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Forum :: Sadistic Seme

Yuri-Ouji Oct 12, 2016 (Edit)
Arrogant, perfectionistic, and self-assured, the Sadistic Seme hungers for power and control, knowing exactly what they want and going after it relentlessly. Refined in style and tastes, the Sadistic Seme demands the very best, and will only accept perfection and complete obedience from the one under their control. Their presence darkly commanding, this Seme personality is all about being 'The Master' ~ and having their partner submissively at their feet, soul in their grasp, is what it takes to satisfy their craving for power. The Sadistic Seme is one to be wary of, unless you crave dark punishment - for once they have you in their grasp, you may never escape.

The Sadistic Seme personality best (but not always) corresponds with these associations:

Japanese Element: Fire

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Color: Red

Fruit: Pomegranate

Dessert: Fruit dipped in melted chocolate

Theme Song: My ----in' Valentine by BUCK TICK

Badass Uke - Blood, violence, and certain death for someone is surely coming. This match is highly incompatible - the Badass Uke, unwilling to play the victim, and the Sadistic Seme, unwilling to relinquish their ungiving control.
Clueless Uke - Very incompatible. The Clueless Uke wouldn't even know what hit them when they encounter the Sadistic Seme, and fortunately for them, the Sadistic Seme would quickly grow bored, preferring a more dramatic, willing victim.
Flaming Uke - A relationship that should never happen. Although both being dramatic and flashy, the Flaming Uke wants someone to adore them as much as they adore themselves, and wouldn't willingly be dragged down to the groveling, submissive depths that the Sadistic Seme would require of their partner.
Innocent Uke - An impossible match, as the Innocent Uke would run in fear at the first sight of the Sadistic Seme's evil smirking glance.
Dramatic Uke - Absolutely fated for each other. The Sadistic Seme's unrelenting demands for complete submission from their partner fulfills the Dramatic Uke's need to be dominated and put under the complete control of another, to escape the inner darkness of their own soul.

DFWM Seme - The Sadistic Seme would not survive this relationship/friendship, if it was even possible. These two are natural enemies - the DFWM Seme has no respect whatsoever for the Sadistic Seme's ego and arrogant attitude.
Chibi Seme - An arrogant and overbearing Sadistic Seme does not make friends easily, and a Chibi Seme's revenge is swift and one you never see coming. The only way even a friendship can work is if the Sadistic Seme allows their Flaming traits to take over to let the Chibi Seme rule, which may be hard to do completely for a true Sadistic.
Romantic Seme - A Romantic Seme may be tempted, in their natural compassion, to "reform" a Sadistic Seme from their cruel and heartless ways. We only suggest this if you have something of a masochistic side. Long-term exposure to the Sadistic Seme may turn a Romantic Seme into a Dramatic Uke.
Opportunist Seme - A smart Opportunist Seme should try to avoid the Sadistic Seme's presence if at all possible. Groveling to the "Master" isn't really all that fun...
Sadistic Seme - A Sadistic Seme may in fact find great pleasure in bringing another Sadistic Seme under their control, and bringing them to that delicate breaking point between Sadistic and Dramatic...
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