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Lina Inverse : Where monsters rampage,
I'm there to take them down!
Lina Inverse : Where treasure glitters,
I'm there to claim it!
Lina Inverse : Where an enemy rises to face me,\nvictory will be mine! (0:00:08.45)
Lina Inverse : In case you missed it,
I was attacked and captured...
Lina Inverse : ... by those guys who were
after the Orihalcon statue.
Lina Inverse : Me, the beautiful sorcery genius,
Lina Inverse!
Lina Inverse : Basically, I left the statue with Gourry... (0:01:46.18)
Lina Inverse : ... and couldn't use my magic!
What a tight pinch that was!
Lina Inverse : And then, strangest of all,
Zelgadis let me escape!
Lina Inverse : Is it a trap, or has he\nreally changed sides? (0:01:58.02)
Lina Inverse : And who would pop up in\nfront of us while escaping? (0:02:00.96)
Lina Inverse : Rezo, the Red Priest! (0:02:05.30)
Lina Inverse : "FOCUS!
Rezo's the Real Enemy?!"
Lina Inverse : Rezo? (0:02:33.16)
Rezo the Red Priest : And just what are you doing, Zelgadis? (0:02:33.99)
Rezo the Red Priest : Trying to help her escape? (0:02:37.83)
Rezo the Red Priest : Seems you weren't being quite\nhonest with me, were you? (0:02:44.00)
Rezo the Red Priest : It's obvious you've turned against me. (0:02:52.01)
Lina Inverse : Against you?! As in,\nyou were working together?! (0:02:55.35)
Zelgadis Greywords : Silence! I don't have\nto obey you anymore! (0:03:00.45)
Rezo the Red Priest : Oh... Is that so? (0:03:05.79)
Lina Inverse : Uh, I happen to be here, too... (0:03:30.32)
Rezo the Red Priest : You dare turn against me... (0:03:33.49)
Rezo the Red Priest : ...after I mercifully granted\nyou the power you sought? (0:03:36.99)
Zelgadis Greywords : What was "merciful" about it? (0:03:41.66)
Zelgadis Greywords : Yes, I said I wanted power... (0:03:43.16)
Zelgadis Greywords : But I don't remember asking to\nbecome a Chimera in the process! (0:03:46.66)
Rezo the Red Priest : It was the most efficient way\nto give you that power. (0:03:51.34)
Rezo the Red Priest : The means and the reasoning matter not. (0:03:55.67)
Rezo the Red Priest : You must live with the consequences... (0:03:58.18)
Rezo the Red Priest : And now to settle things! (0:04:02.61)
Lina Inverse : Why don't I just see myself out? (0:04:12.79)
Lina Inverse : Watch what you're grabbing there! (0:04:16.80)
Lina Inverse : Lemme go! (0:04:19.46)
Rezo the Red Priest : You intend to use the girl as a shield? (0:04:22.80)
Lina Inverse : As a shield? (0:04:26.14)
Rezo the Red Priest : Ridiculous! What will that do against me? (0:04:27.47)
Zelgadis Greywords : While I have her as a\nshield I can't escape you. (0:04:32.81)
Zelgadis Greywords : But I'm not using her as a shield. (0:04:37.32)
Rezo the Red Priest : What the?! (0:04:46.16)
Lina Inverse : - Koala...
- Don't be an idiot!
Zelgadis Greywords : - Koala...
- Don't be an idiot!
Lina Inverse : Not so rough! (0:05:12.45)
Zelgadis Greywords : You can complain later! (0:05:14.29)
Lina Inverse : Hey, how far are we running? (0:05:47.82)
Zelgadis Greywords : A little further and we'll be safe. (0:05:54.66)
Lina Inverse : "A little further?" (0:05:56.33)
Lina Inverse : How much further?! (0:06:00.17)
Dilgear : What?! That little witch got away?! (0:06:09.77)
Dilgear : That little... She fooled us all! (0:06:16.45)
Dilgear : Who is it?!
Who's fixing a snack at this hour?
EXTRA : Trouble! (0:06:25.79)
EXTRA : It's Noonsa! (0:06:28.29)
Dilgear : Noonsa?! (0:06:29.63)
EXTRA : We saw him floating in the lake and... (0:06:34.30)
Dilgear : Who could have done this?! (0:06:37.14)
Dilgear : To do this to Noonsa... (0:06:39.47)
Dilgear : To reduce him to this crisp,\ndelicious-looking morsel! (0:06:42.97)
Dilgear : Noonsa, I swear I shall avenge you! (0:06:49.81)
Rezo the Red Priest : Then go and attack Zelgadis! (0:06:56.15)
Dilgear : Lord Rezo? (0:06:59.16)
Rezo the Red Priest : I ask that you take care\nof that traitor, Dilgear. (0:07:00.59)
Dilgear : Zelgadis, a traitor?! (0:07:07.27)
Dilgear : You!!! You ate him all!!! (0:07:37.63)
Zelgadis Greywords : Looks like we gave him the slip. (0:07:42.80)
Lina Inverse : Oh, now my nose looks like\nsomebody smashed it in. (0:07:47.97)
Zelgadis Greywords : It looked like that to begin with. (0:07:52.31)
Lina Inverse : Now hold on! (0:07:53.81)
Zelgadis Greywords : You tired or something? (0:07:58.82)
Lina Inverse : Of course! It doesn't matter\nhow tough you are. (0:08:00.79)
Lina Inverse : Running around in the middle\nof the night'll wipe you out. (0:08:03.76)
Lina Inverse : Although I was mostly being\ncarried around by him... (0:08:06.92)
Zelgadis Greywords : Get some sleep. (0:08:11.60)
Zelgadis Greywords : I'm a little tired as well. (0:08:13.30)
Lina Inverse : Lucky me! (0:08:15.60)
Zelgadis Greywords : Don't think of running off\nwhile I'm asleep. (0:08:16.60)
Lina Inverse : I wasn't even considering it. (0:08:21.61)
Lina Inverse : I'm too tired, and I've only\ngotten a bit of my powers back. (0:08:26.28)
Zelgadis Greywords : Oh, meaning you have\nsome of them back now? (0:08:31.12)
Lina Inverse : Anyway, I'm not running off. (0:08:34.79)
Zelgadis Greywords : Good policy to have. (0:08:37.29)
Lina Inverse : Thing is, you think you can\nexplain some stuff to me now? (0:08:38.96)
Zelgadis Greywords : May as well. You're mixed\nup in this pretty far. (0:08:43.29)
Zelgadis Greywords : You have a right to know. (0:08:46.96)
Lina Inverse : Yeah, I have a right.
I have rights up the wazoo!
Zelgadis Greywords : Well then, where shall I begin? (0:08:52.30)
Lina Inverse : How about with that guy? (0:08:55.47)
Lina Inverse : He calls himself Rezo the Red Priest. (0:08:59.64)
Lina Inverse : But who is he really? (0:09:03.75)
Zelgadis Greywords : He is truly the man they\ncall Rezo the Red Priest. (0:09:06.75)
Zelgadis Greywords : But suppose he wasn't\nalways what he is now? (0:09:13.26)
Lina Inverse : Okay, what's he up to? (0:09:19.26)
Zelgadis Greywords : Surely you know. (0:09:22.93)
Zelgadis Greywords : Searching for something\nwith all his might. (0:09:24.64)
Lina Inverse : Then... (0:09:28.44)
Rezo the Red Priest : They were apparently\nsent by Zelgadis. (0:09:29.77)
Lina Inverse : - You know him?
- Yes. He is my enemy.
Rezo the Red Priest : - You know him?
- Yes. He is my enemy.
Rezo the Red Priest : He's trying to resurrect\nthe Dark Lord, Shabranigdo. (0:09:37.45)
Rezo the Red Priest : He wants to resurrect the
Dark Lord to destroy the world.
Rezo the Red Priest : He's a creation of utter evil. (0:09:46.62)
Lina Inverse : You aren't trying to resurrect\nthe Dark Lord, Shabranigdo... (0:09:51.30)
Lina Inverse : It's really Rezo, isn't it? (0:09:55.47)
Zelgadis Greywords : Dark Lord? (0:09:58.30)
Lina Inverse : I see. You screwed up\ngetting the statue from me... (0:10:03.47)
Lina Inverse : you decided to\nbug out on your own. (0:10:07.98)
Zelgadis Greywords : Shabranigdo? What do you mean? (0:10:11.65)
Lina Inverse : He isn't? (0:10:15.32)
Zelgadis Greywords : The thing he's had us looking for... (0:10:16.99)
Zelgadis Greywords : ...looks something like this. (0:10:20.32)
Zelgadis Greywords : It's quite famous. (0:10:23.66)
Lina Inverse : The Philosopher's Stone. (0:10:26.00)
Lina Inverse : You mean... (0:10:35.51)
Zelgadis Greywords : The Stone is hidden within the statue. (0:10:37.84)
Lina Inverse : No way! (0:10:41.85)
Gourry Gabriev : Well, that didn't work. (0:10:50.02)
Gourry Gabriev : And after I spent the night here, too. (0:10:52.36)
Gourry Gabriev : If I knew this would happen,
I'd have stayed at an inn!
Gourry Gabriev : Jeez, it's getting light already. (0:11:00.47)
Gourry Gabriev : Where did that Lina get to? (0:11:02.80)
Lina Inverse : The Philosopher's Stone. (0:11:11.98)
Lina Inverse : Any sorcerer worth their\nsalt has heard of it. (0:11:13.98)
Lina Inverse : There are all sorts of theories that\nit's a fragment of the Staff of the Gods (0:11:17.65)
Lina Inverse : which supports the world. (0:11:21.15)
Lina Inverse : But one thing's for certain. (0:11:22.99)
Lina Inverse : It'll amplify magic power\nbeyond anyone's imagination. (0:11:24.16)
Lina Inverse : Wherever the Stone appears,\nthe course of history is changed. (0:11:30.33)
Lina Inverse : Mainly because it's said that a single\nsorcerer using the Stone... (0:11:35.67)
Lina Inverse : ...can destroy an entire kingdom! (0:11:38.67)
Lina Inverse : But what would a guy like that\ndo if he had the Stone? (0:11:43.67)
Lina Inverse : Don't tell me he's trying\nto conquer the world! (0:11:48.01)
Lina Inverse : That's just so stock fairy tale! (0:11:50.52)
Zelgadis Greywords : As the rumors say, Rezo was born blind. (0:11:53.02)
Zelgadis Greywords : He wants his eyes healed. (0:11:57.02)
Zelgadis Greywords : For that reason alone,\nhe began to study white magic. (0:11:59.52)
Zelgadis Greywords : And after he mastered it,\nhe traveled through many lands, (0:12:04.63)
Zelgadis Greywords : performing great miracles as he went. (0:12:07.97)
Zelgadis Greywords : He would cure people's blindness... (0:12:22.48)
Zelgadis Greywords : But while he could heal their eyes... (0:12:27.82)
Zelgadis Greywords : ...for some reason he couldn't heal his own. (0:12:31.16)
Zelgadis Greywords : And so he began to study
Shamanism and the Black Arts,
Zelgadis Greywords : And still, his eyes refused\nto answer to the light. (0:12:39.00)
Zelgadis Greywords : And so, to finally cure his blindness... (0:12:43.17)
Lina Inverse : ...he went after the legendary,\nlost Philosopher's Stone. (0:12:45.34)
Lina Inverse : I get it. That stuff about\nreviving the Dark Lord was a lie. (0:12:51.34)
Lina Inverse : He was just stringing me along\nso he could get the statue. (0:12:55.35)
Lina Inverse : So, why are you so eager to\nmake sure he doesn't get it? (0:13:01.29)
Lina Inverse : You want to interfere with him? (0:13:05.12)
Zelgadis Greywords : I don't want to interfere with him... (0:13:07.46)
Zelgadis Greywords : I want to kill him! (0:13:10.80)
Zelgadis Greywords : And for that I need the Stone! (0:13:12.80)
Lina Inverse : Is he really that bad? (0:13:15.13)
Zelgadis Greywords : Yes... I can't beat him as I am now. (0:13:17.30)
Zelgadis Greywords : Why did I ever... (0:13:21.64)
Rezo the Red Priest : You wish to be strong, Zelgadis? (0:13:44.33)
Rezo the Red Priest : Help me to search for\nthe Philosopher's stone, (0:13:49.17)
Rezo the Red Priest : and I will grant you power\nbeyond imagination. (0:13:52.34)
Rezo the Red Priest : You don't want the power? (0:13:58.84)
Zelgadis Greywords : I was a fool not to realize\nthe meaning of those words. (0:14:17.80)
Lina Inverse : Uh-oh, he's getting depressed again. (0:14:24.47)
Lina Inverse : So, how'd you know Rezo? (0:14:27.30)
Zelgadis Greywords : I've known him since I was born. (0:14:29.97)
Zelgadis Greywords : I don't know how long he's lived... (0:14:32.31)
Zelgadis Greywords : ...but I imagine he was both\nmy grandfather and great-grandfather. (0:14:35.31)
Lina Inverse : - You mean...
- Yes...
Zelgadis Greywords : - You mean...
- Yes...
Zelgadis Greywords : The blood of the virtuous
Rezo flows within me.
Lina Inverse : Maybe I shouldn't have asked. (0:14:48.66)
Lina Inverse : Anyway, now I think
I know what the deal is.
Lina Inverse : Now, let's see about\ngetting some sleep. (0:14:55.83)
Gourry Gabriev : Lina! Where are you? (0:15:01.94)
Gourry Gabriev : If she was here now... (0:15:05.41)
Gourry Gabriev : She'd use her magic to\nget us some breakfast. (0:15:08.28)
Zelgadis Greywords : - We're surrounded.
- What are they?
Lina Inverse : - We're surrounded.
- What are they?
Zelgadis Greywords : Twenty to thirty trolls.
Rezo isn't with them.
Zelgadis Greywords : - We'll manage, somehow.
- Confident, aren't we?
Lina Inverse : - We'll manage, somehow.
- Confident, aren't we?
Dilgear : Come on out, you two! (0:15:26.63)
Dilgear : Time we settled things, Zel! (0:15:28.47)
Lina Inverse : Hi there, Dilgear!
Sorry to have put you out.
Lina Inverse : And after you came all this way! (0:15:35.81)
Dilgear : You remembered my name.
I'm flattered.
Dilgear : Do you mind?! (0:15:46.98)
Zelgadis Greywords : Dilgear! Aren't you loyal to me? (0:15:49.32)
Dilgear : Once you turned against Lord Rezo... (0:15:54.33)
Dilgear : became nothing\nmore than another enemy! (0:15:56.49)
Zelgadis Greywords : I see... (0:16:00.00)
Zelgadis Greywords : So, you think you, a mere man-beast,\ncan defeat me? (0:16:01.10)
Dilgear : A mere man-beast? (0:16:05.10)
Dilgear : Well then, why don't I show you\nthis "mere man-beast's" power? (0:16:06.77)
Dilgear : Get 'em! (0:16:10.11)
Lina Inverse : Oh, you gotta be kidding! (0:16:12.61)
Lina Inverse : I'll teach you to fool around\nwith a girl who's hurt bad! (0:16:20.45)
Gourry Gabriev : What's?! (0:16:26.62)
Gourry Gabriev : Another raw one! (0:16:28.29)
Gourry Gabriev : Why can't they cook faster? (0:16:30.29)
Lina Inverse : Zelgadis? (0:16:35.47)
Zelgadis Greywords : Mind your own business! (0:16:36.30)
Lina Inverse : I still owe you one! (0:16:38.14)
Zelgadis Greywords : This'll take forever. (0:16:44.64)
Zelgadis Greywords : "Earth below me, submit to my will." (0:16:48.31)
Lina Inverse : A Dug Haut?! (0:16:51.98)
Zelgadis Greywords : Dug Haut! (0:16:53.98)
Lina Inverse : All right! (0:17:13.27)
Dilgear : Not bad, but can you beat me\nwithout your Shamanist tricks? (0:17:16.94)
Zelgadis Greywords : You wish to defeat me\nby sword alone? (0:17:23.28)
Dilgear : - As you say...
- Try, if you dare.
Zelgadis Greywords : - As you say...
- Try, if you dare.
Dilgear : Prepare yourself! (0:17:32.46)
Zelgadis Greywords : Out of the way,\nsorceress who can't use sorcery! (0:17:36.63)
Zelgadis Greywords : You're quite good! (0:17:45.64)
Dilgear : I'm happy to hear that! (0:17:47.47)
Lina Inverse : Zel! (0:17:54.31)
Lina Inverse : Listen, this whole unrelenting act\nis getting really old! (0:17:58.32)
Lina Inverse : Guess I'll have to sink or swim! (0:18:10.59)
Lina Inverse : Too slow! Sleep! (0:18:32.12)
Lina Inverse : See? Even in this condition,
I can manage some magic.
Lina Inverse : Zelgadis! (0:18:46.80)
Dilgear : You're mine! (0:18:53.80)
Zelgadis Greywords : You underestimated me. (0:19:01.91)
Zelgadis Greywords : You thought you could get me\nin the middle of all this smoke! (0:19:03.91)
Zelgadis Greywords : I'd say you're the one who\nneeds to prepare himself. (0:19:09.25)
Dilgear : Oh, you think so? (0:19:13.42)
Dilgear : You forgot I'm a Wolf-Troll mix. (0:19:22.77)
Zelgadis Greywords : I see. I did forget that. (0:19:27.10)
Lina Inverse : Uh-oh, he's leaving himself wide open! (0:19:29.44)
Dilgear : You fool! (0:19:32.44)
Dilgear : What?! (0:19:40.62)
Zelgadis Greywords : And apparently you forgot\nthat I'm one-third golem. (0:19:41.95)
Zelgadis Greywords : It's times like this I'm actually thankful\nthat Rezo gave me this monstrous body! (0:19:48.96)
Zelgadis Greywords : If you wish to kill me with a sword,\nit'd better be the Sword of Light! (0:19:57.63)
Dilgear : I won't forget this! (0:20:06.98)
Dilgear : I'm telling Lord Rezo on you! (0:20:08.31)
Zelgadis Greywords : Ridiculous. (0:20:10.98)
Lina Inverse : Wow! Way to go, Zelgadis!
Great! Fantastic!
Zelgadis Greywords : - All right, already...
- I'm recognizing your skill!
Lina Inverse : - All right, already...
- I'm recognizing your skill!
Lina Inverse : But now it looks like Rezo\nknows where we are. (0:20:20.82)
Lina Inverse : You got anyplace besides\nhere we can run to? (0:20:25.83)
Zelgadis Greywords : No, I don't. (0:20:28.50)
Lina Inverse : Oh well, you may as well\ncome with me then. (0:20:31.00)
Zelgadis Greywords : - And where are you going?
- I was headed for Atlas City.
Lina Inverse : - And where are you going?
- I was headed for Atlas City.
Lina Inverse : I should be able to meet up\nwith Gourry there. (0:20:38.34)
Lina Inverse : That should change the\nsituation a little for us. (0:20:41.18)
Zelgadis Greywords : I suppose I've no choice. (0:20:44.01)
Lina Inverse : All right then,\nwe're off to Atlas City! (0:20:46.85)
Lina Inverse : And we can continue things\nin the next episode! (0:20:50.02)
Lina Inverse : Why is he coming all the way to here?
That throws me in a big pinch.
Lina Inverse : Way to go Gourry!
I'll leave the rest up to you.
Lina Inverse : Next Time: "GIVE UP! But, Just Before We Do,
The Sure Kill Sword Appears!"

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