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Forum :: Hidamari Sketch set

Akikojam Feb 17, 2014 (Edit)
A rarity. Single character. Multiple cards each. - Hidamarisou characters.
(optional)B rarity. Single character. One or more cards each. - Yoshinoya, Principal, Kuwahara, Chika, Natsume, Manager.
(optional)D rarity. Single character. One card each. - Ume-sensei.
(optional)S rarity. Single character or/and pair. One card each. - Chocolat and Chocoyama.
SS rarity. Pairs. One or more cards each. - Hidamarisou pairs: Yuno/Miyako, Sae/Hiro, Nazuna/Nori. Any other pair is possible, but optional.
SSS rarity. Groups. One or more cards each. - Hidamarisou groups.
(optional)SSS rarity. Single/Pairs/Groups. One or more cards each. - Cosplay cards.

Currently participating: Akikojam, 13x31
In charge of card-making: unknown
Estimated minimal card amount: 20
Akikojam Feb 17, 2014 (Edit)
Now, here's a problem. While official artbook seems to be nice to make a set, it's lacking Nazuna and Nori. Using anything seperate for them would make them stand out while being the same rarity. That can be acceptable. Otherwise we'll have to ignore that artbook. Or make those two an S rarity and give them fewer cards.
Trusted Artisan Nori13 Feb 21, 2014 (Edit)
I have a few other Nori pictures, and I can probably find Nazuna pics (either official art or official-styled fanart) from an imageboard.

I can also probably grab a few full-body shots from the official site as well.
Akikojam Feb 24, 2014 (Edit)
I'll try to take care of the minor characters then. I have some stuff ready and will add it to the gallery later.
Trusted Artisan Nori13 Feb 26, 2014 (Edit)
All right.
Trusted Artisan Nori13 Mar 14, 2014 (Edit)
I decided to stick with searching for anything tagged as official art to avoid NSFW images that were on the imageboard I used, and I ended up pulling about 125 images (avoiding the ones that were obviously from the artbook). I just need to grab the other couple images from the gallery here before looking for duplicates and starting to sort out the order.

Just for clarity, you wanted the rarities to be:
SSS: 3+ chars and 2+ chars with cosplay (I have one cosplay image)
SS: pairs
S: single char with one card max per char (assuming for char in special outfit)
A: single char for Hidamari-sou residents
B: single char for sub characters
D: single char for Ume-sensei

The rarities may need to be adjusted a bit depending on what I have for images... Might need to fix SSS, SS, S, and A definitions if there's more group shots than single chars (probably have SSS being the least, SS and S for groups [based on group quantity], and A for singles and pairs).
Akikojam Mar 14, 2014 (Edit)
Nah. S-D don't have to be single chars, as long as you can find enough. But all characters in the rarity should have same amount of cards. For example, if you make two B-rarity Natsume cards, you'll need to make a second B-rarity for everyone else there. I posted a lot of images, which cover quite a lot of B, SS and SSS cards. We still need to decide which one of us is making it. I'd prefer it to be you, since my sets are usually vn-centered.
Trusted Artisan Nori13 Mar 14, 2014 (Edit)
I don't recall all to well what I got, but I found a lot of the images you posted. Again, I'll have to see what I have before we can finalize the rarities.

I don't mind making it at all.
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