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Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
YOU WERE WARNED. This isn't gonna be for fluff, this will be hardcore.

This is a random role-playing thread that will have a lot of sex because Feli and I were bored in the lounge one day and this is what happens....

People are free to join if they want though, it's not exclusive or anything, but please just try to fit in with the story if you do join, don't stick random inserts in because they will most likely be ignored.

* No god-moding
* Don't make your character stupidly powerful. Everyone has a weakness, even gods.
* Try to fit into the story
* No knocking out your character for extended periods of time
* Do not stick your character's backstory into another person's (Eg. Saying that they're the son of someone else's character, etc.)
* Try to minimize the amount of OOC (Out Of Character) chat between posts to keep the rainbows flowing

Character Sheet (for those joining):
Bio (optional):

Setting: High fantasy, lots of races and magic. The world of Floitov is filled with floating islands, each one varying in climate. The one we start on is a warm climate, with lots of houses on stilts over the water, palm trees, blue skys and clear water.

My character:
Name: Bryan Byron (nickname: BB, Beebee)
Age: 25
Race: Minotaur
Gender: Male
Appearance: No he doesn't have a cow head, please no. BB is tall (around 6' 5") and muscular (bara af). He has bull horns, one of which is engraved with his herd's symbol, and cow ears and tail. He has a septum piercing with a curved barbel as well as multiple ear piercings, nipples and other unmentionables. He has brown eyes and - once again like most from his tribe - has black and white patched hair which is cropped short with an undercut. He has very fine hair that covers his back, shoulders and legs with this pattern as well and he has hooves for feet.
Bio: BB lives with his herd, which is run by his mother, and he as a large family consisting of 5 brothers and 3 sisters. He is protective of his family, but not to the extent of a creepy anime brother, knowing that they can look after themselves if push comes to shove. He is cheerful but quiet, preferring to spend his days sunbaking and swimming around unless he's working at the beachfront cafe run by one of his older brothers.

Name: Tuvianu Nukivia (Nickname: Tivu)
Age: 19 (190 in fox years. Magical creatures percieve time differently)
Race: Fox
Gender: Male (or female, he can transform at will)
Appearance: Average height with short, spiky red hair and light blue eyes. Has fox ears with lots of stud earrings and two fox tails. Has very pale skin with a light scattering of freckles. Has a moderate muscular build with a large patterned tattoo of the sun on his right shoulder.


OOC: I shall wait for Feli's character before starting.
Rainbow Apprentice Hetalia_Italy Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
((OOC: New challenger approaches.))

Character Intro

Name: Ren
Age: 22
Race: Angel
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ren has neck-length white hair, which is usually messy. He has lavender coloured eyes that change in hue depending on the time of day. Ren is about six feet tall and is thin. He has moderately large white wings which are located on his upper back. He wears black and white robes when in public, but when alone he doesn't wear clothing (wink wink at Li). He also has admirable good looks (ahem, bishie af).

Bio: Ren was born as an angel, and lived with his family up in a sea of clouds located above one of the many islands of Floitov. Even though he is an angel, he was never taught how to fly. At a young age, he fell from the sky, and the impact of his fall was so great that he lost the memory of his parents- now never knowing that they existed- and was forever separated from his family. Since then, he has lived his life as a nomad, wandering the lands alone, finding temporary jobs which barely last a few days due to the constant travelling. He taught himself how to fight, becoming a skilled combatant, using daggers at close range and has mastered the bow and arrow for long range attacks. His fighting style is elegant and smooth, using graceful movement to stun his opponents.
Although being a skilled fighter, he prefers to live a calm lifestyle. He enjoys poetry and music, in which he is notably a very good singer. He is quiet and calm, and is very awkward when it comes to conversing with people, which causes him to become flustered. He dislikes his nomadic life but can't leave it as he is never content with the places he goes to. His greatest wish is to find love rather than live the rest of his life alone.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
BB waited patiently behind the counter of the now empty cafe, gazing out at the orange-hued sky as the clock ticked closer to closing time. He hated this part of the day most, no one in the cafe yet he still was stuck there. The place has been almost deserted for an hour at least and all he wanted right now was to get out of his work gear and jump in that cool water...

"BEE!" thick fingers snapped in his face, jolting him out of his daydreaming. His ears flickered in embarrassment as he focussed on the face of his brother. "Customer. You swim after, yeah? Customer first"

"Sorry..." he mumbled, turning his eyes over to the new annoyance in his life: the last minute customer.

It was the moment everyone who worked in hospitality dreaded. That one guy who manages to sneak into the building right before clock off and orders 5 things and hangs around forever, making you leave the place open, yet shut at the same time so you can still tell all the other nighttime gawkers thatt yes; the place really was closed. Still, work was work so he put on his bright smile and turned to the customer.

"Moona, bro. What can I get you?"

((OOC: Minotaurs are gonna have their own language that they mix in, so random words are not typos. Moona = hello ))
Rainbow Apprentice Hetalia_Italy Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
Ren slowly approached the counter and stared at the person working behind it. He looked... odd. This person's appearance is strange. Ren had never seen someone like this man before, even with all this nonstop travelling around Floitov. It was all so fascinating to Ren. Each time he travelled, he would learn something new...

He slowly collected himself, trying not to get so nervous. Ren always hated talking to strangers. He just gets too flustered around them.

Ren took a deep breath. "Hi," he managed to say, "sorry if I'm bothering you. I know it's late..." He trailed off, admiring the man's looks for a moment. Ren felt his face grow red from embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I don't want to take too much of your time. Um... could I just get something to drink? Anything is fine, honestly."

Ren paused and turned away, calming himself down. He just wanted to be able to talk to someone, and not ruin their judgement of him. He is a better person than in this current state! How embarrassing. Ren turned back toward the worker opened his bag, preparing to pay for what was offered.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
"A-anything...?" He stuttered slightly, glancing over to his brother who raised his eyebrows and flicked one ear up in the signal to make the most expensive drink they made. BB looked to the coffee machine, which he was certainly not going to turn back on for one measley coffee, then back at the customer. "Ey, sorry we already shut down the machine... I'll make you a chiller, it's our best seller here."

He set to work with surprising dexterity for someone so large, crushing the ice with his hands and slice limes like he had done more than a hundred times today. He wasn't kidding when he said it was the best seller. Everyone loved the lime tea chillers at Muuma's Cafe. It was prety much how his mum had started the joint.

"Five bucks. Enjoy bro." He said, sliding the drink along the counter. He looked at the guy for a minute, finally looking at him. He was nervous, he could almost smell it on him, and didn't look like he was from this island. Or at least he hadn't seen him here before, and the place wasn't that big. "You new here? Ain't seen you 'round before."
Rainbow Apprentice Hetalia_Italy Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
"Oh... yes." Ren replied, trying to stay calm. "I'm always travelling, so I never stay in one place. I've never been to this area before. This is all new to me. No one knows me here."

Ren placed the money on the counter and accepted the drink, taking a small sip of the sweet refreshment.

"I've just finished a long journey, so I'm quite tired..." He said, his voice trailing. "When I discover a new place, I like to stay for a short period of time. Honestly, the stay isn't very long though..." He let out a small sigh.

"I'm... I'm keeping you busy, aren't I? I'm really sorry. I..." He stopped himself from talking to avoid rambling. "I need to find a place to stay for tonight until I can get settled in... I should go." He turned to leave.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
"I know a place." He said, earrings jangling as he twitched his ears. "I got a big family, we run a lot of the businesses here. My sister runs one of the bungalows on the beach... If you don't already have a place...?"

He slipped off his apron, tossing it under the countertop as he stepped out from behind it. Now that he was closer he could see that the guy was pretty. Real pretty. He wanted to hear more about this guy anyway, he had never travelled in his life and he always loved hearing stories from people from the other islands.

"I can walk you there if you like, ain't far from here." He said with a grin. "Sturdy too so you won't fall through the floor... Although that probably not a problem for you, eh?"
Rainbow Apprentice Hetalia_Italy Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
"Ah, thank you..." Ren said, admired by the fact that this man would go through the trouble and escort him. "You're really kind. I really appreciate it." He smiled softly.

When the man walked around the counter towards him, Ren gazed over his body. His physique was stunning and his face was extremely handsome; Ren couldn't help but blush. He admired the man's horns, hair, and numerous piercings around his body.

He looked away to avoid getting too flustered. "Oh... by the way, I'm Ren. It's nice to meet you."
Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
"I'm Bryan, but everyone calls me BB." He replied, pointing to the name embroidered on his shirt. "You come here for a holiday or something?"

He let out a snort to let his brother know he was heading off then started walking, nodding for Ren to follow. His hooves sunk deep into the sand as he took them along the beach, soaking in the last rays of sunlight. "It's no trouble, I live there too. Not many places around cater to bigger races like mine. that's why a lot of them come here for holidays. Hot season is good for business for us."

He peeled off his sweat-soaked work shirt, using it to mop his brow and hung it loosely around his shoulders. Hot season indeed. He'd been sweating buckets all day working near all that hot machinery in the kitchen. He'd drop this guy off and head out for a night swim to cool off. Ren wasn't gonna disappear over night, he could chat to him at breakfast... Because he knew for a fact he'd be at the breakfast buffet in the morning.
Rainbow Apprentice Hetalia_Italy Jan 12, 2015 (Edit)
Ren smiled. "BB... that's a very nice name."

He noticed BB motion toward the beach, so Ren followed, continuing to speak. "I just happened to come across this place. It looked like people were here, so I figured that this would be a good place to stay. Well, for now, at least."

He followed BB along the beach. This area has quite a nice atmosphere... he thought to himself. Ren set down his bag, along with his bow, and sat down on the soft sand.

"I'm never content with where I'm going. I've been to so many places, and learned so many new things. However, I just want to settle down and find somewhere to stay for good. Living life alone and as a nomad... it's sad."

He grabbed a chunk of sand, feeling the terrain within his palm. It was a rare time where he would find a place near the ocean. "It's hard finding somewhere to stay..." Ren stopped speaking, noticing he was beginning to ramble again. It was odd how quickly he was becoming comfortable around BB. They had only just met. He crushed the sand in his palm and let it fall out of his hand.

He looked down and played with the string of his bow, flicking it while listening to the ocean waves crashing down upon the ground. With the day getting darker, he knew his eye colour would be changing. It was always a darker shade than his normal colour at this time.

Ren looked up briefly to notice that BB had removed his shirt. He took a breath and stared at BB.
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