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gokiburi-chan Sep 15, 2020 (Edit)
I support that, I think that would have been my choice too... I don't mind fanservice because I'm shameful, but series that have no other merit to them (comedy, at least) just end up boring me... especially when it's harem. Like part of me wants to watch Monster Musume, but I just don't think I can... if it were funnier then definitely.
I'll keep an eye out for one of those, that DEFINITELY sounds like a winning genre... The closest thing I can think of is Spice and Wolf (which I haven't seen but I hear is cozy)

For me it's definitely A... Something about taking an edgy series and making joke material out of it is even funnier than canon jokes, in some cases. Plus, I kind of think of this like a break for the poor characters... series like that tend not to give them one and it leaves you wondering, well, what do they do when the world isn't ending and they're just hanging out after school? Undeniably, my friends and I did both of these in middle school so I think of them fondly, but our favorite was writing crack fic of Death Note characters (when we found out what "Light Yagami" was spelled backwards... boy, did we go on a field day)

B can definitely be funny too but if I ever hear another Evil Mario gametheory, I will cry

A) Catgirls/kemonomimis that have cute animal features but otherwise no cool abilities or powers
B) Girls that look like normal humans but are actually aliens/demons/supernatural beings and have epic powers
1melco Sep 15, 2020 (Edit)
I am MORE than with you. As a fellow death note crack lover, that shit NEVER. GETS. OLD. Meanwhile, the creepypasta rugrats theory whatever was interesting the first few times, but after a while it's just like. We get it. Blood Whistle, Hear Its Cry.

I'm leaning towards B here.. Now I'm not saying catgirls have to justify their existence with some special abilities, they can just be cute and I'll still respect them... But they can't beat the trope of the unassuming quiet girl in the back of the class who turns out to be World Ender 700, or some kind of alien, level 5 esper or meguca or WHATever. Great as MCs or plot twists, and at least a little less likely to exist just as a weird furry fanservice character.

This one is less specific, but I think there's still debate to be had:
Sports anime or mecha anime?
gokiburi-chan Sep 16, 2020 (Edit)
Great point at the end there... I think I'd agree with you too, even if I am weak for furry fanservice..

OH MAN I think I gotta go with Mecha. From my perspective, and this is controversial, the main purpose of watching either of these genres has actually very little to do with either sports OR mechs and more with the characters/story. My bias might be due to inexperience, because I haven't really seen The Big sports ones (Haikyuu! and Kuroko no Basket are the ones I know everyone loves now) and I've seen a lot more mech stuff in comparison (no Gundams though) but it seems to me Mech stuff tends to be just more... proportionately good. Like at the very least, if your characters and story are all bad you still have cool robot fights. What do sports animes have? Tennis??
Maybe I'm just still salty from Free!... I'm sure with the right series, I could fall in love with a sports one again. The perk to them is that there's more room for fun slice of life episodes than mecha animes have, generally.

Science class or history class?
1melco Sep 19, 2020 (Edit)
I understand, though for me it would've been a tougher choice.. I've actually (and this is a huge shocker,) never been very interested in giant robot fights. I think the robots are sexy, but the battles don't always do much for me. Then again I have trouble getting into sports anime unless I'm already interested in the sport in question (god bless Yowapeda for this. Amazing on all fronts)

I've gotta go with science, it's what I got my associate's degree in after all. My successes grade-wise have always been skill over passion (I have almost none), so I'm not the best judge but...Obviously a good teacher can make any class tolerable. And I think science is more inherently fun even if your professor is super disengaged. My most fond memories are of screwing shit up in chemistry, and laughing in study groups about how complicated the lab reports were getting.. Meanwhile I have no actual fond memories of history classes except having a major crush on one of the teachers, or when some guy spoiled the ending of the All Quiet on the Western Front movie and Ms. I-forgot-her-name got so pissed at him she kicked him out, even though WE ALL KNEW Paul was about to get shot.

Regarding animal sidekicks in anime/shows:
Should they have the ability to speak, or should they just make cute noises (but those close to them can understand it anyway)?
gokiburi-chan Sep 21, 2020 (Edit)
Your school anecdotes were so fun to read, I am living VICARIOUSLY through you... I think I might have to agree with you on the science end, especially because that's the only class you study bugs in (unless you're doing the Kafka unit in English I Guess). It's intimidating to me because the more advanced science classes flew totally over my head in high school, but the more basic ones were always very fun. History, on the other hand, is one of those subjects that I think has very interesting and very dull parts to it, and school curriculum usually focuses on the dull ones. Unfortunate

Ok, this is a good one... Of course both are cute but I think I'm more a fan of the cute noises one. Being bonded enough to understand their speech is just too pure of a relationship quality, and I am all for it.

Well, now it's lunchtime and I am feeling hungry so... Cheese pizza or supreme?
1melco Sep 21, 2020 (Edit)
(Still wish we could've gone to school together.. I think we could've helped each other with our weak points 100%. But we can consider this place the CLASS FORUM in Anime Academy.)

Yes.. Also telepathic communication so you can have a little invisible friend keeping you company at all times (my dream)

DEFINITELY supreme pizza (it's my go-to..) I want as many toppings as possible but green peppers and mushrooms are essential. (No olives though.. Just horrible whoever thought of that. Much worse than pineapple)

Would it be immoral to do another food one.. I'm also hungry.
Breakfast Time: Sugary (pop tarts, cereal, pancakes etc)? or Savory (eggs, bacon, sausage etc)?
gokiburi-chan Sep 22, 2020 (Edit)

OK, I understand what you're saying here... Tom's pizza of choice is sausage and olive, a terrifying combination

I've got to go with Savory. I have a massive sweet tooth, but for some reason I just can't do sweet alone for breakfast... it's more the afternoon snacks for me. Or if I am having sugary stuff for breakfast, I at least need some protein with it. Usually I end up making fish though, which is a choice that all my Midwestern friends are greatly disturbed by

Giraffes or Rhinos?? Time to start some savannah discourse
1melco Sep 22, 2020 (Edit)
Fish for breakfast.. this does offend my delicate sensibilities. But my love for sugary breakfasts is probably part of the reason I'm so physically miserable.

Now THAT'S a question out of left field if I ever heard one.. Definitely giraffes because I think they're cuter, but I like rhinos too. Noah and I used to always hang out with this one at the zoo that would chill with us in the corner of their exhibit. Both are good because they're easy to please in Zoo Tycoon (until the giraffes bred too much and then needed more shelters but their shelters are so freaking HUGE there's no room for them and now I gotta expand the whole damn cage. Thanks a lot).

Not to get all goldilocks in here.. But do you prefer a firm mattress, or a SQUISHY one? (No in-betweens here. we can't afford memory foam.)
gokiburi-chan Sep 25, 2020 (Edit)
I think that either answer in the giraffe/rhino debate would be acceptable, but I have to side with rhinos on this one. Their horns are just too cool, and I have positive associations because of Donkey Kong

The harder it is to get up, the better for me B)

Alright, time to get Nutty... Hazelnuts or pecans?
1melco Sep 25, 2020 (Edit)
Hard (soft?) agree with you.. Though I can get comfortable on any mattress so it's gonna be a whole situation to get up no matter what

Pecan fan here.. I got kind of sick of hazelnut flavor, but pecan pie is great. They have some single-serving mini pies at our local grocery store and I gotta get em every. Single. Time. They're kind of a greenish color on the inside, idk if that's normal but it just doesn't get much better.

Another food one inspired by what I'm eating right now...
Instant ramen: package or cup?
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