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Forum :: What do you deem the 'basis' of human emotion?

Khaoscontrol Dec 31, 2013 (Edit)
Be it anger, hatred, love, surprise, happiness, despair, what do you think is the natural state of humanity?

Personally, I believe it's actually boredom. Anger, happiness, sadness, etc, are all stronger emotions, and even simple entertainment provides emotion. I believe that to find the 'basis' the variations of emotion need to be voided, but we cannot be without emotion altogether. With nothing else provided to us, we find simple boredom.

Any other theories or opinions? (Forewarning, typical me loves to get philosophical.)
Phozz Jan 14, 2014 (Edit)
What about things like hunger and security?

I mean, if you can't even secure your next meal, there's no reason to search for entertainment yet. Not easy to be bored with a knife at your throat. Can't be bored if you don't feel safe.
Khaoscontrol Jan 14, 2014 (Edit)
I suppose that's a good point. I neglected survival instinct. Problem is, survival instinct isn't a psychological state, but a phenomenon wired into our very circuitry.

Rethinking my theory to this, perhaps it'd make more sense if it were something such as fear. When we live in security, we often overlook this, but the driving force behind survival instinct is fear. When pitched into chaos, there can only be the fear of dying until either death, despair, or solemnity. It's for this very reason religion was the first thing to overtake us in the rise of civilization. And even moreso, these first religions planted fear into those who revere it. It gave them hope and faith, but with it the fear of being forsaken.

Even though despair often follows unsolved fears, it is not a natural reaction or emotion, as despair itself is to let go of your will to survive, and you merely live on by your basest instinct to feed. Even that can be lost, and with it, our lives, and so I don't agree despair could ever be our basic emotion.

So, my next theory would be fear, in this light.
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