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Kiru Aug 6, 2017 (Edit)
I'm not good with being social so this will be a short intro

My top 3 waifus are Moka Akashiya, Rias Gremory, and Sena Kashiwazaki

I'd like for everyone in this guild at least to respect/not take each others #1 if not top 3 so we can focus on fighting others instead of ourselves
Yossarian Aug 7, 2017 (Edit)
I'm a fan of Sayori woks and love Nekopara and Boku to koisuru ponkotsu akuma. My top 3 waifus are Yuu Ayasaki, Cinnamon and Sinon
silverknight Apr 28, 2018 (Edit)
i am not very social
my #1 waifu is zero two
and what is ntr
Sado_Fan Jul 8, 2018 (Edit)
my #1 waifu is definitely Cima Garahau.
i used to be crazy about Karin Kanzuki but eh.
i'm big on characters that have a sophisticated and dominant air to them.
VisionVII Jul 31, 2018 (Edit)

Is it weird that I only have one "true" waifu?
I mean, I have plenty of waifus but there's a specific one that I actually have feelings for...

Call me a sad person but it's true. ( ' v ' ) . . .

Aah, too embarrassing to share!
I'll let you figure it out. ( ≻ - ≺ )
RinaK Apr 5, 2020 (Edit)
Does this count as necroposting?
Anyways, I'm Rina and my one true husbando is Yoshikage Kira
I'm glad to be of service of this guild, even though i'm not sure what all this guild thing works yet.
Bom webnamoro meus cumpadres webcornos alike ✌️(。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Jaxkn Jun 21, 2020 (Edit)
Ok hey,
But like I don't know where to start off, but I am well joyful to be part of this guild.
Oh well time to figure out more.

BloodyLegend Jul 20, 2020 (Edit)
Great to know there a guild that dedicates the protection of our waifus

Welp one day I'll be wearing my tatical shit in Japan while wearing this badge
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