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Loid Forger : The time has come. (0:01:30.44)
Loid Forger : Let us check our personal effects. (0:01:32.80)
Yor Forger : All clear, sir. (0:01:34.85)
Loid Forger : And now, our appearances. (0:01:36.08)
Yor Forger : All clear, sir. (0:01:39.59)
Loid Forger : And a final check of our verbal etiquette. (0:01:40.84)
Anya Forger : All set, please. Will do my best, please. (0:01:42.78)
Loid Forger : I feel nothing but anxiety about this, (0:01:46.53)
Loid Forger : but we've done everything we could. (0:01:48.57)
Loid Forger : Now, onward... (0:01:54.30)
Loid Forger : To Eden College's interview! (0:01:56.36)
Yor Forger : It's so big! (0:02:00.34)
Loid Forger : Well, it is one of this country's top schools. (0:02:01.80)
Yor Forger : And there are so many examinees... (0:02:04.44)
Loid Forger : They're all our rivals. (0:02:06.97)
Loid Forger : Anya, are you going to
be okay in this crowd?
Anya Forger : I'll be okay, please. (0:02:11.12)
Loid Forger : Let us go, then. (0:02:13.63)
Loid Forger : This feeling... (0:02:16.01)
Loid Forger : There's no doubt about it. (0:02:17.74)
Loid Forger : I've experienced this many times. (0:02:19.33)
Loid Forger : Someone is watching us. Could it be... (0:02:22.69)
Loid Forger : Is there an enemy hidden in this crowd? (0:02:26.10)
Anya Forger : An enemy? (0:02:27.82)
Yor Forger : I feel someone's gaze... (0:02:28.58)
Loid Forger : No, that's not it. (0:02:30.68)
Loid Forger : I'm not the only one being watched. (0:02:32.86)
Loid Forger : It's always an unpleasant
feeling to be observed like this.
Loid Forger : There. (0:02:39.18)
Loid Forger : Four in the overhead passage. (0:02:40.73)
Loid Forger : Four in the bell tower. (0:02:42.28)
Loid Forger : More in the buildings to the left and right. (0:02:43.60)
Loid Forger : I have information on most
of the staff at this school.
Loid Forger : Those... are the instructors. (0:02:50.67)
Loid Forger : They're observing every action that
everyone is taking and scoring them
Loid Forger : to see if they're worthy of this school. (0:02:58.09)
Loid Forger : Which means... the exam has already begun. (0:02:59.90)
Loid Forger : I need you two to be on your guard. (0:03:03.69)
Loid Forger : We're being watched by the examiners. (0:03:05.64)
Yor Forger : Huh? (0:03:07.47)
Loid Forger : We'll do this just as we practiced. (0:03:08.65)
EXTRA : D-68, fail. (0:03:10.59)
EXTRA : A-12, fail. (0:03:12.61)
EXTRA : G-114, pass. (0:03:14.03)
Henry Henderson : I must say, the examinees
this year lack refinement.
Henry Henderson : They all lack true elegance. (0:03:19.06)
EXTRA : Good morning, Housemaster. (0:03:21.71)
Henry Henderson : It displeases me to know their crude feet (0:03:24.42)
Henry Henderson : are trudging upon the blessed
ground of our school.
Henry Henderson : Elegance creates tradition. (0:03:29.72)
Henry Henderson : Elegance is what truly makes
this world a paradise.
Henry Henderson : Fail any family lacking
elegance immediately.
EXTRA : Yes, sir. (0:03:38.50)
Henry Henderson : Hm? (0:03:39.81)
Henry Henderson : Oho... (0:03:42.71)
Henry Henderson : It appears that not all hope has been lost. (0:03:47.24)
Henry Henderson : They are paying their respects
to the statue of our founder?!
Loid Forger : I, Twilight, am a man of a thousand faces. (0:03:56.13)
Loid Forger : Becoming exactly the person my target
wants me to be is mere child's play.
Loid Forger : Behold! (0:04:02.63)
Yor Forger : I haven't the slightest clue
as to who this gentleman is,
Yor Forger : but everything should be fine as
long as I do what Loid is doing.
Anya Forger : Baldy head! (0:04:10.17)
Henry Henderson : S-So elegant! (0:04:12.56)
Henry Henderson : How very elegant! (0:04:15.52)
Henry Henderson : Who is that family? (0:04:17.75)
EXTRA : K-212. They are the Forgers, sir. (0:04:19.61)
EXTRA : Their daughter Anya just barely passed
the written exam with a score of 31.
Henry Henderson : Absolutely not elegant!
And such awful penmanship!
Henry Henderson : So the father has remarried? (0:04:32.25)
EXTRA : Might they be an impromptu
family for admission purposes?
Henry Henderson : I am not certain. We must investigate. (0:04:37.06)
Henry Henderson : We must ascertain whether
or not they have true elegance.
EXTRA : We'll confirm your admission numbers here. (0:04:42.81)
EXTRA : G-114. Please go to Hall 1. (0:04:45.50)
EXTRA : Ah, A-12. Please enter Hall 2. (0:04:48.48)
Loid Forger : I see they're wasting no
time with the screening.
EXTRA : K-212. Please head to Hall 1. (0:04:54.98)
Loid Forger : We're still being observed.
Don't let your guard down.
Yor Forger : It's so nerve-racking
being watched like this...
Anya Forger : I need to pick my nose. (0:05:05.72)
Loid Forger : Absolutely not. (0:05:07.79)
Eden Academy Student : Oh, no! (0:05:08.92)
Eden Academy Student : I've accidentally fallen into
the gutter, and I can't get out!
Loid Forger : Uh... That's too blatant if
they're trying to test us.
Eden Academy Student : Oh, no. Whatever shall I do? (0:05:14.62)
Loid Forger : Perhaps they're thinking
he might be a threat,
Eden Academy Student : Ah, I don't know what I should do. (0:05:17.48)
Loid Forger : but no one is trying to go near him. (0:05:19.33)
Loid Forger : But if he is part of the test,
we must deal with this accordingly.
Eden Academy Student : I'm so shocked. I'm really stuck. (0:05:23.15)
Anya Forger : Papa! Mama! There is someone
who needs our help, please!
Anya Forger : Let us save him! (0:05:30.38)
Loid Forger : Are you all right, lad? (0:05:31.60)
Eden Academy Student : Oh, no! I've slipped and I cannot get up! (0:05:34.39)
Eden Academy Student : This is all for merits... More merits! (0:05:36.49)
Henry Henderson : Precisely. (0:05:40.35)
Henry Henderson : You're heading to an interview. You wouldn't
dare sully your clothes with sewage.
Henry Henderson : Now, how will you elegantly get through— (0:05:45.76)
Loid Forger : Are you hurt? (0:05:55.42)
Anya Forger : Use my hanky, please. (0:05:56.86)
Loid Forger : Make sure you go to
the infirmary, just in case.
Henry Henderson : Clearly, I expected too much. (0:06:02.96)
Henry Henderson : In the end, they were just some
commoners from the countryside.
Henry Henderson : Do not think for a second that you can (0:06:07.29)
Henry Henderson : set foot in our house of
learning wearing soiled clothes.
Henry Henderson : Throw K-212 out immediately. (0:06:12.00)
Eden Academy Student : Oh, no... These people are
going to fail because of me.
Eden Academy Student : Um, I'm so sorr— (0:06:18.85)
Yor Forger : Thank goodness we anticipated this, (0:06:20.39)
Yor Forger : and prepared a change of
clothes just in case!
Henry Henderson : Who in the world would
ever anticipate that?!
Yor Forger : Besides, your grey suit seems to
fit the attire at this school more.
Loid Forger : If I had continued wearing my previous suit, (0:06:33.82)
Loid Forger : we would've been mistaken for
commoners from the countryside.
Loid Forger : Thank you for giving us the
opportunity to change, lad.
Henry Henderson : On top of everything else,
they even thanked the boy!
Henry Henderson : Brilliant... So smart, and elegant! (0:06:45.48)
Henry Henderson : Curse you and your cunning, Loid Forger. (0:06:50.78)
EXTRA : Housemaster, we are supposed
to be testing the child.
Henry Henderson : Silence! (0:06:56.11)
Henry Henderson : Children learn from their parents' example! (0:06:57.17)
Henry Henderson : Yes. The parents of a child who scores 30
points must also be only worth 30 points!
Henry Henderson : I'll make you reveal your true identity yet! (0:07:04.13)
EXTRA : Oh, no! (0:07:09.55)
EXTRA : The animals have escaped the farmhouse! (0:07:11.36)
Loid Forger : You're really going this far, Eden College?! (0:07:14.45)
EXTRA : Hey, don't push me! (0:07:18.71)
EXTRA : Just go, you moron! (0:07:19.71)
EXTRA : Mommy! Mommy, Mommy! (0:07:20.20)
EXTRA : Shut up! (0:07:20.93)
Loid Forger : Are they trying to see if we reveal
our true selves in an emergency?
Loid Forger : We'll be playing right into the
examiners' hands if we panic.
Loid Forger : Do not break Formation D. (0:07:26.61)
Loid Forger : We will show these animals
nothing but benevolence!
Henry Henderson : Hey. (0:07:31.61)
Henry Henderson : Who told you to go that far? (0:07:32.41)
EXTRA : Wait... (0:07:34.67)
EXTRA : It wasn't you, Housemaster? (0:07:35.18)
Henry Henderson : Impossible! Is this... (0:07:37.88)
Henry Henderson : an actual accident?! (0:07:39.92)
Henry Henderson : There are some very important
people among the examinees!
Henry Henderson : Go stop this mess before they're hurt! (0:07:44.98)
EXTRA : I'm the Vice Minister of
the Ministry of Finance!
EXTRA : Hell if I care! I'm the
CEO of the Central Bank!
EXTRA : Wait! Father! (0:07:51.87)
EXTRA : Well done, you! (0:07:57.86)
Loid Forger : Are you all right? (0:07:58.34)
Yor Forger : Loid! (0:08:01.02)
Yor Forger : It's happening to Miss Anya again. (0:08:01.99)
Loid Forger : The mass panic must've hit her. (0:08:03.93)
Loid Forger : The test is the last thing
I need to worry about now.
Loid Forger : That must be the leader of this herd. (0:08:10.66)
Loid Forger : That's the one I need to stop,
but I'll have to use my gun—
Loid Forger : No... (0:08:16.02)
Yor Forger : Please look after Miss Anya for a moment. (0:08:17.74)
Loid Forger : Yor? (0:08:19.65)
Yor Forger : I-It's not what you think! (0:08:40.50)
Yor Forger : I once learned about pressure points that
can stop one's movements in a yoga class!
Yor Forger : I-I figured they might work on cows, too! (0:08:45.83)
Yor Forger : Please don't look at me like that! (0:08:48.66)
Anya Forger : Ms. Cow? (0:08:51.43)
Anya Forger : Is she scared? (0:08:52.51)
Loid Forger : That's dangerous, Anya! (0:08:56.36)
Anya Forger : S'okay, please. Don't be scared. (0:09:01.60)
Loid Forger : What are you— (0:09:07.14)
Anya Forger : They're gonna go home now. (0:09:14.42)
Loid Forger : Apparently so. (0:09:17.26)
Loid Forger : Thankfully, no one was hurt. (0:09:18.88)
Henry Henderson : E-Ele... (0:09:21.64)
Henry Henderson : Ele-le... Ele-le-le-le... (0:09:23.29)
Henry Henderson : Elegance ! (0:09:26.88)
EXTRA : Housemaster? (0:09:31.57)
Henry Henderson : Forger! (0:09:32.93)
Loid Forger : He's... (0:09:35.81)
Loid Forger : one of the housemasters. (0:09:37.09)
Loid Forger : Is he in charge of this exam? (0:09:38.76)
Henry Henderson : Y-You helped us avoid a crisis. I thank you. (0:09:41.15)
Henry Henderson : And... you have bested me for today. (0:09:43.98)
Henry Henderson : To give us all time to collect
ourselves after this chaos,
Henry Henderson : we will be delaying the
start of the interviews.
Henry Henderson : Return to your hall once you've
had a moment to tidy yourselves.
Henry Henderson : Your family has the right
to apply to our school.
Loid Forger : Sir... (0:10:01.79)
Loid Forger : It looks like we've avoided failure. (0:10:03.06)
Loid Forger : I humbly thank you for your generosity. (0:10:06.27)
Loid Forger : But have no fear. (0:10:08.54)
Loid Forger : We anticipated something like this... (0:10:11.81)
Loid Forger : and prepared another change of clothes. (0:10:14.57)
Henry Henderson : This isn't about elegance anymore!
These people are just scary!
EXTRA : The Forgers successfully make
it to the actual interview.
Murdoch Swan : You truly thought you could apply to
our school without even knowing that?
EXTRA : Huh? (0:10:31.80)
Murdoch Swan : Well? Cat got your tongue? (0:10:32.65)
EXTRA : Huh? (0:10:34.87)
EXTRA : Um, uh... (0:10:36.06)
EXTRA : Thank you very much. (0:10:39.62)
EXTRA : What kind of answer was that?! (0:10:42.28)
Loid Forger : I've been a spy for over a decade, (0:10:46.61)
Loid Forger : and for the first time... (0:10:48.76)
Loid Forger : I'm actually nervous. (0:10:50.48)
Loid Forger : Even when I infiltrated the ranks
of an evil terrorist group,
Loid Forger : or when I managed to stop the launch of
a missile with one second remaining...
Loid Forger : I never found it so hard to
breathe as I do right now.
Loid Forger : The fear of letting someone else
decide my success or failure...
EXTRA : Next, the Forgers. (0:11:08.88)
Anya Forger : Yep! (0:11:11.44)
Loid Forger : Yes, this is definitely going to be... (0:11:14.29)
Loid Forger : the most crucial moment of Operation Strix! (0:11:17.16)
Walter Evans : Please, have a seat. (0:11:17.37)
Loid Forger : Thank you for having us. (0:11:21.16)
Henry Henderson : So you've come, Forgers. (0:11:22.79)
Loid Forger : The Forgers shall prevail in this
game of information warfare.
Walter Evans : First, we will begin by asking
the parents a few questions.
Loid Forger : The housemaster of Dorm 5, Malcom Hall. (0:11:36.14)
Loid Forger : Mild-mannered, sincere, and conservative. (0:11:38.97)
Loid Forger : The students are very fond of him. (0:11:41.57)
Loid Forger : As long as we respond with
sincere, logical answers,
Loid Forger : we'll score highly with him. (0:11:47.30)
Walter Evans : I was informed that this is your second
wife. May I ask how you two met?
Loid Forger : I see we're getting straight to the point. (0:11:53.85)
Loid Forger : Eden College does prioritize
family values, after all.
Loid Forger : I met my wife at the tailor shop that
handles this school's uniforms,
Loid Forger : and I was in awe of her grace. (0:12:04.62)
Loid Forger : Ever since I lost my first wife, (0:12:08.17)
Loid Forger : I was hesitant to pursue another
relationship because of my daughter.
Loid Forger : But the more we spoke, the more
I felt that she was a kindred spirit.
Loid Forger : She is truly kind and cares
dearly about family.
Loid Forger : I came to the conclusion that she'd
get along well with my daughter.
Walter Evans : Ah... And what about you, Madam? (0:12:24.50)
Yor Forger : Well... (0:12:28.08)
Yor Forger : L-Loid is a wonderful person who
truly cares for his daughter.
Yor Forger : He's also very considerate of me. (0:12:33.87)
Walter Evans : Ah, I'm happy to hear that you
have such a loving family.
Murdoch Swan : Why would a beautiful girl like you choose
to be with a man who's got baggage?
Henry Henderson : That was rather uncouth, Master Swan. (0:12:45.29)
Loid Forger : The housemaster of Dorm 2, Cline Hall. (0:12:48.61)
Loid Forger : He's the only son of the former
headmaster, and a legacy hire.
Loid Forger : Arrogant, greedy, and callous. (0:12:55.45)
Loid Forger : His wife filed for divorce last month, (0:12:58.38)
Loid Forger : and he just lost custody
of his daughter, as well.
Loid Forger : Reviewing all of his previous
interview questions and comments,
Loid Forger : he is clearly jealous of other families,
and takes out his frustrations on them.
Loid Forger : It's best that we avoid provoking him. (0:13:10.97)
Walter Evans : Now for our next question. (0:13:13.52)
Walter Evans : Could you tell us why you
chose to apply to our school?
Loid Forger : For only one reason, sir. (0:13:19.24)
Loid Forger : To get close to my target, Desmond! (0:13:20.34)
Loid Forger : The quality of the instructors at
this establishment is superior.
Loid Forger : Of course, you are all very
knowledgeable and cultured,
Loid Forger : but when it comes to teaching anything,
from patriotism to how to be an elite,
Loid Forger : the instructors of the
prestigious Eden College
Loid Forger : are second to none. (0:13:36.34)
Henry Henderson : Elegantly done, Loid Forger. (0:13:39.74)
Henry Henderson : I knew I saw potential in you. (0:13:41.90)
Walter Evans : Now then, how would the two
of you describe your daughter?
Walter Evans : Please let us know about her
strengths and weaknesses.
Loid Forger : Anya is an extremely curious child. (0:13:52.45)
Loid Forger : Her habit of sticking her nose where it
doesn't belong could be seen as a weakness,
Loid Forger : but she is a truly intelligent child. (0:13:59.99)
Henry Henderson : Intelligent?! Her?! (0:14:02.00)
Anya Forger : Shock! (0:14:03.70)
Loid Forger : Sometimes, it's like she
sees right through me,
Anya Forger : Yikes... (0:14:07.05)
Loid Forger : which keeps me on my feet. (0:14:08.48)
Loid Forger : I would say her main shortcoming
is that she's a picky eater.
Walter Evans : Ah... And how would you describe
your parenting style, Madam?
Yor Forger : Just like we practiced... (0:14:18.70)
Yor Forger : As you already know, I am
not her biological mother.
Yor Forger : At first, I spoiled her quite often
in hopes that she would like me.
Yor Forger : But for the sake of her future, I'm hoping
I can become a bit stricter at times.
Walter Evans : We've been told that your
daughter is a picky eater.
Walter Evans : What kind of meals do you cook at home? (0:14:39.30)
Yor Forger : Huh? C-Cook? (0:14:42.16)
Yor Forger : Um... (0:14:44.68)
Loid Forger : I actually do most of the cooking. (0:14:45.45)
Loid Forger : Though when I'm busy, my wife
is kind enough to cook for me.
Loid Forger : Not that that's happened even once yet. (0:14:51.84)
Murdoch Swan : You're joking! What kind of wife
can't cook for her husband?!
Murdoch Swan : You should probably be stricter with
yourself before you worry about that child.
Loid Forger : Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. (0:15:01.08)
Loid Forger : She is extremely tidy and excels
at keeping our house spotless.
Loid Forger : She is also an excellent
mother to my daughter.
Murdoch Swan : Yes, well, both of those are
things women are expected to do.
Loid Forger : That's— (0:15:13.60)
Yor Forger : I-It's all right, Loid. (0:15:14.46)
Walter Evans : Now, now... (0:15:16.09)
Loid Forger : Yes. Calm down. (0:15:16.89)
Loid Forger : Why are you getting irritated, Twilight? (0:15:19.32)
Loid Forger : She's not even your real wife. (0:15:21.76)
Murdoch Swan : A lovey-dovey hot couple? You make me sick. (0:15:26.02)
Murdoch Swan : I'll keep jabbing at you until you slip up. (0:15:29.73)
Murdoch Swan : If I can't make sure these two fail,
there's clearly no justice in this world.
Anya Forger : He doesn't like Papa and Mama! (0:15:36.15)
Anya Forger : I need to do my best! (0:15:38.30)
Walter Evans : N-Next, let's ask the
young lady some questions.
Loid Forger : Here it comes. (0:15:44.00)
Walter Evans : First, could you tell us
your name and address?
Anya Forger : My name is Anya Holger! (0:15:49.03)
Anya Forger : My address is in... Berlint, West District... (0:15:50.72)
Anya Forger : 128 Park... Avenue! (0:15:53.52)
Walter Evans : And what do you do on your
days off, young lady?
Anya Forger : We go to moozeums... (0:16:01.53)
Anya Forger : and eat operas... (0:16:03.13)
Loid Forger : Good. These were questions we anticipated. (0:16:04.03)
Walter Evans : What would you like to do once
you get into this school?
Anya Forger : Um, uh... (0:16:10.46)
Anya Forger : What was I supposed to say? (0:16:12.46)
Loid Forger : In my case, I first need to
participate in a social gathering,
Loid Forger : and get to the bottom of what the boss of
the enemy organization, Desmond, is planning.
Anya Forger : I-I want to find out what the boss
of the organization is planning!
Loid Forger : What in the world are you saying?! Hello?! (0:16:22.60)
Walter Evans : The boss of the organization?
Maybe you meant the headmaster.
Loid Forger : I do apologize. My daughter
is rather ambitious.
Loid Forger : She's extremely curious about the headmaster,
since he's clearly made it to the top.
Henry Henderson : Oho... (0:16:35.89)
Henry Henderson : The desire to learn from her
predecessors at such an early age...
Henry Henderson : That's quite elegant. (0:16:40.10)
Henry Henderson : Do you happen to know the name
of the principal, young lady?
Anya Forger : Um, B-Be... (0:16:46.05)
Loid Forger : Yes. Benedict Ivan Goodfellow. (0:16:48.08)
Anya Forger : Mr. Benedick Advent Goodheller. (0:16:51.80)
Henry Henderson : Hmm... Then, (0:16:54.58)
Henry Henderson : could you tell us how hard you would have
to work in order to succeed like him?
Anya Forger : Yes. Like getting through
the jungle with no supplies,
Anya Forger : and dancing with death over
and over to get brave!
Loid Forger : That was the training montage the
protagonist of her spy cartoon did yesterday.
Henry Henderson : S-Such incredible resolve! (0:17:13.05)
Henry Henderson : It appears as though I have
underestimated this young lady.
Walter Evans : I don't think you have to do quite that much. (0:17:18.32)
Walter Evans : Let's change the subject.
What does your father do for a living?
Anya Forger : He's a sp—a speshulist in
mental health. A very good one.
Walter Evans : Hm? Are you a little stuffed up? (0:17:29.55)
Walter Evans : Then how do you feel about your new mother? (0:17:32.10)
Anya Forger : She is very nice. (0:17:36.01)
Anya Forger : But she's scary sometimes. (0:17:38.17)
Walter Evans : If you were to give your parents
a score, what might that be?
Anya Forger : A perfect 100 points. (0:17:46.18)
Anya Forger : My Papa and Mama are both so
much fun, and I love them very much.
Anya Forger : I want to be with them forever. (0:17:51.49)
Murdoch Swan : Tch. God, no one needs this rubbish. (0:17:54.52)
Murdoch Swan : In that case, would you score your
old mother or your new mother higher?
Walter Evans : Come now, Master Swan... (0:18:01.88)
Murdoch Swan : Is there a problem? (0:18:03.45)
Loid Forger : May I respectfully request
a different question?
Murdoch Swan : Absolutely not. If you do not
answer, you will lose points.
Loid Forger : I don't know exactly how she
ended up in that orphanage,
Loid Forger : but her actual parents
are probably already...
Anya Forger : (0:18:21.30)
Loid Forger : Anya... (0:18:25.24)
Anya Forger : Mama... (0:18:27.36)
Murdoch Swan : I see, I see. (0:18:28.22)
Murdoch Swan : So you do prefer your old mother. (0:18:30.05)
Yor Forger : This is too cruel! (0:18:32.60)
Loid Forger : Please calm down, Yor. (0:18:33.70)
Yor Forger : But this is just— (0:18:34.91)
Loid Forger : We need to remain calm for
the sake of this mission.
Murdoch Swan : We have plenty of students here who live
away from their parents in our dorms.
Murdoch Swan : If she's going to cry over
every little trifling thing,
Murdoch Swan : she'll never survive at our establishment! (0:18:45.32)
Loid Forger : So what if he's being slanderous? (0:18:47.39)
Loid Forger : We are nothing more than a pretend family. (0:18:50.47)
Yor Forger : Trifling? You call this trifling ? (0:18:50.97)
Loid Forger : This is nothing. (0:18:53.98)
Murdoch Swan : Now, now, Mrs. Second Wife. (0:18:55.82)
Murdoch Swan : Don't snap at me just because
she loves her real mother more.
Murdoch Swan : Oh, I feel so much better. (0:19:00.65)
Loid Forger : Restrain yourself... (0:19:03.31)
Loid Forger : Twilight! (0:19:05.02)
Loid Forger : I do beg your pardon. (0:19:14.34)
Loid Forger : There was a mosquito. (0:19:16.35)
Loid Forger : Thank you very much for your time today. (0:19:18.57)
Murdoch Swan : Hey, where are you going?! (0:19:20.60)
Murdoch Swan : The interview's not over yet! (0:19:21.71)
Loid Forger : If making light of a child's feelings is part
of your establishment's educational policies,
Loid Forger : then I'm afraid we have
chosen the wrong school.
Murdoch Swan : You fiend! You dare
disgrace our fine school?!
Loid Forger : Come now, you two. (0:19:35.71)
Loid Forger : Please excuse us. (0:19:37.41)
Murdoch Swan : Don't think you'll ever walk
through our gates again!
Henry Henderson : That's quite enough, Master Swan. (0:19:42.27)
Murdoch Swan : Are you taking issue with my methods? (0:19:44.66)
Murdoch Swan : He may be the former headmaster, (0:19:47.01)
Walter Evans : Now, now... (0:19:47.95)
Murdoch Swan : but my father's influence
within this school is still strong.
Murdoch Swan : It'd be wise for you to
watch that mouth of yours.
Murdoch Swan : Hey! Hurry up and call the next one in! (0:19:55.00)
Loid Forger : ...the instructors of the
prestigious Eden College
Loid Forger : are second to none. (0:20:01.20)
Henry Henderson : If all I can do is curry
favor with the authorities,
Henry Henderson : I have no right to call myself an educator. (0:20:07.92)
Henry Henderson : I must ask, who truly disgraced our school? (0:20:10.70)
Murdoch Swan : Huh?! (0:20:13.87)
Walter Evans : Wha— (0:20:16.93)
Henry Henderson : Hmm... (0:20:18.57)
Henry Henderson : That was rather elegant,
if I do say so myself.
Henry Henderson : Now, will you be able to face
the instructors at Eden head-on,
Henry Henderson : Forgers? (0:20:27.71)
Loid Forger : Yeah... We definitely failed. (0:20:33.10)
Yor Forger : I-I'll go make us some tea. (0:20:35.95)
Loid Forger : I've failed yet again as a spy. (0:20:39.83)
Loid Forger : I let unnecessary feelings get
in the way of the mission.
Anya Forger : Papa... (0:20:45.37)
Anya Forger : I'm sorry. (0:20:46.85)
Anya Forger : I'm so sorry that I couldn't do better (0:20:48.87)
Anya Forger : on my tests. (0:20:52.61)
Loid Forger : It's all right, Anya. You have
no reason to apologize.
Loid Forger : You don't want to go to
a school like that, do you?
Anya Forger : But I want to go to school... (0:21:03.59)
Loid Forger : Huh? (0:21:05.93)
Anya Forger : If this mission fails... (0:21:06.86)
Anya Forger : I have to go to school or... (0:21:09.27)
Anya Forger : ...we won't be together anymore. (0:21:12.57)
Loid Forger : Anya... (0:21:15.20)
Yor Forger : If she fails, of course,
our life here together will be...
Yor Forger : But that doesn't matter. (0:21:22.57)
Yor Forger : I'm just worried how this may affect my work. (0:21:24.13)
Loid Forger : Hmm... But to be honest, (0:21:27.63)
Loid Forger : Hell will freeze over before you pass. (0:21:30.44)
Anya Forger : Shock! (0:21:32.41)
Yor Forger : I-I'm sure everything will be okay! (0:21:33.45)
Yor Forger : It'll all work out! (0:21:35.40)
Anya Forger : The grandpa with the glasses and
the grandpa with the half-glasses
Anya Forger : were really nice! (0:21:39.82)
Yor Forger : Yes, exactly! (0:21:41.01)
Yor Forger : I'm sure they'll vouch for us!
Let's believe in them.
Loid Forger : Spies don't believe in anyone
other than themselves.
Loid Forger : They always expect the worst-case
scenarios and prepare for them.
Anya Forger : I want to be with them forever. (0:21:56.69)
Loid Forger : But... Maybe just a little bit... (0:22:00.79)
Loid Forger : Yes. Let's leave the result to fate, (0:22:03.77)
Loid Forger : and try to recover from how
exhausting that exam was.
Loid Forger : Right now, just for a little bit... (0:22:12.18)
Loid Forger : To our family's bright future! (0:22:15.47)
Anya Forger : Something just fell! (0:22:19.79)
Yor Forger : Our family portrait fell to the floor. (0:22:22.63)
Loid Forger : It just fell... (0:22:24.99)
EXTRA : What will become (0:22:26.11)
EXTRA : of their mission? (0:22:28.01)

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