する すべての指令はこのベルを通して出される} (0:22:12.77)
Yoh Asakura : Orders? (0:22:17.32)
Silva : Everything will be done at
the will of the Great Spirit.{すべては グレートスピリッツの意思のままに}
Silva : The oracle bell is a direct
manifestation of that will.{オラクルベルには その意思が直接表示されるのだ}
Yoh Asakura : The Great Spirit... (0:22:27.78)
Silva : An omniscient and omnipotent spirit whose power is only available to who becomes Shaman King.{(シルバ)シャーマンキングになる者のみが その力を得るという全知全能の霊} (0:22:29.99)
Silva : The source of all souls, who saw the beginning of this universe. (0:22:35.75)
Silva : The Spirit King. (0:22:40.42)
Yoh Asakura : The Spirit King... (0:22:42.72)
Yoh Asakura : The same one grandpa used to talk about. (0:22:44.88)
Silva : He has many names, but it's only one entity.{Orginial TL: He's been called many thing, but it's only one entity.} (0:22:49.31)
Silva : And only one person
can know what he looks like.
Silva : The Shaman King. (0:22:56.56)
Silva : Asakura Yoh. (0:23:00.48)
Silva : May the Great Spirit watch over you.{君にグレートスピリッツの ご加護があらんことを} (0:23:02.15)
EXTRA : Do your best, kiddo! (0:23:05.07)
Silva : Farewell. (0:23:07.91)
Yoh Asakura : Silva is incredible. (0:23:14.33)
Yoh Asakura : The Oracle Bell, Shaman Fight, and the Spirit King...{オラクルベル シャーマンファイトそして 精霊王か...} (0:23:17.63)
Yoh Asakura : This is starting to get interesting. (0:23:23.30)
Ren Tao : I see. (0:23:29.43)
Ren Tao : So this is the Oracle Bell. (0:23:30.93)
Ren Tao : As I recall, you promised to give it to me if I hit you with one attack.{確か約束では 一撃入れればくれてやるということだったが...} (0:23:34.35)
Ren Tao : Well, in that case, since I performed so well, you won't have any complaints. (0:23:39.61)
Yoh Asakura : Next time: "Yoh vs. Horohoro!" (0:23:46.36)

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