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Ayase Aragaki : Onii-chan! (0:00:26.14)
Ayase Aragaki : Come on, how long are you going to stay asleep? (0:00:28.79)
Ayase Aragaki : It's morning already, you know. (0:00:30.92)
Ayase Aragaki : If you don't wake up, breakfast will get cold! (0:00:32.53)
Ayase Aragaki : After I went through all the trouble to make it for you, too... (0:00:35.56)
Ayase Aragaki : Take off your clothes, too. (0:00:40.05)
Ayase Aragaki : I'll wash them for you. (0:00:41.31)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You're a fake, aren't you? (0:00:48.61)
Ayase Aragaki : Eh? (0:00:50.99)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You see, my stuck-up little sister would never wake me up in the morning, (0:00:51.86)
Kyousuke Kousaka : make breakfast or do the laundry. (0:00:56.13)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Rather, she's been making fun of me lately, treating me like an idiot (0:00:58.78)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Hell, she completely ignores me! (0:01:03.23)
Kyousuke Kousaka : She doesn't even listen to a word I say! (0:01:05.25)
Kyousuke Kousaka : For her to act like a dedicated, caring wife towards me in the morning like this is outright impossible! (0:01:06.79)
Ayase Aragaki : Onii-chan? (0:01:10.45)
Kyousuke Kousaka : In other words, what I want to say is: (0:01:11.80)
Kyousuke Kousaka : My little sister can't be this cu (0:01:14.34)
Yoshino Kousaka : All right. It's done. (0:03:06.07)
Daisuke Kousaka : Where's Kirino? (0:03:09.25)
Yoshino Kousaka : She left a long time ago. She has morning practice today. (0:03:11.07)
Daisuke Kousaka : I see. (0:03:14.34)
Yoshino Kousaka : She broke her own record again. (0:03:15.48)
Yoshino Kousaka : I heard that next time, she may be participating in a big tournament! (0:03:17.66)
Daisuke Kousaka : I see. (0:03:20.91)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Thanks for the meal. (0:03:21.94)
Yoshino Kousaka : Geez... (0:03:21.94b)
Yoshino Kousaka : "I see," is all you say these days. (0:03:22.80)
Manami Tamura : Kyou-chan, good morning! (0:03:35.42)
Manami Tamura : So Kirino-chan has morning practice... (0:03:41.33)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Having an overly accomplished little sister puts me through some tough criticism. (0:03:44.27)
Manami Tamura : She's also pretty and has good grades. (0:03:47.47)
Manami Tamura : She's quite the talk around town. (0:03:50.42)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I feel ashamed to live in this town now. (0:03:52.24)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Even though all I want to do is live peacefully... (0:03:54.64)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Being a normal person is the best. (0:03:57.96)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Mediocre, ordinary and so on... (0:03:59.95)
Kyousuke Kousaka : In that respect, you're perfect. (0:04:03.25)
Kyousuke Kousaka : If there were a Miss Normal contest, you'd win for sure. (0:04:06.74)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You'd be the Normal Queen. (0:04:10.72)
Manami Tamura : Really? You're making me blush. (0:04:11.93)
Kyousuke Kousaka : No, there's nothing to blush about, really. (0:04:16.37)
EXTRA : Take your seats. Homeroom is starting! (0:04:19.27)
EXTRA : Fetch some snow water for me, Kenja... (0:04:23.05)
EXTRA : This was Miyazawa Kenji writing about his little sister in an excerpt from "The Morning of the Last Farewell". (0:04:25.45)
EXTRA : It means, "Please bring me some rain and snow." (0:04:30.42)
EXTRA : It's said that Kenji's little sister had a huge influence on his works. (0:04:33.98)
Manami Tamura : ...his younger sister. (0:04:40.99)
EXTRA : All right. Now translate it. (0:04:43.64)
Manami Tamura : The one who drove in place of George was his little sister. (0:04:46.05)
EXTRA : Ono no Imoko was the one who delivered the famous... (0:04:52.58)
EXTRA : ..."Son of Heaven from the Land of Rising Sun" letter from Prince Shotoku to the Sui court. (0:04:54.50)
EXTRA : 妹=imouto==little sister (0:04:58.02)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What the heck is going on today? (0:05:04.36)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Is it "National Little Sister Appreciation Day" or something? (0:05:05.74)
Manami Tamura : What did you say? (0:05:08.29)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Nothing. (0:05:09.43)
Manami Tamura : See you tomorrow! (0:05:12.62)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah. (0:05:14.95)
Kirino Kousaka : Yeah, yeah! I went there, too! (0:05:24.92)
Kirino Kousaka : That place is wicked, right? (0:05:27.26)
Kirino Kousaka : But isn't the clerk's service there terrible? (0:05:29.18)
Kirino Kousaka : He totally ignored me last time. (0:05:30.86)
Kirino Kousaka : Ayase, you too? (0:05:35.98)
Kirino Kousaka : Yeah, yeah. The one with the really fat ankles. (0:05:36.99)
Kirino Kousaka : What's that?! That's so ridiculous! (0:05:40.09)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'm home. (0:05:44.19)
Kirino Kousaka : This other place is better, I tell you. (0:05:45.68)
Kirino Kousaka : You know, the place Kanako told us about. (0:05:47.55)
Kirino Kousaka : What was it again? (0:05:51.60)
Kirino Kousaka : You don't remember? (0:05:56.64)
Kirino Kousaka : The three of us went there last time, didn't we? (0:05:58.13)
Kirino Kousaka : On the way back from the shoot. (0:05:59.42)
Kirino Kousaka : I think it was in May or something. (0:06:00.97)
Kirino Kousaka : That's fine, then. (0:06:07.26)
Kirino Kousaka : I'll take you there next time. (0:06:08.12)
Kirino Kousaka : Oh, it's today? (0:06:10.16)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Ah, sorry. (0:06:37.12)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Wha (0:06:41.85)
Kirino Kousaka : Don't touch it! (0:06:43.77)
Kirino Kousaka : I'm going out. (0:06:55.02)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What's her problem? (0:06:58.60)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What's the? (0:07:09.76)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why is her hair pink?! (0:07:14.37)
Yoshino Kousaka : I'm home. (0:07:17.81)
Yoshino Kousaka : Huh? What's wrong, Kyousuke? (0:07:19.26)
Yoshino Kousaka : Lying there like that... (0:07:21.08)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Don't worry about it. (0:07:22.66)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Just a mood change of sorts. (0:07:23.85)
Yoshino Kousaka : Really? (0:07:25.90)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That was dangerous. My social life almost ended just now. (0:07:37.51)
Kyousuke Kousaka : So... Just whose is this? (0:07:40.64)
Kyousuke Kousaka : The old man? (0:07:45.42)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Mum? (0:07:50.18)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Kirino... (0:07:55.28)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Nothing's really striking me. (0:07:57.65)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Stardust Witch... (0:08:05.82)
Kyousuke Kousaka : With a Little Sister... (0:08:07.35)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Meruru... (0:08:08.38)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Fall in Love... (0:08:09.17)
Kyousuke Kousaka : First Release Limited Edition... (0:08:10.13)
Kyousuke Kousaka : R-18... (0:08:11.49)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This is something I've done before. (0:08:13.87)
Kyousuke Kousaka : When changing CDs, I'd grab the first case within reach, and then the contents would end up shuffled- (0:08:15.54)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Wait! What am I saying?! (0:08:23.38)
Kyousuke Kousaka : With a little sister?! (0:08:24.74)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Fall in love?! (0:08:25.49)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Like hell I would! (0:08:26.37)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Of all things, just what the hell am I looking for here?! (0:08:27.65)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Moreover, the R-18 means it's an eroge, damn it! (0:08:30.71)
Yoshino Kousaka : Kyousuke! Are the pornos under your bed not enough to satisfy you? (0:08:38.76)
Kirino Kousaka : Unbelievable. That's seriously gross. (0:08:42.95)
Daisuke Kousaka : Die. (0:08:46.42)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This is seriously bad. (0:08:47.81)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'm the last person who should be caught with this. (0:08:49.15)
Yoshino Kousaka : Kyousuke! Are you studying... (0:08:51.84)
Yoshino Kousaka : ...properly? (0:08:55.58)
Yoshino Kousaka : Looks like I came in at a bad time. (0:08:57.07)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Don't worry about it. (0:08:58.80)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I was just practising my voice! (0:08:59.87)
Kyousuke Kousaka : More like, knock next time, at least! Please. (0:09:01.73)
Yoshino Kousaka : Right. Sorry. (0:09:04.26)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Now that it's come to this, I have to find the real culprit. (0:09:07.69)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What are you doing? (0:09:22.74)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Huh? It has nothing to do with you. (0:09:24.74)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah, that's right. (0:09:29.37)
EXTRA : The culprit refuses to plead guilty and keeps silent. (0:09:32.24)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'm going to the convenience store later. Anyone want anything? (0:09:35.97)
Yoshino Kousaka : Well, buy some ice cream. (0:09:38.37)
EXTRA : The culprit is here somewhere! (0:09:39.49)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Oh, yeah. A friend of mine recently got into this girly anime. (0:09:42.86)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Let's see... It's called Stardust -something. (0:09:47.64)
Yoshino Kousaka : What's this all of a sudden? (0:09:51.72)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Well, I heard it's interesting and thought maybe I should give it a try or something. (0:09:53.21)
Yoshino Kousaka : That's like being an otaku isn't it? It's on TV. (0:09:56.99)
Yoshino Kousaka : You better not become something like that. (0:10:01.16)
Yoshino Kousaka : Right, Dad? (0:10:03.68)
Daisuke Kousaka : Yes. Do not go immersing yourself in such filth. (0:10:05.03)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Got it. (0:10:09.39)
Kyousuke Kousaka : The reactions from these two mean they're innocent. (0:10:10.98)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Which would mean... (0:10:13.71)
Yoshino Kousaka : What's the matter, Kirino? (0:10:22.66)
Kirino Kousaka : Thanks for the meal! (0:10:25.18)
Kyousuke Kousaka : No way. (0:10:39.77)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Well, then. I guess I'll go to the convenience store. (0:10:43.75)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It can't be. (0:10:50.21)
Kyousuke Kousaka : No way... (0:10:55.52)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Hey. (0:11:08.15)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What are you doing? (0:11:09.80)
Kirino Kousaka : Something. Does it matter? (0:11:11.61)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Of course it does! This is my room! (0:11:13.16)
Kirino Kousaka : Move. (0:11:21.69)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Answer my question first. (0:11:22.51)
Kirino Kousaka : Move! (0:11:24.42)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You were looking for this, right? (0:11:27.51)
Kyousuke Kousaka : So it was yours after all. (0:11:29.79)
Kirino Kousaka : I don't know what you're talking about. (0:11:32.14)
Kirino Kousaka : There's no way I'd ever watch an anime like that! (0:11:33.30)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Your words and your actions don't match! (0:11:35.67)
Kyousuke Kousaka : If this wasn't what you're looking for, what were you doing here? (0:11:42.39)
Kirino Kousaka : I was... (0:11:46.69)
Kirino Kousaka : I was... (0:11:49.27)
Kirino Kousaka : I... (0:11:52.23)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Here, you can have it back. (0:11:57.96)
Kirino Kousaka : I told you this isn't mi (0:11:59.82)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Then please throw it away for me. (0:12:01.15)
Kirino Kousaka : Huh? (0:12:03.65)
Kyousuke Kousaka : My mistake. It was a misunderstanding on my part. (0:12:04.51)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That's not yours. (0:12:07.41)
Kyousuke Kousaka : But even if I keep it, I have no use for it. (0:12:09.45)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Take it and throw it away for me, please. (0:12:12.56)
Kirino Kousaka : T-That's fine, I guess. (0:12:17.31)
Kirino Kousaka : ...think it's weird? (0:12:23.49)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Huh? (0:12:24.89)
Kirino Kousaka : What I'm saying is... I-If I actually owned something like this, would you think it's weird? (0:12:25.78)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Not really. It's not weird. (0:12:35.37)
Kirino Kousaka : Really? (0:12:39.90)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah. No matter what hobbies or interests you may have, I won't make fun of them. (0:12:41.79)
Kirino Kousaka : I see. (0:12:48.52)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What's with her... (0:12:54.96)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Ah, damn. The ice cream... (0:13:03.82)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You (0:13:12.99)
Kirino Kousaka : Be quiet. (0:13:14.30)
Kyousuke Kousaka : W-What are you playing at? (0:13:24.09)
Kirino Kousaka : I-I have something to talk to you about, (0:13:29.61)
Kirino Kousaka : so come to my room. (0:13:31.63)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Can't we do this tomorrow? (0:13:33.62)
Kirino Kousaka : No! (0:13:35.55)
Kirino Kousaka : Quit looking around. (0:13:46.66)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'm not looking around! (0:13:48.36)
Kyousuke Kousaka : So, what did you want to talk about? (0:13:49.79)
Kyousuke Kousaka : If you don't hurry, I'm leaving. (0:13:58.39)
Kirino Kousaka : You said so earlier, right? (0:14:01.31)
Kirino Kousaka : That even if I owned something like that, you wouldn't make fun of me. (0:14:03.74)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah. (0:14:09.39)
Kirino Kousaka : Did you really mean it? (0:14:10.26)
Kirino Kousaka : Absolutely sure? (0:14:11.94)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Come on, now. I won't. (0:14:13.30)
Kirino Kousaka : If you're lying, I'll kill you. (0:14:15.72)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You were gonna kill me, otherwise? (0:14:17.57)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Uh, sa (0:14:22.67)
Kirino Kousaka : I want... (0:14:23.20)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Huh? I can't hear you. (0:14:24.24)
Kirino Kousaka : I want life counselling! (0:14:27.67)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Life counselling? (0:14:29.56)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You do? (0:14:31.28)
Kyousuke Kousaka : From me? (0:14:32.56)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You have a closet?! (0:14:38.39)
Kirino Kousaka : This was originally a Japanese-style room. (0:14:39.47)
Kirino Kousaka : This was a leftover from the renovation, I think. (0:14:41.53)
Kirino Kousaka : And now, it's become something like this. (0:14:44.30)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Y-You T-This (0:14:53.13)
Kyousuke Kousaka : W-What is this?! (0:15:02.86)
Kirino Kousaka : Ah, that's the PC version. (0:15:04.23)
Kirino Kousaka : It was originally released for the PS2. It became a different series after being ported, though. (0:15:05.92)
Kirino Kousaka : It's a masterpiece, but it's not recommended for beginners since it's pretty hard. (0:15:11.02)
Kirino Kousaka : Incidentally, I have all their earlier works too. (0:15:15.33)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That's not what I asked! (0:15:15.33b)
Kyousuke Kousaka : And what do you mean by beginners ? (0:15:16.80)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Are you a pro? A pro ?! (0:15:18.34)
Kirino Kousaka : Here we go. (0:15:22.09)
Kirino Kousaka : This is Series 03: Super Sister-in-Law , (0:15:23.81)
Kirino Kousaka : Series 02: Playing with Little Sisters , (0:15:25.76)
Kirino Kousaka : Series 09: Tengen Toppa Twelve Sisters , (0:15:27.51)
Kirino Kousaka : Series 16: The Ultimate Weapon Little Sister . (0:15:28.85)
Kyousuke Kousaka : These are all PC games? (0:15:30.82)
Kirino Kousaka : That's right. (0:15:33.12)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why are the boxes so big? (0:15:34.23)
Kirino Kousaka : There are small ones, too. (0:15:36.57)
Kirino Kousaka : Little Sister is My Wife , (0:15:38.23)
Kirino Kousaka : Welcome to Little Sister Land , (0:15:39.67)
Kirino Kousaka : Sister Collector , (0:15:41.26)
Kirino Kousaka : and Little Sister King: Causing a Disturbance Every Time . (0:15:42.45)
Kirino Kousaka : But even then, these are the mainstream ones. (0:15:45.03)
Kirino Kousaka : The impact of seeing it on a store
display is really something different.
Kirino Kousaka : Even if mail order is the main method, I still get drawn to a store's selection. (0:15:50.83)
Kirino Kousaka : The release of eroge is a fierce competition, you know. (0:15:54.78)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'm sorry, but I can't understand a thing you're saying. (0:15:55.48)
Kirino Kousaka : What's this over here? (0:15:57.68)
Kirino Kousaka : Anime DVD Boxes and Deluxe Items. (0:15:59.36)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Deluxe Items? (0:16:02.05)
Kirino Kousaka : The re-mastered TV scenes Complete Edition and Unaired Episodes Bonus Disc, amongst others. (0:16:03.51)
Kirino Kousaka : Also, a special booklet, mini-drama and limited figures are all included! (0:16:09.23)
Kirino Kousaka : Amazing, isn't it? (0:16:13.87)
Kyousuke Kousaka : So... What about that Stardust Meruru -thing? (0:16:15.32)
Kirino Kousaka : It's Stardust Witch Meruru ! (0:16:18.40)
Kirino Kousaka : It's rude if you don't remember it properly! (0:16:20.14)
Kyousuke Kousaka : To who? (0:16:21.75)
Kirino Kousaka : So, this is the aired one. (0:16:22.46)
Kirino Kousaka : This is the Popular Box version, (0:16:24.62)
Kirino Kousaka : North American version, (0:16:25.61)
Kirino Kousaka : North American Popular Box... (0:16:26.40)
Kirino Kousaka : ...and Blu-Ray. (0:16:27.46)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why would you buy so many of the same thing? (0:16:28.59)
Kirino Kousaka : To show my support! (0:16:31.05)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I have no idea what is what anymore... (0:16:32.23)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Calm down... For now, I should try to grasp the situation first. (0:16:34.53)
Kirino Kousaka : Wow, I have so much collected here... (0:16:37.71)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This is my little sister's room. (0:16:37.71b)
Kyousuke Kousaka : The one in front of me is my little sister. (0:16:39.34)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Along with a mountain of eroge and anime DVDs... (0:16:41.10)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Things likes these are quite expensive, aren't they? (0:16:45.63)
Kirino Kousaka : Yeah, relatively. (0:16:47.97)
Kirino Kousaka : This is ¥41,970, and the one here is ¥55,000. (0:16:49.48)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That's very expensive! (0:16:53.62)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You're a middle schooler, aren't you?! (0:16:54.55)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Where do you get all this money from?! (0:16:55.74)
Kirino Kousaka : From my pay of course. (0:16:57.84)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Huh? (0:16:59.77)
Kyousuke Kousaka : So you're a model... (0:17:02.88)
Kirino Kousaka : Well, yeah. (0:17:05.42)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I had no idea. (0:17:06.35)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This is a famous magazine, right? (0:17:07.94)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Are you, like, really amazing or something? (0:17:09.79)
Kirino Kousaka : It's no big deal... Really. (0:17:12.26)
Kirino Kousaka : So, what do you think? (0:17:19.16)
Kyousuke Kousaka : A-About what? (0:17:21.59)
Kirino Kousaka : Your opinion. (0:17:23.46)
Kirino Kousaka : Now that you've seen my hobby. (0:17:25.15)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It was shocking. (0:17:28.36)
Kirino Kousaka : What else? (0:17:29.24)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What else can I say? (0:17:30.57)
Kirino Kousaka : I knew it. It's weird for me to have these, right? (0:17:34.38)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Actually, no. (0:17:38.57)
Kyousuke Kousaka : While it is unexpected, you're collecting them using your own money, right? (0:17:39.76)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Then it's fine to just do what you want. (0:17:44.54)
Kirino Kousaka : You think so? Really? (0:17:46.57)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah. (0:17:49.26)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You shouldn't have to care about what others think. (0:17:50.13)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I was just surprised. That's all. (0:17:52.69)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I have no intention of making fun of you. (0:17:54.54)
Kirino Kousaka : I see. (0:17:56.65)
Kirino Kousaka : You're right. (0:17:57.85)
Kirino Kousaka : You say some good things sometimes. (0:18:00.29)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Speaking of which, why do you buy so many little sister themed eroge? (0:18:02.52)
Kirino Kousaka : Why do you think? (0:18:08.34)
Kyousuke Kousaka : No idea. (0:18:09.76)
Kirino Kousaka : Why are you backing away? (0:18:12.47)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Ah, that's because you're... (0:18:13.74)
Kirino Kousaka : When you look at this package, don't you just get this nice feeling? (0:18:24.40)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What're you saying? (0:18:30.45)
Kirino Kousaka : What I'm saying is that it's just... so cute , isn't it? (0:18:33.64)
Kyousuke Kousaka : So, basically the reason you have a bunch of these games is because... (0:18:39.68)
Kirino Kousaka : like little sisters? (0:18:44.24)
Kirino Kousaka : Yes! Little sisters are really cute, you know! (0:18:46.32)
Kirino Kousaka : For example, in galge, characters will go "Onii-chan" or "Aniki" or "Nii-nii" or "Nii-chama". (0:18:49.46)
EXTRA : [Galge: short for 'girl game' in Japanese.
Basically, an eroge without adult content.]
Kirino Kousaka : Each and every one of them will address me in a special way. (0:18:55.82)
Kirino Kousaka : That just makes me so... "gyuu" inside! (0:18:58.92)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I-I see... That's nice. (0:19:03.11)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Not that I've ever been called something like that before. (0:19:06.14)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Instead of gyuu for me, it'd be something more like ugh . (0:19:08.98)
Kirino Kousaka : Among these you see here, my favourite is this girl. (0:19:11.87)
Kirino Kousaka : When it comes to little sisters, it just has to be black hair with twin tails, or it's no good. (0:19:14.93)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yours is dyed tea brown, though. (0:19:18.61)
Kirino Kousaka : They are so pure! You'd want to protect her or just hug her tight! (0:19:18.61b)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You're just pointing out your own faults here! (0:19:23.08)
Kirino Kousaka : Isn't it nice? (0:19:25.58)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This person is hopeless. (0:19:25.58b)
Kyousuke Kousaka : But really, what's the reason? (0:19:27.47)
Kyousuke Kousaka : These things are usually what guys would buy, right? (0:19:30.13)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why do you have How did you end up liking these things? (0:19:33.00)
Kirino Kousaka : I don't know. (0:19:37.13)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What do you mean you don't know? (0:19:38.22)
Kirino Kousaka : I don't understand it myself. (0:19:39.67)
Kirino Kousaka : I can't help it. (0:19:41.90)
Kirino Kousaka : I liked them before I even realised it. (0:19:43.85)
Kirino Kousaka : Even I understand this isn't a hobby a normal girl would have. (0:19:47.83)
Kirino Kousaka : That's why I've been hiding it all this time. (0:19:52.60)
Kirino Kousaka : But I still really like it, so I looked them up online and after downloading and playing the trial versions, (0:19:55.37)
Kirino Kousaka : my feelings became, "Ah, I have to buy this!" (0:20:01.21)
Kirino Kousaka : I couldn't stop if I wanted to, the cuteness just drives me crazy! (0:20:04.85)
Kirino Kousaka : The news sites also give me updates and
information every day, making me want to buy more.
Kirino Kousaka : It's all KarzuSP and Akiba Blog's fault! (0:20:15.66)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I don't really understand, but can't you just not read them? (0:20:19.80)
Kirino Kousaka : If I could, then I wouldn't be suffering like this. (0:20:22.87)
Kirino Kousaka : Hey, what do you think I should do? (0:20:26.65)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Even if you ask me... (0:20:29.37)
Kirino Kousaka : Maybe if I talked to Dad and Mum about this, it'd be (0:20:32.75)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Don't do that! (0:20:35.71)
Kyousuke Kousaka : If that could be done, there'd be nothing to fuss over, right? (0:20:45.62)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Not to mention the outrage if Dad found out. (0:20:48.75)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Honestly, I don't even wanna think about that. (0:20:52.62)
Kirino Kousaka : I see. (0:20:57.33)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I got it. (0:21:00.14)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'll help you prevent your hobby from being exposed. (0:21:01.37)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'm not sure what I can do exactly, though. (0:21:05.03)
Kirino Kousaka : Are you sure? (0:21:07.18)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yes. (0:21:08.05)
Kyousuke Kousaka : If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to ask me. (0:21:08.99)
Kyousuke Kousaka : As long as it's within my capabilities, that is. (0:21:11.04)
Kirino Kousaka : I-I see. (0:21:13.76)
Kirino Kousaka : Then, let's do that. (0:21:15.41)
Kirino Kousaka : If you'd do that for me, it would help. I guess... (0:21:19.66)
Kyousuke Kousaka : There is something I want to confirm. (0:21:25.21)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It's because you like little sisters that you're buying little sister themed eroge, right? (0:21:27.04)
Kirino Kousaka : Huh? That's what I said, isn't it? (0:21:31.14)
Kyousuke Kousaka : There's no other meaning to it, right? (0:21:34.51)
Kirino Kousaka : You're gross! (0:21:41.15)
Kirino Kousaka : There's no way I'd ever be like that! (0:21:42.11)
Kirino Kousaka : How low can you get?! (0:21:43.84)
Kirino Kousaka : This year's most disgusting...! (0:21:45.87)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Hey you... (0:21:47.43)
Kyousuke Kousaka : In the games, little sisters love their big brothers, don't they? (0:21:48.55)
Kirino Kousaka : Are you stupid or something? (0:21:51.62)
Kirino Kousaka : Don't mix 2D and 3D together! (0:21:52.64)
Kirino Kousaka : As if there'd be a little sister in real life who'd love her big brother! (0:21:54.99)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah, this is more like her. (0:21:59.84)
Kirino Kousaka : Our business is finished, so could you leave already? (0:22:02.45)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah, yeah. (0:22:05.19)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Time to sleep. (0:22:15.64)
Kyousuke Kousaka : She's not cute at all. (0:22:22.14)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You (0:22:27.82)
Kirino Kousaka : Life Counselling: Let's continue. (0:22:29.19)
Kirino Kousaka : What the hell are you doing?! (0:22:51.22)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You too! What the hell are you making me do? (0:22:53.67)
Kirino Kousaka : You're unbelievable! (0:22:55.79)
Kirino Kousaka : I can't believe you kicked an innocent sleeping little sister like that! (0:22:56.80)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Should someone who wakes up her big brother with a slap say that? (0:22:59.79)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I can snap. I definitely have the right to snap right now! (0:23:03.71)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This damn brat. Where in the world would a big brother play a little sister seducing eroge with his little sister?! (0:23:06.83)
EXTRA : I-I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... Onii-chan... (0:23:13.61)
Kirino Kousaka : Look! Don't you feel sorry for Shiori-chan? (0:23:16.82)
Kirino Kousaka : Say something. (0:23:19.84)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Being a younger sister, she should have more respect for (0:23:21.42)
Kirino Kousaka : Huh? What did you say? (0:23:23.57)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Nothing. (0:23:25.53)
Kirino Kousaka : Hurry up and grab the mouse. (0:23:26.86)
Kirino Kousaka : Continue! (0:23:28.34)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Look... When I said I'd help you, this wasn't what I had in mind. (0:23:29.26)
Kirino Kousaka : Huh? You're the one who said if I needed anything, I could ask you. (0:23:34.29)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I was referring to keeping this from our parents! (0:23:38.09)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Just how does that lead us, siblings, to playing an eroge together? (0:23:40.50)
Kirino Kousaka : B-Because it's necessary. (0:23:44.94)
Kirino Kousaka : I want an unbiased opinion of this game. (0:23:46.36)
Kirino Kousaka : I want to hear what you think about it. (0:23:49.79)
Kyousuke Kousaka : How the hell could this ever be unbiased?! (0:23:51.60)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Sympathise with me a bit here. (0:23:54.47)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Half a day ago, I barely even knew games like these existed. (0:23:56.24)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This sudden situation is too much of a hurdle. (0:24:00.76)
Kirino Kousaka : So you really are just making fun of me. (0:24:04.15)
Kirino Kousaka : You may say some nice things, but you have a
prejudice against this sort of hobby, don't you?
Kyousuke Kousaka : That's not it. (0:24:10.32)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This just feels wrong. (0:24:11.73)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It's like when watching a drama in the living room and an X-scene comes up. It's that sort of feeling. (0:24:13.58)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What's that? I don't understand at all. (0:24:18.00)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This is an R-18 game, right? (0:24:20.96)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Eventually, a scene like that would come up, right? (0:24:23.28)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Are you fine with us as brother and sister watching a scene like that? (0:24:26.37)
Kirino Kousaka : Gross! Idiot! Pervert! (0:24:33.37)
Kirino Kousaka : Why are you so conscious over things like that? (0:24:36.37)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Not being conscious of these things should be the problem here! (0:24:38.72)
Kirino Kousaka : I get it. (0:24:41.19)
Kirino Kousaka : I have no choice, so I'll bring out the all-ages version for you. (0:24:44.24)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You should have done that from the start. (0:24:47.32)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Actually, you still don't understand, do you?! (0:24:49.14)
Kirino Kousaka : Honestly, I wanted you to experience the games in the release order if possible. (0:24:51.70)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You know, if you wanted to do something like this, you should ask your friends. (0:24:56.32)
Kirino Kousaka : Quit grumbling already. Here. (0:25:00.29)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Look, it's already this late. (0:25:05.91)
Kyousuke Kousaka : If it's all right, can't you lend me a laptop or something? (0:25:08.47)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That way, the R-18 version would be fine, and I'd be able to play in my spare time, too. (0:25:11.06)
Kirino Kousaka : If you insist, I guess I have no choice. (0:25:16.84)
Kirino Kousaka : Then, here's your homework: (0:25:21.45)
Kirino Kousaka : You have to complete this game by next week. (0:25:23.03)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah, yeah. (0:25:26.34)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Next Episode. (0:27:08.56)
Kyousuke Kousaka : There's no way I'd go to an offline meet with my little sister. (0:27:09.41)

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