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My voice?

- Jibril
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Forum :: Introductions?

Kiru Aug 6, 2017 (Edit)
I'm not good with being social so this will be a short intro

My top 3 waifus are Moka Akashiya, Rias Gremory, and Sena Kashiwazaki

I'd like for everyone in this guild at least to respect/not take each others #1 if not top 3 so we can focus on fighting others instead of ourselves
Yossarian Aug 7, 2017 (Edit)
I'm a fan of Sayori woks and love Nekopara and Boku to koisuru ponkotsu akuma. My top 3 waifus are Yuu Ayasaki, Cinnamon and Sinon
silverknight Apr 28, 2018 (Edit)
i am not very social
my #1 waifu is zero two
and what is ntr
Sado_Fan Jul 8, 2018 (Edit)
my #1 waifu is definitely Cima Garahau.
i used to be crazy about Karin Kanzuki but eh.
i'm big on characters that have a sophisticated and dominant air to them.
VisionVII Jul 31, 2018 (Edit)

Is it weird that I only have one "true" waifu?
I mean, I have plenty of waifus but there's a specific one that I actually have feelings for...

Call me a sad person but it's true. ( ' v ' ) . . .

Aah, too embarrassing to share!
I'll let you figure it out. ( ≻ - ≺ )
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My voice?

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