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Rei Nov 3, 2015 (Edit)
Who's your favorite Hero ?

I'm starting with a few of the most well known ones : Goku, Naruto, and Saitama

My hope is this guild can grow to have the most Hero's!
LEFT Hetalia_Italy Nov 4, 2015 (Edit)
My favourite heroes have to be Saitama and Genos. I just love them too much :'D

Genos is adorable and has the coolest weapons/attacks, and Saitama is the definition of badass. Definitely my faves.
LEFT NuitTombee Nov 4, 2015 (Edit)
How are you defining a hero?

Edit: Maybe some of these fit.

Edward Elric
Himura Kenshin
Monkey D. Luffy
Yusuke Urameshi
Rei Nov 4, 2015 (Edit)
I'd welcome a discussion on how we should define Hero. For now I'm going with either

A) They've been recognized as a Hero in their series ( Naruto is a hero under this definition )
B) The series is all about hero's ( many from One Punch Man )
C) They work towards helping others and for the good of the world ( many main characters would meet this definition )

What else could we use to define a hero ?
LEFT NuitTombee Nov 5, 2015 (Edit)
Works for me.
TiwaLeChaton Nov 5, 2015 (Edit)
Mmmmh, since they go fight on Mars for saving the earth, I think we can say that Akari and Sokichi from Terra Formars are heroes and I will choose them.
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