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Loid Forger : The man who threatens the peace
between the East and the West...
Loid Forger : Donovan Desmond. (0:00:10.86)
Loid Forger : In order to get closer to him, (0:00:12.70)
Loid Forger : I successfully had Anya enroll in
Eden College, the school his son attends.
Loid Forger : Next, in order to attend the social
gathering that Desmond goes to,
Loid Forger : I need Anya to obtain eight
merits, called "Stella,"
Loid Forger : so that she can become an Imperial Scholar. (0:00:27.21)
Loid Forger : To make this all happen at a prestigious
school, however, would not be easy.
Loid Forger : That is why I formulated a plan B,
"The Friendship Scheme."
Loid Forger : I was hoping to have Anya get
closer to Desmond's son, Damian,
Loid Forger : which in turn would hopefully
connect us as their parents.
Loid Forger : But on the first day,
she ended up punching Damian,
Loid Forger : earned a Tonitrus Bolt, and left
their friendship in shambles.
Loid Forger : Alas, it is too early to give up. (0:01:01.24)
Loid Forger : This plan has only just begun. (0:01:04.07)
Yor Forger : Good mworning... (0:02:41.14)
Loid Forger : Good morning, Yor. Breakfast is ready. (0:02:43.18)
Loid Forger : Looks like the three of us are
getting used to life as a family.
Loid Forger : Is Anya still asleep? (0:02:50.02)
Loid Forger : She's still worried about
what happened yesterday?
Loid Forger : Come on out. I won't get mad. (0:03:00.07)
Loid Forger : Eat quickly, or you'll be late. (0:03:02.11)
Anya Forger : I'm sorry I'm bad at school. (0:03:07.66)
Yor Forger : No, that was my fault. (0:03:10.91)
Loid Forger : There's no point to worrying about the past. (0:03:13.29)
Loid Forger : Just make sure you don't
get into any more fights.
Loid Forger : Okay, come on. Cheer up. (0:03:18.88)
Loid Forger : Your classes start today. (0:03:21.01)
Yor Forger : You're so kind, Loid. (0:03:23.15)
Loid Forger : Figuring out what we can do next is far more
constructive than dwelling on the past.
Loid Forger : Besides, it would be
much worse if she somehow
Loid Forger : got sick of school and
didn't want to go anymore.
Loid Forger : I need her school life to go as smoothly
as possible for the sake of this mission.
Loid Forger : Oh, and make sure you apologize
to Damian at school today.
Loid Forger : Got it? (0:03:48.12)
Anya Forger : Yep. Gonna go now. (0:03:49.04)
Loid Forger : Do your best and be a good girl! (0:03:55.08)
Yor Forger : It's time for us to head to work, too. (0:03:57.45)
Loid Forger : Yes. (0:03:59.86)
Loid Forger : I'm counting on you, Anya. (0:04:01.85)
Loid Forger : The peace of the world rests
on you two making amends.
Anya Forger : Anya will do her best. (0:04:11.31)
EXTRA : Have a wonderful day, Miss Becky. (0:04:19.07)
Anya Forger : Miss Rich Girl! (0:04:23.62)
Becky Blackbell : Oh, Anya. Good day to you. (0:04:25.15)
Anya Forger : Do you live in a castle, Miss Rich Girl? (0:04:27.62)
Becky Blackbell : Of course not. (0:04:30.23)
Becky Blackbell : You came here on the school bus? (0:04:32.58)
Becky Blackbell : I could have my driver give you a ride
to and from school from now on.
Anya Forger : Does that mean I get to
be a Miss Rich Girl, too?
Becky Blackbell : I never said anything about adopting you. (0:04:41.66)
Becky Blackbell : Aw, I'm jealous of the dorm kids who
don't have to go to and from school.
Becky Blackbell : Bleh... (0:04:52.10)
Emile Elman : What do you mean, "Bleh"?
You rude little girl!
Becky Blackbell : Ugh, it's only morning and
you're already obnoxious.
Emile Elman : What's her problem? (0:04:58.77)
Ewen Egeberg : Know your place! (0:05:00.27)
Becky Blackbell : Nyah! (0:05:01.15)
Loid Forger : Make sure you apologize. (0:05:02.65)
Anya Forger : Um... (0:05:06.74)
Anya Forger : Um, yesterday, I... (0:05:08.07)
Becky Blackbell : Let's go, Anya. Our class is about to start. (0:05:12.66)
Ewen Egeberg : Hey, wait! (0:05:15.33)
Becky Blackbell : You'll just catch their stupid
if you keep talking to them.
Anya Forger : But world peace! (0:05:19.54)
Loid Forger : Stop getting in the way, Blackbell girl! (0:05:25.17)
Loid Forger : No, wait. (0:05:27.84)
Loid Forger : As I recall, Blackbell and the Desmond
Group are actually business partners.
Loid Forger : Could this girl be under orders from an enemy
organization to put a stop to our mission?
Loid Forger : No, calm down. That's not possible. (0:05:38.85)
Loid Forger : First impressions are the most important thing
when forming a group of friends at school.
Loid Forger : They must make amends today, no matter what. (0:05:45.49)
Becky Blackbell : You know... (0:05:56.08)
Becky Blackbell : Hm. (0:05:58.21)
EXTRA : That's the girl who got violent, right? (0:05:59.96)
EXTRA : How scary! So barbaric. (0:06:02.25)
EXTRA : Is the girl next to her another delinquent? (0:06:04.00)
EXTRA : She just hit him out of nowhere
without a reason, right? That's nuts.
EXTRA : I don't want to be in the same class as her. (0:06:09.05)
EXTRA : What if she hits me, too? (0:06:11.60)
EXTRA : I can't believe she came to
school. Talk about a pain.
Anya Forger : School is scary... (0:06:16.56)
Becky Blackbell : People are so shallow. (0:06:19.02)
Becky Blackbell : They can only judge what's on the surface. (0:06:21.23)
Anya Forger : Are you a smart person, Rich Girl? (0:06:24.82)
Becky Blackbell : Aw, I wouldn't say that. (0:06:26.74)
Becky Blackbell : And call me Becky, not "Rich Girl." (0:06:29.57)
Geometry teacher : All right, be seated. (0:06:32.78)
Becky Blackbell : I hope we become the best of friends. (0:06:34.58)
Becky Blackbell : I'm the only one who knows
how good you are, Anya.
EXTRA : Honestly, people like that are just... (0:06:41.08)
EXTRA : We'd better stay away from them. (0:06:42.58)
Anya Forger : School is scary,
but I think it might be okay.
Becky Blackbell : Hey, look! Isn't this cute? (0:06:47.67)
Emile Elman : Tch! (0:06:50.30)
Ewen Egeberg : Why don't you give them a piece
of your mind, Lord Damian?
Damian Desmond : That's right. My name is Damian Desmond. (0:06:55.18)
Geometry teacher : All right, I'm calling the roll. Abel. (0:06:55.68)
Damian Desmond : As one of the sons of a prestigious family,
I was born into a life of privilege.
EXTRA : Here. (0:06:58.31)
Geometry teacher : Alice. (0:06:59.02)
EXTRA : Here. (0:06:59.77)
Geometry teacher : Edward. (0:07:00.39)
EXTRA : Here. (0:07:01.69)
Damian Desmond : No one had ever defied me before. (0:07:02.31)
Geometry teacher : Damian. (0:07:02.98)
Geometry teacher : Yikes, the Desmond Group's chairman's son. (0:07:04.32)
Damian Desmond : I've never even been hit
by my older brother.
Geometry teacher : Mr. Desmond. (0:07:07.44)
Damian Desmond : And yet... (0:07:08.57)
Geometry teacher : Mr. Desmond. (0:07:09.49)
Damian Desmond : Here. (0:07:10.74)
Geometry teacher : Conner. (0:07:12.57)
EXTRA : Here. (0:07:13.70)
Geometry teacher : George. (0:07:14.62)
Damian Desmond : With such... (0:07:14.78)
EXTRA : Here. (0:07:15.45)
Damian Desmond : With such... (0:07:16.08)
EXTRA : Here. (0:07:17.41)
Damian Desmond : With such... (0:07:18.25)
EXTRA : Here. (0:07:19.25)
Geometry teacher : Johnny. (0:07:21.21)
EXTRA : Here. (0:07:22.17)
Geometry teacher : Jesse. (0:07:22.83)
EXTRA : Here. (0:07:23.92)
Geometry teacher : Carl. (0:07:25.09)
EXTRA : Here. (0:07:25.84)
Geometry teacher : Well, today will be our first lesson, (0:07:27.25)
Geometry teacher : so before we begin... (0:07:30.30)
Geometry teacher : This is the starting line for all of you who
worked so hard to get into this school...
Geometry teacher : As you can see in this example,
when this and this are like this...
Geometry teacher : And that's why this turns out
like this, and this is... this.
Geometry teacher : So you get this answer by doing this... (0:07:43.60)
Geometry teacher : And if you get this answer, you can use the
same method to get the answer over here.
Geometry teacher : She had the nerve to fall asleep
in first period on her first day.
Geometry teacher : Is she actually a delinquent? (0:07:52.15)
Geometry teacher : How scary. (0:07:54.11)
Becky Blackbell : Anya! (0:07:55.12)
Becky Blackbell : We have science class next. Wake up! (0:07:56.41)
Anya Forger : Second son! (0:07:59.33)
Anya Forger : I have to apologize to the second son. (0:08:00.91)
Becky Blackbell : Second son? You mean Damian? (0:08:03.12)
Becky Blackbell : He already left. (0:08:04.75)
Becky Blackbell : And just leave that loser alone. (0:08:06.46)
Anya Forger : But peace will be in trouble if
I don't apologize to the second son.
Becky Blackbell : You mean it'll put a damper
on your peaceful school life?
Becky Blackbell : I mean, yeah... Who knows
what that boy will try to do?
Becky Blackbell : But don't worry. (0:08:22.89)
Becky Blackbell : I'm on your side, Anya! (0:08:24.31)
Becky Blackbell : I'll protect you, no matter what. (0:08:26.98)
Anya Forger : Oh, it's okay, then. (0:08:31.03)
Becky Blackbell : Yes. (0:08:31.90)
Loid Forger : No, it's not! (0:08:33.19)
Anya Forger : Papa?! (0:08:35.74)
Loid Forger : I need a way to tell her how
important that apology is!
EXTRA : As you can see, you can reflect
the sun's rays using a mirror.
EXTRA : The spot where the light hits will feel warm. (0:08:45.62)
EXTRA : Next, let's try an experiment
using two mirrors.
Anya Forger : Is that you, God?! (0:08:53.47)
Loid Forger : Apologize, Anya. Reconcile with him. (0:08:57.76)
Anya Forger : I suddenly feel this intense pressure. (0:09:02.27)
EXTRA : "And that's when John made up his mind. (0:09:05.77)
EXTRA : Even if he were to be left out,
he was going to see his beliefs through.
EXTRA : And then John never apologized
to anyone ever again."
Anya Forger : My textbook seems different
from everyone else's...
Becky Blackbell : It's finally time for lunch.
Let's go to the cafeteria.
Becky Blackbell : I guess this really is a prestigious school. (0:09:29.88)
Becky Blackbell : We're getting pretty brutal
lessons from day one.
Becky Blackbell : I'm exhausted. (0:09:35.55)
EXTRA : New students, you can order
whatever you'd like for lunch.
Becky Blackbell : Huh... Well, they're nowhere
near as talented as my chef.
Anya Forger : Anya wants omelet rice. (0:09:54.32)
Becky Blackbell : What a bizarre dish. (0:09:58.74)
Anya Forger : Second son! (0:10:06.54)
Becky Blackbell : Ew, go eat in your dorm. (0:10:07.71)
Anya Forger : I have to apologize. (0:10:10.04)
Becky Blackbell : No, you don't. (0:10:11.14)
Becky Blackbell : They're the ones at fault. (0:10:12.34)
Loid Forger : That stupid little brat! (0:10:14.01)
Loid Forger : That's it. I need to get her away from Anya. (0:10:15.55)
EXTRA : Hey, newbie! Where are you going?! (0:10:19.43)
Loid Forger : Becky Blackbell from Class 1-3. (0:10:25.02)
Loid Forger : Come to the student hall
in Tower A immediately.
Becky Blackbell : Huh? But I'm still eating. (0:10:29.31)
Loid Forger : Now! (0:10:32.44)
Becky Blackbell : Ugh! (0:10:33.29)
Anya Forger : Now's my chance to apologize. (0:10:35.61)
Ewen Egeberg : Wh-What do you want?! You wanna fight again? (0:10:47.96)
Anya Forger : Um— (0:10:50.74)
Emile Elman : If you hadn't sucker punched him,
Lord Damian never would've lost to you!
Anya Forger : Um... (0:10:55.72)
Damian Desmond : Shut up, you two. (0:10:56.75)
Ewen Egeberg : Huh? I see. You're going to
personally give her what for!
Damian Desmond : Why do I find it so hard to
speak when she's in front of me?
Ewen Egeberg : Lord Damian? (0:11:12.91)
Damian Desmond : What is this awkward sensation
I'm feeling in my chest?
Anya Forger : I feel a weird chill. I better
apologize quick, then run away.
Ewen Egeberg : Knowing Lord Damian, (0:11:23.82)
Ewen Egeberg : I'm sure he's finding the absolute perfect
insults to rip this little girl to shreds!
Ewen Egeberg : I wonder what he'll go for? "Shrimp"? (0:11:30.28)
Ewen Egeberg : No, that is far too meek. (0:11:33.54)
Emile Elman : Super uggo? Raccoon face? (0:11:36.30)
Anya Forger : Um... (0:11:36.59)
Ewen Egeberg : Violent gorilla girl? (0:11:38.42)
Anya Forger : I... (0:11:39.67)
Emile Elman : She's even got those lame hair
things that look like horns.
Anya Forger : Y-Yesterday... (0:11:42.59)
Ewen Egeberg : Your momma's so fat... (0:11:43.30)
Ewen Egeberg : You've got stubby little legs. (0:11:45.33)
Emile Elman : Stubby little legs! (0:11:46.43)
Emile Elman : She's even got those lame hair
things that look like horns.
Ewen Egeberg : Raccoon-faced commoner! (0:11:51.06)
Emile Elman : You'll get your filthy commoner germs on us. (0:11:52.90)
Emile Elman : Go away, you stubby little raccoon. (0:11:55.98)
Emile Elman : With stubby little legs... (0:11:58.23)
Ewen Egeberg : Stubby little legs! (0:11:59.44)
Anya Forger : I'm r-really sorry... (0:12:01.95)
Anya Forger : that I suddenly hit you yesterday! (0:12:05.20)
Anya Forger : I just wanted... (0:12:07.95)
Anya Forger : to be friends with you. (0:12:10.12)
Anya Forger : I'm sorry... (0:12:18.80)
Anya Forger : for having stubby little legs. (0:12:20.34)
Damian Desmond : Sh-She felt so bad that
she's actually bawling?!
Damian Desmond : She's so demure. (0:12:26.39)
Loid Forger : I guess I didn't really need to interfere. (0:12:29.47)
Loid Forger : Well done, Anya. Good job apologizing. (0:12:31.93)
Ewen Egeberg : Lord Damian, your face is bright red. (0:12:35.60)
Damian Desmond : That's just because... I'm enraged! (0:12:38.23)
Damian Desmond : I would never... (0:12:40.69)
Damian Desmond : That's right. She defied me! Right to my face! (0:12:42.75)
Damian Desmond : Yes... (0:12:47.57)
Damian Desmond : She came right up to me... (0:12:48.70)
Damian Desmond : Stared deep into my eyes... (0:12:52.12)
Damian Desmond : N-No! That's not what's going on! (0:12:56.67)
Damian Desmond : Stop pounding, my stupid heart! (0:12:59.93)
Damian Desmond : She's a commoner! I would never... (0:13:02.25)
Damian Desmond : No, never! (0:13:05.59)
Damian Desmond : That's just too embarrassing. (0:13:06.59)
Damian Desmond : Damn it all! I'd rather
die than ever admit it!
Damian Desmond : I will never forgive you!
My pride will not allow it!
Ewen Egeberg : Well said, Lord Damian!
A woman's tears cannot sway him!
Emile Elman : We'll let you off the hook for today. (0:13:22.53)
Emile Elman : Lord Damian! (0:13:25.15)
Loid Forger : Her apology... was completely rejected?! (0:13:32.41)
Loid Forger : Plan B is done for. (0:13:39.34)
Emile Elman : By the way, why are we running? (0:13:44.38)
Damian Desmond : Shut up! (0:13:46.80)
Anya Forger : School is... scary. (0:13:50.26)
Anya Forger : Becky! (0:13:53.56)
Becky Blackbell : Who was it?! Who the heck called me out here?! (0:13:55.42)
Loid Forger : That makes the denominator three,
and you get one-third.
Loid Forger : Which means you have three thirds,
which is equal to one.
Loid Forger : Simple, right? (0:14:08.84)
Yor Forger : L-Loid, why don't you both take a break? (0:14:09.92)
Loid Forger : Absolutely not. She has to learn
at least this much by today.
Loid Forger : The incident with Damian the other day... (0:14:16.92)
Loid Forger : The "Friendship Scheme" that was meant
to bring us closer to the Desmonds...
Damian Desmond : I will never forgive you! (0:14:21.25)
Loid Forger : completely fell apart. (0:14:25.38)
Loid Forger : Which means we need to go with
the orthodox method of Plan A,
Loid Forger : and boost its chances of
success as much as possible.
Loid Forger : If you don't finish this, you don't get
to watch your spy cartoon tonight.
Loid Forger : Well? What's the answer here? (0:14:38.59)
Anya Forger : I'll finish this quick by reading Papa's mind. (0:14:40.73)
Loid Forger : Come on. You use this formula here... (0:14:43.14)
Loid Forger : In order to get the Stella needed
to become an Imperial Scholar,
Loid Forger : there are other methods
such as excelling in sports
Loid Forger : or doing community service. (0:14:51.82)
Loid Forger : But in order to halt getting
Tonitrus Bolts from bad grades
Loid Forger : Though honestly, the most absolute
way to get to the social gathering
Loid Forger : or being expelled from them,
we need to get her academic skills up.
Loid Forger : is to infiltrate it, but over the
past few years, fellow agents have...
Loid Forger : I could enter the faculty room
and alter documents...
Yor Forger : Are you all right, Miss Anya?! (0:14:59.54)
Anya Forger : I will read Mama's mind. (0:15:01.75)
Anya Forger : Mama, this question... (0:15:04.26)
Yor Forger : Let's think it over together. (0:15:06.66)
Yor Forger : Let's see... The denominator is five,
so that's one split into five.
Yor Forger : Um... To make this easier to understand, (0:15:13.78)
Yor Forger : let's rip all four limbs off of a torso... (0:15:16.09)
Yor Forger : Oh, but then the head gets in the way. (0:15:18.69)
Yor Forger : Huh? Um... (0:15:21.68)
Yor Forger : Five... Five? (0:15:23.41)
Yor Forger : Doesn't a five look like an S? (0:15:25.13)
Yor Forger : Are you all right, Miss Anya?! (0:15:30.58)
Loid Forger : What's wrong? Well? Why can't you solve this? (0:15:32.57)
Loid Forger : I honestly can't figure out
what it is she can't understand.
Anya Forger : I don't wanna study! (0:15:39.36)
Loid Forger : Hey, wait a minute! (0:15:41.50)
Yor Forger : L-Loid... (0:15:43.38)
Yor Forger : I don't think it's a good idea to
be too forceful at times like this.
Loid Forger : Yes, but she needs to study more
to become an Imperial Scholar.
Yor Forger : But is that something she wants for herself? (0:15:52.89)
Loid Forger : Well... (0:15:59.01)
Loid Forger : That's actually for my mission. (0:16:00.64)
Yor Forger : I would really like Miss Anya
to enjoy going to school.
Yor Forger : Of course, she may need to study
so that she doesn't get expelled.
Loid Forger : Yes... You're right. (0:16:13.50)
Loid Forger : She's still very young, (0:16:15.36)
Loid Forger : so getting good grades is
probably the least of her worries.
Yor Forger : Oh, I'm sorry. (0:16:20.54)
Yor Forger : I shouldn't butt into
another family's affairs.
Loid Forger : No, it's quite all right. Thank you, Yor. (0:16:25.13)
Loid Forger : I do lose my composure with her at times. (0:16:28.63)
Yor Forger : I'm sure other parents go
through the same thing.
Yor Forger : Let's take a break. (0:16:35.53)
Yor Forger : I'll make us some tea. (0:16:37.11)
Loid Forger : Anya, we made you some hot cocoa. (0:16:42.38)
Loid Forger : And now she's holed up in her room. (0:16:48.23)
Yor Forger : I guess she's sulking now. (0:16:50.14)
Anya Forger : I'm gonna do my best in school! (0:16:59.57)
Yor Forger : She reminds me of my little
brother when he was small.
Yor Forger : She'll come out eventually. (0:17:10.55)
Loid Forger : By the way, your brother works for the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, right?
Loid Forger : He must have a brilliant academic record. (0:17:16.86)
Loid Forger : Did you help him with his homework? (0:17:18.97)
Loid Forger : If you have any tips for me... (0:17:21.61)
Yor Forger : Oh, no. Yuri was a much more
capable child than I was.
Yor Forger : I'm embarrassed to admit it, but he
probably taught me more than I taught him.
Yor Forger : Whenever we'd study together... (0:17:33.20)
Yuri Briar : No, Sis. Spiders actually aren't insects. (0:17:35.52)
Yuri Briar : Insects have six legs, (0:17:38.87)
Yuri Briar : and their bodies are split up between
their head, thorax, and abdomen.
Yor Forger : Wow... You're so knowledgeable, Yuri. (0:17:45.24)
Yor Forger : Whenever I complimented him,
his smile would light up the room.
Yuri Briar : Sis! Next, I'll teach you history! (0:17:52.53)
Yor Forger : S-Sure... (0:17:55.93)
Yor Forger : He must've enjoyed teaching me things, (0:17:57.47)
Yor Forger : because he'd always study on his
own even when I left him alone.
Yuri Briar : Sis, wake up! I learned
my times tables! Listen!
Yor Forger : Mrfh... (0:18:06.96)
Loid Forger : I see. So part of his motivation
was earning your praise.
Yor Forger : I'm not so sure about that, (0:18:14.08)
Yor Forger : but if that is the case, perhaps you can
be someone like that for Miss Anya.
Yor Forger : It might be worth it to praise
her for the smallest things.
Yor Forger : I think that'll make Miss Anya happy. (0:18:30.64)
Loid Forger : Well... I'm not so sure about that. (0:18:34.67)
Loid Forger : I'm not her real father, after all. (0:18:38.52)
Loid Forger : Wait, no. (0:18:42.71)
Loid Forger : That's right. I need to be the ideal father. (0:18:45.12)
Loid Forger : I need to play that part. (0:18:49.88)
Loid Forger : That was the foundation of this mission. (0:18:52.56)
Loid Forger : But up until now, nothing has been ideal, (0:18:55.70)
Loid Forger : and as a father, I've been... (0:19:00.05)
Yor Forger : It's all right. (0:19:03.73)
Yor Forger : Please be more confident in yourself. (0:19:06.28)
Yor Forger : Don't you remember what Miss Anya said? (0:19:07.98)
Yor Forger : That we're a perfect 100 points. (0:19:10.23)
Yor Forger : To Miss Anya, you're a wonderful father. (0:19:13.29)
Loid Forger : I'm grateful to hear you say that. (0:19:19.01)
Yor Forger : Oh, no. I butted in as a stranger again. (0:19:23.23)
Loid Forger : No, Yor. (0:19:26.79)
Loid Forger : You're not a stranger, nor part
of someone else's family.
Loid Forger : Right now, you're the
mother of the Forgers.
Loid Forger : I'm counting on you to provide
whatever I'm lacking.
Yor Forger : Th-That's right. I'm actually someone's wife. (0:19:39.58)
Loid Forger : Don't say things like that
when we're out of the house.
Loid Forger : It would be great if you could
look over Anya's homework, too.
Yor Forger : Of course, if you think I can be of help. (0:19:51.11)
Yor Forger : Let's take our time and do our best together. (0:19:54.06)
Loid Forger : That's right. Don't panic, Twilight. (0:19:56.67)
Loid Forger : If this could be ended by
assassinating Desmond alone,
Loid Forger : there would be countless methods, (0:20:03.36)
Loid Forger : but that won't get us to a true solution. (0:20:05.01)
Loid Forger : Nothing goes well in a short amount of time. (0:20:07.82)
Loid Forger : You need to know what your target
is thinking, what they desire,
Loid Forger : then gain their trust and get close to
them so you can keep an eye on them.
Loid Forger : Completing such mundane missions that
require patience makes a true spy.
Loid Forger : First, I need to truly understand Anya. (0:20:22.26)
Yor Forger : Oh, look at the time. (0:20:29.34)
Loid Forger : I'll go have a chat with Anya. (0:20:30.94)
Yor Forger : Then I'll go ahead and do the dishes. (0:20:33.52)
Loid Forger : Hey, Anya. Your spy show's about to start. (0:20:39.07)
Loid Forger : I'm sorry about earlier. (0:20:43.49)
Loid Forger : Let's watch your show first, (0:20:45.31)
Loid Forger : and then we can figure out
what to do about your studies.
Loid Forger : Anya? (0:20:53.23)
Loid Forger : She fell asleep. (0:21:01.14)
Loid Forger : You're going to catch a cold. (0:21:03.02)
Loid Forger : She was studying on her own? (0:21:06.24)
Anya Forger : I have to get the best grades
on my tests for Papa...
Loid Forger : I guess I'll just record that show for her. (0:21:17.65)
Anya Forger : No, Mama. You can't kill Papa... (0:21:21.79)
Loid Forger : What exactly is she dreaming about? (0:21:25.93)
Anya Forger : Zzz... (0:21:30.45)
Loid Forger : A wonderful father, huh? (0:21:35.52)
Loid Forger : I wonder what it'd feel
like to have a real family.
Dominic : Heya, Yuri! Working hard, I see! (0:23:25.47)
Yuri Briar : Oh, it's been a while, Dominic. (0:23:28.08)
Yuri Briar : I've been so busy with work that
I haven't been home at all.
Dominic : Elites at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
sure are cut from a different cloth.
Yuri Briar : Oh, yeah. Dominic, how was
the party the other day?
Yuri Briar : What was the guy my sister went with like? (0:23:44.08)
Dominic : Oh, Yor's... (0:23:45.62)
Dominic : Ah... Actually, congrats, by the way. (0:23:46.79)
Dominic : Wait, you haven't met him yet? (0:23:49.79)
Yuri Briar : Huh? (0:23:52.57)
Yuri Briar : My sister got married? (0:23:55.16)

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