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Forum :: Guild Rules and RP Quest rules

8SummerMemories Jun 20, 2014 (Edit)
Guild Rules and RP Quest rules:
1) follow site rules (this includes ML, Comments, and Form rules)
2) The creation of my quests (quests started by me) remains subject to Guild Owner decision… (this means no begging, pleading, bargaining, threatening, and the like towards the Guild Owner in any method, at any time especially to create quests and or finish stories [that are created by me])
3) respect other members who have joined
4) each user who joins create and develop their own character(s)
4a) creation of characters: 1-2 characters is advised, if you think you can handle role playing more characters go ahead
5) develop and progress your own character(s), in the RP, however you like
6) when creating a character, try to keep the character approximately 51% unique from any characters created (this is to reduce, if not eliminate entirely, any conflict between members who create characters and feel as though another member is intruding on the creation of their characters)
7) rule 6 only applies to each RP story/quest individually thus, when a new story is created the creation of personality, traits, hobbies, and the like of each potential character is open to any member who has joined
8) images uploaded by members who did not join can be used in quests but, it is recommended that they are not used in quests
9) it is required that when AMWJ creates a story and or quest they title the story and or quest for quick reference and ownership of their story and or quest
10) have fun

Side note : More rules might be added, modified and or deleted as necessary. So, it is highly advised to check the rules regularly.

Abbreviated term(s):
RP = role play
AMWJ = a member who('s) join(ed)
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