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EXTRA : Chairman Netero gathered the top
leaders of the Hunter Association,
EXTRA : the Zodiacs, for the purpose of
electing the next chairman.
EXTRA : The Zodiacs... (0:00:12.45)
EXTRA : Twelve Hunters whose abilities
the chairman had recognized.
EXTRA : In emergencies, he entrusted
them with leading the Association.
EXTRA : When nothing was happening, they
accompanied him in leisure activities.
EXTRA : Each Zodiac is assigned a code name... (0:00:25.84)
EXTRA : And most members, out of
adoration for the chairman,
EXTRA : made moving efforts to embody their code names, (0:00:31.65)
EXTRA : such as changing their names or personas. (0:00:35.27)
EXTRA : However, there are exceptions. (0:00:38.24)
Ginta : Chairman! (0:02:01.71)
Mizaistom Nana : I thought we had all the Zodiacs present, (0:02:10.10)
Mizaistom Nana : but the Rat is missing. (0:02:12.49)
Piyon : The Vice Chairman is very busy, (0:02:14.53)
Piyon : even at a time like this. (0:02:17.42)
Geru : It's because it is a time like this. (0:02:19.48)
Geru : He's scrambling to secure votes for himself, I'm sure. (0:02:21.41)
Ginta : Chairman! (0:02:25.56)
Cluck : Ginta... You're loud, annoying, and you smell! (0:02:27.83)
Saiyu : Even the habitual slacker Ging showed up! (0:02:32.10)
Saiyu : Guess the Rat's just a scumbag. (0:02:35.06)
Ging Freecss : What do you mean, "even" I showed up? (0:02:37.23)
Ging Freecss : I'll kill you, monkey. (0:02:38.90)
Saiyu : Go ahead and try it, dumbass. (0:02:40.30)
Botobai Gigante : I can't accept this. (0:02:43.31)
Botobai Gigante : Why didn't the chairman call us to help? (0:02:45.35)
Kanzai : Agreed. (0:02:49.53)
Kanzai : Morel and Knov were above that kind of job! (0:02:50.84)
Cheadle Yorkshire : "Above" is not the word you're looking for. (0:02:53.17)
Cheadle Yorkshire : You wanted to hunt the Ants yourself, did you not? (0:02:56.06)
Saccho Kobayakawa : The chairman wanted all of us together for this. (0:03:00.61)
Saccho Kobayakawa : Let's wait for him to arrive. (0:03:04.52)
Pariston Hill : Hey! Sorry I'm late! (0:03:06.67)
Pariston Hill : My apologies! (0:03:08.43)
Pariston Hill : Everyone is in a frenzy over what's
going on with East Gorteau.
Pariston Hill : It's a big problem. (0:03:13.60)
Mizaistom Nana : Just sit down. (0:03:17.17)
Pariston Hill : Oh, sorry about that. (0:03:19.10)
Pariston Hill : Then let's begin this meeting on the
election of the next chairman.
Kanzai : Hold on! (0:03:29.86)
Kanzai : Why are you leading the meeting? (0:03:31.27)
Pariston Hill : Huh? Is there a problem? (0:03:33.94)
Piyon : Don't boss us around after you showed up late. (0:03:36.41)
Cluck : Pariston, you're irritating!
You're a creep! Get lost!
Pariston Hill : Well, I wasn't sure if I should take the lead. (0:03:42.76)
Pariston Hill : But you know, I'm the Vice Chairman. (0:03:46.67)
Pariston Hill : I outrank the rest of you, and I'm
good at coordinating these things.
Pariston Hill : I'm sure you all want to finish this quickly. (0:03:53.93)
Pariston Hill : That's why. (0:03:56.65)
Pariston Hill : If we rank by age, Botobai-san should lead. (0:03:58.77)
Pariston Hill : Judging by ability to foster progress,
Cheadle-san should lead.
Pariston Hill : Both are better suited to the task than I. (0:04:04.98)
Pariston Hill : Would one of you be willing to take over? (0:04:07.82)
Cheadle Yorkshire : I'll refrain. You'd probably give me a hard time. (0:04:10.84)
Botobai Gigante : I concur. (0:04:17.79)
Saiyu : Forget it. Just lead the meeting. (0:04:20.36)
Saiyu : Just come out and say you
want to do it, scumbag.
Pariston Hill : In that case, if anyone objects
to me leading this meeting,
Pariston Hill : raise your hand. (0:04:30.17)
Cluck : I object! I object! I seriously object! (0:04:31.91)
Pariston Hill : I see four objections... (0:04:35.04)
Pariston Hill : The majority says I should continue. (0:04:36.64)
Pariston Hill : Of course, we can discuss any
complaints as they arise.
Pariston Hill : I'm ready to step down anytime. (0:04:43.87)
Pariston Hill : Then, I have a proposal. (0:04:48.56)
Pariston Hill : I will run for the position of chairman, (0:04:51.40)
Pariston Hill : so let's not bother with an election. (0:04:54.32)
Ginta : I'm gonna kill you, brat! (0:04:59.24)
Pariston Hill : Scary... Everyone calm down. (0:05:03.43)
Pariston Hill : My point is that we'll waste time and money. (0:05:06.21)
Pariston Hill : We already know the results. (0:05:09.53)
Geru : No one here will vote for you. (0:05:12.01)
Pariston Hill : That's eleven votes. (0:05:16.80)
Pariston Hill : Together, you can only muster eleven votes. (0:05:19.86)
Pariston Hill : Do you know how many Hunters
are in the Association?
Pariston Hill : The late Chairman Netero was too strong... (0:05:27.78)
Pariston Hill : So he couldn't understand
the feelings of the weak.
Pariston Hill : The same can be said for all of you. (0:05:35.22)
Pariston Hill : However, I can understand the weak! (0:05:37.92)
Pariston Hill : That is the kind of Chairman I seek to be! (0:05:41.00)
Piyon : The weak end up becoming slaves
and working as intermediaries. {D: Kind of an awkward line, since slavery isn't really equivalent to working as an intermediary...}
Piyon : How much have you made off
them, Prince of Kickbacks?
Pariston Hill : Please, you have it wrong. I'm asking
them to contribute to the pool.
Pariston Hill : It's meant to help the Association expand. (0:05:56.74)
Mizaistom Nana : Eighteen people. (0:06:01.42)
Mizaistom Nana : Do you know what that number represents? (0:06:03.00)
Mizaistom Nana : The number of Hunters who've
gone missing in the three years
Mizaistom Nana : since you became Vice Chairman. (0:06:11.01)
Mizaistom Nana : As professionals who risk our lives, (0:06:14.61)
Mizaistom Nana : we're obligated to be aware of the
situations our trusted associates are in.
Mizaistom Nana : A missing Hunter is more bizarre than
a Hunter's unexpected death.
Mizaistom Nana : Before you became Vice Chairman, the
average was 0.6 Hunters missing per year.
Mizaistom Nana : It's increased tenfold. (0:06:31.63)
Mizaistom Nana : Do you have anything to say? (0:06:36.25)
Pariston Hill : That number is tragic... It pains me greatly. (0:06:39.90)
Pariston Hill : Once I become Chairman,
the number will surely decrease!
Ging Freecss : I'll run for Chairman. (0:06:50.92)
Ging Freecss : I'm going to carry on the old man's will. (0:06:55.50)
EXTRA : Don't want to vote for either of them! (0:07:05.48)
Pariston Hill : Ging-san, I hear something
happened to your son...
Ging Freecss : Sounds like it. (0:07:12.82)
Pariston Hill : Should I visit him? (0:07:13.92)
Ging Freecss : Sure, he'd probably be thrilled. (0:07:15.89)
Pariston Hill : Would he even realize I was there? (0:07:19.97)
Pariston Hill : I heard he's in critical condition. (0:07:21.58)
Pariston Hill : Maybe I shouldn't go after all... (0:07:24.23)
Pariston Hill : If he dies after I do, I'll have wasted my time. (0:07:26.32)
Ging Freecss : Go visit him. (0:07:30.02)
Ging Freecss : He isn't going to die. (0:07:31.54)
Pariston Hill : Uh, can I ask a question? (0:07:38.52)
Pariston Hill : First, shouldn't we reevaluate
the process for running?
Kanzai : You're the one who started it! (0:07:44.99)
Kanzai : What's wrong with your head?! (0:07:47.48)
Pariston Hill : I only offered to serve in hopes
of saving us money and time.
Pariston Hill : If we can't avoid the process,
let's first decide how to go about it.
Kanzai : There we go! (0:07:59.25)
Mizaistom Nana : When he controls the pace, (0:08:01.08)
Mizaistom Nana : everything becomes more complicated. (0:08:03.38)
Cheadle Yorkshire : In that case, we can draw lots. (0:08:07.20)
Saiyu : Screw that! (0:08:10.72)
Saiyu : How can we have our leader chosen by chance? (0:08:11.96)
Saiyu : Are you a scumbag, too? (0:08:14.96)
Cheadle Yorkshire : I'll give a sheet of paper to each of you. (0:08:17.39)
Saiyu : Hey... (0:08:20.11)
Cheadle Yorkshire : I want each of you to write what you believe to be the optimal election process, (0:08:21.14)
Cheadle Yorkshire : with the prerequisite of achieving
at least 95% voter turnout.
Cheadle Yorkshire : And a third party will pick one
of the proposals at random.
Botobai Gigante : A third party? (0:08:37.16)
Geru : I'm guessing she means Beans. (0:08:38.42)
Cheadle Yorkshire : Each proposal has a 1 in 12 chance. (0:08:43.14)
Cheadle Yorkshire : So there won't be any hard feelings. (0:08:45.33)
Kanzai : That's true... (0:08:48.25)
Saccho Kobayakawa : Not a bad idea. (0:08:49.21)
Pariston Hill : That's fine, since I won't lose. (0:08:50.83)
Pariston Hill : But we should write down our names,
so we know whose idea is chosen.
Saccho Kobayakawa : She said the odds are 1 in 12, but that isn't true. (0:09:01.87)
Saccho Kobayakawa : If the ten of us write something
that puts Pariston...
Saccho Kobayakawa : and Ging, if possible... (0:09:07.98)
Saccho Kobayakawa : at a disadvantage, our odds will be 5 in 6. (0:09:10.03)
Cheadle Yorkshire : If we record how each person votes, (0:09:16.88)
Cheadle Yorkshire : Pariston will have an advantage. (0:09:20.08)
Cheadle Yorkshire : Should we use anonymous ballots to allow
for dividing points among candidates?
Cheadle Yorkshire : Would our intermediaries then
betray us with no guilt or fear?
Cheadle Yorkshire : So here we are, Beans-san. (0:09:34.99)
Cheadle Yorkshire : There are twelve sheets of paper inside. (0:09:37.92)
Cheadle Yorkshire : Please pick one. (0:09:41.17)
Cheadle Yorkshire : It will determine the rules
we will use for the election.
Beans : You want me to pick one? (0:09:47.05)
Beans : This is an important task. (0:09:50.84)
Beans : Then I will draw one. (0:10:04.49)
Beans : The chosen proposal is Ging-san's. (0:10:13.13)
Saiyu : Ging's rules... (0:10:34.22)
Mizaistom Nana : He's no Pariston, but he's still trouble. (0:10:36.12)
Beans : Rule #1. (0:10:42.52)
Beans : "All Hunters are both candidates and voters." (0:10:44.53)
Beans : Rule #2. (0:10:48.85)
Beans : "If the winner of the first election fails
to receive a majority of votes,
Beans : the top sixteen will have a runoff. (0:10:57.01)
Beans : If a majority is still not achieved, there will
be another runoff with half the candidates."
Beans : Rule #3. (0:11:05.38)
Beans : "If the turnout for any given vote is under
95%, that vote must be redone."
Beans : Rule #4. (0:11:13.09)
Beans : "Voters must write their name on the ballot.
Anonymous votes will be invalid."
Kanzai : What are you thinking?! (0:11:22.53)
Cluck : Why force people to sign them? (0:11:24.45)
Cluck : Are you an idiot? A total idiot?! (0:11:26.14)
Ging Freecss : You are the idiots. (0:11:29.10)
Ging Freecss : When everyone knows who voted for whom, (0:11:32.09)
Ging Freecss : it's a lot more entertaining. (0:11:34.69)
Kanzai : There's his problem... (0:11:37.02)
Kanzai : He only cares about having fun! (0:11:38.44)
Beans : Rule #5. (0:11:43.12)
Kanzai : There's more?! (0:11:44.37)
Cluck : There's more?! (0:11:44.37)
Beans : "The election committee chairman
will be Ging Freecss."
Mizaistom Nana : I didn't think of that! (0:11:52.90)
Cheadle Yorkshire : I didn't include such a rule... (0:11:55.41)
Cheadle Yorkshire : That was a mistake. (0:11:57.32)
Saccho Kobayakawa : I was too focused on the actual rules. (0:11:59.03)
Botobai Gigante : This is what Ging really wanted. (0:12:02.56)
Botobai Gigante : Now he can control the election as he pleases. (0:12:05.99)
Pariston Hill : May I say something? (0:12:11.47)
Pariston Hill : This drawing was to determine how the
election would be conducted, correct?
Pariston Hill : Rules one through four are fine, (0:12:16.89)
Pariston Hill : but the chairman should be chosen separately. (0:12:19.07)
Ging Freecss : I can live with that. (0:12:22.79)
EXTRA : You can? (0:12:25.07)
Beans : This is a Hunter. (0:12:27.94)
Beans : Frightening... (0:12:34.27)
Beans : Ging-san! (0:12:41.02)
Ging Freecss : Yo. (0:12:43.49)
Beans : What brings you here so early? (0:12:44.76)
Beans : I'm surprised you actually came. (0:12:47.14)
Ging Freecss : Yeah, I happened to be in the area. (0:12:49.54)
Beans : That can't be true... (0:12:52.83)
Beans : Thank you very much. (0:12:55.79)
Ging Freecss : I saw the old man's video. (0:12:57.81)
Ging Freecss : Oh, that pen and notepad... (0:13:01.55)
Beans : Huh? (0:13:04.22)
Ging Freecss : Can you leave one by the phone
in the conference room?
Beans : Oh, there should already be one. (0:13:09.61)
Ging Freecss : Oh, never mind, then. (0:13:12.61)
Ging Freecss : Is there also a trashcan like this one? (0:13:15.65)
Beans : Yes. (0:13:17.66)
Beans : Why do you ask? (0:13:19.75)
Ging Freecss : Four... (0:13:29.47)
Ging Freecss : No, eight. (0:13:30.87)
Ging Freecss : Read this. (0:13:35.07)
Beans : These are rules for the election, yes? (0:13:38.24)
Ging Freecss : Yeah. (0:13:41.48)
Beans : What is this for? (0:13:43.13)
Ging Freecss : In a few days, the Zodiacs will gather here. (0:13:45.41)
Ging Freecss : Most likely, there will be a drawing. (0:13:49.61)
Beans : Why would you say that? (0:13:52.57)
Ging Freecss : If we tried to hold a vote or come to a
consensus, it would take too long.
Ging Freecss : Plus, Pariston will be there... (0:13:59.09)
Ging Freecss : As far as he's concerned, (0:14:02.82)
Ging Freecss : 1 in 12 odds would be acceptable,
as long as it might give him an advantage.
Ging Freecss : Either way, it's a win for him. (0:14:10.06)
Ging Freecss : And everyone else will think
their odds are 5 in 6...
Ging Freecss : That basically guarantees a drawing. (0:14:17.82)
Ging Freecss : I expect Cheadle will propose it. (0:14:20.68)
Ging Freecss : Saccho may protest. (0:14:23.92)
Ging Freecss : Piyon would be a long shot. (0:14:25.81)
Ging Freecss : Kanzai would be a really long shot... (0:14:27.57)
Beans : And they'll ask me to hold the drawing? (0:14:29.56)
Ging Freecss : There's no one else. (0:14:32.81)
Ging Freecss : Everyone else in this building supports Pariston. (0:14:34.79)
Ging Freecss : If these rules look acceptable, fold it three
times, and keep it until the meeting.
Ging Freecss : If they don't ask for you or if
I fold my paper differently,
Ging Freecss : I'll look at the floor, and you should
burn that piece of paper.
Beans : In my opinion, if you're willing
to become Chairman...
Ging Freecss : No, that won't happen. (0:14:59.47)
Ging Freecss : Zero chance. (0:15:01.19)
Ging Freecss : Sorry. (0:15:02.36)
Ging Freecss : I'm not doing this because I
want to change the result.
Ging Freecss : All I'm doing is furthering the old man's will. (0:15:08.28)
Ging Freecss : I'm not looking for any trouble. (0:15:11.30)
Beans : But what about Rule #5? (0:15:14.21)
Ging Freecss : That's a decoy. (0:15:16.86)
Ging Freecss : If I leave that as Rule #5, it'll give people pause. (0:15:19.78)
Ging Freecss : And if I agree to concede that rule, (0:15:24.47)
Ging Freecss : they'll be more ready to accept the rest. (0:15:26.68)
Ging Freecss : This is how criminals con people. (0:15:29.58)
Ging Freecss : It's nothing special. (0:15:32.17)
Ging Freecss : If Rule #5 passes, I'll resign. (0:15:34.51)
Beans : Ging-san, why do this if you don't want (0:15:37.61)
Beans : to change the result? (0:15:40.50)
Ging Freecss : That's a strange question to ask. (0:15:43.91)
Ging Freecss : If I can get my target to move as I want, (0:15:46.89)
Ging Freecss : I've succeeded as a Hunter. (0:15:49.59)
Ging Freecss : I just want to enjoy the process. (0:15:52.72)
Ging Freecss : That's all. (0:15:55.05)
EXTRA : The election committee was composed
of the twelve Zodiacs.
EXTRA : Cluck, one of the Zodiacs,
sent ballots to every Hunter.
EXTRA : The election for the 13th Chairman... (0:16:22.12)
EXTRA : The Hunter Association has 661 members. (0:16:26.17)
EXTRA : Which means that is the number of candidates. (0:16:30.09)
EXTRA : Each Hunter must bring their own ballot. (0:16:33.58)
EXTRA : Ballots may only be entered when at least three (0:16:36.42)
EXTRA : committee members are present,
and identification has been verified.
EXTRA : The voting takes place in the Hunter
Association headquarters.
EXTRA : As long as three or more
committee members are present,
EXTRA : absentee ballots may be entered
at a different location.
EXTRA : The vote will take place (0:16:57.01)
EXTRA : from 12:00 AM on August 8th
to 11:59:59 PM on August 8th.
EXTRA : This will not change. (0:17:07.01)
EXTRA : Any voting that occurs away from headquarters
must follow this schedule.
EXTRA : Votes will be tallied the same day. (0:17:12.27)
EXTRA : And it is now August 8th, 12:00 AM. (0:17:17.89)
EXTRA : The vote begins. (0:17:21.35)
Hisoka Morow : May I put it in? (0:17:48.87)
Kanzai : This is a surprise. (0:17:50.49)
Kanzai : I wouldn't think (0:17:52.12)
Kanzai : a murderer would be interested
in such an ordinary event.
Hisoka Morow : Eighty-five points. (0:17:59.27)
Hisoka Morow : Yes, I'm not interested. (0:18:01.74)
Hisoka Morow : See? It's blank. (0:18:04.06)
Ginta : Then why are you here? (0:18:07.48)
Hisoka Morow : Ninety points... (0:18:11.80)
Hisoka Morow : Is someone named Ging here? (0:18:14.21)
Hisoka Morow : I'd like to speak to him. (0:18:15.89)
Piyon : He's already gone... (0:18:18.30)
Piyon : He said the next time we see
him here will be at the runoff.
Piyon : Why don't you take your paper and leave? (0:18:24.67)
Hisoka Morow : Seventy-seven points. (0:18:29.15)
Hisoka Morow : Okay. (0:18:31.63)
Kanzai : You're bothering us! (0:18:51.06)
Kanzai : Get lost! Aren't you done here? (0:18:52.28)
Ginta : He's here to assess the goods. (0:18:59.91)
Hisoka Morow : Ten points, twenty points, forty-five points. (0:19:05.78)
Hisoka Morow : Ten points, two points, fifty points, thirty points. (0:19:09.85)
Hisoka Morow : I guess pro Hunters are still nothing special... (0:19:17.31)
Hisoka Morow : If I want someone to fight,
it'll have to be a Zodiac.
Hisoka Morow : Ninety-five points! (0:19:27.81)
Beans : Ah, I have the results for the
13th chairman's election.
Beans : Valid votes, 580. Invalid votes, 48.
And absentees, 33.
Beans : None of the candidates received a majority. (0:19:57.98)
Beans : The turnout was 87.7%. (0:20:00.86)
Beans : As the conditions were not met,
the vote must be redone.
Ging Freecss : Hey! (0:20:10.61)
Ging Freecss : Can't I take a look? (0:20:11.41)
Beans : No. (0:20:12.58)
Ging Freecss : I'm just curious! (0:20:13.46)
Beans : I won't allow anyone to view the ballots. (0:20:15.73)
Beans : Since I was designated election chairman, (0:20:19.00)
Beans : this is my decision to make. (0:20:21.13)
Ging Freecss : It's no fun if I can't see who voted for whom! (0:20:24.22)
Ging Freecss : Scrooge! Baldy! (0:20:27.32)
EXTRA : Moron. (0:20:30.42)
Illumi Zoldyck : Are you bored? (0:20:34.82)
Hisoka Morow : And yourself? (0:20:36.41)
Illumi Zoldyck : So, Hisoka... (0:20:38.79)
Illumi Zoldyck : You probably don't watch the news. (0:20:40.46)
Illumi Zoldyck : The election was held because
Chairman Netero died.
Illumi Zoldyck : Rumors say he died alongside
the mutant Ant he was fighting,
Illumi Zoldyck : and the Association received
a lot of land in reward.
Hisoka Morow : Ants? (0:20:55.95)
Illumi Zoldyck : As I thought. (0:20:57.34)
Illumi Zoldyck : A lot's happened around the world, (0:20:59.12)
Illumi Zoldyck : while you were chasing Chrollo. (0:21:01.69)
Illumi Zoldyck : If you'd stopped to think for a moment, (0:21:04.46)
Illumi Zoldyck : you could have fought the
chairman or the Ants.
Hisoka Morow : That would require stopping to think... (0:21:11.61)
Hisoka Morow : Maybe you can become my manager? (0:21:14.75)
Illumi Zoldyck : Gon and Killua also joined the Ant hunt. (0:21:18.83)
Illumi Zoldyck : Gon's on the verge of death, and Killua's
gone to speak to our father.
Hisoka Morow : What did you say? (0:21:26.91)
Illumi Zoldyck : At this rate, they both will die. (0:21:28.53)
Hisoka Morow : Both of them? (0:21:31.56)
Illumi Zoldyck : I can't have that happen. (0:21:34.39)
Hisoka Morow : Illumi, explain clearly. (0:21:39.24)
Illumi Zoldyck : There is actually another
younger Zoldyck brother...
Illumi Zoldyck : I want to get rid of him. (0:21:50.20)
EXTRA : Illumi, Milluki, Killua, Kalluto... (0:23:24.83)
EXTRA : Who is the fifth brother they share? (0:23:28.41)
EXTRA : Next time: Plea x And x Favor. (0:23:32.41)

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