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Forum :: Romantic Seme

Yuri-Ouji Oct 12, 2016 (Edit)
Intelligent and honest, the Romantic Seme has refined but modest tastes - whether it's food, art, or their own wardrobe. Their appearance can sometimes give the impression of being somewhat unapproachable, when actually, the Romantic Seme cares little for materialistic things, and only wants to shower their partner with their love and protection. Romantic Seme also tend to be very giving to those they are close to, and need to be careful not to be too giving... sacrificing much of themselves to insure the happiness of others.

Other common traits of the Romantic Seme include being: loyal, romantic, thoughtful, protective, honorable, passionate, and trusting.

The Romantic Seme personality best (but not always) corresponds with these associations:

Japanese Element: Water

Chinese Zodiac: Pig

Color: Royal Blue

Fruit: Strawberries

Dessert: Chocolate Truffles

Theme Song: Eternal Ring by Morikawa Toshiyuki

Badass Uke - These two are on totally separate wavelengths. The Romantic Seme (with their loving and domestic ways) is unable to relate to the Badass Uke's wild tastes and insatiable desires, leaving them both unfulfilled.
Clueless Uke - With the Romantic Seme's loving, understanding ways, these two would make a good match - the Romantic Seme looking after the Clueless Uke and the Clueless Uke appreciating the Romantic Seme's companionship and attentiveness.
Flaming Uke - Possible, but a rare match. The Romantic Seme could lavish all the adoring attention that the Flaming Uke desires, but lacks the excitement and intensity needed to satisfy the dramatic and demanding Flaming Uke.
Innocent Uke - The Innocent Uke's sweet nature would bring out some of the best qualities in the Romantic Seme. The loving, protective side of the Romantic Seme would complement the Innocence of their partner, and make this a wonderful relationship.
Dramatic Uke - The Romantic Seme's concerned attempts to help their partner overcome their emotional darkness would work against the Dramatic Uke's very need to be physically and emotionally owned and controlled, making a relationship between the two of them nearly impossible.
DFWM Seme - These two Seme would most likely have no problem having a friendship out of mutual respect, so long as the DFWM Seme's quick temper doesn't offend the Romantic Seme too often. Even a Romantic Seme willing to compromise, however, should take care not to work too hard to make a relationship work, as this personality can tend to do.
Opportunist Seme - While these two Seme can have similar tastes, it's possible some misunderstandings can arise. The Romantic Seme is likely to warn uke they know of the wiles of the Opportunist Seme, or the Romantic Seme themselves might fall victim to an Opportunist Seme masquerading as uke if they aren't too careful.
Sadistic Seme - A Romantic Seme may be tempted, in their natural compassion, to "reform" a Sadistic Seme from their cruel and heartless ways. We only suggest this if you have something of a masochistic side. Long-term exposure to the Sadistic Seme may turn a Romantic Seme into a Dramatic Uke.
Chibi Seme - A Chibi Seme and Romantic Seme could be fast and loyal friends if they shared the same interests. A Romantic Seme friend would probably be able to keep the Chibi Seme out of some (but certainly not all) the trouble the Chibi Seme seeks out for themselves in search of adventure.
Romantic Seme - These two could get on very well in a perfect gentleman's friendship. Sunday morning golf outings are likely, and even a romantic relationship of convenience is possible.
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