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Forum :: What does it mean to bid a coin on a character?

SourNote2014 Jan 3, 2016 (Edit)
Is it any different to putting a picture of that character in a gallery?
Guild Master TiwaLeChaton Jan 3, 2016 (Edit)
bidding coins on chars and putting an image of the same char are two different things.
SourNote2014 Jan 10, 2016 (Edit)
You seem to be bidding coins on popular characters who are going to be claimed by other guilds anyway. I say bid on less popular characters that other guilds wouldn't think of taking.
SourNote2014 Jan 10, 2016 (Edit)
That way it's not such a waste.
Nanfenkoff Jan 10, 2016 (Edit)
I think that's probably the fun part of the thing...
SourNote2014 Jan 11, 2016 (Edit)
What, wasting guild coins on someone another guild is going to take anyway? I think that it would be good to find other characters with twintails and collect them, because there's so many good character designs that are unappreciated or underappreciated, and I think that at least other guilds should see that.
Guild Master TiwaLeChaton Jan 11, 2016 (Edit)
If you want the guild to own some characters, let me know and i'll bid on them. I usually bid on characters I like and know ^^"
SourNote2014 Jan 12, 2016 (Edit)
So my suggestions are possibly: Mitsugu Tsukushino , Ren Kagami , Ren Arikawa , Kaede Kikyo , Miyako Andou , Akane Nanamiya , Anko Minase , Seri Mishima , Natsuki Kousaka (At least, I think she has twintails), Nanoha Homura , Ayane Kugenuma , Kokoa Amano , Hina Kajiwara , Iroha Nekomiya , Taeko Hiramatsu , Yuki Hibarigaoka (Yes, even though she wears an outfit that makes her look like an Amazon), Fei Ku , Yukino Ouhama , Wezekieru , and Himawari Kasuga .
Nanfenkoff Jan 12, 2016 (Edit)
Wow m8 chill... Anyways, I suggest to use the urll BBcode for the requests, Not that is stricly necessary, Tho, It gets way easier to look into the characters.

Like this: Hibachi (Also if possible, Bid this one for me, Tiwa )

Check the books for it: Here and Here

SourNote2014 Jan 12, 2016 (Edit)
I added the links for all of my suggestions.
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