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Forum :: Angel's Whisper ch.2 Happiness or sadness!?

Yuri-Ouji Jan 29, 2017 (Edit)
"Wake up, hey Kou-chan, wake up already!" The words kept wandering in my head until I found myself late for school' I hurried in the path lighted by the gorgeous sunlight, when I arrived the students are there"Thank goodness I'm not late" "THE GIRL WITH THE PURPLE HAIR, YOU'R LATE! TAKE 5 TURNS AROUND!" "Never mind I'll do it, I'm in the track-and-field club anyway." to be honest I couldn't sleep well yesterday because I kept thinking about the nun I met last day, she was cute I couldn't stop thinking about her even while running.
The class started after the homeroom teacher's arrive, the time and lessons were normal and boring for me because it's normal, but when it comes to gym and completing quests for a prize that's my joy.then, the teacher asked me to deliver an item to the class, I went to the teacher's lounge and found the item on the teacher's desk.there, I saw my dream princes girl, but she was getting scolded for a reason I don't know, without hesitation I decided to stand in the way of the harsh teacher saying:"teacher, isn't that a little hard on the student?", the teacher glared at me"you shouldn't interfere" "sorry teacher don't blame me for being rude", I toke the girl's hand and ran for an isolated place where no one can suspect us, I knew there I made a serious crime, but for leaving an innocent girl getting shouted at is a more serious crime, for I'm a heroine whose duty is to defend the innocents, I got the feeling that she was. When I stopped running to Check if she was exhausted, and yes she was panting and her beautiful tits's pouncing made me realize I'm a big pervert for snatching a girl to a an unknown area, her cheek were rosy, her eyes in beautiful sad look lavender color with glittery pupils as my sky and her eyelashes as my field,"are you OK?", the smile she made after the question made time stop for me,"yes, thank you for returning my pet earlier, I'm grateful." I spoke with nervousness:"don't mention it, your happiness is my own happiness", she shyd and looked down to the floor with closed eyes, I completed:"and i'm sorry for interferring in your concerns." "No, it's okay, I was.."KIN KON KIN KON(the school bell rang)"excuse me for leaving, I have club activities, "see you later" she hurried like a bunny to her club, and I toke a deep breath of relief that she is attending the same school. huh, did I forget something?
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