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Icy Cirno Mar 3, 2014 (Edit)
Once upon a time there was a beautiful, isolated kingdom. The people of the kingdom worship the Great Phoenix who has protected them for a century from the destruction of the Dragons. But when the King is murdered, and all clues point to the Dragons having been the plotters, the once peaceful kingdom plunges into chaos.

Some people have lost faith in the Phoenix and resort to ancient texts to find and gain power from the Dragons

Others, still loyal to the Phoenix, refuse to succumb to the darkness.

Where do your loyalties lie? Who's power will you fight with?
Icy Cirno Mar 3, 2014 (Edit)
Please start with a character profile

Name: Fleur
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Scarlet hair, long, past waist. Orange eyes. Tall for her age
Bio/Other: Somewhat shy, she is the Phoenix's only representative on earth, and eager to share her knowledge.


Fleur left the general store, pondering the news she had just heard from the shopmaster. It was highly unlikely that a Dragon could have infiltrated this kingdom, and yet the weapon used to assassinate the king had undoubtedly been dragonite. Some human must have been bidding with the Dragons. And now to make it worse, a whole Dragon cult had formed of those feeling betrayed by the phoenix, making it impossible to pin-point the criminal.

Fleur hoped she could clear this up before things got more out of hand, she sure couldn't handle any violence on her own... hopefully there are still some loyal enough to help her re-grow faith in the protection of the Phoenix.

She passed some graffiti. The Phoenix has betrayed us, only the Dragons will help us now! . The whole situation had some sort of irony to it. You feel betrayed so side with the enemy? The Dragons would only want to gain the people's trust and then eat us all. She's pretty sure the Dragons would never help anyone but themselves.
LEFT Akikojam Mar 3, 2014 (Edit)
I'll join, but first I need to know if I can invent my own races and special abilities. I have a character in mind that I wanted to use for RP for quite a while, nothing overpowered though, most likely even non-combat. Your description barely explains what kind of time period that world is (modern, middle-age, steampunk), if there's magic or not, what races exist in this world.
Also, I'll edit this post later with character profile, depending on your answer.

Name: Ryuko
Age: Appears teen
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Appearance: this (Useful CM3D is useful)
Bio: Ryuko is a demon, summoned by one of the cults researching Dragons. Despite summoning her, cultists didn't have enough power to control or restrain her. Due to her gentle personality, she didn't try to harm them, but also didn't become a member. The original reason of summoning her was in her knowledge of alchemy, which would make her a valuable ally in research. She is currently running an artificier shop remaining neutral to both Phoenix followers and renegates. She carries a katana with her for self-defense, but is not very good with using it due to being mostly pacifistic.
Inner Warmth - Ryuko's body is slightly warmer than usual. However, it never changes its heat, always remaining comfortably warm, which gives her a powerful resistance to both heat and cold. Because of that warmth, her skin holds a calming effect up to the point that a touch of her hand can recover people from a mental breakdown or lift severe pain.
Demonic Nature - Due to her demonic nature, Ryuko is a walking mana source. Just her being nearby empowers magic and recovers magical energy. Her presence is especially effective for witches and their rituals and she is able to form a contract with them. She can however refuse to share energy and usually does so if the target is not friendly.
Alchemy - Ryuko is a skilled alchemist. Unlike the usual potion mixing, her alchemy specializes in artifact creation and matter transmutation. Using it, she can grant or change various properties of both items and living beings. However, those methods are full of various restrictions.
Icy Cirno Mar 3, 2014 (Edit)
I don't want to dictate what anyone should do, i purposely left options open so that you can really do anything you want, within reason. Be any race and ability you want, this is a bit of an experiment n.n
Rainbow Master LiCobra Mar 3, 2014 (Edit)
Can I play twins?... they pretty much act like 1 person so... XDD I has an idea but I'm not sure if we're allowed to.
Icy Cirno Mar 3, 2014 (Edit)
Twins? OMG i love twins! sounds fun, Li XD

we almost need a separate thread for commentary XP
Rainbow Master LiCobra Mar 3, 2014 (Edit)
Commentary thread might be a better solution. On RP sites they usually have [Thread Title] + [Thread Title OOC] so you can post this stuff and character profiles there :3

Guild Master Cirno FTW! XD

Names: Piotr & Mateo Oakburner
Nicknames: Flame & Flare
Age: 203 (appears as preteens)
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Appearance: Both have short, spiky red hair and pale green eyes with olive skin. They have a muscular build and are around medium height. They can transform into a dragon at will but normally stay in their humanoid forms as not to attract attention.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Mar 5, 2014 (Edit)
Flame and Flare bobbed and weaved through the crowds of people in the city. They liked the human town, it was full of interesting sights and smells, ones that didn't exist in their dragon city. They paused as they passed a smithy, watching hungrily as he hammered metal into the shape of a sword.

"Mum said not to cause trouble..." Flame whispered the sentiments that were echoing in their heads.
LEFT Akikojam Mar 6, 2014 (Edit)
(OOC: I have a feeling none of us has any understanding of what we're doing)

Ryuko was sitting on a bench near the entrance of her shop and was watching the passers-by. Though she wasn't just resting, she was making a framework for a new item in her mind. It was a request from one of the renegates, something to do with their research. While she was sitting in the the shade of her shop, she was still drawing attention. Her skin color and horns were unique for residents of this world. Surprisingly, or maybe due to her Inner Warmth, she got accepted as a citizen easily, but rumors about her were still going around. While noone could see her clearly because of the shadow, everyone knew who that shop belongs to and took glances at her... or so she thought, until she noticed a pair of male twins. Those two just walked past without paying attention, something uncommon for this district, and stopped by a regular smithy a bit further down the street.
Ryuko: Not locals, huh.
She didn't know what caught her attention, as visitors are not rare in the shopping district. But before she could figure out what it was, a man approached her.
Ryuko: And what are you doing here?
Renegate: I'm here to pick up what we ordered.
Ryuko: I believe I mentioned it'll take longer than that. It's not finished yet. Unless, of course, you want a defective version.
Renegate: I see. We'll need it by tonight and it can't wait.
Ryuko: I know. It'll be ready in around an hour. You can wait inside if you want, just don't touch anything. Still... fireproof cloaks are nothing new, I could easily mass-produce them. But the one you requested... Mind telling me where are you going to find a fire of that high of a temperature?
Renegate: That's... none of your business.
Ryuko: Maybe... but I don't think so. You're planning to use it against dragon flame. And you said "by tonight", so that'll mean that flame might appear in a vicinity of here, endangering all of us.
Renegate: ...I can promise you, there won't be any harm to the civilians. I can't talk about it to an outsider.
Ryuko: I have one condition then. Whatever you're researching, bring a copy of that research here. This will be a better payment than anything.
Renegate: I'll ask about that.

Ryuko nodded and stood up from the bench.
Ryuko: Well, this framework will do. I'll go start production, so wait here.
Taking one more glance at the twins that caught her attention, Ryuko entered her shop and then through the backdoor leading to the workshop.
Juder Mar 31, 2014 (Edit)
Name: Yugure Yuglive
Age: 400 (Appears 21)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Yugure Yuglive has platinum hair, which she usually dies some strange colors, coffee colored skin, green eyes, and decorative paint all over her face. She likes to wear black, usually showing off at least her belly button.
Race: Energy Dragon (Humanoid)


Yugure was sitting on a bench nearby a smithy when two twins caught her interest. She was in her human form, but she could still smell them. They were undoubtedly dragons, but of what kind? After all, there were two kingdoms: the underground kingdom of Darcy Darkstone that she lived in, which was pretty much a secret from all above-grounders, and the normal ones. Her kingdom had been wiped out a long time ago, along with the emperor, so she assumed they were not from her kingdom.

She walked up behind them, her head tilted at an angle. "Herro?" she purred, unaccustomed to talking to anyone but those who she had known under the depths of the earth. "Who're you?"
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