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Forum :: Do Not Fuck With Me Seme

Yuri-Ouji Oct 12, 2016 (Edit)
Possibly the most easily misunderstood Seme personality - the dark intense eyes of the DFWM Seme silently penetrating deep into your true motives is enough to frighten most away. Only those with a taste for playing with danger, and a craving for sensual punishment, would approach willingly into this fire. Intensely possessive and serious, this Seme is driven by challenge - and the thrill of the hunt, capture, and physical dominance over their partner in their shared game of power and submission. And despite this Seme being silent (unless provoked into anger) and more of a loner, once they've found the right partner - someone who can match their intensity and darkness - they are deeply protective, loyal, and sensual.

The Don't ---- With Me Seme personality best (but not always) corresponds with these associations:

Japanese Element: Earth

Chinese Zodiac: Ox

Color: Steel

Fruit: Grapes

Dessert: Dark Chocolate Brownies

Theme Song: Countdown by Hyde

Badass Uke - The dramatic yin and yang of this seme and uke work perfectly. The physical aspect of the DFWM Seme balances out the emotions of the Badass Uke and creates an intense, sensually explosive relationship of control and submission, as each of them completes the other.
Clueless Uke - Not a chance in hell. In other words, incompatible.
Flaming Uke - No... Just, no.
Innocent Uke - Another impossible match. The dark intense stare of the DFWM Seme would send the Innocent Uke whimpering for cover... or should if they weren't too innocent to comprehend just what it implied.
Dramatic Uke - Highly Incompatible. The DFWM Seme would have no tolerance or patience for the Dramatic Uke's emotional baggage, and would toss their emo ass out onto the street, leaving the Dramatic Uke confused and unfulfilled.
Sadistic Seme - The Sadistic Seme would not survive this relationship/friendship, if it was even possible. These two are natural enemies - the DFWM Seme has no respect whatsoever for the Sadistic Seme's ego and arrogant attitude.
Chibi Seme - The DFWM Seme and the Chibi Seme can tend to be the loners of the seme personalities, and could easily have a friendship based on mutual respect and understanding. Anything further would require more compromise on the part of both these personalities than they are usually willing to give, as the Chibi Seme, despite their laid-back appearance, is not one to submit unquestioningly.
Opportunist Seme - The DFWM Seme, being a straight-forward and honest personality, would have a difficult time tolerating the Opportunist Seme's tendency to play with words and manipulate. These two are social opposites as well - while the Opportunist Seme is perfectly at home with parties, crowds, and attention, the DFWM Seme tends to shun these to become the loner.
Romantic Seme - These two Seme would most likely have no problem having a friendship out of mutual respect, so long as the DFWM Seme's quick temper doesn't offend the Romantic Seme too often. Even a Romantic Seme willing to compromise, however, should take care not to work too hard to make a relationship work, as this personality can tend to do.
DFWM Seme - Two DFWM Seme are not likely to cross each other's paths except on strictly business association. Mutual respect is possible, but if mutual suspicion exists, any bystanders should take cover if these two happen to be in the same room.
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