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Lyra : Yeesh, that was close! (0:00:42.88)
Kaguya Gojouno : So it was a trap. (0:00:44.96)
Kaguya Gojouno : But trying to bury us alive with bombs? (0:00:47.50)
Kaguya Gojouno : That's both tacky and laughable. (0:00:51.25)
Jura Halmer : How the hell did they survive...? (0:00:57.42)
Jura Halmer : Damn you Astrea Familia bitches! (0:01:00.00)
Jura Halmer : Do you have any idea how much
those Blazerocks cost us?!
Iska Bra : Well of course we survived! (0:01:06.21)
Iska Bra : In case you forgot, we're the Astrea Familia. (0:01:08.25)
Ryana Lietz : Still, an explosion of that size... (0:01:11.29)
Ryana Lietz : You must've spent quite a bit of time planting them. (0:01:14.21)
Noin Unic : Too bad it was all for nothing... (0:01:16.88)
Jura Halmer : G..gods-dammit! (0:01:19.29)
Alise Lovell : Prepare yourself, Jura!
We're putting a stop to your sinster plot!
Lyra : There's nowhere left to run! (0:01:27.17)
Kaguya Gojouno : We're going to finish this now! (0:01:29.17)
Ryuu Lion : And you will answer for your crimes...
Every last one of them!
Alise Lovell : Let's put an end to this.
To Evilus and to their reign of terror!
Jura Halmer : G-gimme a break! I won't let it end in a place like this! (0:01:47.13)
Kaguya Gojouno : What's that sound?! (0:02:00.67)
Noin Unic : Huh? (0:02:33.33)
Neze Rankett : N-NEUN! (0:02:41.46)
Alise Lovell : Don't do it, Lion! (0:03:16.58)
Kaguya Gojouno : Idiot! (0:03:27.08)
Ryana Lietz : Celty, on my mark... Open fire! (0:03:45.92)
Ryuu Lion : Celty... Ryana... (0:04:12.79)
Iska Bra : NOOOOO! (0:04:27.54)
Alise Lovell : Marrue! (0:04:37.88)
Maryuu Reage : DON'T EAT ME! (0:04:40.58)
Ryuu Lion : Alise... (0:04:57.33)
Jura Halmer : S-stop! Stay back! (0:04:59.71)
Alise Lovell : Kaguya, Lion... You okay? (0:05:16.42)
Kaguya Gojouno : If we look "okay" to you...
then you might need your eyes checked, Captain.
Kaguya Gojouno : Physical injuries aside, it looks like Lion's in shock. (0:05:29.71)
Kaguya Gojouno : She's in no shape to fight right now. (0:05:33.96)
Lyra : Alise... (0:05:37.79)
Lyra : I'm sorry... It got me, too. (0:05:42.63)
Lyra : Dammit, I can't see a thing... (0:05:45.83)
Alise Lovell : Forgive me, you two,
but I need you to lay down your lives. I...
Alise Lovell : ...want to save Lion. (0:06:07.04)
Lyra : Sure. Count me in. (0:06:10.75)
Lyra : My life is more important to me than anyone else's. (0:06:13.67)
Lyra : But if I were to try and fight blind,
I'd probably be the first to kick the bucket anyway.
Kaguya Gojouno : Yeah. If I die here, then so be it. (0:06:21.75)
Kaguya Gojouno : It means that the time has come to make our choice. (0:06:26.33)
Kaguya Gojouno : But Captain, shouldn't you be the one to survive? (0:06:29.33)
Kaguya Gojouno : So long as you and Lady Astrea are alive,
true justice will prevail.
Alise Lovell : No, Kaguya... (0:06:38.58)
Alise Lovell : There are as many types of justice as there are people. (0:06:40.79)
Alise Lovell : How do you define "justice"? I still don't know the answer. (0:06:43.58)
Alise Lovell : But I know Lion... She always does the right thing. (0:06:48.58)
Alise Lovell : She stays true to her own justice. (0:06:53.33)
Alise Lovell : Listen to me, Lion. We need your magic to kill that thing. (0:06:59.96)
Alise Lovell : We're going to tear off its shell. (0:07:08.25)
Alise Lovell : So you stay here and start chanting, okay? (0:07:11.79)
Alise Lovell : Please... Promise me, Lion. (0:07:19.58)
Alise Lovell : And be sure to make it happen someday.
Those ideals of yours.
Alise Lovell : Bye for now, Lion. (0:07:40.63)
Lyra : Y'there, Lion? (0:07:43.96)
Lyra : Live enough for the rest of us. (0:07:46.88)
Kaguya Gojouno : I'm giving these to you. Don't just keep them, USE them. (0:07:50.46)
Kaguya Gojouno : Stay strong out there, my archrival. (0:07:55.71)
Ryuu Lion : Now in the skies... of the distant forest... (0:08:15.83)
Ryuu Lion : the infinite stars mounted upon the...
eternal firmament of night...
Ryuu Lion : This fool doth entreat, just once for the...
divine protection of the stars' fire...
Ryuu Lion : Grant thy benevolent light...
to the one who abandoned thee...
Ryuu Lion : Come forth, wandering wind... my fellow drifter... (0:08:48.46)
Alise Lovell : AGALLIS ARVESYNTH! (0:08:52.33)
Ryuu Lion : Cross the skies, speed through the wastelands...
race more swiftly than any other...
Ryuu Lion : Let the light of stardust occupy me
and strike my enemy...
Alise Lovell : ARVELIA! (0:09:19.83)
Alise Lovell : Ryu... (0:09:35.46)
Ryuu Lion : LUMINOUS WIND! (0:09:37.58)
Ryuu Lion : A wave of emotions washed over me. (0:09:59.50)
Ryuu Lion : Devastated by the loss my friends... (0:10:04.46)
Ryuu Lion : Enraged that I couldn't finish the job... (0:10:07.17)
Ryuu Lion : Confused as to how it escaped... (0:10:09.67)
Ryuu Lion : And ashamed that I had somehow survived,
despite bearing the mark of incompetence...
Ryuu Lion : I was resolved not to lose my life there.
My friends' deaths would have been in vain.
Ryuu Lion : I left, albeit begrudgingly,
to avoid attracting monsters to the area.
Ryuu Lion : When I returned to the surface, (0:10:31.46)
Ryuu Lion : I couldn't bring myself to set foot in our Familia home
because it reminded me of Alise.
Ryuu Lion : Plus, I had no idea what to say to Lady Astrea. (0:10:38.46)
Ryuu Lion : Once my wounds were healed, I went back to the 30th
Floor to give my friends a proper burial. However...
Ryuu Lion : ...not a single one of their corpses remained. (0:10:52.71)
Ryuu Lion : They were devoured by monsters, bones and all. (0:10:56.42)
Ryuu Lion : And as for that thing... (0:11:00.38)
Ryuu Lion : I had to fight. I was prepared to die. (0:11:06.92)
Ryuu Lion : To avenge my friends... To be judged for my sins... (0:11:11.67)
Ryuu Lion : What am I supposed to do now? Tell me, Alise... (0:11:23.88)
Ryuu Lion : I felt utterly helpless. (0:11:29.75)
Ryuu Lion : My duty to stay alive and my longing for death blurred
together. It tormented me to no end.
Ryuu Lion : Before long, the pain began
to turn into despicable thoughts.
Ryuu Lion : They'll pay for this... (0:11:42.21)
Ryuu Lion : The Rudra Familia... Jura... (0:11:46.04)
Ryuu Lion : If it's the last thing I do... (0:11:52.29)
Ryuu Lion : It wasn't what anyone would've called "justice." (0:11:55.50)
Ryuu Lion : Neither a noble cause nor an ideal... (0:11:59.54)
Ryuu Lion : It was hatred, plain and simple. (0:12:03.00)
Ryuu Lion : I'm begging you! (0:12:08.21)
Ryuu Lion : I pleaded with Lady Astrea to leave Orario,
no questions asked.
Ryuu Lion : My emotions were dictating my actions,
and I didn't want to be seen like that.
Ryuu Lion : But most of all, I wouldn't let anyone get
in the way of my plan.
Astraea : Okay then. (0:12:30.79)
Astraea : Ryu, you should give up on justice. (0:12:38.13)
Ryuu Lion : I was excommunicated by the Goddess of Justice. (0:12:43.83)
Ryuu Lion : She didn't rescind her Blessing,
though that was probably an act of mercy on her part...
Ryuu Lion : The justice I'd championed went up in smoke,
leaving a pitiful pile of ashes in its place.
Ryuu Lion : That's when the bloodbath began. (0:13:02.79)
Ryuu Lion : People, buildings, and command posts
with ties to the Rudra Familia or Evilus.
Ryuu Lion : I didn't give the other Familias time to intervene.
I destroyed it all.
Ryuu Lion : Sneaking in at night, planning ambushes,
laying traps... No method was beneath me.
Ryuu Lion : Succumbing to my emotions, I cut down evil...
along with anyone who seemed suspicious.
Ryuu Lion : Not once did I pause to consider the consequences. (0:13:29.29)
Ryuu Lion : I was looking for somewhere to dig my grave. (0:13:32.96)
Ryuu Lion : And then... (0:13:37.13)
EXTRA : I-it's Gale Wind! (0:13:38.42)
Jura Halmer : D-damn you, Lion...! (0:13:48.29)
Ryuu Lion : Jura. (0:13:52.67)
Ryuu Lion : You're going to PAY for what you've done! (0:13:54.33)
Ryuu Lion : Everything after that gets kind of hazy. (0:14:00.96)
Ryuu Lion : Blinded by white-hot rage, I attacked Jura.
I stabbed him over and over with my blade.
Ryuu Lion : And while he did live, I wouldn't find
that out until much later on.
EXTRA : Not bad, little Elf! (0:14:19.58)
EXTRA : Oh? You'd go so far as to murder a god in cold blood? (0:14:21.88)
EXTRA : If looks could kill, am I right? (0:14:29.71)
EXTRA : The expression on your face makes think
I ought to recruit you into my Familia.
Ryuu Lion : I had exacted my revenge. (0:14:45.67)
Ryuu Lion : And yet, somehow, I had survived. (0:14:49.13)
Ryuu Lion : I wanted to die. I couldn't die. (0:14:55.42)
Ryuu Lion : I was engulfed by a vast emptiness. I felt nothing else. (0:14:59.75)
Ryuu Lion : Why had I been left alive? (0:15:08.04)
Ryuu Lion : What had I wielded all those blades for? (0:15:12.00)
Ryuu Lion : Do I go on living since my friends sacrificed themselves
for me? Or should I die as punishment for my crimes?
Ryuu Lion : I had no purpose. I didn't know
what to do with myself anymore.
Ryuu Lion : That was around the time Syr rescued me,
just like Alise had.
Ryuu Lion : No... I didn't want it this time. (0:15:35.21)
Ryuu Lion : I had yet to be judged for my sins... (0:15:39.75)
Ryuu Lion : You guys...! (0:15:56.42)
Ryuu Lion : Kaguya, Lyla! Say something! (0:15:58.96)
Ryuu Lion : Neese, Marrue! Take me with you! (0:16:02.71)
Ryuu Lion : Ryana! Asta! Neun! Isuka! Celty! (0:16:06.58)
Ryuu Lion : Alise! (0:16:16.42)
Ryuu Lion : Please don't leave me all alone! (0:16:19.38)
Ryuu Lion : M-Mr. Cranel? (0:16:31.42)
Bell Cranel : Miss Ryu... Thank goodness. (0:16:33.67)
Ryuu Lion : Where are we...? (0:16:38.00)
Ryuu Lion : I remember being surrounded
by monsters in the Colosseum...
Ryuu Lion : The Colosseum's floor was destroyed by the explosion... (0:16:46.83)
Ryuu Lion : Did we fall through it? (0:16:50.13)
Ryuu Lion : There was a passageway right
below us this whole time...?
Bell Cranel : Let's keep... moving. (0:16:56.33)
Ryuu Lion : Why? Give me a reason! (0:17:06.33)
Ryuu Lion : Why did you save me, Mr. Cranel?! (0:17:09.75)
Ryuu Lion : Why didn't you leave me behind?! (0:17:13.21)
Ryuu Lion : Answer me! (0:17:15.71)
Bell Cranel : Because... you would do the same for me, Miss Ryu. (0:17:18.21)
Ryuu Lion : No, I wouldn't! I wouldn't save you if it meant- (0:17:23.79)
Bell Cranel : That's a lie. (0:17:27.13)
Ryuu Lion : Put me down. Leave me here and go! (0:17:29.04)
Bell Cranel : I can't. (0:17:32.33)
Bell Cranel : I'm not going to let you die. (0:17:33.88)
Ryuu Lion : Then YOU'RE going to die! (0:17:36.38)
Ryuu Lion : That's enough, Mr. Cranel. Don't waste any more
of your strength on me than you already have!
Ryuu Lion : Don't do this... I'm begging you to stop! (0:17:45.46)
Alise Lovell : Lion, live enough for the rest of us. (0:17:48.71)
Ryuu Lion : Let me die here with them! (0:17:52.58)
Ryuu Lion : I'm a filthy criminal... (0:17:58.83)
Ryuu Lion : I let my Familia die and murdered
my dearest friend with my own two hands.
Ryuu Lion : I was the only one who walked away with her life... (0:18:07.33)
Ryuu Lion : I let despicable thoughts consume me. I killed people. (0:18:10.71)
Ryuu Lion : There was no justice in that. (0:18:16.58)
Ryuu Lion : The very thing that my friends risked their lives for,
that they trusted me with...
Ryuu Lion : Just like Lady Astrea said, I gave it up. (0:18:23.71)
Ryuu Lion : There's no justice left in me. (0:18:28.71)
Ryuu Lion : I don't deserve to be rescued by you. So please- (0:18:31.58)
Bell Cranel : Stuff like justice... I don't know much about it. (0:18:35.92)
Bell Cranel : But... you've given me so many things, Miss Ryu. (0:18:39.33)
Bell Cranel : And that's GOT to be justice. (0:18:44.71)
Bell Cranel : You've saved other adventurers' lives... (0:18:48.96)
Bell Cranel : Goddess Hestia, Lili, Welf, me... (0:18:53.13)
Bell Cranel : You've saved my life countless times. (0:18:58.71)
Bell Cranel : In my eyes, you were always the hero. (0:19:03.71)
Bell Cranel : A righteous champion of justice
who swoops in and saves us...
Ryuu Lion : N-no... I was wrong! (0:19:11.58)
Ryuu Lion : I cast justice aside and lost control of myself! (0:19:15.21)
Bell Cranel : I won't let anyone tell me otherwise.
Not even you, Miss Ryu.
Bell Cranel : I don't know the old Miss Ryu. (0:19:26.54)
Bell Cranel : Maybe you did make a few mistakes. (0:19:29.75)
Bell Cranel : But... the Miss Ryu I know was always right.
She knew better than everyone.
Bell Cranel : So you didn't give it up or cast it aside, Miss Ryu. (0:19:42.21)
Bell Cranel : That justice... It lives on. (0:19:48.58)
Bell Cranel : It lives on with you. In your heart. (0:19:52.46)
Alise Lovell : But I know Lion... She always does the right thing. (0:19:56.38)
Ryuu Lion : Alise, I... (0:20:02.00)
Bell Cranel : And right now, my justice...
is making it home alive with you.
Bell Cranel : So I'm never going to let you go! (0:20:11.50)
Ryuu Lion : Maybe I can go home... (0:20:16.25)
Ryuu Lion : So long as I'm with him... (0:20:18.54)
Ryuu Lion : So long as I'm with Mr. Cranel... (0:20:20.38)
Bell Cranel : A Barbarian-?! (0:20:27.58)
Ryuu Lion : Mr. Cranel! (0:20:33.33)
Ryuu Lion : Wake up, Mr. Cranel! (0:20:40.08)
Ryuu Lion : Say something! (0:20:45.08)
Ryuu Lion : Bell! (0:20:49.00)
Ryuu Lion : Bell... Bell, please... (0:20:51.33)
Ryuu Lion : Speak to me... (0:20:54.71)
Ryuu Lion : Don't... N-no, wait... (0:20:56.38)
Ryuu Lion : BELL! (0:21:09.29)
Ryuu Lion : Huh? (0:21:18.54)
Bell Cranel : Sorry about that. I heard you calling my name but...
I was trying to lure the monster in closer, and... um...
Bell Cranel : I'm sorry for scaring you like that... (0:21:37.42)
Ryuu Lion : I have a request... Please don't ever do that again. (0:21:44.38)
Bell Cranel : Okay. I promise. (0:21:51.54)
Bell Cranel : Miss Ryu, look. (0:22:00.63)
Ryuu Lion : A blue light...? (0:22:04.42)
Bell Cranel : What is it? (0:22:06.13)
Ryuu Lion : I'm not sure. This is the first time I've seen it. (0:22:07.92)
Bell Cranel : Let's check it out. (0:22:12.04)
Bell Cranel : Is that a... river? (0:22:16.63)
Ryuu Lion : Yes, but... a water source on the 37th Floor?
I've never heard anyone mention anything like that...
Ryuu Lion : And it was sitting right underneath the Colosseum... (0:22:27.00)
Ryuu Lion : Well, maybe no one knew it existed until now
since everyone steers clear of the area...
Bell Cranel : Either way, we should take a break. (0:22:35.67)
Ryuu Lion : Bell! (0:22:44.71)
Ryuu Lion : The song of a now faraway forest... (0:22:50.25)
Ryuu Lion : The comforting melody of life... (0:22:52.63)
Ryuu Lion : Noah Heal. (0:22:55.08)
Ryuu Lion : Good, it's potable. (0:23:07.33)
Ryuu Lion : Drink some... Here. (0:23:11.75)
Ryuu Lion : Please, you need water... (0:23:15.92)
Bell Cranel : Miss Ryu... (0:23:27.46)
Ryuu Lion : Bell. Thank goodness... (0:23:31.21)
Ryuu Lion : Next time: "Daydream." (0:23:36.08)

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