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Forum :: What kind of Oppai do you like the most?

Ryuushima Mar 11, 2014 (Edit)
What kind of Oppai do you like the most?

Breasts come in a lot of sizes but I personally love breasts the most when they are big enough to sink my hands in ( I have big hands ). So big breasts are my favorite but I am not a fan of the retarded huge ones.

Don't get me wrong though, I love breasts of all sizes and they all get a special place in my heart but the ones that are for example the size Rias Gremory from highschool DxD has are my favorite.
gantagunguy101 Mar 11, 2014 (Edit)
same with me friend! any and all I say!

However I do enjoy when I can rest my head on them.
VisualKei14 Jun 29, 2014 (Edit)
All kinds! Oppai are awesome no matter what size~!! ^o^
Ruzland Aug 5, 2014 (Edit)
I love big breasts. The bigger, the better.
VashtheStampede Aug 8, 2014 (Edit)
Normal size!! XD Hahahahhah

KokoroNoTakara Sep 1, 2014 (Edit)
I love breasts, my favorites are ones smaller than mine but bigger than a B... And yes I am a female... HEHEHEHE!!!
KokoroNoTakara Apr 4, 2015 (Edit)
I like all boobies, but I like c's to d's the most... BOOBIES!!! I like something to grope and play with...
Sorelun May 24, 2015 (Edit)
I am a girl too, blessed with D-cup. And I like seeing girls with big breasts as well (C, D, E..) in RL or in 2D. I am bi and sometimes I would also like to squise them when seeing but it would be sexual harasment :<
I also cosplay and do a lot of costumes which look like a corset which presents breasts the best. I am very amused seeing people at conventions, who doesn´t look in my face but at my boobies
Blacksun Feb 27, 2016 (Edit)
Big boobs, by far. medium size is okay also
Vegeta002 Jun 2, 2016 (Edit)
No particular limit, just big.
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