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Forum :: Crack or Canon?

Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 20, 2014 (Edit)
It's the troublesome moment that every fangirl and fanboy runs into eventually: the crack pairing or the canon one?

For those that don't understand the terminology let me quickly explain (or let me fish up an explanation from the internet):
Crack pairing = "Shipping beyond all bounds of sanity."
Canon couples = couples written into the actual series. Normal shipping.

Of course, I don't actually mean true canon couples, but it's late and I couldn't think of the proper term. I just mean shipping in general. I just needed something with a catchy title :3

I myself usually stick to the canon couples, because I've never really been a fan of side characters or crack pairings... but that isn't to say that I don't ship a few myself :'D

I think I have several crack pairings that I like.... but they're mostly from Naruto (Gaix Iruka DUN JUDGE MEH! *hides under rock*). I prefer the usual canon OTPs like Sharbait (Rin x Haru from Free!)

So in the interest in trying to make this guild not so one-sided in my blind desire for rainbows....

What's your guilty pleasure? :3 *throws the talking stick to someone else*
Rainbow Apprentice Hetalia_Italy Jan 20, 2014 (Edit)
I prefer canon ships, because I know they'll have their moments where they do something cute and I can do the OTP happy dance.

Like when this happened...

I think I died right there.
Nori13 Jan 21, 2014 (Edit)
Hmm... I think I prefer canon... Besides the fact that it's already portrayed, it's a bit more logical (I think that's what I'm going for?). In my Strawberry Panic experience, it's hard for me to imagine Nagisa x Tamao pairing or even Kaname x Hikari (heck, Yaya x Hikari at the rate i'm going) since their personalities just don't match up that well at all.

I think that's what I was going for... It's whatever I feel matches up better... Might be canon, might be crack, but I think I've always appreciated canon (I can't think of a crack pairing that I like).
Granola the Ultimate OMGasm Jan 21, 2014 (Edit)
I think I died there as well, Feli...
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