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Can you hear my Telepath?

- Shino Sousaki
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Superior XIII_Roxas Feb 3, 2018 (Edit)
Name: Roxas (XIII_Roxas)
Likes: Anime, Sweets, Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, Video Games, Yaoi,
Pop|Soft Rock|Country Music, Reading, Drawing, Writing, Rping, Summer/Warm Weather, Traveling, Cosplaying

Dislikes: Haters/Discriminators, Bullies, Dark Chocolate
Cosplays I've Done: L Lawliet, Inuyasha, SasuNaru's yaoi child, Roxas
Planned Cosplays: L Lawliet Again , Roxas Again, Shippuden Sasuke, Sebastian Michaelis, Gin Ichimaru, Hichigo
I RP rn as: Roxas(Unless asked otherwise)
Other Websites I'm on: Disqus: Light_Wielder(I had forgotten about it.), Wattpad: Light_Wielder
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Can you hear my Telepath?

Shino Sousaki
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