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Roxane : A young man will surely die soon! (0:00:11.54)
Roxane : That death will be the
beginning of everything...
Roxane : The world will turn to
stone and start to tumble!
EXTRA : What should we do?! (0:00:24.17)
EXTRA : Please tell us, Mistress Roxanne! (0:00:26.04)
Roxane : Prepare a large box and have it
float on the surface of the water...
Roxane : Then... (0:00:34.67)
Roxane : Send 11 hares running wild! (0:00:36.55)
Kazuya Kujou : Bordered by France, Switzerland and Italy (0:02:25.68)
Kazuya Kujou : is the small European nation of Saubure. (0:02:28.89)
Kazuya Kujou : The Kingdom of Saubure (0:02:29.36)
Kazuya Kujou : And nestled at the base of the Alps
is the St. Marguerite Academy.
Kazuya Kujou : St. Marguerite Academy (0:02:35.00)
Kazuya Kujou : It's a prestigious school, its
reputation in the kingdom cemented
Kazuya Kujou : as the educational institute for
children of the aristocracy.
Kazuya Kujou : I'm a student here. (0:02:46.61)
Kazuya Kujou : My name is... (0:02:48.77)
EXTRA : The Dark Reaper! (0:02:50.30)
Kazuya Kujou : Yes, the Dark Reaper. (0:02:57.61)
EXTRA : Look at those pitch black eyes
that swallow up the darkness!
EXTRA : I'm sure he's black-hearted, too! (0:03:08.12)
Kazuya Kujou : It's easy to walk here. (0:03:12.72)
EXTRA : Kazuya (0:03:14.08)
EXTRA : Kazuya, how's life in a foreign country? (0:03:16.16)
EXTRA : After the end of that last world war, (0:03:20.81)
EXTRA : when your outstanding grades were
recognized by our ally, Saubure,
EXTRA : and you were accepted there
as an exchange student,
EXTRA : father and the rest of
us were so proud of you.
EXTRA : Kazuya, become a full-fledged man as
soon as you can, then return home to us.
EXTRA : Become a man for success in
life... and for your country.
EXTRA : - From your eldest brother (0:03:45.94)
Cecil Lafitte : I think you should read ghost stories! (0:03:50.92)
Cecil Lafitte : At this academy... no, in this country,
there are a lot of ghost stories, see?
Cecil Lafitte : I mean, even the political world
has a Ministry of the Occult,
Cecil Lafitte : which just goes to show that
we looove our ghost stories!
Kazuya Kujou : And the Dark Reaper is one
of them, right, Miss Cecile?
Cecil Lafitte : It's more properly known
as the "Springtime Reaper".
Cecil Lafitte : The "dark" part is an added-on honor that
the kids have bestowed upon you, Kujo-kun.
Kazuya Kujou : An honor...? (0:04:19.14)
Cecil Lafitte : If you've got a common topic to talk
about, you can make lots of friends!
Cecil Lafitte : Make 100 friends and climb
the Alps together, Kujo-kun!
EXTRA : Episode 1
The Dark Reaper Finds the Golden Fairy
Kazuya Kujou : A common topic... (0:04:37.53)
Kazuya Kujou : Ghost stories? (0:04:40.31)
Kazuya Kujou : What's this? (0:04:44.66)
Kazuya Kujou : A ghost ship that appears on stormy nights. (0:04:46.48)
Kazuya Kujou : The Queen Berry... (0:04:49.50)
Kazuya Kujou : Leviathan, an alchemist who could produce
gold from the intestines of dead men.
Kazuya Kujou : Both stories are pretty frightening... (0:04:56.29)
Kazuya Kujou : A brilliant gray wolf that
can speak human languages.
Kazuya Kujou : A talking wolf, huh? (0:05:04.32)
Kazuya Kujou : Now there's a creature I
wouldn't mind getting to know.
Kazuya Kujou : What's this? (0:05:11.48)
Kazuya Kujou : Golden... (0:05:18.21)
Kazuya Kujou : A... doll...? (0:06:06.26)
Victorique de Blois : So you finally made it. (0:06:10.77)
Victorique de Blois : You're late, Springtime Reaper. (0:06:13.69)
Kazuya Kujou : H-How do you know about me? (0:06:17.40)
Victorique de Blois : The future that rose from the silver
jar was reflected in the magic mirror.
Victorique de Blois : According to the augury, it
seems you'll visit here again.
Victorique de Blois : Tomorrow, when you hear the noon bell ring... (0:06:31.80)
Kazuya Kujou : W-Wait a second. Why...? (0:06:34.75)
Victorique de Blois : You were chosen... (0:06:38.06)
Victorique de Blois : As a single fragment with
which to fill up my boredom...
Kazuya Kujou : A doll... (0:06:50.38)
Kazuya Kujou : A doll told me my future! (0:06:51.74)
Kazuya Kujou : It's like a weird dream. (0:06:59.99)
Kazuya Kujou : A botanical garden over the library... (0:07:02.71)
Kazuya Kujou : A strange girl who says strange things... (0:07:05.98)
Cecil Lafitte : Oh, that's Victorique-san. (0:07:09.88)
Cecil Lafitte : That's wonderful! You made a friend already! (0:07:14.02)
Cecil Lafitte : She's a classmate of yours, Kujo-kun. (0:07:16.98)
Cecil Lafitte : There's always one empty chair
in the classroom, right?
Cecil Lafitte : Oh, this is perfect. (0:07:24.41)
Cecil Lafitte : Kujo-kun, give these handouts to her, okay? (0:07:26.65)
Cecil Lafitte : See you later! (0:07:30.22)
Kazuya Kujou : Wait a second! (0:07:32.20)
Kazuya Kujou : When you hear... the noon bell ring... (0:07:37.96)
Victorique de Blois : You're finally here? (0:07:57.68)
Kazuya Kujou : W-What are you doing...? (0:07:59.59)
Victorique de Blois : You got here later than I expected,
so I was getting bored.
Kazuya Kujou : Are you a fortune-teller? (0:08:06.96)
Victorique de Blois : Why? (0:08:09.33)
Kazuya Kujou : It seems like you knew
I was gonna come here...
Victorique de Blois : The fountain of wisdom told me so. (0:08:13.60)
Kazuya Kujou : Fountain of wisdom? (0:08:16.41)
Victorique de Blois : Since this spring, a black-haired
student has been hanging around.
Victorique de Blois : Seeing that unfamiliar, ill-omened figure (0:08:22.10)
Victorique de Blois : must have made people recall the academy's
legend of the "Springtime Reaper".
Kazuya Kujou : Ill-omened figure?! (0:08:29.27)
Victorique de Blois : What's your name? (0:08:31.21)
Kazuya Kujou : Kujo... Kazuya... (0:08:32.93)
Victorique de Blois : So, Kujo, being a deathly-serious,
strait-laced, bright student,
Victorique de Blois : you must have come here to investigate
the source of the story.
Kazuya Kujou : You're pretty good, but I'm
not completely satisfied...
Kazuya Kujou : I don't know what it is, but she
seems different than yesterday...
Kazuya Kujou : Besides that... (0:08:55.18)
Kazuya Kujou : Look, you rolled around so much,
your necklace is on backwards.
Victorique de Blois : Don't touch it! (0:09:01.71)
Victorique de Blois : This is... precious to me. (0:09:06.36)
Victorique de Blois : So... so precious... (0:09:10.15)
Kazuya Kujou : What the...?! (0:09:28.96)
Kazuya Kujou : I've never seen such a creative hairstyle! (0:09:31.46)
Victorique de Blois : Grevil... (0:09:35.09)
Kazuya Kujou : You know him? (0:09:36.93)
Grevil de Blois : Aaah, what beautiful weather
we're having today.
Grevil de Blois : And we also have a boy who looks
like a black-furred baby squirrel.
Grevil de Blois : Maybe I'll try reciting a long
poem to this baby squirrel.
Grevil de Blois : Last night, at a mansion
in a certain village,
Grevil de Blois : Roxanne, an old fortune-teller, was murdered. (0:09:54.57)
Kazuya Kujou : Where's that coming from? (0:09:59.42)
Grevil de Blois : The fortune-teller lived in her mansion with
an Indian manservant and an Arabian maid.
Grevil de Blois : Her granddaughter came for a
visit that very same night.
Victorique de Blois : Why was the manservant Indian
and the maid Arabian?
Grevil de Blois : The fortune-teller had a
penchant for exotic servants
Grevil de Blois : and could speak Hindi and Arabic
at a conversational level.
Grevil de Blois : Oh, it seems the maid can only speak Arabic. (0:10:21.89)
Kazuya Kujou : Um, is he a detective or
something along those lines?
Victorique de Blois : This is Inspector Grevil de Blois. (0:10:30.45)
Victorique de Blois : He's the owner of the oddest
hair in all of Saubure.
Grevil de Blois : Just before the murder, the fortune-teller
was relaxing in her bedroom.
Grevil de Blois : The manservant was in the
garden just below her window,
Grevil de Blois : returning the released hares
to their breeding pen.
Victorique de Blois : Hares? (0:10:50.89)
Grevil de Blois : The fortune-teller raised many hares. (0:10:52.27)
Grevil de Blois : Apparently, she would let hunting dogs
gnaw them to death from time to time.
Grevil de Blois : But let's get back on topic, you
innocent baby squirrel, you!
Kazuya Kujou : Um... Are you using me to talk to her? (0:11:03.05)
Grevil de Blois : That night, gunfire rang
out, startling everyone,
Grevil de Blois : who subsequently gathered in
the hallway outside her room.
Grevil de Blois : Her door was locked. (0:11:13.83)
Grevil de Blois : The maid called out something,
but there was no answer.
Grevil de Blois : The manservant planned to break the door
down, but the granddaughter wouldn't let him.
Grevil de Blois : "If my grandmother is dead,
this mansion becomes mine,
Grevil de Blois : so don't destroy anything," was
the contemptible reason she gave.
Grevil de Blois : However, the maid didn't understand
a word that the granddaughter said,
Grevil de Blois : so she brought a pistol for self-defense
from the room next door, and...
Grevil de Blois : And on the other side of
the now-opened door was...
Grevil de Blois : The fortune-teller, shot
through her left eye...
Grevil de Blois : The bedroom window was locked from the
inside and a weapon was nowhere to be found.
Grevil de Blois : So tell me, baby squirrel! (0:11:55.79)
Grevil de Blois : How do you think it happened?! (0:11:57.70)
Kazuya Kujou : Why are you asking me?! (0:12:00.35)
Victorique de Blois : Oh, that? (0:12:04.77)
Victorique de Blois : The fragments of chaos are all lined up. (0:12:08.35)
Victorique de Blois : I'll reconstruct them for you here. (0:12:12.65)
Grevil de Blois : Hm. (0:12:15.01)
Grevil de Blois : It really is a beautiful day! (0:12:16.66)
Kazuya Kujou : Reconstruct them? (0:12:22.58)
Victorique de Blois : I'll take fragments from
the chaos of this world...
Victorique de Blois : and using the fountain of wisdom inside
me, will reconstruct them into truth.
Kazuya Kujou : You're talking about solving the crime? (0:12:41.97)
Grevil de Blois : Hmph. Well, I already know
who the murderer is, too.
Grevil de Blois : The manservant under the window
is the most suspicious...
Victorique de Blois : The murderer is the maid, Grevil. (0:12:51.35)
Grevil de Blois : What are you talking about,
boy?! Explain yourself!
Kazuya Kujou : Why are you asking me?! (0:12:59.50)
Victorique de Blois : The fortune-teller was the only
one who could understand Arabic.
Victorique de Blois : The maid knocked on the
door and yelled in Arabic.
Victorique de Blois : There was no answer, so she took
out a pistol from the next room,
Victorique de Blois : then shot the door lock. Correct? (0:13:12.57)
Victorique de Blois : What did the maid yell out before that? (0:13:16.06)
Victorique de Blois : Perhaps... (0:13:20.04)
Victorique de Blois : "Mistress, someone is after your life. (0:13:21.54)
Victorique de Blois : You heard the gunshot
just before, didn't you?
Victorique de Blois : Move away from the window
and come near the door."
Victorique de Blois : In other words, the maid knew that
the fortune-teller was still alive.
Victorique de Blois : She called out to the fortune-teller
in Arabic, tricking her,
Victorique de Blois : telling her it was safe in front of the door, (0:13:39.78)
Victorique de Blois : then shot the lock... (0:13:42.33)
Victorique de Blois : and the fortune-teller together. (0:13:44.36)
Victorique de Blois : Most likely, the reason the fortune-teller
was shot through the left eye
Victorique de Blois : was because she tried peeking
through the keyhole.
Grevil de Blois : Hold it! (0:13:57.50)
Grevil de Blois : Then where and when was the
first gunshot... Baby Squirrel?!
Kazuya Kujou : Inspector, my name isn't "Baby
Squirrel", it's Kujo Kazuya!
Victorique de Blois : I'm sure the first shot was
from the room next door.
Victorique de Blois : The purpose was to frighten the
fortune-teller and bring together the people in the mansion.
Victorique de Blois : If you investigate, I bet you'll find
a still-fresh bullet hole in that room.
Grevil de Blois : I see... (0:14:20.56)
Grevil de Blois : Well, it's time for me to
return to the police station.
Grevil de Blois : This walk has put me in a fine mood... (0:14:25.96)
Victorique de Blois : What about the criminal's motive? (0:14:27.79)
Victorique de Blois : And she's no doubt hiding whatever
she shot with the first bullet.
Grevil de Blois : What?! (0:14:37.89)
Kazuya Kujou : There he goes... (0:14:42.66)
Victorique de Blois : That was over in a moment. (0:14:45.71)
Victorique de Blois : Now I'm bored again... (0:14:48.84)
Kazuya Kujou : Who are you? (0:14:54.12)
Kazuya Kujou : That inspector relies on you... I think... (0:14:56.14)
Kazuya Kujou : But he seems uneasy about something... (0:15:01.01)
Victorique de Blois : If you want to know about me... (0:15:04.75)
Kazuya Kujou : If I want to know about you...? (0:15:07.56)
Victorique de Blois : Dance. (0:15:10.16)
Kazuya Kujou : Why dance, of all things?! (0:15:12.80)
Kazuya Kujou : You're serious... (0:15:17.01)
Kazuya Kujou : Alright. (0:15:21.85)
Victorique de Blois : What do you call that kind of dancing? (0:15:27.94)
Kazuya Kujou : A Bon Festival dance. (0:15:31.21)
Kazuya Kujou : I danced for her three times yesterday... (0:15:35.94)
Kazuya Kujou : But in the end, she told
me zip about herself.
Kazuya Kujou : Victorique's an awful person... (0:15:41.68)
Sophie : Kujo-kun, are you eating? (0:15:45.25)
Sophie : W-What's wrong? (0:15:51.00)
Kazuya Kujou : "Another great achievement
for Inspector de Blois!"
Kazuya Kujou : "He brilliantly solved the shooting murder
of the fortune-teller, Roxannne"?!
Kazuya Kujou : What the hell is this?! (0:16:01.96)
Grevil de Blois : Excuse me? (0:16:04.51)
Kazuya Kujou : It says you received an appreciative kiss
and a luxury yacht from the granddaughter!!
Grevil de Blois : Oh, that... (0:16:09.33)
Grevil de Blois : I didn't coax her into a
kiss, she forced it on me...
Kazuya Kujou : I don't care about the kiss! (0:16:15.51)
Kazuya Kujou : It's the luxury yacht and
gratitude from the aristocrats!
Kazuya Kujou : In the first place, the one who should be
on the receiving end isn't you, but Vic-
Grevil de Blois : Alright, alright! (0:16:32.33)
Grevil de Blois : I lose out to your passion... (0:16:34.53)
Grevil de Blois : You're both invited to join me
on my maiden cruise this weekend.
Kazuya Kujou : Naturally. (0:16:42.78)
Grevil de Blois : Is she natural? (0:16:44.21)
Grevil de Blois : Victorique doesn't get special permission
to go outside without my influence.
Kazuya Kujou : Permission to go outside? (0:16:53.60)
Grevil de Blois : Forget I said anything... (0:16:56.57)
Grevil de Blois : This weekend, then. (0:16:57.99)
Victorique de Blois : So you made plans with Grevil? (0:17:00.46)
Kazuya Kujou : Of course! I wasn't gonna let him get away
with the injustice of stealing the credit!
Kazuya Kujou : For now, we have the upper hand... (0:17:08.58)
Victorique de Blois : Kujo. (0:17:11.06)
Victorique de Blois : Are you going to have fun spending
your precious weekend with Grevil?
Kazuya Kujou : Not at all. And on top of that, (0:17:18.51)
Kazuya Kujou : it'll be embarrassing walking with the guy
who possesses that absurd Pompadour...
Kazuya Kujou : How did this happen again? (0:17:26.09)
Victorique de Blois : As for me, I know you have
questions, but... I see...
Victorique de Blois : Then I'll be able to leave this prison... (0:17:36.01)
Victorique de Blois : I'm going to prepare for the trip. (0:17:42.76)
Kazuya Kujou : Now? I mean, it's not the
weekend for days yet.
Kazuya Kujou : I know you must be excited, but... (0:17:49.38)
Kazuya Kujou : Ah, wait! (0:17:52.58)
Kazuya Kujou : If you ride that without permission... (0:17:54.38)
Victorique de Blois : This elevator is for school personnel and me . (0:17:55.97)
Victorique de Blois : You can huff and puff down the looong
staircase, wearily lifting those out-of-shape thighs.
Kazuya Kujou : Victorique!! (0:18:13.80)
Kazuya Kujou : So... (0:18:23.05)
Kazuya Kujou : Why do you need all this luggage
for an overnight cruise?!
Victorique de Blois : My brain has meticulously
calculated this as the very least
Victorique de Blois : amount of baggage necessary for the trip. (0:18:33.10)
Kazuya Kujou : You're really bringing all this stuff? (0:18:36.76)
Victorique de Blois : Of course, Kujo, you'll
be the one who carries it.
Victorique de Blois : Wha...?! (0:18:44.20)
Victorique de Blois : Hey! What right do you have to
go through somebody else's...
Kazuya Kujou : A compass? (0:18:46.94)
Kazuya Kujou : The yacht's already got one. (0:18:48.27)
Kazuya Kujou : You don't need a life jacket either, and
just one change of clothes will do...
Kazuya Kujou : What's the set of utensils for?! (0:18:55.33)
Kazuya Kujou : Are there snacks in here? (0:18:57.03)
Kazuya Kujou : A chair? (0:18:58.70)
Kazuya Kujou : Are you a refugee?! (0:19:00.07)
Victorique de Blois : If I say it's necessary, it's necessary! (0:19:02.22)
Kazuya Kujou : How much longer are you gonna pout? (0:19:09.36)
Kazuya Kujou : There was nothing for it... (0:19:11.94)
Kazuya Kujou : You'd think she'd never
ridden a locomotive before.
Kazuya Kujou : Right now, she looks like a doll again... (0:19:27.59)
Victorique de Blois : What are you doing? (0:19:36.40)
Kazuya Kujou : Um... In Japan, we do that as kind of a game. (0:19:39.70)
Victorique de Blois : What's that? (0:19:59.39)
Kazuya Kujou : An ice cream stand. (0:20:00.84)
Victorique de Blois : And that? (0:20:03.02)
Kazuya Kujou : A newspaper stand... (0:20:03.97)
Kazuya Kujou : Well, we'd better get going. (0:20:06.31)
Kazuya Kujou : Come on, get in. (0:20:15.42)
Victorique de Blois : Was that magic? (0:20:16.34)
Victorique de Blois : Or is he your servant? (0:20:17.15)
Kazuya Kujou : Tell me, Victorique. (0:20:20.40)
Kazuya Kujou : How many times have you been outside? (0:20:21.78)
Victorique de Blois : Hmph! (0:20:24.21)
Grevil de Blois : Ahoy there, matey! (0:20:26.28)
Kazuya Kujou : Um, that outfit... (0:20:30.08)
Grevil de Blois : It's perfect, isn't it? (0:20:32.52)
Grevil de Blois : The theme is "man of the sea". (0:20:33.84)
Grevil de Blois : Oh, yes. About that murder... (0:20:36.55)
Grevil de Blois : Remember the first shot
fired from the next room?
Grevil de Blois : What got shot was a mirror. (0:20:42.46)
Kazuya Kujou : A mirror? (0:20:45.47)
Victorique de Blois : I see. A magic mirror, eh? (0:20:47.67)
Grevil de Blois : And the prime suspect, the Arabian maid... (0:20:50.18)
Victorique de Blois : Hmph. (0:20:54.29)
Grevil de Blois : a beauty. (0:20:55.19)
Grevil de Blois : Ahem, regarding the motive, the maid babbled
something that didn't quite make sense.
Grevil de Blois : She said this is the "revenge of the box"... (0:21:04.68)
Victorique de Blois : Revenge of the box? (0:21:08.29)
EXTRA : Inspector! (0:21:13.31)
EXTRA : Inspector, awful news! (0:21:14.97)
EXTRA : The Arabian maid escaped! (0:21:17.79)
Grevil de Blois : Are you serious?! (0:21:20.87)
Grevil de Blois : Excuse me, Kujo-kun, I've got to go! (0:21:22.51)
Grevil de Blois : You can board the yacht,
but don't take it out!
Kazuya Kujou : That's so boring... (0:21:30.87)
Grevil de Blois : Patience! (0:21:32.17)
Grevil de Blois : Adieu! (0:21:33.12)
Kazuya Kujou : I don't believe it... We came all this way. (0:21:35.75)
Kazuya Kujou : Right, Victorique? (0:21:39.21)
Kazuya Kujou : Victorique? (0:21:41.82)
Kazuya Kujou : Hey, Victorique! (0:21:45.38)
Kazuya Kujou : Oh, there you are. (0:21:52.24)
Victorique de Blois : You know, this yacht belonged
to the fortune-teller.
Kazuya Kujou : Yeah. (0:21:59.77)
Victorique de Blois : This looks like an invitation,
addressed to Roxanne.
Victorique de Blois : Read it. (0:22:05.97)
Kazuya Kujou : Sure, but... (0:22:07.92)
Kazuya Kujou : Um, dinner on a moored luxury
liner on the coast near here...
Kazuya Kujou : Miniature Garden Box Evening... (0:22:15.96)
Kazuya Kujou : The main dish is hare?! (0:22:19.25)
Victorique de Blois : The fortune-teller raised hares. (0:22:24.28)
Victorique de Blois : Then we have the name,
"Miniature Garden Box Evening",
Victorique de Blois : and what the maid said,
"revenge of the box"...
Kazuya Kujou : Both are boxes... Hmm... (0:22:36.11)
Kazuya Kujou : What should we do? (0:22:40.04)
Victorique de Blois : What do you want to do? (0:22:41.40)
Kazuya Kujou : Shall we check it out? (0:22:44.48)
Victorique de Blois : Spoken like a true Reaper! (0:22:46.84)
Kazuya Kujou : Through the course of events, we slip
aboard a suspicious luxury liner and...
Kazuya Kujou : Huh? (0:24:10.17)
Kazuya Kujou : Why isn't there any dinner for me ?! (0:24:11.13)
EXTRA : Even the fat on high-grade meat is delicious! (0:24:14.18)
EXTRA : Next Episode Preview
The Souls of the Dead Raise a Shipwreck

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