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Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 14, 2015 (Edit)
* No god-mode. God-mode is where you control other people's characters by making them do things, skip an unnatural amount of time or even say that your character is immortal and cannot be killed. Everyone has a weakness, even the gods.
* Post all out of character comments in brackets (OOC:) but try to keep it minimal.
* Interact with the other characters in the story. If you continually ignore the other players, the plot can't progress.
* Time skips are not permitted by anyone unless absolutely necessary and only by the game master.

Character sheet:
Nickname (if applicable):
Bio (optional):

I created my own kind of sub-species of werewolf that I've been playing with for a while. I'll write up a brief description here in case people are interested. Any other special races can be posted here for reference as well.

Silvereyes are a breed of werewolves that serves as the "control" for all werewolf clans. When they activate their power their eyes change silver, hence the name.

They monitor behaviours of clans and if any wolves are causing too much trouble in the human world, or drawing too much attention to their clan/species in a negative light the Silvereyes punish them. They eat werewolves - often resorting to eating the pack leader in the case of wrongdoings - and can last months without eating anything after feeding on one wolf. As such, they often complain about being hungry, or always feel hungry.

They are stronger and faster than the usual werewolf, and their senses are heightened to the point where if they focus they can see a full kilometre away. They are, however, able to be killed just as easily as any other wolf by decaptiation, silver bullet to the heart or poisoned with wolfsbane.

They are rare though, many families being hunted down and killed by werewolves to stop their powerhold over them. They are only born through breeding, and only then through breeding with a werewolf. They do not produce "half breeds", but it is quite common for a werewolf to have a Silvereye parent.

In the modern world, many supernatural species live amongst humans, mixing in with normal society without bringing attention to their existance let it start a mass culling by the extremist group known as The Rights of Man, who try to hunt down the "evil beings" that are plaguing humans.

The wolf quarter, after breaking loose of their silvereyes control, went on a bloody massacre through the town. TRoM then responded by hunting them, and any other supernatural that got in their path regardless of wether they had done anything wrong or not.

The supernatural races responded back. The war is beginning.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 14, 2015 (Edit)
As I'm game-master, I'm gonna play two characters. So here's mine:

Name: Dong Hu Liao
Nickname: Dierdre
Age: 75 (looks 30-ish)
Gender: Male
Race: Silvereye
Appearance: Long black hair that is usually kept in a ponytail, black eyes (silver when powered or in wolf form), around average height (5'7") and lean. He keeps a well-manicured look about him, often dressing in Asian-fusion fashions and suits.
Bio: Dierdre was the illegitimate son of the current Silvereye of the northern quarter. He had no idea of his heritage or family, even after they had been slaughtered. His mother, a high-class escort at the time, told him nothing about his father, or what he was. Despite her best efforts to conceal who he was, the local wolf alpha of the north eventually sniffed them out and took him under his wing. His new alpha taught him everything about how to survive, and eventually fell in love with him and made him his alpha partner. He grew into his new power as a Silvereye with ease, growing a reputation among his wolf tribe as being ruthless and deadly. The problems in the quarter have made him start to act, and quick before TRoM interfere and find them.

Name: Adam Bolton
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: Tall, muscular, blue eyes and short blonde hair. Looks like the typical clean cut bible-thumper, except for a large scar on his hand.
Bio: Adam was your average, God-fearing man until the point his life took a terrible turn. His wife was killed by a rogue demon, along with his young son. Hell bent on trying to bring to justice the murderer, he delved into the unknown supernatural side of the world and became more and more determined to eradicate the menace from the world 'in God's name'. He formed a group, small at first, aimed at protecting the weak and helping humans and all God's creatures and punishing those who were abominations.
TiwaLeChaton Jan 20, 2015 (Edit)
Name : Müller WULFHARDT
Age : unknown (seems to be around 22 yo)
Gender : Male
Race : Werewolf-fox (not sure if i can say it like that)
Appearance : Medium height, bicolored eyes (green at the center and blue at the edges), black short hair, sharp canines. Wearing a black cloak with mauve sweater, dark-blue jeans and black shoes.
Bio : Müller is the son of a german couple who fled from the city, for avoiding the TRoM, to live in a forest far from the cities. He learn how to chase, to fish, and many manual labor like cutting wood or sharpen a tool. But after few years, he decided to dicover the life in the cities, despite the warning of his parents. He just learned that he mustn't take care of humans, because they will probably try to kill him if they discover his true identity.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 24, 2015 (Edit)
Maybe just say "were-fox" instead? Unless he's half wolf as well? Up to you I suppose XD

Welcome to the RP, feel free to post in the other thread whenever you're ready. ^^
TiwaLeChaton Jan 25, 2015 (Edit)
Yeah he is Were-fox, half fox and half human ^^
(I'll draw his fox form at school)
Juder Mar 15, 2015 (Edit)
I don't normally like werewolf RPs but I read this one and it seems sorta badass

Can I join ir is it dead?
Rainbow Master LiCobra Mar 15, 2015 (Edit)
Haha, yeah you can join! It just seems dead because Tiwa has abadoned me becuse he doesn't love me anymore XP

Post up your profile and intro when you're ready, welcome to the RP ^^
Juder Mar 17, 2015 (Edit)
will do, i should have it up by tomorrow!
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