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Forum :: *new* Adopting a character you like into the Oppai guild!

Ryuushima Jul 13, 2015 (Edit)
Hello there my fellow Oppai Worshippers.
The time has come! We can now adopt awesome female characters into the guild.

The way this is done is via Guild Coins, each one of you has been given 100 coins to donate to guilds you are in.
If you would like the Oppai Appreciation Guild to adopt any of your favorite characters then leave a message here or in my Inbox.
You could also always just leave a guild coin donation without requesting a specific character, in that case we will do our best to pick sweet girls to adopt.

Also remember, we might be the Oppai Appreciation Guild but this does not mean we only appreciate big boobs. All sizes can be awesome, with only the possible exception being oppai 10x as big as a characters head haha. So don't feel shy requesting any Loli characters because Loli oppai rock just as much as other ones.

Long live Oppai!

Ryuushima ( Aggy )
LEFT NuitTombee Aug 17, 2015 (Edit)
Is it possible to buy out Satellizer from Touhou Project?
Ryuushima Aug 20, 2015 (Edit)
sure it is but you might not want to leave the guild straight away after asking. It's not like I check guild posts every day :P
LEFT NuitTombee Aug 20, 2015 (Edit)
Well, it wasn't straight away... maybe a few hours after.
SourNote2014 Dec 10, 2015 (Edit)
I've included Yuri Kagami exclusively into the gallery. I hope you won't mind adopting her either.
cloud11 Aug 8, 2017 (Edit)
Can you adopt Miria from Elf Hime Nina, please? She's huge! ≺3
josejoestar Nov 2, 2017 (Edit)
How about either Tomo from seikon no qwaser or Airi from queen's blade?
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