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It's not a good idea. They'll only burden us.

- Archer
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Forum :: Introductions

LEFT Ai Sep 8, 2017 (Edit)
This topic is here just encase anyone wants to introduce themselves (no pressure).
Xenthas Sep 8, 2017 (Edit)
*is smothered by the pressure*
RetroViking4 Sep 8, 2017 (Edit)
I am a man of no consequence...
LEFT Ai Sep 8, 2017 (Edit)
Great intros guys. ◉ᴥ◉
XIII_Roxas Jan 30, 2018 (Edit)
Hello *bows instead of curtsying* Just call me Kat.

I'm interested in all types of video games. But my favorite so far is the KH series. *smiles*

Message me anytime to chat. *waves bye and walks out*
LEFT Ai Jan 31, 2018 (Edit)
Greetings, Kat. The Kingdom Hearts series is a nice choice, a favourite of mine also.

I thank you for posting pictures too, it keeps the gallery less empty.
XIII_Roxas Jan 31, 2018 (Edit)
No problem Ai, I'm always happy to help with finding and posting pictures. I get most of them from my Facebook group and Google Images.
9bladesofice Apr 21, 2018 (Edit)
Hi my name is 9bladesofice but you can call me 9blades if you'd like to. I've only really played Nintendo games so far but I'm always amazed at what they are able to make for each game. The only 3 bad games I've come across are Tony Hawk's Sk8land, Flingsmash (that music is so bad...), and Sonic and the Secret Rings (weird controls that I never could get used to and one of the first Sonic games I've played). My favorite series would have to be the Professor Layton, Kirby, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and Rune Factory series. I also really enjoy the Mario Party games up to 8 (though I am missing 3 and 5 somehow).
DarkKira May 5, 2018 (Edit)
Hi I'm DarkKira and i think i played almost every game on this planet Two of my favorite series are Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy i guess this is the right guild for me...
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It's not a good idea. They'll only burden us.

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