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Yuri-Ouji Oct 12, 2016 (Edit)
Outgoing, sexy, and intuitive, the Flaming Uke is truly a master of social interaction once their skills have matured. It's no wonder they always seem to be the center of attention in their circle of friends - and they make sure of it, surrounding themselves with those who give them the just attention they know they deserve.

The Flaming Uke can come off as rather flamboyant and egocentric with their self-assured and sometimes downright bossy attitude, but they're only giving you their advice for your own good. And maybe that's why so many seek them out for their artistic ideas - from love, fashion, or sexy tips on how to get the attention of that special seme you've been after, the Flaming Uke is always happy to help. They make wonderful friends, just be sure to stay on their good side, as this personality is skilled with drama, and can tend to get a bit competitive, opportunistic, and jealous when crossed.

In love relationships, they get along best with the Chibi Seme and Romantic Seme. Flaming Uke seek a partner that will show them attention and appreciate their quite flaming personality without feeling completely owned by their significant other, and can get resentful if they feel they are being controlled in a romantic relationship, as they like to feel free to express their creativity.

The Flaming Uke personality best (but not always) corresponds with these associations:

Japanese Element: Fire

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Color: Pink Cherry

Fruit: Cherries

Dessert: Cherries Flambe

Theme Song: Vanilla by Gackt
Sadistic Seme - A relationship that should never happen. Although both being dramatic and flashy, the Flaming Uke wants someone to adore them as much as they adore themselves, and wouldn't willingly be dragged down to the groveling, submissive depths that the Sadistic Seme would require of their partner.
Chibi Seme - The Flaming Uke's flamboyantly gay behavior brings out the mischievous dominant nature of the Chibi Seme, making theirs a good match.
Romantic Seme - Possible, but a rare match. The Romantic Seme could lavish all the adoring attention that the Flaming Uke desires, but lacks the excitement and intensity needed to satisfy the dramatic and demanding Flaming Uke.
Opportunist Seme - Although these two could have fun with a little competitive teasing, they are highly incompatible in a romantic relationship - the Flaming Uke's suspicious and jealous streak causing too much conflict with the Opportunist Seme's roaming ways.
Don't ---- With Seme - No... Just, no.
Badass Uke - Friendship between these two would be tricky. The Flaming Uke being much too competitive, jealous, and attention craving to have their spotlight stolen from them by the Badass Uke who is naturally skilled in drawing energy around themselves. Maybe not as competitive equals... but a friendship could exist between these two with a more mature sempai type Flaming Uke who could act as an advice giving protector to their sometimes reckless Badass Uke friend ~ of course, Badass Uke will only pretend to listen...
Clueless Uke - A friendship between these two would be very possible. The Flaming Uke's desire to talk and entertain would keep the Clueless Uke amused, even if they only half listen to everything their friend is going on about... And as long as the Flaming Uke kept their bossy side reigned in, these two could make a fun and entertaining team.
Innocent Uke - A friendship could exist here, with the Flaming Uke being someone the Innocent Uke could go to for their more mature and experienced advice.
Dramatic Uke - These two are really opposites in personality. The Flaming Uke could certainly make a project out of helping a Dramatic Uke friend, but once they realize it's a lost cause, would move on to something that gave them results.
Flaming Uke - A rare friendship, as two Flaming Uke would likely be very competitive, jealous, and suspicious with each other.
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