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Kanako Kurusu : What's this, Kirino? A guy? (0:00:06.04)
Kirino Kousaka : No, it's nothing like that. (0:00:09.38)
Kirino Kousaka : Just checking on work. (0:00:11.13)
Kanako Kurusu : Ah, it truly is the popular model's destiny to be busy. (0:00:12.69)
Ayase Aragaki : But we don't have work today, right? (0:00:16.99)
Kirino Kousaka : Yeah. (0:00:21.09)
Ayase Aragaki : Then let's head home. (0:00:22.33)
Ayase Aragaki : Want to go somewhere? (0:00:24.54)
Kanako Kurusu : Hey, I bought a pair of shoes the other day, so I don't have any money left. (0:00:25.63)
Kanako Kurusu : Could either of you treat me? (0:00:31.03)
Ayase Aragaki : Kanako. They say, "They who do not work, shall not eat." (0:00:32.40)
Kanako Kurusu : What? What language is that? (0:00:36.25)
Kanako Kurusu : That's so hard to understand. (0:00:37.96)
EXTRA : Really? Is this a secret character in SisClub?! (0:00:39.89)
EXTRA : I haven't even seen this stage before. (0:00:42.79)
EXTRA : Where did you find this? (0:00:45.73)
EXTRA : Here. (0:00:47.48)
Kanako Kurusu : Well then, Kirino, let's go home! (0:00:49.35)
Kirino Kousaka : Yeah. (0:00:52.04)
Kanako Kurusu : Geez, otaku are so annoying. (0:00:53.44)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Right... (0:02:38.09)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Study... Study... Study... (0:02:40.07)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Maybe there's lotion there... (0:02:42.89)
Kirino Kousaka : Hey. (0:02:45.22)
Kyousuke Kousaka : W-What is it? (0:02:46.90)
Kirino Kousaka : Did you finish it? (0:02:48.60)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Eh? What could you possibly mean? (0:02:49.91)
Kirino Kousaka : So you haven't. (0:02:54.46)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Um... (0:02:56.63)
Kirino Kousaka : Why? (0:02:58.00)
Kirino Kousaka : Why didn't you finish it? (0:02:58.99)
Kirino Kousaka : I told you it was homework, right? (0:03:00.67)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah, well... (0:03:03.44)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I had a lot of things to do, you see. (0:03:04.91)
Kyousuke Kousaka : And it's not like I haven't played any of it. (0:03:07.92)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It's just... It was a lot longer than I th- (0:03:10.45)
Kirino Kousaka : Hmph. Excuses? (0:03:12.12)
Kirino Kousaka : I bet you just can't be bothered, huh? (0:03:14.04)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What the heck? (0:03:16.26)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why am I getting grilled by my little sister for not finishing a borrowed eroge? (0:03:17.60)
Kirino Kousaka : Don't you know that every Halloween, the trees are filled with underwear; every spring, the toilets explode? (0:03:22.34)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Frankly, I couldn't care less about the damn thing. (0:03:22.95)
Kirino Kousaka : Bring your laptop to my room. (0:03:26.99)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Huh? (0:03:28.77)
Kirino Kousaka : I'm going to check your progress. (0:03:29.81)
Kirino Kousaka : I don't believe it! (0:03:37.22)
Kirino Kousaka : You've made no progress at all! (0:03:38.65)
Kirino Kousaka : What have you been doing for the past three days? (0:03:40.35)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I've been living normally. (0:03:42.93)
Kirino Kousaka : It's been three days! Normally, it'd be fully completed by now. (0:03:45.20)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That's because I've never played these type of games before. (0:03:47.53)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I don't understand it. (0:03:49.54)
Kirino Kousaka : Here, I made it so hints will show up at branching points. (0:03:53.02)
Kirino Kousaka : If you can't clear it with this, you're better off dead. (0:03:56.73)
Kirino Kousaka : Hurry up and finish it! (0:04:01.23)
Kirino Kousaka : I need to switch out the game afterwards. (0:04:02.53)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Are you lending this game to someone? (0:04:04.16)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Then I should be able to play it after... (0:04:06.47)
Kirino Kousaka : That's not it! (0:04:08.35)
Kirino Kousaka : I need to switch it so you can play the next game ! (0:04:09.65)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why...? You mean one isn't enough? (0:04:14.02)
Kirino Kousaka : What can you understand from just one? (0:04:17.41)
Kirino Kousaka : You've just barely started getting into eroge. (0:04:19.89)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Since when? (0:04:23.20)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Give me a break, please. (0:04:25.36)
Kyousuke Kousaka : If you really want to talk to someone about these games, (0:04:27.11)
Kyousuke Kousaka : can't you do so with your friends from school? (0:04:29.55)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why does it have to be me? (0:04:31.89)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You... Could it be that you don't have any friends with the same hobby? (0:04:36.70)
Kirino Kousaka : It's fine either way. (0:04:41.01)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I see. (0:04:42.86)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Kirino. Want to make friends? (0:04:46.34)
Kirino Kousaka : Huh?! (0:04:49.25)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It wasn't long ago when you asked me, (0:04:50.38)
Kyousuke Kousaka : "What do you think I should do?" (0:04:52.22)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'll give you your answer now. (0:04:55.43)
Kyousuke Kousaka : In short, you want someone who shares the same hobbies as you, right? (0:04:57.64)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Someone who can follow you whether you talk about anime, games or eroge at full throttle would be nice. (0:05:02.59)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I doubt such birds of a feather would make fun of you, either. (0:05:07.61)
Kirino Kousaka : So you mean... I should make friends with otaku? (0:05:12.69)
Kirino Kousaka : I don't want to be friends with people like that. (0:05:19.90)
Kirino Kousaka : If people saw us together... (0:05:21.60)
Kyousuke Kousaka : In reality, you're a perfect otaku yourself, aren't you? (0:05:23.70)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I already told you, didn't I? (0:05:26.48)
Kyousuke Kousaka : "No matter what hobbies or interests you may have, they're not something I'd make fun of." (0:05:28.19)
Kyousuke Kousaka : But what about you? (0:05:31.99)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why don't you want to be seen as an otaku, like those who share your hobbies? (0:05:33.97)
Kyousuke Kousaka : In the end, the one who makes fun of otaku is you, right? (0:05:38.43)
Kirino Kousaka : I'm not making fun of them! (0:05:42.00)
Kirino Kousaka : I'm talking about my public image! (0:05:43.71)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Your public image? (0:05:46.38)
Kirino Kousaka : Sure, I like anime, and I really like eroge, too... (0:05:47.65)
Kirino Kousaka : No... You could even say I love them. (0:05:51.58)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I can say that? (0:05:53.79)
Kirino Kousaka : I like being with my friends from school, too. (0:05:55.52)
Kirino Kousaka : But I enjoy this side just as much. (0:05:57.79)
Kirino Kousaka : I can't decide which one to choose! (0:06:00.42)
Kirino Kousaka : I like both sides so much that it's to the point where I can't help who I am. (0:06:02.63)
Kirino Kousaka : The fact that society looks down on otaku is something I understand very well. (0:06:06.86)
Kirino Kousaka : Especially middle school girls. (0:06:11.76)
Kirino Kousaka : They're the most detested otaku type in Japan. (0:06:13.84)
Kirino Kousaka : That's why, family aside, I never want my friends to find out about this. (0:06:16.93)
Kirino Kousaka : If that were to happen... I wouldn't be able to go to school anymore. (0:06:21.65)
Kyousuke Kousaka : In other words, (0:06:28.01)
Kyousuke Kousaka : as long as your classmates don't find out, you'd be able to make otaku friends, right? (0:06:29.30)
Kirino Kousaka : Yes, that's true, but... (0:06:35.86)
Kirino Kousaka : Do you have any good ideas? (0:06:38.13)
Kyousuke Kousaka : None... (0:06:42.19)
Kirino Kousaka : You're useless. (0:06:43.69)
Saori Makishima : Kyou-chan, what's the matter? (0:06:48.30)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This has nothing to do with you. (0:06:50.68)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Don't worry about it. (0:06:52.81)
Saori Makishima : Of course it has! A lot. (0:06:54.01)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why? (0:06:56.40)
Saori Makishima : So if I were feeling down, would you ignore it like it has nothing to do with you ? (0:06:57.59)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I get the picture already. Sheesh. (0:07:09.61)
Kirino Kousaka : Offline meet? (0:07:13.04)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yes! On the internet, there are sites where people of common interests gather... (0:07:14.08)
Kyousuke Kousaka : ...and have things like introduction services right? (0:07:18.57)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It's called Social Net-something. (0:07:20.66)
Kirino Kousaka : You mean a "Social Network Service"? (0:07:22.33)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yeah, that's it. (0:07:23.96)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It'd be nice if you can join the manga and anime fans, uh... (0:07:25.45)
Kyousuke Kousaka : ...c-community there and make friends that way. (0:07:28.88)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Once you become friends with them, you can meet somewhere, (0:07:33.37)
Kyousuke Kousaka : and talk as much as you want, see? (0:07:36.55)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That's what they call an "Offline Meet." (0:07:38.86)
Kirino Kousaka : I know what it is. (0:07:41.23)
Kirino Kousaka : Your explanation was quite difficult to understand. (0:07:42.77)
Kirino Kousaka : Whose idea was this? (0:07:46.37)
Kyousuke Kousaka : My trump card. A little something from granny's wisdom. (0:07:47.72)
Kirino Kousaka : Oh, from the plain girl, huh? (0:07:50.82)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Don't call her a plain girl! (0:07:52.35)
Kirino Kousaka : What are you getting mad at? (0:07:53.85)
Kirino Kousaka : You sound stupid. (0:07:55.28)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You know, I really hate it when someone other than me says bad things about her. (0:07:56.12)
Kirino Kousaka : Okay, okay. (0:08:01.15)
Kirino Kousaka : Either way, it's basically the same. (0:08:02.21)
Kirino Kousaka : I can't stomach your swooning very well, that's all. (0:08:04.46)
Kirino Kousaka : Nice to meet you, Kiririn-sama. (0:08:15.52)
Kirino Kousaka : I'm acting as the "Otaku Ladies Gathering" community manager. (0:08:17.47)
Kirino Kousaka : Saori is my name. (0:08:21.07)
Kirino Kousaka : Thank you very much for your message in wishing to attend. (0:08:22.62)
Kyousuke Kousaka : She seems like quite a courteous person. (0:08:25.85)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Her writing sure has an air of refinement. (0:08:28.36)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I wonder if she's an elegant young woman. (0:08:30.76)
Kirino Kousaka : Shut up. You're going off-topic. (0:08:33.38)
Kirino Kousaka : Of course, please allow me to approve your attendance! (0:08:35.59)
Kirino Kousaka : With you, whose age and interests are close to those of mine, I am sure we can become wonderful friends. (0:08:38.27)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Hey, isn't that great? (0:08:43.50)
Kirino Kousaka : Shut up, already. (0:08:45.15)
Kirino Kousaka : If it's all right with you, please do come to our tea party meeting next week. (0:08:46.79)
Kirino Kousaka : By the way, the location is... (0:08:51.03)
Kirino Kousaka : Akihabara! (0:08:57.51)
Kyousuke Kousaka : There's no time to go around. (0:08:59.56)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Let's do that after the offline meet. (0:09:01.42)
EXTRA : Thank you! (0:09:03.22)
Kirino Kousaka : I know that. (0:09:04.19)
EXTRA : Here you go! (0:09:05.12)
Kirino Kousaka : More like, don't stand so close to me. (0:09:05.98)
Kirino Kousaka : I don't want people to think we're on a date. (0:09:08.15)
Kyousuke Kousaka : So where are they doing this otaku ladies' tea-party thing? (0:09:11.12)
Kirino Kousaka : When I hear you say that, it really ticks me off, you know. (0:09:15.32)
Kirino Kousaka : I told you, not so close! (0:09:21.55)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Well, then. From now on, you can go on your own. (0:09:23.40)
Kirino Kousaka : Huh? (0:09:25.88)
Kirino Kousaka : Why are you talking like this is somebody else's problem? (0:09:26.82)
Kirino Kousaka : You're coming together with me! (0:09:28.90)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Why? (0:09:30.18)
Kirino Kousaka : Because... It's the first time I'm doing something like this... (0:09:31.32)
Kirino Kousaka : I have no idea what kind of girls will show up. (0:09:34.21)
Kirino Kousaka : If I'm by myself, it's just... you know... (0:09:36.77)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Even so, just what exactly can I do? (0:09:39.18)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Besides, isn't this "Otaku Ladies' Gathering" thing limited to girls only? (0:09:42.09)
Kyousuke Kousaka : How's a guy like myself supposed to join in? (0:09:45.71)
Kirino Kousaka : How about cross-dressing as a girl? (0:09:48.11)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That would never work! (0:09:49.15)
Kirino Kousaka : I see. (0:09:50.80)
Kirino Kousaka : Why weren't you born a pretty boy? (0:09:52.57)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Shut up. (0:09:54.74)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Still, being the one who came up with this idea, I can't escape responsibility, I guess. (0:09:56.61)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Let's do this, then. (0:10:00.94)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'll go into the store first and sit at a nearby table. (0:10:02.22)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I can't say anything, but I'll watch over you. (0:10:05.56)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That's okay, right? (0:10:09.94)
Kirino Kousaka : Got it. (0:10:12.82)
Kirino Kousaka : That's fine. (0:10:14.01)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This is the place, huh? (0:10:16.38)
Kirara Hoshino : Welcome home, Master! (0:10:20.73)
Kirara Hoshino : Master, do you have an order for a name to be called by? (0:10:30.67)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What would that be? (0:10:34.51)
Kirara Hoshino : You can choose among different ways for us to address you. (0:10:35.87)
Kirara Hoshino : Such as Master, Sir, Mr. ----, or Onii-chan. (0:10:39.60)
Kirara Hoshino : There are a variety of ways available. (0:10:43.88)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Whatever is fine. (0:10:45.75)
Kirara Hoshino : I'll address you as Onii-chan, then, okay? (0:10:47.12)
Kirara Hoshino : Onii-chan. (0:10:49.64)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Of all things, a little sister? (0:10:50.62)
Kirara Hoshino : Onii-chan, what do you want to eat? (0:10:52.45)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Huh... I'll have the omelette rice. (0:10:54.29)
Kirara Hoshino : Okay! (0:10:57.59)
Kirara Hoshino : We write a ketchup message on it, so what would you like me to write? (0:10:58.88)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'll leave it all to you. (0:11:02.13)
Kirara Hoshino : Okay! (0:11:04.00)
Kirara Hoshino : Welcome home, Milady. (0:11:05.54)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Here they come! (0:11:06.87)
Kyousuke Kousaka : She's huge! (0:11:15.76)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What is that? (0:11:16.81)
Saori Makishima : I happen to have made a reservation for 1:00 PM... (0:11:17.90)
Kirara Hoshino : Okay. (0:11:21.53)
Kirara Hoshino : Your name, please? (0:11:22.46)
Saori Makishima : Saori Bajiina. (0:11:23.41)
Kyousuke Kousaka : So you're Saori-san?! (0:11:27.97)
Kyousuke Kousaka : And why Bajiina? (0:11:29.84)
Kirara Hoshino : Ah! Onii-chan, are you okay? (0:11:31.29)
Kyousuke Kousaka : P-Pardon me. (0:11:33.81)
Kirara Hoshino : Don't rush and take it easy drinking, okay? (0:11:35.33)
Saori Makishima : Well, then. Allow me to commence the "Otaku Ladies Gathering Offline Meet". (0:11:40.36)
Saori Makishima : Even though there is little time between us, (0:11:46.31)
Saori Makishima : let us chat with one another and build our friendship. (0:11:48.33)
Saori Makishima : Though we are meeting for the first time, with the bond between us known as "otaku," (0:11:51.69)
Saori Makishima : we know in our hearts the burning feeling of wanting to share our passion. (0:11:55.94)
Kirara Hoshino : Here's your water, Onii-chan. (0:11:56.73)
Kyousuke Kousaka : She sure stands out. (0:11:58.90)
Kyousuke Kousaka : With that outfit, there's no helping it. (0:12:00.84)
Saori Makishima : Now, then. Please feel free to converse pleasantly. (0:12:02.76)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Is she really okay? (0:12:06.79)
EXTRA : Kiririn-sama, who is your favourite pairing in DeathGuri? (0:12:09.04)
EXTRA : For me it's Anna x Haru. (0:12:12.37)
Manami Tamura : Eh? No way, I like Anna x Haru too! (0:12:14.71)
Manami Tamura : They're so cute! (0:12:17.47)
EXTRA : That accessory is pretty. (0:12:18.84)
EXTRA : Where is it from? (0:12:20.86)
Kirino Kousaka : It's not from anywhere. It's a limited edition by Clock. (0:12:21.95)
Kirino Kousaka : I came to like it at a shoot and ended up taking it home. (0:12:24.42)
EXTRA : I see... (0:12:27.70)
EXTRA : Lately, it's so hard to get any tickets... (0:12:28.76)
EXTRA : I know. Instead of aiming for the city centre, the rural areas would probably be better. (0:12:30.82)
Kirara Hoshino : Here you go. Sorry for the wait. (0:12:44.63)
Kirara Hoshino : Now, then. Let's do a magic chant to make the omelette rice taste better! (0:12:46.61)
EXTRA : ...that would work so well! (0:12:51.54)
EXTRA : So, what kind of character? (0:12:52.82)
EXTRA : Don't start asking from there! (0:12:54.52)
EXTRA : Alicia from LoveDera! (0:12:56.65)
EXTRA : That's hardcore! (0:12:57.98)
Saori Makishima : Ahem. With everyone's participation, (0:13:04.14)
Saori Makishima : our commemorative first tea party now comes to a conclusion. (0:13:07.80)
Saori Makishima : Details regarding the next meeting will be sent out once decided. (0:13:12.95)
Saori Makishima : I ask for your full participation at that time. (0:13:16.78)
Saori Makishima : Including the present exchange from this time, new events will be planned as well. (0:13:18.91)
Saori Makishima : As for after-parties or after-after-parties, (0:13:24.03)
Saori Makishima : feel free to do so at your own discretion. (0:13:26.03)
Saori Makishima : Well, then... Dismissed! (0:13:28.53)
EXTRA : Want to go to Animate? (0:13:36.15)
EXTRA : After that can we go to ToraNoAna too? (0:13:37.68)
EXTRA : That coupling is impossible! (0:13:39.79)
EXTRA : Let's go talk it over. (0:13:41.83)
EXTRA : Have a nice day, Miladies. (0:13:43.66)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You did your best. (0:13:50.70)
Kyousuke Kousaka : With that much energy left over, it seems you enjoyed it. (0:13:57.30)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Since we're here anyway, let's go walk around Akiba. (0:13:59.80)
Kirino Kousaka : I couldn't talk to anyone at all. (0:14:05.91)
Kyousuke Kousaka : That's because with your appearance, anyone who tries to talk to you would get intimidated. (0:14:08.40)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Most of them were normal girls and all. (0:14:12.66)
EXTRA : Have a nice day. (0:14:15.70)
Kirino Kousaka : Why? (0:14:17.51)
Kirino Kousaka : I behaved like I always do. (0:14:19.03)
Kirino Kousaka : Why did they avoid me? (0:14:20.71)
Kirino Kousaka : Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! (0:14:24.04)
Saori Makishima : Hey! Miss Kiririn! (0:14:32.05)
Saori Makishima : Excellent, you're still on the premises. (0:14:36.01)
Kirino Kousaka : Saori-san? (0:14:38.83)
Saori Makishima : Just Saori is fine. (0:14:41.30)
Saori Makishima : This here is... your boyfriend, is he not? (0:14:44.11)
Kirino Kousaka : No! (0:14:46.63)
Kyousuke Kousaka : No! (0:14:46.63)
Saori Makishima : Oh dear, so you're not... (0:14:47.95)
Saori Makishima : Back in the café, I observed you constantly looking at Miss Kiririn, however. (0:14:49.83)
Saori Makishima : I was entirely convinced that it was a gaze filled with love. (0:14:55.14)
Kirino Kousaka : Stop that already. Gross. (0:14:57.07)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'm Kousaka Kyousuke. Her big brother. (0:15:00.64)
Saori Makishima : Oh, I see, I see. (0:15:03.59)
Saori Makishima : A pair of siblings with little resemblance, hm? (0:15:05.78)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Leave it alone, already! (0:15:07.34)
Saori Makishima : Ah, pardon me. (0:15:08.36)
Saori Makishima : Well, then. Mr. Kyousuke may come along. (0:15:09.85)
Saori Makishima : Miss Kiririn, would you like to join us for an after party? (0:15:12.45)
Kirino Kousaka : By after party, you mean... continuing the one just now? (0:15:16.61)
Saori Makishima : Indeed. (0:15:19.35)
Saori Makishima : I thought I would take it upon myself to personally invite individuals who spoke little. (0:15:20.51)
Kirino Kousaka : Are lots of other people coming? (0:15:25.52)
Saori Makishima : No, no. Including all of us here... (0:15:27.86)
Saori Makishima : Sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Kuroneko. (0:15:34.07)
Saori Makishima : This would be Miss Kiririn and her esteemed brother. (0:15:36.83)
Kirino Kousaka : Um... Nice to meet you. (0:15:40.40)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'm Kousaka Kyousuke. (0:15:42.77)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Sorry for taking part suddenly. (0:15:44.39)
Ruri Gokou : Handle name: Kuroneko. (0:15:46.48)
Ruri Gokou : Manager, just what are you anticipating by gathering the four of us here, I wonder. (0:15:52.01)
Saori Makishima : Ah, well, it is as I said. (0:15:56.57)
Saori Makishima : I noticed you didn't talk much, so I thought you might have wanted to chat more. (0:15:59.32)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Oh, that's right. This person was playing with her cellphone during the meeting. (0:16:00.77)
Saori Makishima : And that's pretty much all there is to it, Miss Kuroneko. (0:16:04.27)
Saori Makishima : Let's not be strangers and act polite. Feel free to call me Saori, please. (0:16:07.53)
Saori Makishima : Let's just put aside rank for now. (0:16:11.74)
Ruri Gokou : To have such a body and be called Saori... (0:16:13.87)
Ruri Gokou : I am amazed you could introduce yourself like that. (0:16:16.31)
Ruri Gokou : How impudent. (0:16:18.41)
Ruri Gokou : Even as a joke, it's obscene. (0:16:20.76)
Ruri Gokou : From now on, do introduce yourself as Psycho Gundam or Big Zam. (0:16:23.22)
Ruri Gokou : Also that way of speaking and appearance... (0:16:26.62)
Kirino Kousaka : ...feels like a creepy otaku from who knows how many years ago. (0:16:28.67)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You two! Putting aside rank doesn't mean insulting as you please! (0:16:32.28)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Apologise! (0:16:36.27)
Saori Makishima : Now, now. To myself, abuse of this level... (0:16:37.51)
Saori Makishima : ...feels rather like a pleasant, gentle breeze. (0:16:41.26)
Saori Makishima : If you would like to, Mr. Kyousuke, you can insult me as much as you please as well! (0:16:43.64)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I can't tell if you're a nice person or a weird person. (0:16:49.59)
Ruri Gokou : Speaking of appearances... (0:16:53.44)
Ruri Gokou : You, too. Why are you wearing such a frivolous outfit? (0:16:55.32)
Ruri Gokou : No one would ever dress in such a fashion for an Akiba offline meet. (0:16:59.32)
Kirino Kousaka : Well, sorry about that! (0:17:02.86)
Kirino Kousaka : There's nothing I can do about it. This is what I usually wear. (0:17:04.35)
Kirino Kousaka : Even you...! (0:17:07.33)
Ruri Gokou : What is it? (0:17:08.91)
Ruri Gokou : Whatever might it be? Do tell me. (0:17:10.93)
Kirino Kousaka : What is that dress? (0:17:14.72)
Kirino Kousaka : Cosplay? (0:17:16.23)
Kirino Kousaka : Did you intend to be Suigintou? (0:17:16.99)
Ruri Gokou : No, it's something entirely different. (0:17:18.59)
Ruri Gokou : Where are your eyes? (0:17:20.25)
Ruri Gokou : It's the Queen of Nightmare from Maschera. (0:17:22.66)
Kirino Kousaka : Maschera? (0:17:25.41)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What's that? An anime? (0:17:27.02)
Ruri Gokou : Yes. Officially it's called Maschera: The Lament of the Fallen Beast. (0:17:28.74)
Ruri Gokou : The anime's story and pictures are all this season's most prominent. (0:17:33.88)
Ruri Gokou : It airs every Thursday at 5:30 in the evening, so I would encourage you to watch it. (0:17:37.24)
Kirino Kousaka : Oh, that one. The underside anime in Meruru's time slot. (0:17:41.35)
Kirino Kousaka : That fashionable-style chuunibyou anime. (0:17:44.51)
Ruri Gokou : You say some intolerable things, don't you? (0:17:48.85)
Ruri Gokou : By Meruru, surely you are not referring to Stardust Witch Meruru? (0:17:51.75)
Ruri Gokou : Only children, childish adults, maniacs, the unemployed and NEETs watch that rubbish. (0:17:55.77)
Ruri Gokou : Battle-style magical girl anime and their ilk are not popular as of late. (0:18:01.85)
Ruri Gokou : To begin with, weekday morning kid's shows aside, all magical girl anime are unenlightening. (0:18:05.90)
Ruri Gokou : Based on viewership ratings, your show is the one in the losing time slot. (0:18:10.13)
Ruri Gokou : So do stop your worthless and rash remarks. (0:18:12.78)
Kirino Kousaka : Viewership ratings?  (0:18:14.40)
Kirino Kousaka : Allow me to bring that old-fashioned
thinking of yours up to today's standards.
Kirino Kousaka : The show I watch is the upperside, and everything else is under! (0:18:20.63)
Kirino Kousaka : Based on your comments, I bet you've never even seen Meruru. (0:18:24.54)
Kirino Kousaka : Ah, poor you. (0:18:27.77)
Kirino Kousaka : The first season's last battle, matched with a to-die-for moe insert song, was intensely moving! (0:18:29.45)
Kirino Kousaka : Don't underestimate kids' anime! (0:18:34.86)
Ruri Gokou : You, too. (0:18:36.51)
Ruri Gokou : Enough with your excessive appreciation from it being a kids' anime. (0:18:38.16)
Ruri Gokou : From the moe fans' clichéd praise, the work's true quality is misrepresented. (0:18:42.01)
Kirino Kousaka : Altered quality? True quality? (0:18:48.81)
Kirino Kousaka : All you do is line up difficult words. There no choice but to diagnose you with Chuunibyou. (0:18:51.24)
Ruri Gokou : Those three words are the second thing I hate the most in this world. (0:18:55.57)
Ruri Gokou : Number one are the pigs who misuse such words to criticize others. (0:18:59.15)
Ruri Gokou : Are you one of their comrades? (0:19:03.86)
Ruri Gokou : In that case, do go oink and squeal like a pig. (0:19:05.28)
Kirino Kousaka : You're getting mad just because I got it right. (0:19:07.08)
Kirino Kousaka : You are seriously the Chuu of the Chuu aren't you. (0:19:08.86)
Kirino Kousaka : Can I call you the Chuu-Chuu Queen? (0:19:10.94)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Wait, wait, wait! Calm down, you two! (0:19:13.90)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It's just anime, isn't it? (0:19:16.19)
Kirino Kousaka : It's just anime?! (0:19:18.83)
Ruri Gokou : It's just anime?! (0:19:18.83)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Pardon my rudeness. (0:19:22.27)
Ruri Gokou : You have a very "good" personality. (0:19:23.98)
Ruri Gokou : No wonder no one wanted to talk to you during the offline meet. (0:19:26.49)
Kirino Kousaka : Speak for yourself. (0:19:29.77)
Kirino Kousaka : You were the one who kept playing
with your cellphone the whole time.
Kirino Kousaka : You are way too gloomy. (0:19:33.89)
Ruri Gokou : That was... (0:19:34.86)
Ruri Gokou : I suddenly wanted to check a news site, that's all. (0:19:36.16)
Saori Makishima : They're thoroughly opening their hearts to one another. (0:19:40.03)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Where are your eyes, seriously? (0:19:42.00)
Saori Makishima : No matter how you look at it, (0:19:43.87)
Saori Makishima : those two look so lively arguing back and forth, do they not? (0:19:45.98)
Ruri Gokou : Fine. Move yourself outside, you worthless bitch. (0:19:51.74)
Ruri Gokou : Allow me to carve into you the true meaning of fear. (0:19:54.31)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Regardless, I'm amazed they can talk so much despite just meeting. (0:19:55.58)
Kirino Kousaka : I'm worthless? What world do you live in? (0:19:58.22)
Saori Makishima : Well, you see, (0:20:00.61)
Saori Makishima : it's because this deals with the passion they have for the things they hold dear. (0:20:02.17)
Saori Makishima : There's no reason for them to hold back. (0:20:05.64)
Kirino Kousaka : Seriously, everything you say gets on my nerves! (0:20:08.27)
Kirino Kousaka : You delusional psychopath! (0:20:11.02)
Ruri Gokou : D-Delusional? P-Psychopath, you say? (0:20:14.23)
Ruri Gokou : You've just said something you'll regret. (0:20:20.19)
Ruri Gokou : Ah, poor you. (0:20:23.52)
Ruri Gokou : Whatever happens now is not my fault. (0:20:25.40)
Ruri Gokou : Such evil conceptions is something even I, myself, would not be able to stop. (0:20:27.27)
Kirino Kousaka : Are you stupid or something? (0:20:31.67)
Kirino Kousaka : Aren't you embarrassed to be alive at all? (0:20:33.19)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It'd be a good idea to stop about now, don't you think? (0:20:35.54)
Kirino Kousaka : Why don't you die already? (0:20:36.85)
Ruri Gokou : See? (0:20:40.86)
Ruri Gokou : Meruru doujins are all just for guys. (0:20:41.97)
Ruri Gokou : It's just an outlet for one's lust. (0:20:44.51)
Kirino Kousaka : Maschera is all nothing but BL, too. (0:20:48.27)
Kirino Kousaka : Look at this! This degree of perfection. (0:20:50.71)
Kirino Kousaka : This feels like a piece of art. (0:20:52.60)
Ruri Gokou : Why would a piece of art need a cast-off feature... (0:20:54.76)
Ruri Gokou : XXL...? (0:20:59.57)
Kirino Kousaka : Men's? (0:21:01.67)
Saori Makishima : Well, well, we seem to have played too much today. (0:21:04.32)
Ruri Gokou : That's because you frolic around too much. (0:21:07.87)
Kirino Kousaka : It can't be helped. (0:21:09.93)
Kirino Kousaka : This is my first time to Akiba. (0:21:10.98)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Thank you for all the help. (0:21:13.07)
Saori Makishima : Don't mention it. (0:21:14.40)
Saori Makishima : Well, then. We shall take our leave here. (0:21:15.79)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I guess it's time for us to go home, too. (0:21:30.03)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Don't ignore me! (0:21:33.88)
Yoshino Kousaka : Today, you two were gone for the whole day, right? (0:21:38.23)
Yoshino Kousaka : Where did you go, Kirino? (0:21:41.94)
Kirino Kousaka : I went shopping with some friends. (0:21:44.85)
Yoshino Kousaka : Ah, with Ayase-chan? (0:21:46.49)
Kirino Kousaka : Yeah, something like that. (0:21:48.24)
Yoshino Kousaka : Wouldn't you two get hit on by guys a lot? (0:21:51.62)
Yoshino Kousaka : If you two walk together, you'd stand out, right? (0:21:55.01)
Kirino Kousaka : Well, I just ignore them whenever I can. (0:21:57.38)
Daisuke Kousaka : Keep it under control, you hear? (0:21:59.15)
Daisuke Kousaka : Work aside, (0:22:01.52)
Daisuke Kousaka : with you dressing so frivolously all the time, (0:22:03.19)
Daisuke Kousaka : you look like you're purposefully drawing attention to yourself. (0:22:05.63)
Yoshino Kousaka : Dad! You know Kirino is doing her best- (0:22:08.66)
Kirino Kousaka : Thanks for the meal. (0:22:13.10)
Yoshino Kousaka : Here. (0:22:16.94)
Kyousuke Kousaka : So you're not going to ask where I went, huh? (0:22:20.00)
Kyousuke Kousaka : A hard worker who has top grades, is amazing at sports and works, too?! (0:22:33.84)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What is this... (0:22:37.70)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I can't take this anymore. (0:22:40.52)
EXTRA : Onii-chan, we'll be together from now on, right? (0:22:53.68)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I did it! (0:22:59.64)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I defeated Shiori! (0:23:00.88)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Complete! (0:23:02.48)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Go me! (0:23:04.23)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yahoo! (0:23:05.73)
Kyousuke Kousaka : What is this feeling? (0:23:18.26)
Kyousuke Kousaka : This surge of contemplation after the wave of accomplishment. (0:23:20.26)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I think I'm having an epiphany. (0:23:24.74)
Kirino Kousaka : What? (0:23:30.80)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I came to return the game. (0:23:31.51)
Kirino Kousaka : Did you complete it? (0:23:34.45)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Yes. (0:23:35.71)
Kirino Kousaka : And? (0:23:36.64)
Kyousuke Kousaka : It was all right, I guess. (0:23:37.68)
Kyousuke Kousaka : No, I mean it was pretty interesting. (0:23:39.64)
Kirino Kousaka : Which part of it? (0:23:41.64)
Kirino Kousaka : Specifically. (0:23:43.38)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Shiori's scenario. (0:23:46.35)
Kyousuke Kousaka : The second half of the story was good. (0:23:48.12)
Kyousuke Kousaka : The parents were against the two of them being together, (0:23:50.94)
Kyousuke Kousaka : so Shiori ran away from home, (0:23:54.08)
Kyousuke Kousaka : then thanks to the protagonist chasing after her, (0:23:55.95)
Kyousuke Kousaka : the two of them sat watching the sunset and... (0:23:57.79)
Kirino Kousaka : W-Well, I guess you're starting to understand a bit. (0:24:05.79)
Kirino Kousaka : But those are not all the good scenes you know. (0:24:12.17)
Kirino Kousaka : My favourite three are- (0:24:15.46)
Kyousuke Kousaka : W-Wait. (0:24:16.69)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I'll listen to those later, so... (0:24:17.85)
Kyousuke Kousaka : How is it going with the girls from today's offline meet? (0:24:21.13)
Kirino Kousaka : Oh, them? (0:24:24.49)
Kirino Kousaka : For now, I've emailed them both. (0:24:26.24)
Kirino Kousaka : The black one lives nearby, apparently, but the big one lives far away. (0:24:29.48)
Kirino Kousaka : Sounds like we'll be having another offline meet. (0:24:33.26)
Kirino Kousaka : It's inevitable, so I thought it would be fine to go for their sake. (0:24:36.15)
Kirino Kousaka : In a way, talking to them was... (0:24:40.81)
Kyousuke Kousaka : I see. (0:24:43.03)
Kyousuke Kousaka : You've become friends with them. (0:24:44.23)
Kirino Kousaka : Shut up, idiot! (0:24:48.48)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Don't misplace your eroge again. (0:24:53.38)
Kyousuke Kousaka : Life Counselling: Complete. (0:25:05.16)

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