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An idiot who jumps into the fray without thinking is way cooler than you are right now.

- Yuuji Sakamoto
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Forum :: Angel's Whisper ch.1 The wind of Fate

Yuri-Ouji Jan 28, 2017 (Edit)
Once upon a time, in a place where I have'nt been before, there was alwaya a princess who I can only see, with that gentle smile of hers, I knew I was born for a reason, to protect her smile forever.

By the sunlight shining beneath the clouds, I went to a mission along the river to save a little Jellyling(a mini jelly on plate creature), after I saved it it thanked me and trotted away. Suddenly, a small shout came from an unknown area, I discovered it was behind a big tree, when I got near it a cute creature came down on me, I catched it it was wiggly and warm with tears in its eyes, it was stuck in the tree, I talked to it:" poor little, did you get lost?" It nodded and jumped out of my hands going on its way making Pyon like noises, I followed it by curiosity to find it was on the way to a large amazingly-built church,"is it okay for me to enter without permission? maybe I should stay here and watch it if it has an owner here." The sound of the bell rang loudly, it was like if the creature was ringing it, the door opened from a nearby garden which is attached to the church, and there I saw the most beautiful nun princess(I will finish and upload her image soon) looking so gentle, holding a basket, when she sat her eyes on me I felt like I was drown to a pink sea, it was her eyes, those which enchanted me with its sparkles, she shyd away but when she saw the creature came floating to her, she called its name and giggles happily for retriving her pet, I walked towards her Saying:"excuse me, is that your pet?" "...yes", she said it with an appreciated smile which made me realize that my dream came true and our fateful meeting had began.
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An idiot who jumps into the fray without thinking is way cooler than you are right now.

Yuuji Sakamoto
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