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AmaterasuWings May 13, 2016 (Edit)
I know that when I started out, there were a bunch of terms on Youtube that had me really confused. Here's where we can post those with explanations! As we think of more, we can continue to add to this list!

AMV - Anime Music Video
The most basic term! Any combination of anime and music makes an AMV!

These are edited videos using animated films/shows, using both Disney (Tangled, Peter Pan, etc.) and Non-disney (Anastasia, How to Train Your Dragon) films, as well as shows (My Little Pony, Steven Universe, etc.) Animash is specifically for animal-centered editing (The Lion King, Balto, Oliver & Company, etc.)

MEP - Multi-editor project/Multiple-editor project
This is when several editors edit small parts of a song, then put them today to make one full video.

Collab - Collaboration
This is when a small group of editors create a video together - usually only 2 people.

MAP - Multi-animator project/Multiple-animator project
Similar to an MEP, except this time several animators animate scenes to parts of a song, then put them together to make one full video.

MMV - Manga Music Video
Like a regular AMV, except the editor has used manga as their main source material. These may also include some animated clips or fanart.

BBT - Beta Battle Tournament
This is when several editors compete against each other using specific rules, songs, and timeframes to produce the best videos they can with those limitations.

IC - Iron Chef
Two or three editors go head to head to create the best video in a short timeframe. Can also be used to refer to smaller competitions between editors.
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Swords, guns... All boys love weapons.

Tamotsu Denkigai
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