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Aoi-chan May 29, 2016 (Edit)
Here you can talk all about lewd stuff and all that stuff that are for adults only.
Remember to keep NSFW pictures and links under spoilers or links.

But, no lewd roleplaying.^^
Also keep all your NSFW talk here. This board is specifically for lewd stuff. The other boards are for more purer topics.

Have fun!^^
Moska Sep 12, 2016 (Edit)
Has anyone here seen the hentai, Mankitsu Happening?^^
Aoi-chan Sep 13, 2016 (Edit)
Not yet! But its on my plan to watch list.
I've heard its really good!
Moska Sep 13, 2016 (Edit)
Great! I hope you like it.^^
Speaking of 18+ stuff, have you heard of Love Mēka?
Aoi-chan Sep 14, 2016 (Edit)
Nope! What's Love Mēka?^^
Is it similar to Love @ Prismya?
Moska Sep 15, 2016 (Edit)
Isn't Love @ Prismya an anime document?
And I guess Love Mēka is similar! Its about 3 girls that you can play with xD
Kind of similar to Custom Maid 3d.
Aoi-chan Sep 17, 2016 (Edit)
Love @ Prismya is actually a 18+ anime fanfiction. It is a lemon fanfiction ( since, the whole story doesn't focus on 18+ stuff. Actually, its about a club for girls that are having love problems ). However, its sequel/spinoff, " Love @ Prismya Beyond " is totally different then the original. Its a lime and it has more sexual content.

Love Mēka sounds fun! I might try it later!^^
Moska Sep 20, 2016 (Edit)
I see. I googled it, but I can't find any sources or any places to read it. Where can you read it?

Also, your hentai recommendation list is awesome!
Thanks for the recommendations!!
Aoi-chan Sep 21, 2016 (Edit)
You can get it from Imi. Just message Imi on Tumblr.^^

Thank you. Glad you like them.^-^
No problem!
Moska Oct 11, 2016 (Edit)
Great! I can't wait to read it :3

Is there any way I can read Love @ Prismya besides asking Imi?
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