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Forum :: Destiny,Wait For Me: chapter 1 Love Tense

Yuri-Ouji Sep 30, 2016 (Edit)
Hello, everyone! this is my story i am working at.please, do not read it, because my english is bad. i hope you enjoy it anyways and thank you.

At culture festival, the student are enthusiastic, i kept wondering what show will be performed next,suddenly a ghost girl wearing a kimono appeared in front of measking me:"do you want..." after a pause she completed, "to be the knight of the princess?".
the feeling of shock was too much,but the determination inside me kept fighting the fear, for saying"yes" i was accepted as the knight...or was i thought!?

my adventurs begun!
Destiny, i am coming!

In a dream, i toke a glimpse of an angelic face smiling at me, i wished i could hold it and reach its light figure, until it was Lizas annoyed face, she shouted:"Kou-chan!you are late again!and what do you think acting stupidly like that!? quickly, or i will tell the chief".i rushed with panic to prepare for school,i am a member of the sports club, so i was fast and i ran to school race, i always surprise the people in the road to school, and a toast is always having its favorite place in my mouth, i faltered"i am gonna be late!", i stopped suddenly upon hearing a lighty gently cry nearby me, i looked everywhere around me, and behind the sakura trees, but did not find the source of that sweet voice. the schoolbell ran, and i stormed to my classroom 2-B. after school, the golden sunset light reflected in the school hallways, while i was getting ready to leave, suddenly i heard it again that softy squeashy crying voice, i hurried to layed my eyes into the prettiest princess i have ever imagined! she gave me a look of tension, then it milds into a shy look,with butterflies glittering eyelashes, she was holding a macaroon pet that sheds cream drops, i mean cream tears. i began my speech with"Good Afternoon", but she stressfully withdraw, and went down the stairs. i shouted:"Wait, please", when i was about to run after her, someone graped me at the wrong time, i slipped and looked up to see Lizas grim face:"what are you doing at the time you should sign the functional letters?" "yeah, sorry, i got destracted".due to Lizas sharp eyes, she knew everything about me, since we were childhood friends at the past.she hummed looking puzzled, i asked her what she is thinking, she said:"never mind, go to the Lesbianism Union club at the moment.i hurried to the club room while wondering about the beauty i saw earlier.
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