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You know, the guy who's a hero for fun--

- Saitama
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Forum :: Destiny,Wait For Me: chapter 2 Lilies Scent

Yuri-Ouji Oct 10, 2016 (Edit)
That night, lilies scent, made me jump out of my bed, and off the window, i landed on the grass, circled around sea of rustling trees, i saw a small flashing light coming from the lake, it keeps getting away how much i ran towards it.finally, it leads me to where i heard the crying voice beneath the sakura trees that kept wondering and whispering to one another, i rushed towards the voice scaring the beautiful princess who made a cute cry herself,for me i was not surprised at all, because i know that it is the macaroon in her arms, she was shaking nervously that i wished to squeaze her into my chest(my large chest,for i am close for being a kyonyuu,unlike the princess whose actually a kyonyuu).i began:"sorry, i startled you."finally i heard her sweatie voice for the first time talking to me:"it is okay."her eyes was glittering under moonlight, and was shying brightly that i kept staring at her for a moment before asking:"are you lost?""no, actually i ran out of my castle, because my mothers(her parents) did not want the macaroon to be with me, so i am staying with it in here.""but,you do realize how dangerous it is if you stay out here late at night, do you?"she raised her voice:"i know,but leaving it at this condition,would not be sad if i leave it crying like this?"i sat near her at the ground infront of the lake:"why is it crying?""it is injured""how can i help it recover, Princess?"she looked at me with amazement:"how did you know that i am a princess?"i smiled:"i just get the feeling that you are a one.""oh!...umm"she blushed looking at the ground, then she glanced at me with a delicate look:"it needs a certain ingredient which is rare, its name is Euclalily, its location is in a far and dangerous place called Shantohell""alright, i will bring it to you right now""no,please. Shantohell is a fearsome place that no one survived in it""i can do it for your sake, just believe in me, Princess."but...what will happen to you?""do not worry."i held her hands:"i am level 72."she brighten up giving me a tearful smile as i went out of Liz Country towars my first duty as a knight, but unfortunatly, a black thick fog blocked the way with a horrible thunder, in its heart the ghost girl i met before,she said in her gloomy voice:"let me guide you,Knight."and so i toke her sa a comrade, she informed me her name was Echo.we traveled a long way, until we reached a dark territory filled with monstrous giants, Echo analyzed their levels were above 100, i said:"in this way,we can not get through them.""unless we fly."she casted a flying spell on me, i hastened to obtain the Euclalily which have been planted on a sea of monsters, i kept up fighting them one after another, until the blood came dropping from my body, i hastly picked it up, and my duty has ended. i returned late at midnight after thanking Echo, when i have arrived at her place she was sleeping with the injured macaroon in her arms, i drew close to her whispering"i am back."she flung her eyes open, with a tearful face:"you are back!thank you,goodness."her tears came sliding on her rosy soft cheek"sorry i am late"i said while wipping her tears."here, i have got it specially for your dear macaroon"she cover her mouth with joy:"how may i thank you?" a shrill of the guards came from afar made me drew back to the palace(where i live)saying:"see you at school tomorrow, Princess!""eh!?wa-wait,please."and so i went to bed merrily after my love advanture dreaming about my lovely princess who lived in my heart and in this wonderful world.
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You know, the guy who's a hero for fun--

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