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Piscalat : There were four Idaten present
at the scene of the battle,
Piscalat : one of which we had no data on
and was exceptionally strong.
Piscalat : She's also apparently a survivor
from 800 years ago...
Oobami : From before the demons were wiped out. (0:00:20.65)
Oobami : I never would've guessed
one of them was still alive.
Oobami : Is Nickel's transmitter still functioning?
It was surgically implanted.
Piscalat : The audio feed went dead not long
after G-Thirteen was eliminated.
Piscalat : I have to imagine someone noticed
and intentionally disabled it.
Ysley : You can implant it internally
to keep it hidden,
Ysley : but you can't expect me to miss
the actual signal coming out of it.
Oobami : That means they knew all
about the first transmitter
Oobami : and left it partially functional
in order to gauge our response!
EXTRA : W-Wait, isn't this bad news? (0:00:56.53)
EXTRA : If they attack us now... (0:00:58.76)
EXTRA : B-B-Brandy-san, we're counting on you! (0:01:00.99)
Brandy : Wh-What are you talking about?!
I telling you I can win, either! No way!
Brandy : I think I still have a lot
of growing to do, y'know?
Brandy : Let's keep our expectations
in check, shall we?
Miku : Oh, my! Are we all going to be slaughtered? (0:01:11.55)
Miku : Oh, I've always wondered what it'd
be like to be on the receiving end...
Brandy : Why is this turning you on?! (0:01:19.57)
EXTRA : Rabble, rabble, rabble... (0:01:21.47)
Oobami : Enough! Would you all shut your traps?! (0:01:22.84)
Oobami : It's true enough that
we can't win as things stand.
Oobami : Nevertheless, we can't just
keep our heads down.
Oobami : If we ignore those three fledglings, (0:01:33.65)
Oobami : they could grow to become
monsters in their own right.
Oobami : Piscalat. Neput. Cory. (0:01:39.12)
Oobami : The three of you will be responsible
for exterminating them!
Oobami : Use the military to find and track them. (0:01:45.02)
Nept : Human troops? (0:01:47.46)
Oobami : Exactly. They won't attack human soldiers. (0:01:49.07)
Oobami : We've infiltrated human society
in order to evade them...
Oobami : We'll have to strike once they
split up and are isolated.
Piscalat : Makes sense. (0:01:59.28)
Piscalat : We use the humans for intelligence, (0:02:00.46)
Piscalat : and when an opportunity
presents itself, we attack.
Piscalat : That's the safest tactic, given that
they're protecting the humans...
Rin : I'll kill them all. (0:02:09.58)
Rin : If the demons are hiding in a human nation (0:02:11.18)
Rin : and there's no way to tell the two apart, (0:02:13.41)
Rin : then I'll blow the whole country off the map! (0:02:15.36)
Ysley : It's impressive that she'd suggest the most
brutal solution without any hesitation...
Ysley : I bet even the demons would be surprised. (0:02:22.49)
Rin : Ysley, tell me where this
Zoble place is right now!
Rin : I'm going to wipe it out as soon as possible! (0:04:04.26)
Ysley : N-N-Now, let's take a second
to calm down here, Rin-san!
Ysley : We don't know how many demons there are,
or what kinds we're dealing with.
Ysley : To be on the safe side,
why don't we try bringing in Prontea-san?
Rin : Bring in Prontea? (0:04:16.85)
Rin : I admit he would be a great help, (0:04:20.16)
Rin : but I entrusted him with
monitoring the entire world.
Rin : I wouldn't know where
to start looking for him.
Paula : Huh? But Prontea-san is— (0:04:29.53)
Ysley : Right?! So we'll go and search him out! (0:04:31.87)
Ysley : Could you wait a week before taking action? (0:04:35.06)
Ysley : What are you talking about, Ysley? (0:04:38.91)
Ysley : Prontea-san's going to be
in Hotaena like always.
Ysley : I'll explain later! (0:04:43.84)
Rin : A week it is, then. Find Prontea and— (0:04:45.59)
Hayato : All right, Granny! I'm all healed up! (0:04:49.41)
Hayato : Let's get this training started already! (0:04:51.05)
Rin : I was talking, you fool! (0:04:53.18)
Rin : That idiotic pupil of mine... (0:04:57.53)
Ysley : He was able to land an attack
on Rin-san by himself...
Ysley : And he managed to budge her? (0:05:02.08)
Hayato : Come on, you old fart! That all you got?! (0:05:08.49)
Hayato : Hurry up and bring it on! (0:05:10.70)
Rin : What's gotten into him? (0:05:12.57)
Rin : I'll have to shut him up the hard way... (0:05:14.09)
Ysley : He's recovering at an incredible rate, too. (0:05:15.96)
Ysley : Our bodies are corporealized thought. (0:05:18.03)
Ysley : It's natural that our state of mind
affects our physiology...
Ysley : But it seems his loss, and the earnest
hunger for strength that it inspired,
Ysley : has powered him up a fair bit. (0:05:26.02)
EXTRA : Damn it, why are we watching
some rinky-dink island?
EXTRA : Quit complaining. (0:05:35.74)
EXTRA : Are these three kids really
worth all the trouble?
EXTRA : Check out the one with the pigtails, though. (0:05:39.52)
EXTRA : A little on the young side,
but she's pretty cute!
EXTRA : Hey, that's a nice rack!
Wonder if we're allowed to mess her up...
Rin : No one on these boats has noticed me. (0:05:47.28)
EXTRA : They said we're allowed to
if we can pull this off.
Rin : They're all human. (0:05:49.71)
Rin : But it's only been a half a day, (0:05:52.05)
Rin : and now tens of thousands
of troops are encircling the area...
Rin : When I was young, the world population
numbered in the thousands.
Rin : There are almost too
many humans at this point.
Rin : I could try to kill them all,
but some are bound to get away...
Rin : It seems waiting for Prontea
is the wise move after all.
EXTRA : General Piscalat! It's that woman again. (0:06:12.05)
EXTRA : All of our naval troops' reports
have been about her, too.
Piscalat : Why is she the only one?
Have they already gone separate ways?
EXTRA : Where does she keeping
appearing from, though?
Piscalat : For them to split up immediately
after the battle with Nickel...
EXTRA : She keeps popping in and
out from seemingly nowhere.
Piscalat : Is this a trap to lure us in?
Or something else?
Ysley : That's quite the armada.
They responded faster than I thought.
Ysley : We'll head to Hotaena
by traveling along the seafloor.
Paula : Hey, why didn't you just
call Prontea-san over?
Ysley : Because if I did, he wouldn't show up. (0:06:45.85)
Ysley : He's got an aversion to Rin-san. (0:06:47.99)
Ysley : If she goes nuclear on Zoble right now, (0:06:50.10)
Ysley : it'll be hard to ensure
all the demons are dead.
Ysley : There'd be no way to verify
that we got them all.
Ysley : Besides, it's a good idea to make sure (0:06:57.13)
Ysley : the two remaining superpowers won't start
fighting as soon as Zoble is wiped out.
Ysley : But if we can clear those obstacles, (0:07:03.29)
Ysley : Rin-san and Prontea-san
can take care of the rest.
EXTRA : While his general outlook was correct, (0:07:09.56)
EXTRA : at the time, Ysley had no way of knowing (0:07:11.85)
EXTRA : that his assumptions about the demon lord (0:07:15.16)
EXTRA : were fundamentally off-base. (0:07:17.50)
EXTRA : General Piscalat! It's terrible! (0:07:21.77)
EXTRA : We've discovered the body
of Lieutenant G-Thirteen!
Piscalat : Oh, did you? (0:07:27.15)
EXTRA : That's her response? (0:07:28.16)
Piscalat : Wait, something's not right here... (0:07:30.93)
Piscalat : Your Lordship, something
has come to my attention.
Piscalat : What became of Gyudo
the demon beast's body?
Oobami : Come to think of it,
I wasn't able to retrieve it.
Piscalat : We just recovered G-Thirteen's, (0:07:43.33)
Piscalat : but there's no sign of Nickel's. (0:07:46.83)
Piscalat : I'm just speculating, but what if
the Idaten have already collected Gyudo?
Oobami : You're suggesting that, wherever they took it,
they took Nickel to the same place?
Piscalat : I would assume they mean to study
us demons in order to learn our secrets.
Oobami : I see. And since they would
need humans to expedite the study...
Piscalat : That makes our destination
Hotaena, doesn't it?
EXTRA : Goal! (0:08:28.82)
Interviewer : Damn, this dude's tall... (0:08:35.53)
Interviewer : I have to ask, new champ,
what's the secret to your speed?
Prontea : There's no need for special
customization or hardware.
Prontea : For me, it all comes down
to racing technique.
Interviewer : I-I see... (0:08:48.90)
Interviewer : Now, do you have any future goals? (0:08:50.41)
Prontea : I'm actually done with racing. (0:08:53.39)
Interviewer : Huh? (0:08:54.72)
Prontea : I got a result I'm satisfied with... (0:08:55.55)
Prontea : which means this experiment
has come to an end.
Prontea : Hey, you again, Ysley-kun? (0:09:03.74)
Prontea : What's up? (0:09:05.83)
Ysley : Paula and I just arrived at the Zeyo Coast. (0:09:06.69)
Prontea : Oh, Paula's with you? (0:09:09.44)
Prontea : Okay, I'll be right there! (0:09:11.02)
Interviewer : Huh? He's gone... (0:09:13.97)
Ysley : Good afternoon, Prontea-san. (0:09:18.25)
Paula : It's been so long, Prontea-san! (0:09:20.56)
Prontea : I really haven't seen you two in a while! (0:09:24.20)
Prontea : Idaten... (0:09:26.95)
Prontea : Fire! (0:09:29.50)
Prontea : How's my magic power, Ysley-kun? (0:09:37.61)
Prontea : I-It was pretty rude, for one thing. (0:09:40.55)
Prontea : Was that the full intensity you can manifest? (0:09:42.89)
Prontea : Well, yeah! (0:09:47.81)
Prontea : It's hotter than any flamethrower, you'll find. (0:09:49.00)
Prontea : Although, it looks like you're
not actually here for fun...
Prontea : Let's hear the details. (0:09:59.05)
EXTRA : The land of liberty, Hotaena. (0:10:02.35)
EXTRA : Formed by the world's business interests, (0:10:04.66)
EXTRA : it is a nation based
on the idea of a free market.
EXTRA : For those with enough money, (0:10:09.29)
EXTRA : it could be considered the most
peaceful place in the world...
EXTRA : Hey, it's the big guy! (0:10:14.00)
EXTRA : Hey, hey! You've gotta tell us more tricks! (0:10:15.94)
Prontea : I'm a little busy today. (0:10:18.26)
Paula : You're really popular, Prontea-san. (0:10:19.95)
EXTRA : That's because he's amazing! (0:10:21.76)
EXTRA : He can find tricks that aren't
even in strategy guides!
EXTRA : He's totally on god mode! (0:10:27.93)
Ysley : Tricks that aren't in strategy guides? (0:10:29.67)
Ysley : Does that mean you've
figured out how to do it?
Prontea : Well, yeah. I don't think it'll be as
helpful as you imagined, though, Ysley-kun.
Hayato : Hey, Paula. Where the hell are we? (0:10:39.69)
Paula : Settle down, Hayato! This is a human town. (0:10:42.54)
Hayato : What? What am I doing here?! (0:10:46.12)
Hayato : And where's the old bag?! (0:10:49.21)
Hayato : Granny! Hey, Granny! (0:10:50.95)
Hayato : You old bitch! (0:10:52.93)
Hayato : Where the hell are you?! (0:10:54.43)
Ysley : Well, I'll explain in due time... (0:10:55.63)
Hayato : What happened to training, huh?! (0:10:56.51)
Prontea : Who's the granny he keeps yelling about? (0:10:58.02)
Hayato : Get your wrinkly ass out here, Granny! (0:11:00.94)
Ysley : That's going to have to wait, too... (0:11:01.18)
Nept : So they're somewhere in this country... (0:11:04.75)
Corey : How are we supposed to find them, though?
There are too many humans around.
Piscalat : I wouldn't worry. The Demon Lord will
be utilizing the humans to locate them.
Nept : All we've gotta do is kill them. (0:11:17.43)
Paula : You've really changed
this room up a lot, huh?
Prontea : That's right. See, all of the footage from
these monitors is linked directly to my mind.
Prontea : I've been making use of the potential Idaten
abilities that Ysley-kun hypothesized.
Prontea : This magic works the same way. (0:11:40.59)
Ysley : I sadly don't have the technical ability
to experiment with my own theories.
Ysley : I'm grateful for your assistance. (0:11:47.26)
Hayato : Hey, who gives a shit?! (0:11:48.92)
Hayato : We're here to drag this guy
back to Granny, right?
Prontea : Kind of a rude boy, isn't he? (0:11:55.14)
Prontea : Who's this "Granny," anyway? (0:11:57.53)
Ysley : Prontea-san, I need you to stay as
calm as possible when I tell you this.
Ysley : The granny that Hayato
is referring to... is Rin-san.
Ysley : I saw this coming... (0:12:13.98)
Prontea : I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, Master! (0:12:17.31)
Prontea : I'm sorry for playing video
games at home all day!
Prontea : But they're gone, you know?!
There aren't any demons anywhere!
Prontea : Wait, what?!
You want me to bring them to you?!
Prontea : Is this— Are you mad at me?!
You are, aren't you?!
Prontea : Game over, man! Game over!
She's gonna kill me!
Prontea : Please don't kill me! I'm begging you!
I'm begging for mercy!
Prontea : It was all my fault!
I'm so sorry, so just spare my life!
Prontea : Master! (0:12:39.58)
Ysley : Sorry, but we're going to have to
give him time to calm down.
Ysley : And it might be a while... (0:12:45.17)
Takeshita : What's this? (0:12:48.30)
Brandy : It's apparently footage from
every camera in Hotaena.
Brandy : Everything from public security
cameras to home video recorders.
Takeshita : Is this that hacking thing? (0:12:57.98)
Takeshita : How does that work for
cameras that aren't online
Takeshita : or aren't connected to anything at all? (0:13:03.64)
Brandy : No clue. The Demon Lord's
technology is beyond any of us.
Prontea : So she's not mad? You promise? (0:13:11.74)
Ysley : Yes. It's okay. (0:13:16.73)
Ysley : We've been given a week of
free time under the pretense
Ysley : of looking for you, Prontea-san. (0:13:21.96)
Ysley : I was hoping to get your help (0:13:24.19)
Ysley : performing a psychohack
on Zoble's computer network
Ysley : in order to help ensure our demon hunt's
efficacy by verifying their numbers.
Ysley : That being said, since the task
itself won't take very long...
Ysley : How about it, Hayato?
Care to train a bit with Prontea-san?
Hayato : With this dude who's
scared shitless of the old bag?
Hayato : Is he actually strong? (0:13:45.09)
Prontea : You keep talking about her like that...
Doesn't she scare you?
Hayato : Like she's not gonna kick my ass
as hard if I'm nice to her?
Hayato : You can be polite or you can talk shit, (0:13:54.06)
Hayato : either way, that psycho hag
will mess you up all the same.
Prontea : Ysley-kun, how long has
he been training with Master?
Ysley : Eighty years. (0:14:04.03)
Ysley : And his spirit has never once broken.
It's impressive.
Ysley : Anyway... (0:14:11.10)
Ysley : I need to start looking into this.
I'll leave things here to you, Prontea-san.
Prontea : Okay, then, I believe
your name is Hayato-kun?
Prontea : We'll do your training first
in lieu of an introduction.
Prontea : You, too, Paula. (0:14:28.07)
Ysley : If Hayato and Prontea-san go head to head,
the demons are bound to notice.
Ysley : But they won't be able to beat Prontea-san. (0:14:38.00)
Ysley : If we can capture one of them alive,
things should proceed smoothly from there.
EXTRA : Emperor Takeshita. (0:14:45.23)
EXTRA : On monitor 2034... (0:14:47.12)
EXTRA : could you rewind four seconds? (0:14:49.74)
Takeshita : Oh, very well. (0:14:52.37)
Brandy : Did you find them, Barcode? (0:14:53.83)
EXTRA : Sorting large amounts of data
is my specialty, after all.
EXTRA : It's only for a second, (0:14:59.90)
EXTRA : but I imagine you and the emperor
will be able to see him, too.
Brandy : I see now. Looks like the first one
will be the little boy in glasses.
Brandy : Piscalat, you're assigned
to deal with this one.
Piscalat : Copy that. (0:15:12.10)
Hayato : Is this supposed to be your idea of fire? (0:15:18.62)
Hayato : You think that's gonna work on me?! (0:15:20.86)
Hayato : What the hell? Ice? (0:15:31.53)
Prontea : Self-Taught Explosion! (0:15:36.76)
Hayato : What's your deal? (0:15:47.59)
Hayato : You some kind of wizard or something? (0:15:50.09)
Hayato : And is that the best you've got? (0:15:52.81)
Hayato : Or are you screwing around
with me and holding back?
Hayato : Either way, it's pissing me off. (0:15:58.15)
Prontea : I hit you as hard as I could! (0:16:00.48)
Prontea : It's just that I've only recently learned
these magic-esque attacks, you see.
Prontea : That was strong enough
to beat Ysley-kun and Paula...
Prontea : He's as rugged as I'd expect
from training under Master.
Prontea : I haven't had much opportunity
for practical exercises...
Prontea : so I appreciate your cooperation! (0:16:19.49)
Hayato : I already told you that won't cut it! (0:16:27.67)
Hayato : Damn it, seriously?! (0:16:31.88)
Hayato : My attacks don't work on him, either?! (0:16:35.80)
Prontea : Ah, I see. (0:16:38.44)
Prontea : Looks like it has an additive effect if
I use it in combination with a normal attack.
Prontea : I understand why Ysley-kun
brought you to see me now.
Prontea : Your strength is fundamentally
lacking something, Hayato-kun.
Prontea : Would you like me to teach you about it? (0:16:58.93)
Ysley : Suppose this creature was alive
and needed to be killed.
Ysley : How would you do it, Dr. Gachikama? (0:17:05.74)
Dr. Gachikama : Well, let's see... (0:17:07.88)
Dr. Gachikama : I have to think that poison would be (0:17:11.09)
Dr. Gachikama : the simplest approach, like you
originally suggested, Ysley-chan.
Ysley : And if you were going to poison him,
what would be the theoretical lethal dose?
Dr. Gachikama : Let's see... Tetrodotoxin seems to work, (0:17:20.46)
Dr. Gachikama : so if we fed him 50,000 pufferfish,
maybe that would kill him.
Ysley : I'm not sure I'd describe that as "simple." (0:17:28.59)
Dr. Gachikama : Even military-grade chemical weapons
would take more than half an hour.
Dr. Gachikama : Now, I've compiled the results of
our research for you like usual,
Dr. Gachikama : so be sure to take these with you. (0:17:38.63)
Dr. Gachikama : Here. (0:17:41.23)
Ysley : Well, knowing that poison is effective
at all is pretty convenient.
Ysley : Continue your research, Doctor. (0:17:47.58)
Ysley : Did you know another doctor named
Obami during your time in Zoble?
Dr. Gachikama : Obami? (0:17:56.16)
Dr. Gachikama : Oh, you couldn't not know him. (0:17:57.44)
Dr. Gachikama : Zoble didn't care about research
unless that old guy was running it!
Dr. Gachikama : It was always something to do with
cloning some sort of strange organism
Dr. Gachikama : and in vitro fertilization... (0:18:07.44)
Ysley : I see. So the demons are trying
to find a way to propagate.
EXTRA : Ysley-sama! There's trouble! (0:18:18.86)
Ysley : Did something happen in this storeroom? (0:18:29.21)
EXTRA : You'll... You'll spare my life now, right? (0:18:34.20)
Piscalat : You might be weaker than the rest,
but you're still an Idaten, I see.
Piscalat : If nothing else, you're quick on your feet. (0:18:49.17)
Piscalat : But you're trapped like a rat in here, (0:18:52.03)
Piscalat : so why don't we have a little fun? (0:18:55.10)
Ysley : That's Piscalat, one of Zoble's generals! (0:18:58.02)
Piscalat : My ambush might not have worked, (0:19:01.35)
Piscalat : but I have to wonder how long you'll be
able to evade me in a room like this.
Piscalat : Damn, I can't see a thing. (0:19:14.94)
Piscalat : Can he see in the dark? (0:19:30.62)
Piscalat : But as it stands,
I can't risk making a move...
Ysley : That's a relief. (0:19:37.34)
Ysley : The next question is if I can avoid
an attack from the entrance...
Piscalat : It'll be a problem if I can't
land an attack from this range.
Piscalat : This might be harder than I anticipated. (0:19:49.79)
Hayato : What the hell? Did you start pulling
your punches all of a sudden?
Hayato : Get serious, damn it!
That doesn't hurt at all!
Prontea : It doesn't? (0:20:04.47)
Prontea : But I was hitting about as
hard as you do, Hayato-kun.
Hayato : S-Say what? (0:20:10.14)
Prontea : That's your weakness. Basically— (0:20:12.15)
Nept : Did that smash them all? (0:20:18.76)
Corey : Man, how dumb are these guys if we could
find them without the Demon Lord's help?
Prontea : Well, it looks like the demons managed
to track down all the commotion...
Prontea : I suppose your lesson will have
to wait until we take care of them.
Prontea : Okay, Hayato-kun? (0:20:33.53)
Hayato : Y-Yeah... (0:20:35.45)
Hayato : Damn, this guy's a freak of nature, too. (0:20:37.00)
Nept : What the—?! (0:20:46.33)
Nept : Too weak! (0:20:52.22)
Prontea : It seems magic doesn't
work on demons, either.
Prontea : This one is strong. (0:20:59.37)
Prontea : But this one... (0:21:01.45)
Prontea : Hup! (0:21:03.03)
Prontea : Paula, Hayato-kun! You two take
that one. Go ahead and beat him.
Corey : Ow... (0:21:15.30)
Prontea : Now that the matchups are decided... (0:21:16.66)
Prontea : Let's get it on, shall we? (0:21:21.55)

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