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Rei Jan 25, 2014 (Edit)
Welcome to the DXD Guild!

Be you Demon, Fallen Angel, Mage, Dragon, Angel, Vampire or some combination of all, you're welcome to join!

Be sure to tell us about yourself. Such as who's your favorite character, and what do you like most about DXD.

As for me, I'm a huge fan of Rias!!! She is the most sexy, most beautiful, most amazing red hair'd anime character ever. I love DXD for the occult type setting. It does immortal demons the way I like it.
8SummerMemories Mar 6, 2014 (Edit)
Hi Rei, and all other memders:

I like the DXD series and am also a huge fan of Rias.

On one side I'm a Dragon, Angel, Vampire and on the other I'm Demon, Fallen Angel, and Mage.

When I'm not controlling my minions (some say I torcher them, I really don't, and some are eager for The Treatment, surprisingly to them they all feel good afterwards); I'm flying between four realms (Heaven, Earth, Hell, and the in-between [aka. Limbo]); and occasionally I have a moments peace on my throne to read mystery and fantasy stories. Currently I'm writing from my secret hide out in an undisclosed mountain. Besides reading I like working on 16 x 16 Sudoku puzzles and sometimes watching T.V.

So, if you had to choose what would be one of your favorite scenes or moments in the series so far?

Mine was when Issei beat Rias' brother to have a chance to be with Rias.

Then in volume 8 why does it say "In the final trial, Issei was forced to fight Sirzechs/Satan Red and was completely overwhelmed by the latter until Grayfia's advice on using Rias' breasts as a power-up allowed Issei to use one final Dragon Shot but still lost after Sirzechs negated the attack and retreated after Issei loses consciousness. Despite so, they passed the trial and became officially engaged. " on this website:

Just joking, Ryuushima and Akikojam, I been following the story and I know what really happens.
Kevinhoekstra587 Mar 17, 2014 (Edit)
Hi everybody
I am a combination of demon dragon and mage.
I like Issei because he never gives up.
Agronic Mar 19, 2014 (Edit)
8SummerMemories....Issei has never beaten Sirzechs not even in the light novel ( and yes he did have a few friendly spars with him but won none )
I'll try to write a bit more in this topic tommorow but be warned because I can talk on about DxD for ages ( Pretty sure some people in the lounge have already turned crazy because of my DxD spam once it starts and only ends after a gazillion messages )
Akikojam Mar 20, 2014 (Edit)
I think he's mistaking Sirzechs for Riser. You know, the unimportant boring character with a very nice clan and an even better sister
nosgothian May 13, 2014 (Edit)
Hi everyone,

Like everyone else, I thoroughly enjoy DxD. Yes, Rias is hot! But, I have to admit I like Akeno better. I'm not into B&D or S&M, but for some reason Akeno does it for me. And to use an Issei line, "Now there's a pair of ripe ones waiting to burst free!" The only character I have issue with is Gasper. A vampire who can stop time (how does that not make him the strongest devil in history). Otherwise, the story progression is great.
zeddo Dec 10, 2014 (Edit)
Im a dragon vampire demon and my fav character is koneko cause shes so cuttteeeeeee (and a loli)
Crabby358 Jun 20, 2017 (Edit)
I'm human, an un-restricted free agent.
I love DXD, it's easy to see why: perfect blend of action, engaging story and delicious fan-service.
Favorite female characters: Akeno and Grayfia
Favorite male character: Azazel
With each time I watch I pick up something new.

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