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Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 14, 2015 (Edit)
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Dierdre could already smell the scent on the wind and it made his stomach knot, his anxiety building with each stride. He had ran as fast as his legs allowed, but it seemed he was too late this time.

The field before him was drenched in blood and gore, entrails and chunks of meat scattered across the grass. He spat angrily and crouched down, squashing down his hunger pang at being so close to meat, and inspected the corpses. They didn't look like his pack, but he had to make sure. It was definitely the work of The Rights of Man, judging from the horribly mutilated corpses.

He was tired of this. Tired of seeing innocents slaughtered and for what? So people who didn't know they existed could sleep easy? Ha. What a joke. He gave orders to his pack who had followed him to clean up the park, and to do it quickly. The last thing they needed was this kind of exposure.

"Keep the bodies together, we need to return them to the families." He said over his shoulder as he moved away from the group as they cleaned, focussing his eyes around them, watching for any sign on movement in case of a surprise attack.
TiwaLeChaton Jan 25, 2015 (Edit)
Müller was walking while thinking about the job offer that the rich man had given him, when suddenly, he heard strange sliding sounds. He walked in the direction of the sounds and, the more he approached, the more he could smell blood.

After he walked a little, he arrived at a bloody place with dozens of corpses. He would have scream but nothing came out his mouth. He saw a group of men near the corpses, and he would have flee but his legs didn't move an inch.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 27, 2015 (Edit)
Dierdre whistled low as he spotted someone approaching, making the rest of the pack pause what they were doing to look at him for further instruction. He looked young, and didn't smell like a human; perhaps this was his pack? All the same he narrows his eyes at him, still slightly suspicious of a forgeiner near his pack.

"Hey you!" he called out, waving his hand behind his back to signal that the other wolves continue with the clean up. "Are you from this pack?"
TiwaLeChaton Jan 28, 2015 (Edit)
Müller heard a man talking to him and blenched. He would flee but after seeing all this blood and these corpse he just answered him :
"H..hey !... I'm n.. I'm not f..from this pack..." Müller was too much afraid for speaking clearly. He though he gonna die this night...
Rainbow Master LiCobra Jan 30, 2015 (Edit)
The Silvereye narrowed his eyes at the young man, stalking over to him. He was definitely suspicious.

"Do you know these wolves?" he persisted, sniffing at him. He didn't smell like a wolf though. He was different. "Or are you a spy?"

He signalled to his pack discreetly to stand down as he felt them all bristle at the mention of a spy in the ranks. They had already suffered under one attack, he had to be careful this time.
TiwaLeChaton Feb 3, 2015 (Edit)
Müller looked at the wolves and answered : "No, sorry, I never saw them before. I'm from the northern woods. I lived with my parents in a small house before leaving them in order to discover the city. But... I never thought that city could be like that..."

Müller looked a lot shocked after he saw all this blood and these corpses.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Feb 17, 2015 (Edit)
"This isn't the city," Dierdre sneered, stalking closer to the boy. "This is The Rights of Man. You should go back to your family before you get hurt, boy."

The turned his back on him, crossing his arms and nodding to his pack to finish up with the clean-up. It was for the best. He didn't want to get this boy involved in a war that some religious fanatic had started again him.
TiwaLeChaton Mar 21, 2015 (Edit)
"The Rights of Man ?.. What is this?" *Whispering to himself* "All this things are so new for me, but I can't let this 'thing' killing people that looks like me" Müller asks the man "If this 'thing' is killing people like me, I'll help you with this !"

He didn't know what the man could answer, but he wanted to know more about this 'Rights of Man' and this new people that were cleaning the corpses.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Mar 23, 2015 (Edit)
Dierdre stared at the boy for a long time before he started talking again. He could see this massacre, all these wolves who were much older and stronger than him dead, and he still wanted to fight them? He never understood children. Always so excited to run off and die.

"You want to fight The Rights of Man? Do you even know who they are? I..." he stopped himself from speaking further, trying to force the sneer off his face and behave like a gentleman. "You want to fight with a pack that isn't your own, and I don't even know your name. I am Dierdre, alpha of the North Timber wolves. And you are?"

He figured this country bumpkin wouldn't know the pack, but he enjoyed name-dropping. They were a well-known pack and that's exactly why they were being targeted. Not because they had done anything wrong, they couldn't with someone like him around, but simply because of the deranged Adam and his vendetta.
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